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  1. SEN's List Manager dissects our List

    Agreed, but if he comes on do all 3 of him Hogan and TMac play foward? I wouldn't mind seeing Hogan roam up on a wing and float foward a bit like Watts' best games, imagine trying to match up on that? Levercutting off fowa d entries for fun, Hibberd and Hunt playing off their man with Hogan and Petracca delivering long 1-1 to TMac or Weid
  2. Let's be frank about GWS

    No need to give pig farms a bad name And surprisingly there isn't that many flies to annoy you at a pig farm, I guess they have enough other things to annoy
  3. Depth issues

    This is all the proof we need that we have improved out of sight. There is only 1 player in the seniors that isn't currently on our list. You dont have to go back far to find "pick 6" on the half foward flank or "dream trade" starting on the wing.

    The price for Kelly will be astronomical. I have a bet with my brother over who will finish higher in the Brownlow, I backed Oliver he took Kelly and he probably has me beat. Imagine the price we would put on Oliver...

    Why bother chasing a (soon to be) All Australian defender when we already have one. Put Tom McDonald back to the backline and instead of going after Lever go and get Patton/Lobb. Jetta OMac Frost Hibberd TMac Hunt Brayshaw Jones Vince Petracca Hogan Melksham Garlett Patton/Lobb Watts Gawn Oliver Viney Lewis Hannan Salem Tyson Looks ok to me... We have a good trade history with GWS, only think is it won't come cheap. Have to be realistic can't offer Pederson for either of them. Weideman and a late first round pick?
  6. Brownlow Night

    With Patty out and Martin playing on the edge, is it worth a pineapple on Oliver? Champion Data has him as third favourite statistically and you are essentially gambling that Dusty will be rubbed out
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    I'll be teeing off at 9am them it's home for the game then off to a poker tournament. Wife is worried about my alcohol consumption, don't know why only have to keep count till half time, after that I won't remember a thing, satdys for the boys. Also one final thing GO DEES
  8. Round 17 Non MFC matches

    Talk about over umpires. Let the boys get at it. Free kicks and 50's left right and centre just because it's starting to get heated? McGuire is right pay what's there otherwise shut up. Can't wait to be there with 80000+ others playing in a tight encounter. Money can't buy. I'm so jealous of Hawthorn and Geelong fans you wouldn't miss one of you barracked for either. Wonder who our nemesis will be?
  9. Clayton Oliver incident

    Never thought I'd see these two words in the same sentence
  10. Clayton Oliver incident

    Go easy, my blow up doll has No.13 draped on it
  11. My 3 word player analysis V Carlton

    Sylvia - Big Pre Season
  12. Clayton Oliver incident

    Perhaps Admin should put a date on the thread "Clayton Oliver Incident" I feel like this is going to be a common occurrence
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    That is probably the only negative. One one hand I love the passion, the individualism and the rawness on the other hand leave it alone son. Something tells me this is the Clayton Oliver we are going to have to live with, which is fine by me
  14. I agree. It's a worry though I can remember pinning hopes and dreams on 19yr olds alot in the past 10 years
  15. Changes v Carlton