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  1. I think this is going to be a common theme all year. If Viney and TMac were available even harder, but I guess your always going to have injuries. Melksham and Tyson are certainties, I personally would like to see Bugg and Brayshaw but Hannan, Frost and Maynard would be stiff. On a side note, my wife is a house cleaner and cleans Melksham's parents house. I'll try and get some inside info 🤔
  2. 2018 Ladder Prediction Competition

    I normally like to start with which teams I think are certainties to play finals then the teams I think certainly won't, then fill in the middle. Every year this gets more and more difficult. My top 3 I think make it easily and are a step above everyone else and from 12 down aren't finals material. Geelong are the hardest to pin, Selwood Dangerfield and Abblet may be the best starting 3 midfielders of the modern era. (I'm 30 so hard to comment before 2000's). 1. Richmond 2. GWS 3. Sydney 4. Geelong 5. Melbourne 6. Adelaide 7. Essendon 8. Port Adelaide 9. Western Bulldogs 10. Fremantle 11. West Coast 12. Hawthorn 13. Collingwood 14. St Kilda 15. Briabane 16. Gold Coast 17. Carlton 18. North Melbourne
  3. Gawny's Column in the HUN.

    Raspberry Cruisers?
  4. Gawny's Column in the HUN.

    Agreed, a great article and some very humble words but just words, hopefully for Max he can look back win lose or draw and see he done his best. I am a 135kg keyboard warrior so I realise that it's a bit rich but it's still the truth.
  5. Kane Cornes tips us to Top the Ladder

    Spinning? I read some ground breaking scientific paper a few days ago that the earth is flat after all these years
  6. Becoming relevant again

    Couldn't agree more, mine was just Petracca highlights
  7. Ask Goody

    Without question...
  8. Champion Data's 2018 Ladder Predictor

    Wow PaulRB that's impressive, quick mafs
  9. Demon tattoos

    I started a tattoo thread a few years ago (before kids when I could afford them) but I was alone. Maybe it was Demonology? Anyway got "Every heart beats true" from shoulder to shoulder. Looks sweet. I actually done a fair bit of research to determine the correct syntax. I didn't know weather the line implied that every heart beat's true or if every heart beats true, as in just every heart beat of mine or everyone's heart beats true. Does anyone know...? I never found a straight answer
  10. Hahaha that is fantastic
  11. God damn that feels good, even if it is only pre season. I have 6 hours to pack trailer and do a dump run and blower vac ground yard. Ample time as long as the beer fridge stays closed until at least lunch time (which is no guarantee) Due to a promotion I have most weekend off now so it's gonna be on. Go Dee's!

    Big Maxy "my favourite opposition ruckman and my least favourite team mate" classic

    [censored] yeah I just rang the boss mad Monday is on like donkey kong
  14. Jeremy Howe isn't elite compared to Joel Selwood, that is ridiculous. Howe is elite compared to other running defenders. I would wager that champion data having everything broken down into smaller categories or defensive back, loose man et cetera...
  15. SEN's List Manager dissects our List

    Agreed, but if he comes on do all 3 of him Hogan and TMac play foward? I wouldn't mind seeing Hogan roam up on a wing and float foward a bit like Watts' best games, imagine trying to match up on that? Levercutting off fowa d entries for fun, Hibberd and Hunt playing off their man with Hogan and Petracca delivering long 1-1 to TMac or Weid