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  1. Mahoney, get away

    The main strength of Rance and Grundy is that they actually win their one on one contests (i.e. they take marks). The first step towards getting to that point i would think is at least being able to stop your opponent from marking it. That ability should be evident very early in a defenders career.
  2. Mahoney, get away

    Yes but now they have a competent teammate who can peel off to help cover for the fact that neither are good one on one defenders. Like it or not they were both badly exposed in one on one contests this year.
  3. Mahoney, get away

    Today's deal shows how badly we needed to fix our tall defensive unit...it was an out and out calamity this year and it is now a hell of a lot better. I guess the FD couldn't risk missing this opportunity.
  4. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    No doubt they were the better side...and should have won the game either way. What was disgusting was the way our senior players let our young players get physically smashed with zero retaliation...it was embarassing. Coming up against a team that is way better than you is a great opportunity to be a spoiler...the pressure is on them not you. we rolled over in that game...such is our nature.
  5. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    Mate we still need to go through the season where we make finals get flogged and excuse our players because it was their first final and it was a bit tough. 2019 best case for us!
  6. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    Well that completes the set now. Every Vic club has 'got it' at some point during the AFL era except the dees! Yes i am being bitter. By 'got it' i mean showed some resolve and stood up when it counted. Sadly this just annoys me even more in regards to the dees. Now i think back to the disgusting and embarrassing showing in the 2000 grand final...jeepers even when we were decent we didn't get it...
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    I trust Goodwin on this (moreso than anyone who's been involved in the MFC for a long time). Here's a guy who's been involved in succesful football clubs. He knows what it takes to win. He would have seen, like the rest of us, that JW has a nice ability to hit the scoreboard (which is very important for us because we haven't scored freely for many years). He would know that JW has been a nice servant of the football club and by all accounts is a great bloke. He would also be as aware as anybody else in the industry that the MFC is still not a respected footall club, and like it or not it is because when push comes to shove our playing group still doesn't seem to have the desire to do the shoving. All I've ever wanted from the MFC is to know I'm going to get 100% effort from the players 100% of the time. I still don't feel we are nearly there and if this move helps us close that gap then bring it on. I reckon we sit about equal with GWS at the moment in terms of willingness for a fight. Goodwin wants to change this and i for one believe in what he's trying to do.
  8. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    The GWS playing group seem about as up for a challenge as the MFC group. It's one thing to show great intensity when it suits...but you need to be able to raise the level on the weeks where it doesn't come easily. There doesn't seem a lot of backbone in that club. Outhustled when it counted 2 years in a row.
  9. Adelaide tanked

    Who cares. We [censored] the bed in round 23 (once again). Tried hard to [censored] it in round 22 too. We finished in the half of the ladder that we deserved to.
  10. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Don't really care who wins...but you have to admire Essendon in some ways. $hithouse team but there is always great expectation on them and they always seem to play with pride. Essendon fans get great bang for their buck in return for their support of the club. To be in the finals after their recent disasters puts a number of other clubs to shame.
  11. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Our lot would be 50 pts down vs Richmond by now with this level of physical pressure...this would be way too hard for us. Pretty impressed with Richmond...particularly their ability to improve vs. last year after looking like they were headed the other way...
  12. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    And in respect to words...the talk on D'land last week about how good a bottom team Brisbane are is a perfect example of how deep the softness and excuses run at MFC. All the way through the supporter base. The effort vs. Brisbane was deplorable. And some of our senior players who were getting outmuscled by a bloke built like a praying mantis should have been dragges over the coles for it...it was fugging embarrassing. ..
  13. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Who gives a [censored] what is said now or who says it. It's all just words. But why anyone would be annoyed with Goodwin being absent is beyond me. As a coach of a pro sports team, he should reasonably expect the players to have enough pride to turn up with intensity in a game like that. It was the players who screwed this, not the coaches and not PJ. The problem with lack of effort is one that has existed fora long time. Roos couldn't change it and Goodwin won't be able to either. Hell the players used to pick and choose under Daniher and he was a renowned motivator. The change can only come from the playing group. Viney is the only one I've seen in recent memory with a chance of driving the change. Until then we are a soft and weak football club. Everyone knows it. Every opposition club gears themselves up for games against us becauae we are the most gettable sporting team going around.
  14. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Most disappointing thing is now I have to wait another year to see us turn up to a final with 50% intensity, get flogged and have everyone to say 'oh but it was their first final so they were overawed'. Was hoping to get that particular excuse out of the way this season. Oh well, those at the MFC get to keep that excuse up their sleeve for another year which will suit them quite nicely.
  15. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    I remember reading on Demonland last year that someone had claimed to have a conversation with one of our players late in the season, and they had said they don't care about making the finals. They felt they had achieved enough out of the season and it wasn't a big deal. IF true, that to me says a lot about the care factor. Finals last year would have been huge for our CLUB. Finals this year would have made a huge impact on our brand and I believe it also adds bargaining power when trying to lure players to the club. And this is all ignoring what it might have actually meant to the individuals who have continued to show support over many lean years. At ground level, we didn't want to win as much as Brisbane did in the first half of last week. You could see at the start of the 3rd our intensity was markedly higher. How the actual F can that happen 2 weeks in a row when in a position of opportunity like we were? Would that happen at many other clubs? Last year, the shoe was on the other foot in that we entered the last round with nothing to play for. And yep, we rolled over for a tidy triple figure flogging... Whether we like it or not, clubs like Collingwood hold higher expectations of their playing group then the MFC do...