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  1. So our next pick will be Bedford or have we gone cold on him?
  2. So far they have interviewed 18 Brownlow medalists.
  3. No, we have dropped down to p25.
  4. Agree. Think Jimmy Toumpas. He was a very good outside mid at junior footy but couldn't get his own ball.
  5. Just as important, what's he like as a footballer?
  6. djr

    Jordan Clark

    What are his stats...height, weight, position etc
  7. Didn't we do the same with Jetta some years back?
  8. Does Sturt fall into the same category as Bedford as being one of our academy picks. They are both Dandenong Stingrays boys.
  9. Who said Josh asked for 6 & 5? Freo didn't have p5 at that stage. Obviously you have never done a negotiation course where rule #1 says you need to establish your goal and work out how you are going to achieve that goal. The "overs" and "unders" is just noise. There you have just had your first lesson.
  10. I feel a sadness, an empty feeling. They give you such joy for the very short period they are with us. But oh the memories......Jessie, Liam and Mitch.
  11. Thought pick 23 could have been used on Billings before we traded with St Kilda for p28.
  12. God how many times you want to say this? We get it
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