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  1. A Day at the Races

    A few other horses I like at Caulfield - at first glance. Not necessarily in the 'best bet' category but realistic chances. I will be doing a few 2-4-6 multiple trifecta's at Caulfield so here's a few thoughts ... Bedford in the first race should go well again. Almandin is another to look out for. Smart Coupe deserves another chance in the Armanasco Stakes (Race 4) Needs to jump well! With 'Dollar for Dollar' out of the Futurity I keep looking at Tosen Stardom & Brave Smash Terribly difficult race but I don't mind 'Prairie Fire' & 'Ennis Hill' in the Blue Diamond The Oakleigh Plate is just too hard for me but I might have a 'Spec' trifecta in the race The lucky last is an interesting betting race with 3 standouts (Hartnell, Gailo Chop & The Taj Mahal) - can't split them.
  2. A Day at the Races

    I've no doubt you'll come up with a winner Wadda! I could have taken better odds with a couple of others and if it was just me, I might have done. But the best bet is for the 4 of us to work with (and anyone else for that matter ) so I arrived at 'Sunlight' because I reckon it's got the best chance of winning. You're right - there are some very good horses running around both in Sydney & Melbourne. I will definitely give 'Egyptian Symbol' another chance whilst another big winner from the Magic Millions (Pierata) is at good odds in the 'Ace High' race (Race 7 Rosehill) Super excited for Saturday as our Demons are going at it as well in the arvo.
  3. A Day at the Races

    I'm going early again this week with my best bet (Rosehill) ... Best Bet Rosehill Race 3 No.4 Sunlight ($2.80) ... coming off her Magic Millions triumph the horse looks well placed here with only 7 running. The 6 week break will have freshened the horse up as well. I like a few others at Rosehill this week but this horse was the standout because of her obvious class. She won't have it all her own way but I reckon she wins.
  4. A Day at the Races

    NothingILikeMore missed the start and then just couldn't get going ... here's a replay of the race Wadda. As an aside, I don't get why certain races are not graded as Group races when they obviously are (the same sort of thing happens with the Magic Millions & The Everest etc) This race (The Hong Kong Classic Cup) was for 4yo's only but carried prizemoney of $1.7Million AUD ... nice work if you can get it for the connections of the winner! They just motor at Sha Tin - 1:46.99 for the 1800m. If I get a chance I'll post up the replays of the European Group 1's throughout our winter (youtube normally has them up reasonably promptly)
  5. A Day at the Races

    Yes D77, the dividend (which was a substantial figure) is minus the bonus bet amount. One final catch ... The winnings from the bonus bets can't be withdrawn until he bets the total amount again! But he can now bet the 'winnings' any way he likes (Tri's, Multi's et al) Sounds complicated but he'll be smart enough to turn his initial winnings into quite a decent profit (He is, after all, another dyed-in-the-wool Demon supporter) Everyone else I know had a lousy weekend on the punt! But they'll all be back Australian Group & Listed Races
  6. A Day at the Races

    An acquaintance at work joined up at Ladbrokes last week and received a fair wad in bonus bets as a consequence. Plonked most of it on Redkirk Warrior and cleaned right up ... however most I know were on Redzel or included it 'one-out' and lost out. It will be interesting to see what odds both horses are at their next start (The Newmarket Hcp?) ... Redkirk Warrior won last year's Newmarket.
  7. A Day at the Races

    Regardless, it is a tough race to find a standout horse Wadda ... trifecta for me at this stage. The Orr Stakes form isn't a great guide either. I always like to give a horse a 2nd chance so will probably include 'Dollar for Dollar'. Lord Of The Sky & Brave Smash should feature whilst Tosen Stardom will probably be thereabouts. And then there is Humidor & also Mighty Boss to consider. Barrier draw Wednesday I believe (and final fields) Last week all the fixed odds and form for the major race meetings were up on the Wednesday evening (racenet.com)
  8. A Day at the Races

    I could do with a Singapore Sling right now after that effort Wadda! What was the jockey thinking on NothingILikeMore? I had 4 of the first 5 but not the winner obviously. I've got cable so the race was on Sky Thoroughbred Central. Racing.com sometimes covers the races from HK but not tonight. Anyway, you win some you lose some and there's always next week - which sees 3 Group 1's at Caulfield ... Australian Group & Listed Races
  9. A Day at the Races

    I marked the short priced favourite on top as well as 'Morethanlucky' - either of those 2 to win although the 6 seems overs at those odds - fingers crossed
  10. A Day at the Races

    It's just a matter of working out how it can all work for us Wadda ... I've just about figured out how to go about it but each to their own I say. We have all got something to work with at least. As previously stated, if Cliff's Edge & Redzel both win I would have won in the mid 3 figures range. But there's a lot of if's & but's when punting. Win, lose or otherwise I'm going to try and post up the replays of the Group 1's. As much as we all want to win I'm always happy to acknowledge the winners even if I wasn't on them. Throughout the decades the Hayes clan have always had a habit of getting the big win with a good each-way shot (and they did it again with 'Redkirk Warrior') Anyway, I saved a bit for Sha Tin and there is a big feature race on later that I've had a small trifecta on. Sha Tin Race 9 The Hong Kong Classic Cup 1800m 4yo's only $1.7Million AUD (7.40pm)

