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  1. All 10 of them
  2. Who doesn't?
  3. I've got to say, Collingwood is as soft as butter. Very few beeline the contest.
  4. Let's wait until we beat them before we say how shite we think they are. Remember last year?
  5. It's the roids
  6. And it helps if Collingwood forget to field a backline
  7. Just got your wish
  8. Thought I just saw Stephen Dank in the bomber change rooms handing out some uppers.
  9. No you can't Diamond, but we can sure as hell hope for reports. And perhaps a midweek drug bust, off site of course.
  10. Thanks for clarifying who that was. I just assumed it was Hymie the robot from Get Smart.
  11. Hogan was shown up badly by Reiwold's endeavour at the other end (don't like saying it)
  12. We're all a bit touchy Ding. No dramas.
  13. It's just a good thing that you don't pot the posts of others.
  14. Well done Parker Lewis.