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  1. You don't want to be wrong do you.
  2. Comments about selling the farm on trades gets way out of context. Selling the farm applies to the mega trades like Tom Boyd and Buddy. These trades represent significant risk to a club. The Lever trade would be like selling one of your prime bulls. The club is not risking everything and everyone would agree that the rewards will outweigh the risks.
  3. Trade rumours

    You are right. Like Watts he couldn't get the ball.
  4. Trade rumours

    You just mentioned it. Lever will improve our list. JW was an elite kick but so was Strauss. Jack failed on all other KPI's. Tell me what mids were available. Sam Gibson was the only one and he's 31. The club achieved what they set out to do this trade period and got it done early. We don't muck around.
  5. Trade rumours

    Its about quality not quantity. You seem to just want action.
  6. Where is Carlton on the ladder and Essendon are the same with us. So if we were hard nosed there and no trades were done would you be happy? I bet not. And don't say that Adelaide would have buckled and given what we originally put forward. It wasn't going to happen. The market said Lever was valued at 2 1st round picks. Same with JW. His market value was only a 2nd round pick. As for next years 1st round pick we can deal with that later. No doubt we will try trade up into a 1st round pick. But as for now we have traded exactly the way we wanted. Have done so for the past 3 years. Forget the unders and overs.
  7. For god's sake does it matter whether we pay overs or unders in a particular trade. The club targeted Lever and Balic all year and beyond and made a decision on JW. They got these trades done as well as having 3 2nd round draft picks. As they said on Trade Radio the MFC are gaining the reputation of a club that gets trades done swiftly as possible. We usually get the outcome what we want.
  8. Trade rumours

    Where would we play Saad when we have Hunt running off half back/wing? Is his disposal better than Hunt and what are his defensive skills like?
  9. This reminds me of Dusty only a few years ago when he tried to explore other options when Richmond only offered a modest uplift in his new contract. I recall at the time that they were frustrated with his on and off field performance but were willing to have him back if he wanted to. No other club was interested and the rest is history.
  10. Training - Wednesday 28th June, 2017

    Huge news. The forgotten man. Love to have him in form and banging down the door at the end of the season.

    So let me get this straight. Last year I was able to watch replays 24 hrs after the game by tuning into the afl website, "video/watch replay", and watch the game during the season proper free of charge. Will i still able to do this for this season? I don't need to watch football live.
  12. While our forward line looks a lot better on paper with Jessie there at FF/CHF, it hasn't functioned that well over the past 10 weeks with him there. With Weideman's impressive debut and having Watts and Pederson in the forward line I wonder whether Goodwin will experiment and try Jessie in the midfield over summer. He is a similar size to Bontempelli and Fyffe and has the same smarts. imagine what impact he would have.
  13. Dumbest players and coaches in the AFL?

    The gameplan got us within a kick of winning against last years grand finalist at a ground that we haven't won at in a decade and against a team that has beaten us over there on average by 10 goals over the same period. Imagine when this very young side gets another 25 games under their belt with the same gameplan and a couple new experienced imports, it will be exciting. Some guys here need to chill out.
  14. I was thinking the same. is the business logo the tyre place in town?