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  1. Josh

    Round 1 team 2019

    This is an interesting point. My uncle works for the Sydney Swans academy (who have 2 Issac Heeney clones coming through in the 2020 draft, you heard it here first) and he said that they look for at least 1 elite attribute. He uses Watts vs Scully as an example. Watts never really had entered elite attributes, rather was very good at everything. He says that is why he is now just an average footballer. Scully on the other hand had elite running ability, so it might have taken him a few years to reach AFL standard fitness but now (up untill injuries at least) his elite running capacity started to show through. It doesn't matter what skill you have but to make it you must be elite in something. Vision, contested marking, tap work, fitness, speed, goal sense. I think that is why Hunt will make it, his line breaking pace is genuinely elite in the competition. It is a skill that is hard to teach and not many people posess.
  2. Josh

    2019 Leadership Group

    Agreed. At that level every player would be expected to coach on the ground their team mates, be their eyes in another part of the ground. Of course this is going to come.mich more naturally to some than others, but that is part of the drafting process now. In a way this even more backs up my theory of only having one of each. May is a good example, it would be a bit strange to bring a bloke in and instantly make him a captain or vice captain but from all reports he is "the general" of the back line. I guess what I'm trying to say is it doesn't really matter who the captain is game day, I do remember Chris Judd saying once that he was over being the first to training and last to leave, kicking the footy with sponsor's kids, disciplining the younger kids. Now I'm confused... JACK VINEY!!!
  3. Josh

    2019 Leadership Group

    In fact why is it that clubs seem to be in love with this co captains bulldust. We don't see co coaches. There isn't a co prime minister. Are there any other examples anywhere of co leaders? Didn't Sydney have 5 co captains or something? Between the captains, vice captains and leadership group there would have been more leaders than followers
  4. Josh

    2019 Leadership Group

    Viney, born to lead this club. "Leadership groups" and vice captains are irrelevant. Jack Viney is our man.
  5. Josh

    Round 1 team 2019

    Pruess will play, I think West Coast shows the rest of the league how to play Gawn in our last final. Pruess and Gawn to swap out of FF. I don't personally agree just how I see it playing out. Pruess and MFC must have sat down and agreed on a plan for him to play, even from a financial point of view the more senior footy Pruess plays the more he earns(?) I think 2nd Rick is the most valuable player on a list nearly.
  6. Josh

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Mum and Dad called me Josh...
  7. That's what I thought. Just follow number 7 around for the next few pre seasons. You can see the kind of people we are bringing to the club. Tough hard contested players. If only we have recruited like this 10 years ago but better late than never. St Kilda should take notice
  8. Don't forget Jeff or Eddy
  9. Josh

    Caroline Wilson banned from Demon function

    Perfect. Tell us why or swallow your pride.
  10. Josh

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Seems ridiculous to even say it but MASSIVE game now. Collingwood done us a favour, was worried about Richmond, no need to worry anymore. First things first though, bring the ball to ground in our defensive 50, contested possession and switch to Petracca. Melksham and McDonald running back into goal, simple...
  11. Josh

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Happy hour provides $6.50 PINTS of Guinness, living in the country has its advantages
  12. Josh

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    BARGIN! An old bloke I work with says "the more you drink, the more you save" wise words. The local in Wahgunyah sells $8 Pints of Guinness
  13. Josh

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Last week it begun, I think the entire club from CEO to my 3 year old son needed that. I predicted it would taste good, I never thought in my wildest dreams it would be be that good. But now I want more, Hawthorn saying they are happy to be underdogs? Your underdogs for a reason. I want to hurt them physically AND emotionally. As recently as round 4 and for the last 10 years they have treated us like dust, insignificant to them, nothing. Although fans and the media might be getting carried away I get the sense the coaching group and players are focused. It's payback time, Geelong have been left wondering if they are on the right path, we were only warming up. We had a taste of blood, and as predicted it taste good. Time for a slaughter. I think they understand now we are here.
  14. Josh

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    I feel this is the beginning of a long journey. We have all been there through false hope, rebuild after rebuild, coaches who would lead us to the promised land, future Brownlow winners, drafting gems, trade bargins, the works. We have looked for line in the sand games, turning points, coming of age and realisations. This is the true beginning, at the bounce this evening is where it all starts. For all of us. Players, coaches, officials, fans, this is where we get a taste, this is where they finally get a taste. And I'll bet it taste [censored] good. There will be more heartache for sure, but it will only make us want it more. Win lose or draw it begins tonight, we are back for what is ours and once these kids get a taste, nothing else will satisfy. If the competition hasn't realised it yet they will tonight, we are coming for what is ours, and we are coming hard.
  15. Josh

    Favourite Current Dee

    I couldn't decide. My wife got 13 on my jumper for me this year but I wouldn't have been disappointed with 11, 10, 5, or 7. Special mention to Harmes Salem, and Spargo fast joining that list. Also hard to go against number 2, my wife would run away with Jonesy. So I have Oliver. Wife has Jones. 5 year old has Petracca. 3 year old has Hunt. When they kick the footy they always argue over who is going to be Petracca, my wife said one day "why doesn't one of you be Jonesy?" (Which is also the name of one of our cats) youngest says "I'll be Fiesty Girl" (the other cat)