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  1. It's a tough pill to swallow for Bayley. He does so much right. He uses the ball so well and competes in the air but he's not a natural defender and his one on one work (where finals are won and lost) has not developed yet. I have no doubt Goody would have told him he's got a long career ahead of him. Such a natural footballer who already has so many of the attributes for him to build on in the coming years. Smith is the perfect player to run with Darling. He can run with him further up the ground where Darling is so damaging and match his athleticism. It's a big task of someone with very little big game let along many afl game experience.
  2. Yung Blood

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    Thought ANB is one of many players who set the tone early on Friday night. Yes he wasn't particularly clean but he made up for it with intensity and ferocious tackling/pressure. Took some risks with passes that paid off. He is the sort of player I want in finals with his relentless pressure. He doesn't stop.
  3. Yung Blood

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    I agree. I watch Trac and definitely think if he dropped even a few kg's he could be so much more damaging. I think with Weid coming on and Tmac as main forward option the most obvious thing to do would be to train Hogan as a CHF/Wing who can be dynamic in the middle part of the ground and drift forward when needed. We know he has the tank and showed in the first few games he can perform around in and around the contest further up the ground. He will probably need to be a little bit lighter again and work more on the defensive side of his game. Would love to see Hoges work with Vanders in the off season to become more the two way running player that Vanders is.
  4. Yung Blood

    Gawn: Confidence Growing

    I think this is such a great example of the way Max thinks. He will admit he's not the most articulate or the sharpest guy at the club. But he has such a good footy brain in the way he thinks broadly about the game. His awareness of his and other clubs strengths/weaknesses and game plans and style is so good.
  5. Yung Blood

    Jayden Hunt

    - Slight role change to start the season - Injury set backs / couldn't put together solid string of games - Only 23 with plenty of time and potential He has a competitiveness that makes me confident if he can get his body right and carve out a role in this young team he will be best 22 for quite some time. Clean up his disposal and decision making and he's well on the way.
  6. Yung Blood

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    Or maybe even some shields? like the colours on this one.
  7. Yung Blood

    Who are our bottom six? And where do they rate?

    The most pleasing thing looking at the bigger picture is there's guys that could potentially (but probably doubtful) play that could round out an even better bottom 6 and maybe be ahead of JKH Hunt, Joel Smith, Pederson, Bugg, Garlett, Wagner Not to mentioned the injured that won't be available: Lever, Vince, Kent, Stretch Thats some depth right there.
  8. Yung Blood

    Who are our bottom six? And where do they rate?

    Are these lists based on current form? Or overall this season? Importance to the team? If it was based on form and importance right now Harmes would be top 5 and I don't think Jones would crack the top 10 to be honest. He's playing his role well but not influencing games as much as others.
  9. Yung Blood

    Bernie Vince Retires

    He deserves a lot of credit for this clubs recent success. He came across because Roos was going to be coach and saw some hope and opportunity for growth. There aren't many players who are playing close to their peak that would do that. I think he's had a huge impact on the young playing group. The way he attacks every contest (bar a few high ones) is exactly the type of player you want influencing everyone. I've always enjoyed Bern's honesty and professionalism in front of the media. He will be missed. I don't think he will take up a role at the club as he has a real estate career/business waiting for him.
  10. Yung Blood

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 23

    Well you've reached the key talking point for the next two weeks after this Sundays game. Is Viney's return an obvious selection given the teams chemistry at the moment? Main pro and con in my opinion: Pro: He is a competitive beast made for finals intensity and physicality. As noted by others the team would generally get more confidence/insperation on the day with Jack putting his 100% into every contest. Con: From what we've seen so far he only really plays inside mid or as a close tag. The worry is that Brayshaw and Clayton are our key ball winners at the moment around the contest and doing it brilliantly. When Viney came back in earlier in the year he and Oliver were literally bumping heads at contests trying to win the ball. They did eventually build some chemistry and system but then Viney got injured again. I think he will come back in regardless of what we discuss on here. I hope they can build a rotation where he rests on the wings when Oliver is in the middle or rotates a tag with Harmes.
  11. Yung Blood

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 23

    He can only really play mid or wing...
  12. Yung Blood

    First Final

    So it's pretty much Geelong or GWS first game unless something silly happens to Collingwood or Hawks vs syd is a draw? Would not want to be playing Freo at over there after last week. Expect them to really take it to the filth.
  13. Yung Blood

    What they're saying over at Roberts Road

    You gotta have COLL higher surely. They're the most one and arrogant of them all. Richmond are extremely smug overall as well even when they were down.