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  1. On the fox broadcast it was mentioned that Garlett was having his back and hamstring worked on for what it's worth
  2. Yet I still think we can win, we are no longer relying on players but instead place holders, doesn't matter your name just play your role. Seems the players aren't the only ones with belief
  3. All seems reasonable, apart from Viney and T-Mac everyone else seemed fairly average yet we won Melbourne - Playing as one
  4. I don't see a problem with Gawn in the square, Jeffy at his feet, Petracca Bugg and Harmes doing the leading and Peso in the ruck
  5. Maybe we should have traded Gawn after his 2 knee reco's Or Hogan after his back issues Jones has a dodgy quad, move him on... Judd had each shoulder reconstructed before he was even drafted, give the kid a crack
  6. Although Brayshaw isn't the quickest on our list I seem to recall him breaking lines and hitting pin point inside 50's. Perhaps there is a role for him of half back/wing similar to Jones?
  7. Turn it up, if Reiwoldt got a week for that I'd dead set start watching Rugby. You can't be serious surely?
  8. Seems to me that we have still bombed into the foward line quite regularly and backed either a crumb or storage. So with Hogan back the only thing that will change is Hogan will be in that contest which definately won't hurt
  9. Good call, not a mid/flank that we play as a small foward but a genuine small foward.
  10. Hasn't Goodwin said 3 or 4 times Gawn will play?
  11. A utility/swingman. The Pederson bit part foward/back/ruck Genuine outside mid
  12. Dunno who goes out if Pederson goes foward and literally no idea when Hogan is back. Hogan to a wing?
  13. Drop who ever played on Treloar, I thought he was overrated until this afternoon...
  14. I think so. We rate a 19yr old played under 30 games as our best mid. They have Pendles Treloar Adams and Sidebottom. I have no doubt though ours will be better in time...