    You are thinking pf the 60''s bandicoot where handpassing of the ball was at a minimum. Today's version sees more handballing but a lot of it is ineffectual. These days apart from all the congestion/stoppages we also see hundreds of shorter kicks and thus hundreds of uncontested marks. Throughout the 70's, 80's & 90's we saw numerous long kicks but not always and not always to packs. However, when we did see long kicks to packs we often saw spectacular marks or contested marks. If it was just kick to kick why were the scores so constantly high? You make it sound like footy was a dour defensive struggle back in the day when the truth of the matter that it was the opposite. Flooding, the forward press and numerous players being on the ball (congestion/stoppages) often turns today's version of footy into a dour defensive struggle. And a 2 metre handpass or 20 metre kick takes minimum skill (that's what we mainly see) The players these days are ultra fit - that's the difference. Today's version is a game of keepings-off mixed in with a truckload of congestion. As previously stated, I'm only here because of the Demons. For me the sport has become about the rivalries/tribalism and winning - not about the aesthetics. I don't hate football, I just don't love it anymore. I see modern footy as a hybrid version of rugby/soccer and those sports don't need a knock-off version. No other sport has been changed the way footy has. But here's the deal - supporters just want to win. Most couldn't care less how the win comes. They just want to win. I view the sport and sport in general way differently.
  12. A Day at the Races

    After today I'm getting close to working out my strategy. At worst I'll need 2 of the 4 to win coupled up with another winner from elsewhere (in a few 3 pick multi's) I used Redzel and Addictive Nature today but both dipped out. Of course if Cliff's Edge hangs on then like you, I would have got the treble at 30-1 or thereabouts. Close, but no cigar. Bus as previously stated, we're not far away (and the treble did salute in weeks 1 & 2 of the best bet system)
  13. A Day at the Races

    Here's a replay of the Lightning Stakes (2018) ...
  14. A Day at the Races

    2 from 4 today D77 ... it was on the cards that we'd miss 2 out of the 4. Overall - 8 from 11 with two 2nds so we're not far off. If Cliff's Edge had have held on I was winning plenty. Same for Redzel. Like a few others I was uneasy re Redzel but it took a great run from Redkirk Warrior to beat it. As for the other feature race (The Apollo Stakes) I had Addictive Nature going in a small multi but it was very good win by Endless Drama - too good. The first 4 across the line are worth keeping an eye on.
  15. A Day at the Races

    I'll catch up with you blokes later ... out for the arvo. Let's hope we all get a decent collect
  16. A Day at the Races

    Well done on Santos D77 ... won well. Excellent prospects. I wasn't on it either ... got caught up. Punters lament at play again!
  17. A Day at the Races

    Yep ... good luck to all ! Best bets ... Morphettville Race 4 No.2 Stellar Collision Randwick Race 4 No.2 Deploy Flemington Race 7 No.1 Cliff's Edge Randwick Race 8 No.3 Alizee
  18. A Day at the Races

    So Poysed won in convincing fashion at the Valley at its last start and Craig Williams is on board ... the even money favourite 'Kings Will Dream' is trained by Weir so the horse (So Poysed) is more of an each-way chance.
  19. A Day at the Races

    For a bit of each way value I also like 'So Poysed' (no.5) in race 4 at Flemington
  20. A Day at the Races

    Alizee is certainly the class horse of the race D77... drawn well for the 1200m too. Down to an 11 horse field so getting a run shouldn't be an issue. The horse will possibly be ridden forward anyway from barrier 4 (or at least near the front of the race)

    We're going to be around for quite some time old dee so it's all academic anyway ... but if AFLX prompts the custodians* into fixing the congestion & flooding issue then it will have served its purpose in many ways (that is my view) *The word custodian isn't really apt as to how I view those who are currently running the game.

    You wouldn't have liked footy in the 70's, 80's or the 90's then WA because that is what we generally got ... end-to-end free flowing footy The players played in their positions too ... I'm just happy that I got to witness those 3 magical decades instead of what we now get. But each to their own and I might eventually enjoy the current brand of footy. I'm trying to like it. I tend to only go to the Demon games or watch the team on the telly ... only watch selected AFL games - maybe 1 other game per week. I know plenty who now view footy in the same way. It's their own team and that is about it.
  23. A Day at the Races

    2 Best bets so far ... Flemington Race 7 No.1 Cliff's Edge $6.00 Morphettville Race 4 No.2 Stellar Collision $2.70 So it's over to @Demon77 & @binman for their expertise. Australian Group & Listed Races
  24. A Day at the Races

    Good choice and nice odds Wadda when considering its last run in the Manfred Stakes at Caulfield (Cliff's Edge won with an excellent time of 1:08.9 over the 1200m - carrying 58kgs)

    When t20 first appeared many wanted that version of cricket 'tweaked' but there has been no change from the original format. AFLX might get tweaked a bit but there again what we're seeing is perhaps how it will remain. I tend to think that this original version is what it will be. I also think that too many are viewing the whole exercise in too serious a manner ... it's still Summer/February, it's a quiet time of the year for sport and the players are not getting smashed about (as they will for the other 6 months of the season proper)