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  1. Biffen

    The Irish

    Has been luck for us but no so lucky for them.
  2. Biffen


    Spud's Cool. I've always had an underground following.
  3. Biffen

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    Sincerely hope he can't get a game next season.
  4. Biffen


    I know right. No one is bigger on the Carpet then Ellen and now Natalie will bring more on board.
  5. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Apologies Redleg, Thought you were OD . Same probably applies to many though.
  6. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Next step is the gastric tube. Count your blessings you whining Old C.
  7. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Drug cycles are the quickest way to deliver them to the people .I view it as progress OD.
  8. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    The cyclist was totally unreasonable . Fair bump.
  9. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    As i always say , Stay outta my bike lane when I am driving.
  10. Ironically, he's rumoured to possess a tremendous farting capability.
  11. Kade or Kyle-will only get you somewhere in Moe.
  12. Biffen


    Not only are you mentally retarded ,the alcohol has affected your visual capabilities .
  13. Biffen


    She's about a 6 or 7 at best. When I trained there were rows of these desperate ,lonely, young women watching me move across the turf like a Lion. I felt like a piece if meat, only there for their visual stimulation.As if my brain and my thoughts were secondary to my physique. Most of those young girls only wanted to know me for one thing.None of them took any interest in my intellect or my worldly ideas. Sadly ,those days are gone.
  14. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    You'd be put up against the wall pronto a la "The Sun Also Rises" if you weren't already dust.
  15. Biffen

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    A simple mind making a simple assumption might think so. I'm neither happy nor disappointed . The Greens getting smashed was an upside for me. I'd prefer a very small government of executable officials put on public trial and shot annually. I'm sceptical of "good" causes and I despise all public advertising campaigns telling people how to think, act ,behave or believe in an official "idea" that's "good". I'd like to see the speed limit doubled, the death penalty re-introduced ,(other ) ice dealers shot ,prostitutes given TAFE courses on loyalty to their employer . I'd like the govt of the day to stay the [censored] out of my life and stop blocking my roads with safety signs and bollards. Or repatriate people to reduce congestion. I'd like public servants to address me as Sir or My Lord. I deserve it. I'd like anyone in a govt job for more than ten years to lick my feet and thank me for paying their way. They should also bow and kiss my hand. I'd like the govt to stop the harassment of men using public advertising campaigns.Most of my friends are men.In fact all because only gay men have female friends. Real men don't for reasons you won't understand . I'd like public officials ranked and graded after performance assessments and their pay rates adjusted annually. I'd like to see fewer women in positions of power by decree -it's not natural- maybe cap a number for them. I think developers, real estate agents and inner city councils should be sent to re-education camps for 10 years. State government officials should merely have their pay halved and be put in the stocks for abuses of my money. Premiers who've been found to collude with Communist backed regimes with say, 25 foreign visits to the same Country , should also, of course, be executed.