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  1. Worrying Stats

    Stats re disposals are misleading. We all still love yelling "Kick the bloody thing" Truth is we are stealing a lot of ball off the opposition and running away by a weave of handball.With no forward to kick to. The percentage indicates a good defensive mindset. The Sydneys are the only big losses.They both have an ability to win it and get it free by foot . We have displayed an ability to shut games down and " win easily" by less than 2 goals. Thrashing a lowly side is irrelevant now. Our only problem is closing the gap on GWS and Sydney. A young side with everything to play for will only improve in effort and execution . We are a high tackling team and we do overuse the ball. Having Pedo and Brayshaw mitigates our handball happy issues.Both get high "metres gained". When we play well our handballs are wider- a la Nevilles magnificent attacking 20-25 metre hand passes yesterday. We need a lift in marks from Max and Tom Mac to play more efficiently.
  2. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Bannon leaving is interesting. He was certainly the brains of the current administration. then again,Obama did two terms copying the cadence of MLK whilst the contents were thin air. It is fairly easy to see the racial divide in the states re Charlottesville. Half the country invests itself in destroying America and a fringe element of Trump supporters can't even gather to preserve a 150 year old statue without being attacked by urine wielding ,chanting drones. "They here in Charlottesville cos they raycisss. gotta stop the rayciss.
  3. Manchester Bombing

    You make my point. Australian terrorists are the epitome of stupid. Hence why 13 major attempts at terrorism have been thwarted here. More Aussies dead-you keep you tin foil hat on.
  4. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Stunned to see Pedobear running and bouncing down the wing. The last goal was brilliant. Thats something Goodwin can take credit for.When he was fat he couldn't have done that ( twice) or even once.

    They got a goal when he went down . He got up but had no impact.
  6. Hand in your membership

    Karate chop him to the throat.
  7. My 3 word player analysis V Brisbane

    ANB - Joeboys punching bag.

    Not happy Bernie. We effectictively start 1 goal down if he kicks out . How many times does he have to chip it too the opp. The umpiring was putrid. Tom Mac was rank first half. I'm convinced the umpire are instructed to make games closer by paying stupid weak frees that represent their lame souls and evil manipulative characters. Worst game in a while
  9. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    If we get a few goals clear I would like to see a crushing occur in the second half . Failing that a one point win against an improved Bears team will do .
  10. Lumumba documentary

    They either did or they didn't. You're just another to and from to me.
  11. Lumumba documentary

    Yes no doubt they would prefer Captain Cook never came . I daresay many of they convicts would have preferred to stay in England as well. it was an era of universal exploration that saw much of the world "discovered" . Unfortunately we cannot change the past. Many of our ancestors were brought here as slaves of the British Empire . Aboriginals were used to track convicts and vice-versa. I would be extremely irate if I had Sydney to myself and then a bunch of foreigners sailed in and divided up the place.
  12. Jack Watts (again)

    We could argue that Jacks actions were totally out of character. A quick read of DL and you would know that Jack NEVER competes in the air.
  13. Lumumba documentary

    You could say that. They bought trade, shipping,medicine,engineering,trains,sewerage and the rule of law not to mention cricket,Gin ,Rum , Beer ,Botany and Mapping. You could say the general life expectancy of all of us in Australia is greatly improved by it.As well as in most continents, if not all. Not to mention quality of life.
  14. Lumumba documentary

    Glad to hear H is in a great place at the moment. in my opinion he was a borderline delusional psycho. Unfortunately our list is one man short due to his petulance. I wish him luck stamping out evil whitey and smashing the patriarchy. Fight the Power H!!
  15. The Legend of Fred Fanning

    Nice note to go out on . Does anyone know if he is related to our shark punching guru Mick?