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  1. I remember that too. He's a very smart footballer and, in our wildest dreams, we have a budding Sam Mitchell on our hands.
  2. This is clearly not right.The Giants need more concessions come draft time. Rather than a region, can we not just give them Victoria?
  3. The Suns must be the most underwhelming club in the league. Still, they knock off the Dogs and that's about curtains for them.
  4. You're better than me. I see 17 points up and picture a 1 point loss. Damaged.
  5. Spot on SWYL. And add returning players who'll be better for the run and it's a great result.
  6. As it stands right now, there is a world of difference between ANB and Kent. I wouldn't be grouping those two together. JKH will pass Kent (certainly based on last night) and may end up the best of these. It feels like Kent has lost his way.
  7. He's a frustrating player at times and I sometimes fear that he will become a nearly-but -not -quite player for us. Hope not.
  8. Bit harsh re Neal - Bullen I would haves thought Joeboy. Kennedy Harris - break out game.
  9. Kennedy Harris has been very good.
  10. Be patient grasshopper.
  11. He doesn't play with any finesse at all.
  12. Geez you're negative DD
  13. Just the 12?
  14. Scrap that last comment
  15. Think Ali and rope -a - dope. Not over.