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  1. Dieter the dupe. I hope you feel morally pure because you are mentally defending the indefensible . Id argue paedophiles are all throughout The Muslim world, especially "normal" in Pakistan ,Afghanistan - and are present in larger numbers than in the Catholic Church . They detest women and the female body. The clutoris is so evil they cut it off. The female form must be covered. Child rape is a basic Muslim tradition. So is cousin marriage. Therefore- so is brain damage. They have that excuse but you have insane theories you develop out of some perceived equivalent in the Western World. There is none- the West are liberators.War stoppers and knowledge sharers The beards are cave men.Superstitious zeros heading into oblivion hopefully sooner rather than later. Its not loony crazy like Scientology. It"s mental like a rabid dog strapped with explosives.
  2. Give Treacle Trengove a run!!
  3. Mother Theresa didn't have a Gold Logie winner and an uninformed Prime Minister in her corner. She was only battling crippling endemic poverty and disease, nothing important or as difficult as Houlis rugged path to play afl,battling oppression,swimming through live sharks,saving children from burning buildings and all his other past times.
  4. He was good on twitter.
  5. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette. "Let them eat sh!t"
  6. Both Dawkins and Hitchens place Islam as the most dangerous religion. The cuckold comment is meant metaphorically but is perhaps more how Muslims view someone who supports their power structure,invites them in,pays the bills,cleans up their wars,listens to their whining on Palestine,etc. All those guys that bring up Vietnam ,korea, or anything to deflect from their ridiculous beliefs and current practises- the people who stupidly think Islam will be happy with a small presence amongst us.
  7. There is little to gain from viewing or aligning oneself with the left/ right wing dichotomy in a post Industrial society . There are arguements that make sense.Then there are the others. Census figures show Melbournes population has risen by 45% in a decade. 45% in one decade. I'm absolutely staggered . How do you like these ideas? No contraceptive/ family planning- no govt benefits. A freeze on permanent migration. Compulsory national service for overseas born immigrants.(2 years).Aged under 40. Zero marriage visas. Zero permanent reunification visas. Voluntary Euthenasia,offered to life prisoners. Reintoduce death penalty for treason,espionage,massive tax fraud,murder,terrorism. 3 child limit for all.
  8. The typical reply of the cuckolded guilty white dupe.
  9. Hitchens never said anything derogatory about Islam.He just explained how backwards and retarded it has always been by pointing out the textual evidence in the Koran and Hadiths. The actual physical evidence for it is all over the globe,in every miserable country where Islam rules, You could add parts of Europe to that Sorry list.
  10. The panel was used as a political stage and the outcome was skewed because of it. He had an excuse,a PM and a Logie winner for an on field matter. The next possible such case might claim a " wild Irish temper" and the death of a childhood pet at a young age that spurs occasions of fisticuffs from some poor lad who decked someone on the field.
  11. Jesse had some victim cards to pull but he chose not to. Cant remember him K O ing anyone either. But racism is to blame in this case. Thats the important message . Yeah!! The Afl stopped racism!!! Hooray!! Edit- end rant. read Nashers post- my point is more what constitutes as bona fide evidence at the MRP.
  12. It's like a school of ducklings walking casually into the path of a steam roller. I want to save them but it's too late!!
  13. You may actually be dead. "To die ,to die - to sleep perchance to dream" I'm not allowing any optimism into my life. These hopeful voices must be crushed. Such naivety , such hope ...... I feel like we are dancing away at the New Years Eve party on the Poseidon Adventure. Or tucking into morning tea on the Hindenburg .
  14. Can't see anyone being dropped on form so injuries will dictate selection. Doubt Bugg will get dropped and I doubt Kent can waltz back in after doing SFA at Casey. We have a plethora of talls available and in form.
  15. AKA gouging.