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  1. "so with that Hogan now holds the record for most amount of goals by an individual in one game"
  2. Well off to work again 🐖 Then it's the annual Easter Saturday Billy cart races down the Corowa main Street, followed by the annual pub crawl home, which due to a scheduling conflict with the AFL is going to have to be quicker than normal this year as we are an early start. As for the game God only knows, there doesn't seem to be any certainties this year, our best side has them covered, even this side playing their best has them covered but impossible to say. Prediction, draw
  3. They will bring it home, 3 or 4 go through straight and it's over, we are the better team
  4. Kit, only my third batch but I can see where this is heading. Steeped grains and also mixed brown sugar, molasses and liquorice extract. All grain will be next experiment
  5. For anyone interested (anyone?) The Irish stout went in well, perhaps pitched the yeast a little too hot but will be ok. Smelt amazing so am assuming in a couple of months it will be, like the mighty demons, unbeatable.
  6. Not wrong about filling it, AFL must have shares in BWs I got half a slab and a couple of Guinness cans but I'm nearly out and game hasn't even started...
  7. For anyone wanting to fill in time why not throw on a home brew? I am going to attempt an oatmeal stout and an Aussie larger, will give me 150 long necks... God help me if we win
  8. No work this weekend, body clock has me up though and I've got 10 bucks on the 40+ I think today we show the rest of the football world that we have arrived...
  9. Stanley is a spud, Spencer will be number 1 ruck and Gawn will play full foward relief ruck I have inside knowledge (inside a bottle of rum)
  10. This competition is over, give that man the 10 million dollars
  11. Off to work, might miss the start but I'm the boss so might not either... Quietly confident?
  12. I love it, #raisehell
  13. Agreed. Nick Reiwoldt has made better men than OMac look like fools. Absolute champion of the game, one of the best ever
  14. 3 votes C Oliver. 31 effective disposals is HUGE.