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  1. Biffen

    Rd. 22: Omen Watch vs Eagles

    I visited a farmer last night. He had 22 dead Wedge tailed Eagles shot and strung up along a barbed wire fence. Inside the house a huge fire was lit. Out of the fire appeared 22 Tasmanian Devils who scooted out to the fence and devoured the Eagles before running into a massive laurel Bush and murdering a nest of Magpies. Seems fairly positive.
  2. Biffen

    Sam Weideman

    It's Weed time. Form in the 2's. Taylor made form to step in and grab his chance. He has a strong tackle and is a good grab. If he nails his set shots and does the defensive work he could be the tonic for a rejuvenated side coming into finals. Sink or Swim.
  3. Biffen

    Stats- Only One Needed.

    I reckon 43% of people would agree with Redleg.
  4. Biffen

    Losing Jack Viney

    Pro Dee has combed through the cumulative intelligence of demonland to find a post that supports his assertions. ^^^^^^ Bravo. Biffen approves.
  5. Biffen

    The Elephant in the Room

    As the bearded lady said to the acrobat in front of the clown, "What Elephant where?"
  6. Biffen

    What is the point?

    The greatest problem in any continuously failing organisation is a lack of candour. In other words, when somebody keeps making mistakes ,nobody mentions it. Mistakes need to be HIGHLIGHTED until rectified. If they can't be rectified they must go.
  7. Biffen

    The Blowtorch on Jordan Lewis

    Just drop him.Send out the right message to the kids.Keeping players in the team on reputation alone builds resentment in the squad.
  8. Biffen

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Every time he lined up for goal the commentators would mention his try out for Manchester United and occasionally his junior cricket accomplishments .Every time.
  9. Biffen

    Frosty comes in from the cold!

    I'm astounded as to how he gets kept out of the team by O'mac and others. He has the attributes to be the best CHB in the comp. Coaches have stalled his development. As many have pointed out-Goodwin stuffs up selection on a regular basis.
  10. Biffen

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Helen Keller.
  11. Biffen considers it as the first person, in order of importance.
  12. Biffen does not like to boast too much as you will all agree he is a modest and brilliant man. But Biffen did spend a night amongst the gauche and ridiculously wealthy on the Portsea cliff one summer soiree last year dancing with Mrs Judd and her coterie. Chris arrived to pick her up at about 3am after I'd worn her out. There was more than a little warmth to the starving stripling that night but I'm sure this was an isolated incident. Chris appeared to be dull and brooding, no doubt cold, terribly sober and a very serious young insect.Poor chap.
  13. It was a Kanye tracksuit so I'm not too worried . If it was anything else I would be very concerned.
  14. Biffen


    Nothing sensible.Everything enjoyable.
  15. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    The scum has been replaced by putrid filth. Such is the way of the world. Let's hope their immune system cannot cope with the various life forms left behind by my former colleagues and business associates.