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  1. I'll be teeing off at 9am them it's home for the game then off to a poker tournament. Wife is worried about my alcohol consumption, don't know why only have to keep count till half time, after that I won't remember a thing, satdys for the boys. Also one final thing GO DEES
  2. Talk about over umpires. Let the boys get at it. Free kicks and 50's left right and centre just because it's starting to get heated? McGuire is right pay what's there otherwise shut up. Can't wait to be there with 80000+ others playing in a tight encounter. Money can't buy. I'm so jealous of Hawthorn and Geelong fans you wouldn't miss one of you barracked for either. Wonder who our nemesis will be?
  3. Never thought I'd see these two words in the same sentence
  4. Go easy, my blow up doll has No.13 draped on it
  5. Sylvia - Big Pre Season
  6. Perhaps Admin should put a date on the thread "Clayton Oliver Incident" I feel like this is going to be a common occurrence
  7. That is probably the only negative. One one hand I love the passion, the individualism and the rawness on the other hand leave it alone son. Something tells me this is the Clayton Oliver we are going to have to live with, which is fine by me
  8. I agree. It's a worry though I can remember pinning hopes and dreams on 19yr olds alot in the past 10 years
  9. At least with so many injuries if we are lose it won't be because of where I am sitting in the lounge room or what Melbourne gear I'm wearing. What does everyone else change if we are losing? If we are winning none of the family are allowed to move
  10. Finally some common sense, let's just drop this crap and get on with Friday night.
  11. If that's worth a week I'll go he. In no way shape or form should a bloke get a week for that. Clayton put a bit of GST on a nothing push and it's all blown up. How can Houli and Schofield both get 2 weeks, throw it out and let's move on
  12. On the fox broadcast it was mentioned that Garlett was having his back and hamstring worked on for what it's worth
  13. Yet I still think we can win, we are no longer relying on players but instead place holders, doesn't matter your name just play your role. Seems the players aren't the only ones with belief
  14. All seems reasonable, apart from Viney and T-Mac everyone else seemed fairly average yet we won Melbourne - Playing as one