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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if it's more a wake up call for garlett.
  2. Nascent


    At work today so will be checking my phone for updates. Hopefully I'll smile stupidly to myself rather than swear incessantly under my breath.
  3. Nascent

    MFC Advent Calendar

    Petracca been snubbed by demonland?
  4. Nascent

    Charlie Constable

    BBO likes this post.
  5. Nascent

    Matt Balmer’s 2017 Final AFL Draft Power Rankings

    Next week mate, they'll do it the morning of or day before to get it as accurate as possible.
  6. Nascent


    Mum says I shouldn't talk to strangers.
  7. Nascent

    Injured Draftees

    Forgot about Spargo. From memory he was rated top 5 last year and was a GWS academy player before the area got stripped from the giants. Would be interested to hear more about him if any of our resident draft enthusiasts have further info...?
  8. Nascent


    Because people that post anonymously on the internet are 40yr old virgins that have an unhealthy obsession with ponies.
  9. Nascent

    Trade rumours

    Were gold coast drunk? Pick 2 for Weller, seriously? Collingwood giving up a future second rounder for a yet to debut rookie listed player is also bewildering. Was hoping we'd do more with our second rounders but not unhappy with Lever and Balic.
  10. Nascent

    Trade rumours

    Perhaps we can trade 29, 31, 36 for Carltons 16 and 40. Gives them the picks for Lang and Kennedy and us into the first round. Would rather Kennedy for ourselves personally.
  11. Nascent

    Trade rumours

    I suspect we'll try to trade up in the draft. Something like 29, 31, 36 for Brisbane's 18 and 43 maybe?
  12. Nascent

    Trade rumours

    My understanding is that rookie upgrades are the last selections in the draft, so in this scenario Smith would be upgraded with 102. I could be wrong however. And no, I wasn't proposing that... Just pointing out that if the aforementioned trade happened or similar, there would still be allocated draft picks to make the list changes required.
  13. Nascent

    Trade rumours

    Draft picks are essentially infinite. After 84 our next one would be 102. Of course not every club will use more than three selections so those figures would probably come into 70-odd and 80-odd.
  14. Nascent

    Trade rumours

    3 picks in a "weak" draft. Unless we do a package deal to move up the draft I'd be more than happy to take a punt on Kennedy or Shache for a second rounder
  15. Nascent

    Farewell Jack Watts

    As it stands at the end of 2017 he sits 51st in total games played and 48th in total goals kicked for MFC. Thanks for your service Wattsy and I wish you the best at Port.