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  1. Nascent

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Useless fact. Jesse Hogan leaves MFC as it's 42nd highest goal kicker.
  2. Nascent

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    AFL trade wrap today says talks are progressing between Freemantle and GWS for Lobb and suggested the following swaps could be on the cards. GWS give Lobb and Pick 14 Freo give Pick 11 and Pick 23 If that happens then I can see a trade happening for Hogan quickly with Melbourne receiving 5 and 14. We will possibly have to even out with some later pick swaps for Freo to be happy. Guess it's all dependent on Freo trading Neale and learning to not be a d!ck. So probably won't happen actually.
  3. Mathew Ling? Probably unlikely as he was a late first round draft pick last year and signed a one year extension. Is a Vic kid that could be tempted home perhaps? Pacey outside mid I believe.
  4. Nascent

    Adam Cerra

    Hardly a frenzy. You do realise that you have replied to a topic on a Melbourne supporter website in the "draft and trade" forum? Not sure why we can't speculate about potential players that could be involved in a deal for Hogan. Or can we only speculate on players that have been directly linked by the media? Yes it is unlikely and a deal, if any, will probably only involve picks. However I would hope the club is asking the question much like Adelaide inquired about Petracca when we came knocking for Lever. We have the upper hand and should leverage as much as we can if a deal were to happen. Speaking of being on the draft and trade forum, can you recommend any cheese boards? I would put a wish list down but would hate to offend anyone's sensibilities. Stuff it, I'm going for a stone and marble board. Come at me.
  5. Nascent

    Adam Cerra

  6. Nascent

    Adam Cerra

    2017 Pick 5 - Freemantle Dockers Age: 18 Height: 186 Weight: 85 kg In the event that Hogan is successfully poached by Fremantle, I believe we should make this kid one of our demands along with top 10 pick. He did sign an extension earlier this year, however was the last of the top 10 from the 2017 draft to do so with a couple articles speculating he would be obtainable. For reference, Dom Tyson was traded to Melbourne after signing an extension in the same year as well as Schache from Brisbane to Western Bulldogs. It can happen. Freemantle want to offer Hogan buckets of cash year on year, fine... time for us to play hardball and demand a quality Vic kid in return. Knightmares write-up. Best position: Inside midfielder Height, weight: 186cm, 85kg Recruited from: Eastern Ranges Projected draft range: Top 10 Similar to: Trent Cotchin October Ranking: 3 Rationale: Cerra is as dominant and classy as any midfield in this year's draft crop. Less exposed form and slight lack of explosiveness is all that places him slightly behind Rayner and Davies-Uniacke. Strengths: Contested ball-winning Wins first possession at stoppages Stoppage work Wins clearances Stands up through tackles Strong build Powerful mark overhead One-on-one marking Clean at ground level Clean ball user on both sides of the body Decision-making Vision Composure under pressure Production Evasiveness Endurance Workrate Best suited through midfield but can also be utilised forward or back Weaknesses: Acceleration
  7. Nascent

    a positive

    Win either game and we'll make finals, only positive I have
  8. Nascent

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    What the hell has happened to Tom McDonald? Hasn't kicked a set shot for 2 weeks.
  9. Nascent

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Sydney from 4th to 9th in the space of a week. It's uncomfortably tight.
  10. Nascent


    On Jeff. I only saw the first quarter last week but saw him lay 3 tackles, including one in the defensive 50, and a a 50+ metre sprint to lay a bump resulting in our first goal. Perhaps this is more what the footy department were after.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if it's more a wake up call for garlett.
  12. Nascent


    At work today so will be checking my phone for updates. Hopefully I'll smile stupidly to myself rather than swear incessantly under my breath.
  13. Nascent

    MFC Advent Calendar

    Petracca been snubbed by demonland?
  14. Nascent

    Charlie Constable

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