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  1. Worrying Stats

    The contested marks are the biggest worry for me. We are building a competitive, effective midfield that COULD get us in a position to compete at the top in the next few years. However, we are going to miss our chance if we can't find one or even two reliable tall defenders who can be effective in a genuine one on one (and by effective I mean simply being able to half the contest). At the moment, if a team brings it in high and gets some isolation it feels like a score almost every time. Huge credit to Goodwin. To my mind, he has done a magnificent job getting us to 12 wins this year.
  2. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    There doesn't look much between these sides at ground level. We simply aren't a finals side. Getting slaughtered in contests in the air. Need to fix our tall defender situation in the summer.
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 13

    That was the best performance I have seen from the MFC in a long time (quite possibly this century). Not in terms of polish or execution but the intent was on a whole new level for this club. We pressured them, and even when they sparked up late in the second we lifted another gear in terms of intensity. As I once heard Scott Pendlebury say, AFL football is an effort sport. If your effort is where it needs to be, you can beat anybody and overcome structural and talent deficiencies. I will also say we got a good run from the umps, especially early. I may be biased but it felt very unusual. Maybe it was just because we were harder and lower and historically that has rarely been the case...

    We are where we belong on the ladder. Near enough is good enough for the MFC. Recruiters have done a job of adding talent, however our tall defenders have to be the worst in the competition. Between the McDonalds and Frost we have zero ability to fulfil the number one criteria of being a defender (being able to defend).
  5. GAME DAY - Round 9

    Jeepers. Our guys (including Jones) are receiving the ball as if they are in Gosch's Paddock on a Tuesday. That's about the level on intensity they have brought. And this from a 'contender'. Only the MFC can struggle to understand what is required to back up week after week.
  6. GAME DAY - Round 9

    Fumbling and not tackling. Classic MFC when a team brings it physically.

    That was a classic game of the better team vs. the better club. Better club won because they played with pride which unfortunately through all the changes at the MFC over the years has remained an issue. First quarter intensity was disgusting. Second half was decent. We were what we are and what we always have been:- Gettable for anybody who's prepared to come and be physical and make us really earn it.

    During the last 10 minutes he:- - gave away a stupid free banging into a guys head while he went down to pick up the ball...You could see it unfolding like slow motion and you just knew he was going to give that free away. Zero excuses for it. - missed a simple opportunity to spoil a ball out of bounds that resulted in Riewoldt getting up and kicking a point (lucky). It was just a terrible effort in a contest. - conceded a 'contested' mark to Riewoldt in slippery conditions when he had him exactly where you want him...Without a good run at the ball. Three stinkers that you may see spread out across a season for good AFL defenders but we are treated to them in a 10 minute burst with the game on the line. This club should expect more and until we demand excellence we will continue to get what we've always got.

    Agree with this. McDonald as a 2nd or probably 3rd defender may have a role but right now it's just plain scary. May would be a great target. Anyone lamenting the loss of Frawley is forgetting the effort he gave over the latter part of his MFC time...JH body language may be bad but it's not in the same league.

    You could be right. Backline is better than ours. Mids are at least as good as ours. Forward line maybe not as flexible as ours but not far behind. One positive so far this season is that we appear to be removing effort as a major determining factor on results. There has been less white flag raising than previous years. There were a few pretty soft individual efforts tonight (which I feel confident will be addressed under this regime) but these are now more an exception than a rule...

    It's not just tonight. The reality is he is a very poor one on one defender, a bad decision maker and his disposal is better not mentioned. His strength is floating across as a third man up but some days he constantly fumbles those uncontested opportunities too. Understand the nature of this sport is that there is very little depth to replace these kinds of players with, however we are looking at another player making a nice life for himself out of the MFC while seemingly not improving any of his deficiencies as his career progresses.

    Geez bemoaning injuries and bad luck...again. We managed to get smashed by GWS at the MCG a couple of years ago when they didn't even have 18 players they could put on the ground. As long as Tom McDonald is playing in our defence we will never win a final.
  13. My 3 word player analysis v Carlton

    What's the go with Jetta. Is it a low 'football iq' or is he under instruction to do differently to everyone else by making sure he walks back from the mark as slowly as possible and ensure he slows down the play as much as he possibly can when he gets the ball through a mark or free. Needs to show some urgency when he has the ball...at least to make the opposition players have to be more active.
  14. AFL Preliminary Final Weekend 2016

    Competitiveness. They have created a culture where they are expected to compete. We have seen 2 prelims won by teams that were just more hungry to win. I believe the Dogs have a lot of positional weaknesses but they make up for it with unrelenting effort. We will make a meaningful move up the ladder when the expectation of competitiveness at the MFC matches that of the current Dogs squad. Not just on the days when the ball is bouncing our way and thing are falling into place for us, but on the days where it's not.
  15. Jack Fitzpatrick

    Winner of Cats vs. Hawks has a very nice run to a flag IMO. You stop Dangerfield and Geelong have zero chance. A. Clarkson with 2 weeks to plan how to stop him will have my money 100% of the time. Reckon they are just an ordinary side but they have the best coach I've seen during my time watching footy, and we've seen what interstate sides generally serve up at the 'G when the heat is on. Still the Hawks for mine.