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  1. NFL

    The Falcons might have just kick-started their season after today's win. You'll know your schedule for the rest of the season JV but for the benefit of others, here are Atlanta's games from here on in ... vs Tampa, vs Vikes, vs Saints, @ Tampa, @ Saints, vs Carolina. Atlanta's destiny is in their own hands in terms of gaining a wild-card but they'd need to win at least 4 or 5 of those 6 games. Win-out and the Falcons definitely win the division (they'd end up with a 12 & 4 record with a better head-to-head record against the Saints and a better divisional record than the Panthers would have) I reckon you can get to 10 wins and that should be enough for a wild-card. It's do-able but Atlanta will have to recapture last year's form and have a fair bit of luck on their side as well. Every game is like a final from here on in. But right now, the Falcons are the 6th seed in the NFC. I'm forever surprised how just one win can change the fortunes of a team in this league. A week is a long time in the NFL!
  2. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    There's at least a couple of trolls here right now dc ... have you spotted the old Dr Who yet?
  3. NFL

    Their schedule isn't tough though ... vs Bills, @ Jets, vs Oakland, vs Chargers, vs Miami then @ Denver. They should win most of them ... 4 wins would get them to 10 wins and that would win them the division. Reid's teams generally can find winning sequences so I reckon they'll still find a way. However, they can almost certainly say goodbye to the 1 or 2 seed in the AFC. And that would mean they'd have to visit Pittsburgh and/or New England in the playoffs.
  4. NFL

    We're starting to see some real separation now ... and a number of teams have run out or are running out of games to catch up. Packers are cactus, Dallas are staring down the barrel and Atlanta need to win tomorrow to keep in touch. If Seattle win tomorrow there will be 6 teams in the NFC on 7 wins or better. Over in the AFC KC have got the staggers whilst the Pats & Steelers remain dominant. Jags at 7 & 3 are a feature.
  5. NFL

    Dallas have really dropped away ... the Eagles stepped it right up though (as they have done all season) The NFC East is decided unless something extraordinary happens. For the Eagles, it's all about their seeding now. The Vikes with Keenum are playing great too ... I keep expecting them to hit a snag in the road but it ain't happening. They are @ Detroit on Thanksgiving (next Friday our time) and if they win that, the NFC North is almost certainly done as well.
  6. Current Television

    You'll like 'Chance' if you like Hugh Laurie ... got through 3 episodes in all last night and it's brilliant. 'Noir' influences as well with all the players - Film Noir is possibly my favourite movie genre so the show works for me on a lot of levels. But it's each to their own with regards to sports & entertainment, D77. As is often the case, the first 3 episodes of a show decides things.
  7. NFL

    Hope this isn't a trap game for the Eagles. Surely not.
  8. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    'Art Series' won in fine style in the G3 7th race at Ascot on Saturday ... the trainer described the horse as one who never stops trying to get to the lead. Might be worth looking at for it's next run.
  9. Current Television

    Really enjoyed season 2 of 'Stranger Things' D77 ... watched it with the family and found it to be wonderful entertainment. The music accompanying the show was fabulous too. 9/10 for me. Am going to start watching 'Chance' ... know very little about the show apart from a brief outline of the plot and that it stars Hugh Laurie. He was fantastic in 'The Night Manager' so I probably won't be disappointed with this new show. Edit: Watched the first 2 episodes of 'Chance' and it's very very good. A psychological thriller with some 'Breaking Bad' type elements. Laurie is great as usual.
  10. NFL

    I can see an NFC Championship match-up involving the Rams & Eagles but that might mean that New Orleans fall away. There are so many factors at play including of course, home field advantage & the seedings. The Panthers are my dark horse in the NFC. With Chancellor out now as well as Sherman, Seattle could start losing games they would ordinarily win. Over in the AFC I wouldn't bet against the Pats not making the SB unless they end up not being the 1 or 2 seed. The Pats have to visit Pittsburgh and that might decide things ... however, KC do not have a tough schedule on their run in either. It's out of those 3 teams unless something extraordinary happens. I'd like to see the Jags do well but the other 3 teams probably have their measure.
  11. NFL

