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  1. Treason is punishable by death in my country. But go ahead Earl! You won't be thought of as less than human. Or anywhere in the vicinity.
  2. If he has half the guts of big bro it's a yes from me.
  3. I will need to store some stuff at the Monor for a while. Some of it is from parts foreign. Your proximty to the airport could be handy. Since the closure of the Gat I have decided to increase my business . Your are included in my new venture.Dont thank me yet.The hard work has only just begun.
  4. So we just accept Salem's Lot? WAP MFC as per usual. Meanwhile the umpires don't want to bounce the ball anymore because it's too much like work. Time for a change up at board level.
  5. Goes missing . If I see him centre it to an opponent from the HFF ,to set up a goal for them just one more time then I am going to remove his horrible Tatts with a belt sander. Our most annoying player.
  6. All the clubs are. Even the Shitboners.
  7. Any chance we might appeal or do we just cop their crap? i could handle losing to Hawthorn 16 times but not this team of scum. FFS.
  8. I just wrote to the AFLUA. Gave Nichols a spray. I encourage you all to do the same.
  9. That's all over . I'm going to break both his ankles with a sledgehammer and dump him on Gils door like the lost dog he is.
  10. Bugg was actually very good today. Frost was terrible- then awesome. Jones was immense. We were too short and couldn't get a free kick. Kent wasn't great. Weeds is getting game because of his height.
  11. The bald umpire- number 15. He's on my list.
  12. Ricky Petterd is next to us here. I keep lobbing things at him and he can catch them quite well.
  13. Yes . Still a few old timers at The Clare Castle. But some of those wharfies have bayside mansions and jobs for life. I wonder if people still drink long necks outside the bottle shop in Garden City.Those blokes don't touch lattes.Or quiche.
  14. Lucky you never worked on the docks DC.
  15. I prefer to take it one cliche at a time.