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    why is anyone surprised. yet again, supporters with no ability to look at footy in an objective manner lulled in to a false sense of achievement over a couple of half arsed, less than convincing wins over two poor footy teams
  2. Be Patient with Lever

    we paid overs for a Fist. Lever really is just one Fist roving the back line , unaccountable , looking to fist the footy over the boundary line. over hyped. hes ours now, so we' will have to deal with it. But lets remember this as we watch all the first round talent for the next two draft periods go to the other clubs. We shouldve learnt by now that single big name recruits dont change fortunes of footy clubs
  3. Reconciliation Action Plan

    Ahh, the good old Aboriginal Rights Industry in full swing. Gotta love it. as soon as the victim hood bs stops , he sooner these people can get on with progressing in the 21st century
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 8

    it was west coast, SWYL. Round 15 Robbo played CHF
  5. De Ja Vu 2010

    I doubt you're anyone's mate, fella
  6. De Ja Vu 2010

    One of our more intelligent posters I assume. reading my post and extracting from that , that I'm basing this on our games so far this year just shows how poor your comprehension skills are mate. Talk about missing the point. I played in the ruck for 9 years - think I might have a fair understanding on how much Gawns loss affects us. But that's totally irrelevant to my point about this demons group think bandwagon Ive witnessed. rd 1 - gawn played . That won papered over a glaring deficiency in our list. We play aggressive footy but our skill level is well below many other teams.
  7. De Ja Vu 2010

    Collingwoods midfield is absolutely better than ours. Much higher skill level. After a 5 day break collingwood looked very slick against geelong. Very good ball movement and good disposal. st kilda would not lose to us now. Just like GWS would not have lost to us later in the season last year.
  8. De Ja Vu 2010

    Haha yes I rest my case
  9. De Ja Vu 2010

    we havent finished the last rebuild yet
  10. De Ja Vu 2010

    I dont know when it exactly started but there is some massive group think tidal wave regarding how talented the list is. No one has proven anything yet and all this hype stinks of 2010 for mine. the list is no where near as talented as the group think line says. its fascinating to watch an opinion of a few gradually build to assumed fact, yet no one really stops to analyse. at best this list is tooled to replicate Nths last few years. mid-lower top 8 at best. There is far too much talk and assumption of 'we just got to hang on until these kids get games in to them and we will be a great side'. Its only 7 years since the last time i saw this play out in the media and on this site but it is eerily familiar. Our list is nowhere near as talented as some seem to be assuming. And yes the predictable response to my pot will be "this list is more talented than 2010" - and yes i agree, it is. But thats not my point> The point is it is NOT as talented or as well positioned as many are assuming. Its a tough comp and most sides are as well or better placed for the future. - Collingwood and Stkilda included.
  11. A big fish

    hes a bust.move on
  12. The Petracca v McCartin debate reprised

    club made a big error in drafting for needs instead of best available when going for Wiedeman. forced the issue and i think we have Lucas cook Mk2. i get the whole 'talls take time ' argument and totally agree. However , GOOD talls that take time, show some glimpses along the journey. Weed shows no hunger for the contest nor ability to find the ball. of course hes got a limited tank but the talented fwds show a bit. Weed is a bust i fear. Goldne rule - draft best available and trade for needs using the players drafted as currency. Club forced it out of desperation for a F50 partner for Hogan. we will regret it
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 6

    Cant understand why anyone would be suprised by this. Group think on pedersen here has been remarkable. hes playing as he usually does
  14. Weed is looking more lucas cook than anything else at this stage. compare him to hipwood who is even skinnier than weed. Hipwood competes and contests the ball. Weed is a bit of a wallflower. Reckon he might be a bust. im happyto let him fill out but even the skinny ones display attributes of competitiveness even though they lose any contest they are in. weed just doesnt compete.