    I've got Seattle going out in week 2 of the playoffs so it's no biggie. The real question is which teams make the overall last 4 (NFC & AFC Championship games) It's out of 5 teams for the SB winner as I see it ... Pats, Saints, Eagles, Steelers & Rams ... the Panthers, KC might surprise. But another team or 2 could get on a roll ... the winner of the NFC North could win a couple of playoff games. I'm not sure we're going to see a wild-card team that can progress to the SB ... the Panthers maybe but that's a stretch.
  12. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    All the form goes out the window if your horse doesn't get a decent run or is held up for a run. Or, in the case of Petition, the horse gets too far back. That's racing. And sometimes in order to win one needs bad luck to befall other horses.
  13. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    The 'Perth' Ascot ... ha ha. There's about 20 group races in Ascot right throughout the year. As always, the better horses are involved so the form lines are reasonably clear. A few of the Eastern States horses make the trip over there (for the Group races) so there's some familiarity. I don't often bet at Ascot but will do when there's not much prime action in the Eastern states. Time span is about 4pm to 9pm (AEDT) Good luck with Petition ... it should be in the finish if given a reasonable run.
  14. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    I broke even on the day Wadda but would have won a lot if Snitzepeg had have won or even if it placed. The horse (Snitzepeg) got knocked rotten at the turn (after being well placed) The race was a willing affair but these things happen. It's on to Ascot next week for me ... a Group 1 & a Group 2 race are on the card and I'll stick to my plan of just focusing on 2 races. How did you go? Or are you still in the running?
  15. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Well I'm a Green Bay fan as well but I'm right into it. There's a number of us on the NFL thread and we even run a tipping comp! The sport is a real slow-burn though and definitely an acquired taste. It's a stop-start game but every play is a potential highlight. There are ways to watch the sport without all the breaks (the fast-forward button on your remote or if you can afford it, the league pass allows one to watch a whole game in about 45 minutes) And you're right, it's probably best to leave all things punting* to this thread. And that was an excellent win just then by 'Fanatic'. Running up that straight twice takes some doing. *Always gamble responsibly
  16. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Yep ... bet small to win big. It's the safest and most interesting way to bet. I bet that way with NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer & the NFL (often in a combo) Never outlaying more than an expendable amount. I've got a couple of mates who's maximum bet is only ever $3. It's terrific fun putting it all together too ... I'm always on the lookout to bet against 'road' teams in the NBA or NHL (who are also playing back-to-back games) West Coast NFL teams playing early Sunday games in the East often struggle. Historical head-to-head results in soccer based on home or away is worth noting. Dominant pitchers on home field in baseball is another good heads-up Risking a higher line in any of the above circumstances is often a lower risk. With the horses, I've had better luck when I just concentrate on 2 races (3 races max) And those races are often the better Group races on tracks where the good horses can more often than not get a decent run. I sometimes do a 4, 5, or 6 leg parlay but often it's each way or place only. Crystal dreamer was also suggested to me along with Rock 'N' Gold in the same race. And Burning Front looks a real chance as you've indicated.
  17. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Very good point ... the lightly raced horses may come to the fore then. After having another gander I still like Snitzepeg but Icon of Dubai, Octabello and the Weir horse (Peaceful State) may feature. Villermont also has claims. As you stated, it's a good field leg in the quaddie if none of the top 3 salute. What's that saying ... 'The more you know, the more confusing it all gets!'
  18. The Soccer thread

