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  1. Changes vs North Melbourne

    No I didn't say that. At the moment Trenners doesn't have the speed to play AFL. I would like to see him play if he was 100%. I just don't think he ever will reach those heights again.
  2. Changes vs North Melbourne

    In :- Jones Out :- Trenners. JKH has more pace than Trenners. No romantic thoughts about Trenners please! Just listen to Goodwin he gives the same consistent message, he wants to keep the guys together who are playing the style they want. I think we are just about at our best 22 add in....... Vince, Jones, Brayshaw of the available fit players left. I'd like to see Brayshaw get a run over the last 3 games against the Aints,, Lions and Pies
  3. I salute Jack Watts

    Gawn and Jack in 60 secs. one question near the end is very frustrating. Which do you prefer Jack Basketball or Football. BASKETBALL Jack we don't want that answer!
  4. Training -  Thursday 20th July, 2017

    Saying the bleeding obvious. Therefore Hannan stays
  5. Training -  Thursday 20th July, 2017

    I'd like to be a bookmaker betting on the ins and outs at Melbourne based on D'landers rumours. Ins Trenners Out Vince. susp Watts Pedo drop in form Viney Kent because I was stupid Salem Smith not up to it yet Tyson Garlett Funeral Edit : Based on Form Out Hogan
  6. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    I think we have all done the predictor to death. PA 50 / 50 if we get a few back. Roos in tassie should be a win for us. we have a good record away this year. Bit early to say about GWS but they are out of form so that opens a gap. Lions, St. Kilda, Pies should be a foot in. If we don't win 4 we do not deserve to be in the finals.
  7. AFL ask Hird to present Norm Smith Medal

    This is the List of Players to Have won the Medal up until 2000. So far they have gone in order of recipients to be invited to present the medals. But now they have come across the man who has brought the game into total disrepute. Jobe had to hand back the Brownlow because of the drugs. Why the Turd (The Drug Cheating Coach) is allowed to present a medal in the Name of Norm Smith (the Greatest Coach Ever) is beyond me. Do the AFL think that because the players are playing again then all is forgiven. Think again you Morons. He will never be forgiven by this person. 1979 Wayne Harmes Carlton Carlton 1980 Kevin Bartlett Richmond Richmond 1981 Bruce Doull Carlton Carlton 19821 Maurice Rioli Richmond Carlton 1983 Colin Robertson Hawthorn Hawthorn 1984 Billy Duckworth Essendon Essendon 1985 Simon Madden Essendon Essendon 1986 Gary Ayres Hawthorn Hawthorn 1987 David Rhys-Jones Carlton Carlton 1988 Gary Ayres Hawthorn Hawthorn 19891 Gary Ablett, Sr. Geelong Hawthorn 1990 Tony Shaw Collingwood Collingwood 1991 Paul Dear Hawthorn Hawthorn 1992 Peter Matera West Coast West Coast 1993 Michael Long Essendon Essendon 1994 Dean Kemp West Coast West Coast 1995 Greg Williams Carlton Carlton 1996 Glenn Archer North Melbourne North Melbourne 1997 Andrew McLeod Adelaide Adelaide 1998 Andrew McLeod Adelaide Adelaide 1999 Shannon Grant North Melbourne North Melbourne 2000 James Hird Essendon Essendon

    Its a toss up who will come back into the side. In one report by Misson he says Tyson is a better chance to play than Watts, and Watts is more like 2 weeks away. Then in the run down they will both be tested this week. Was one report written to confuse us or the Crow eaters. Confused me that's for sure
  9. The Run Home

    The Bummers have the best run home of all teams. If we are hanging around 7th or 8th position by then they could leap frog us.
  10. Changes v Adelaide

    Kent must go. No skills No speed. Can't tackle Tyson to come in.(hopefully) Pedo to stay. (Gawn definitely needs help in the ruck. ( they might bring Pencil in as well)) Watts to come in if 100% fit. If he is fit the travel wont affect him. Hogan to rotate in the centre with Petracca until he gets the speed of the game again.
  11. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 16

    6.T.McD 5.Jetta 4.Oliver 3 Frost 2 ANB 1. Lewis
  12. The 2017 Membership Thread


    JT has been emerg. the last couple of weeks. I don't think anything will change. I have been a supporter of Kent, but his last game in the ones was an absolute shocker. JKH has always been hit and miss but his last 5 games in the 2's has been fantastic. I'd like to see the Ins Hogan, Garlett, JKH Smith
  14. Media Going Hysterical

    Bad News always sells media. So they look for a great way to turn any news into bad news. Melbourne haven't had bad news apart from injuries and suspensions, But we learned to find a way and win games. When Gawn went down followed by pencil I thought we were done and dusted, but we found by moving players into different roles they could still win most times. Last Friday after 3 x 6 day breaks we were the walking dead. A team just waiting to be thrashed. To me it was obvious. We now are in another challenging situation, no captains and another couple of walk up players on the sidelines. We have had a small break to freshen us up. Just wait and see what the media say next week.......silence
  15. Changes v Carlton

    The Blues have got to win 7 out of 8 to make the finals. Not Likely. Therefore we can only hope that they will TANK. But we all know they wouldn't do that. LOL