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  1. Return to Glory

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    We won't get Duursma
  2. Return to Glory

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Alarm bells went off when Bell initially used the phrase 'feather in my cap'. In other words, it's quickly become all about him and not the outcome. Now Hogan's worth significantly more than pick 11 (even taking into account my obvious bias) but the problem is that Bell is more interested in being seen as the smartest guy in the room. The deal won't get done because of an over -inflated ego and whilst in may or may not be a setback for us short term, it's a problem for Freo in the longer term.
  3. Return to Glory

    2018 Player Reviews: # 35 Oskar Baker

    If what I saw at the latter part of the season is a guide, he'll play senior games next year. Has the potential to be a significant run and carry player for us imo. Would think a number of Casey followers would be of similar mindset. Better when he takes first option though, touch of the Sam Frosts in that regard.
  4. Return to Glory

    2018 Player Reviews: # 33 Harrison Petty

    Without question. Certainly not a great debut for Petty but heartbreaking, no. Has footy smarts, just got overwhelmed.
  5. Return to Glory


    In Darcy's case it's code for pretty average both ends of the ground.
  6. Return to Glory

    Grand final Gameday

    I'm thinking 'Keep your feet with Jordan Lewis'
  7. Return to Glory

    Internal options for a speedy winger

    Absolutely, watched the kid play on two occasions. The talent is there, without questions and there were signs that the application had lifted.
  8. Return to Glory

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Absolutely agree. Surely we hold the strongest hand here.
  9. Return to Glory

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Yeah probably JR. Think this may actually be it though. Unless it's the year after.
  10. Return to Glory

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think I'm in the minority. Assuming we solve a need through May and KK with a late 1st round draft pick, I'm not against picking up a kid early within the first round. This draft is supposedly significantly stronger than that of 2017. Rayner, Brayshaw, Paddy Dow, Adam Cerra, Jaidyn Stephenson (Rising Star) and Davies - Uniake were the first six of this year.
  11. Return to Glory

    Grand final Gameday

    Great game Ben E. Alas, daughter has opened it already and any chance to repackage into several gifts (who doesn't want a hand warmer for Christmas) has evaporated. Bloke walking to Richmond Station ahead of me had five. That's a family worth of presents. Hope you enjoyed the Eagle Rock tune that you also experienced in WA. Interested in your Hogan thoughts in the Draft/Trade Cheeseboard forum. RTG
  12. Return to Glory

    Would we take $cully back?

    We could never take him back - culture killer. Unfortunately, I suspect he followed the orders of father Phat Phil. I'm now trying to remember the amount Phat Phil was going to be paid by the AFL as a recruiting officer for GWS in order to get the deal over the line? Regardless, the whole deal had AFL interference all over it.
  13. Return to Glory

    Grand Final Nearest Pin Comp

    Eagles by 27 Barrass for Norm Smith because of the novel idea (not employed by Richmond) of blocking/checking the run at the ball of a 7ft forward.
  14. Not keen at all. May have shown some early promise but, from the games I saw, lacks footy nous.
  15. Return to Glory

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Pates, I'm not so sure of that. Talent wise Hogan is right up there. But it's not always that simple.