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  1. not sure if it was mentioned above (if so sorry I missed it) but he is great at defensive running too. So many players can look quick with ball in hand, or when they think they are a chance to get on the end of a cheap kick for goal, but Jayden has used his speed to close down and effect spoils also. Hard, loves a scrap, flair, blistering speed, cult figure. What's not to love about having him on our team.
  2. The whole back 6
  3. What about Oliver's handball to ANB that led to Jeff's fourth goal? I thought Dermott was going to go all Bruce+Cyril over it every time he re-watched the footage.
  4. Almost. They must have swapped their 2 & 3 votes.
  5. Did someone else listed above drop out? I thought I remembered Wagner playing at Bellerive Oval last year.
  6. I've highlighted the particular point above. After finally getting around to see some more footage of the weekend's disgraceful attempts at umpiring last night I was talking with one of my employees today about the Puopolo in the back call. To show him I pulled up the footage from an AFL website video where a commentator was discussing some of the weekends more contentious decisions with the umpires coach. She the bought up the Hawks v Crows video and he proceeded to say the umpire on the field had to make a judgement call that the crow was lying on puopolo's back at the end of the tackle. The decision was an absolute disgrace and called as such by Roos during the live commentary. Clearly they make up justifications for decisions to suit their ends all the way through the system. (same can be said for the eagles v saints calls where almost exactly the same thing happened to both teams resulting in different on-field interpretations - that amazingly were all judged to be correct decisions in the post-game analysis)
  7. Just heard Brent Stanton on the ABC radio talking about last night and their comeback. He used the term "supplement saga". WTF? As usual no comment from the media.
  8. I only watched from halfway through the 3rdQ but Daisy is an absolute gun. There was a moment late in the game when she got the ball in the back pocket and was so composed in drawing the opposition player before handballing the lookaway to a free teammate that illustrated perfectly her skill level. Great intensity from all on the field too.
  9. I reckon he'd appreciate a good pair of padded knicks after his pretty huge bike ride on the NW Coast of Tassie yesterday.
  10. Probably by saying something like "it's not the cats' fault that none of the other teams would trade them their first round pick for half a packet of three day old twisties and a Geelong third-rounder."
  11. do you think comprehension is still taught in school or is it all "reading between the lines now"? It is very frustrating that posters interpret a quote their own way but still attribute it as a quote.
  12. what did he say CB?
  13. Ray must have been a pretty good player whereas my dad was average at best. (heaps better than me though so I can't sledge him) I think he played about twenty games.
  14. I was working with my father all day today and he played cricket against Max in school in Hobart, footy with him at MFC and went to RMIT with him at the same time (different courses though). He told me what a genuine person he was and how every now and then when he ran into Max he would always stop for a chat and be interested in what my old man had been up to etc. In his opinion - " of the nicest people you could ever meet". RIP Max.
  15. Only fee that myself and the young fella have paid has been the initial fee.