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  1. rufus

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    How in the front doors are the Dees $1.12 to win this match? Similar odds to last week...the books are usually very switched but this one has me stumped. Do yourselves a favour and put $50 on the purples...be happy either way...
  2. rufus

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Play that game at the MCG and have Port 8 points up at 3 qtr time...and Port will win that match by 5 goals plus. Finding a way just isn't for the MFC. We are what everyone knows we are. The most gettable sporting team going around.
  3. rufus

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    We have a top 4 midfield along with a bottom 4 defence. Who knows what to make of our forward line but ultimately it is the forward line that is deciding games for us. Midfield will provide them plenty of ball and the backline will leak like a sieve despite limiting the entries...we need our forward to convert their opportunities and we win plenty of games.
  4. rufus

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    Salem is outstanding at picking when to expose himself to the possibility of his direct opponent getting a cheap one over the back by getting to a contest to provide help. Has excellent timing and contests well. Jetta played as well as I've seen from him today. I thought Gawn got clear hands to a ton of balls but we don't quite maximise that with enough clean clearances. Not sure how the stats bear out but that's how it felt today. If we could maximise this area we may become consistently very hard to beat.
  5. rufus

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Deserves real credit for our response over the last week and a half. Was a big concern given our history that we would go seriously south aftet a couple of white flag efforts against Hawks and Tigers. Yes we've played poor teams, but it is still a good sign to me that he has the players' attention.
  6. rufus


    Tackling differential tells you everything you need the know about what this game means to both clubs. One club is bad and doesn't care. One club is terrible but do care. As it goes with this sport, the one that cares and gives more effort will win.
  7. rufus

    Which Team can we beat on current Form?

    The biggest worry i have is the players going the full white flag on the season if we have a couple more bad losses. We have a rich history in this area. And it doesn't look good given the way the current group has just flat out given up when it got tough in the last 2 games.
  8. rufus

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    [censored] Vince Lombardi couldn't get consistent effort out of these blokes. At some point, this club has to realise there's only a certain amount a coach can do. At every juncture for at least the last 10, when there's been times on the field where things can either go ok, badly or go terribly, they've gone terribly. And the lack of care factor apparent on field is as frustrating as it is mystifying. Simon Goodwin has the worst job in Australian sport. Try putting together a strategic game plan for a group of professional sportspeople who don't want to do the hard work. Everyone knows how soft this club is. Every laughs at this club. Carlton will be licking their lips for when they get a chance to have a piece of us. You know what we're going to do when we play them don't you??
  9. rufus

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Players embarrassed the club in the last round last year. Players embarrassed the club in the pre-season. There were a few different ways they could respond to those incidents and we have seen the all too familiar response. Forget about the coach. Nobody has been able to get the required level of effort from our playing group on a consistent basis over the last 30 years. There is something rotten about what is expected of these guys by the wider club. There is just no pride.
  10. rufus


    Good from Richmond. Sustain the pressure for long enough and wait for the water.
  11. rufus


    Here comes our pre-prepared white flag!
  12. rufus


    We just had a quarter with about 5 inside 50s vs. 20 odd. That's not coaching...just a lack of ability to out compete your opponent... Lucky not to be 7 or 8 goals down.
  13. rufus


    I think we'll struggle badly tonight. A hard tackling team that plays at high intensity around the ball is not what we like. Richmond's current playing style is built to demolish us. I imagine we might start fairly well after last week's embarrassment and then fade under sustained pressure.
  14. rufus

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Very simple sport AFL. Apply pressure to your opponent and play with high intensity and you will be at the least very competitive on the scoreboard. The bottom end of every single lineup in the AFL has severe weaknesses and can be exposed with pressure and intensity. Once again today our bottom half (and probably more) was exposed by a level of pressure that we simply didn't want to return.
  15. rufus

    Roos: "They’re so easy to score against"

    Your first sentence is spot on. Roos was the first in a long time to be able to get our players to work back and help out the defence...thus making us harder to score against. But our players as individuals didn't really improve defensively as a result. We were not and and are not fundamentally better defensively as a group. We simply now have a good ball winning midfield that generally limits the opportunities that the opposition get. Now, if we could actually improve defensively we would be a much tougher proposition.