    I generally take note and record about 6 games on any given weekend. Finding the time to watch all the recorded games is always an issue though GV! The North London derby is high on the list this weekend but beIN sports coverage of the other league's is first rate. Other games to look out for this weekend ... Sat 7.00am Stuttgart vs Dortmund Sun 2.00am Leicester vs Man City 4.00am Roma vs Lazio 6.45am Napoli vs AC Milan 6.45am Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid West Ham are away to Watford (3am Monday morning) and it will be interesting to see how the team performs first up for Moyes. Unfortunately for Bilic, things started going pear-shaped as soon as Payet left. The change, when it came, was inevitable. Man Utd vs Newcastle (Sun 4.30am) is a must win for Man United too (in order for them to keep in touch)
  19. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    G'day Wadda ... I'll have a go at the two group 2 races at Sandown tomorrow (races 7 & 8) In the Zipping Classic (race 7) I like 'The Taj Mahal' from Big Duke & Almandin ... 'So Si Bon' may run on as it was only 3.8 lengths behind Tosen Stardum last start. And in the Guineas (race 8) I'll give 'Snitzepeg' another chance ... Beau Geste & Black Sails should be in the finish as well. 'I'll Have a Bit' could run on if anyone is contemplating a first 4 bet. Went 2 from 2 (winners) on Emirates Stakes day but just missed the first 4 in both races. I'll back both horses (The Taj Mahal & Snitzepeg) each-way tomorrow. The running double last week paid $33 but always remember, I'm often the world's worst tipster! Its buyer beware. There are a few Group races at Ascot tomorrow as well but I haven't perused the form there yet. Those 2 races at Sandown might do me. Good punting to all!
  20. NFL

    Detroit Philadelphia Jacksonville
  21. NFL

    Here are the games again ... hopefully, the image works. Otherwise, go here
  22. NFL

    What has previously happened (by default?) is that we tend to put our tips in at the time that we normally do. JV & Gorgo generally go early and I more often than not post my tips up on Thursday. Gentlemen's agreement should be the order of the day. We're not playing for a sheep station (unless we are ) If they stopped the season now and went straight to the playoffs, this is my finishing order (see below) I don't fully trust the Rams & Eagles yet but I do like what I'm seeing from the Saints. The Pats are the Pats and they have the best coach. I've included 6 teams from each conference but on pure form & the ability to find good form, I'd replace Tennessee & Baltimore with Atlanta & Detroit. Dallas have just lost too many games and I can't see them recovering in time. Zeke being out isn't going to help the Cowboys cause either. And it's line-ball between the Eagles & Saints. The Rams, Panthers & Seattle are thereabouts. The Vikings would need Keenum to maintain his excellent form but I'm not convinced he can. And Bridgewater may or may not return to his best. Regardless, Detroit can push the Vikings for the NFC North. Green Bay's season is over if we lose to the Ravens. Atlanta need to defeat the Seahawks for similar reasons. Both teams would need to win 5 of 6 to get to 10 wins if they both lose on the weekend. A big ask. The Pats should cruise through in the AFC. In fact, they probably will. The Raiders might make a late run and snag a wild-card spot (8 wins might be sufficient for 1 of those AFC wild-cards) However, I favour the Ravens for the last wild-card spot in the AFC. Was a difficult assignment though as I feel I'm putting a lot of trust in the Saints and to a lesser degree, the Jags. But there is always a team or 2 that can make a late run ... similarly, 1 or 2 well performed teams can often fall away. 1 - New England 2 - New Orleans 3 - Philadelphia 4 - Pittsburgh 5 - LA Rams 6 - KC 7 - Seattle (wild-card) 8 - Jacksonville 9 - Carolina (wild-card) 10 - Minnesota 11 - Tennessee (wild-card) 12 - Baltimore (wild-card)
  23. The Soccer thread

    I thought we played really well ... our passing game is really coming on and we won the disputed ball all night. We'll acquit ourselves well in Russia although we need to get stronger up front. To advance out of our group we'll need a kind draw. Although .... we won't have to concern ourselves with Italy, the Netherlands, Chile or the USA!
  24. The Soccer thread

    3-0! All over bar the shouting.
  25. The Soccer thread

    We score and go to a 1-0 lead and then the tension increases!