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  1. Great work WJ. i don't think anyone has ever written a poem about Perth before, and with good reason.
  2. He has the trade value of a second hand marital aid and more mental issues than his obnoxious uncle . Having said that my preference would be to nurse him back to health at the club and hope we can get some sort of career for him ,if that is what he wIshes. To have permanent brain damage is synonymous with being a part of the MFC. On that we must all agree,based on textual evidence and deduction.
  3. Collingwood supporters don't pay rent.
  4. Confident "Hooter" will stay.
  5. Mick Malthouse you live in our hearts forever for your ridiculous decisions .
  6. Dear Boris and Natasha, Moonshadow has extensive links with " the party" and will organise all your official espionage requirements.(binoculars,seating) His " information" is often unreliable ,especially after two beers. Upon arrival your instructions will await you. Trust nobody unless they are wearing a red and blue scarf. Stand under the tree near gate 3 reading a copy of " the record" and one of his agents will meet you prior to your mission. This message will self destruct once read by a moderator.
  7. Stringer is only about 23. The must get hitched young in Bendigo. So I take it Jake will not be nominated for Father of the year?
  8. She - mons or Simply "The Deeees" said in a posh girls voice.
  9. Watts and Jones are two very resilient players who are in career best form. If they are available I would prefer to rest Lewis or Vince for Hogan /Gawn. JKH is knocking down the door for selection as well.Cant see it happening this week. Makes sense to rest the older players if Jones and Watts are good to go. Not sure how happy Lewis and Vince would be with this idea.
  10. No. No. They scour Demonland for advice on what to do and take all our suggestions on board, then act on them. The guys with the sports science degrees just throw all the knowledge out the window and operate on pure supporter vibe when they face a tricky problem. Often the selectors just throw the personnel programs out the window and let sentiment rule their decisions.
  11. His 25 metre handpass from the centre was a thing of beauty today. The other one was just a party trick.
  12. It's medication time.
  13. His brain was the issue . His lack of games may see a prolonged career ,back ended, and to me he looked like a 100 game AFL footballer.
  14. Being an ageing Bohemian you most likely do.
  15. "Wrestlemania" out there at one stage and I thought the same. He can basically kill you with a pressure point if you get him angry. Rance quickly tapped out ,as he did against Franklin.