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  1. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    The other bit is why so many are so surprised. This is what the AFL do ... we've got footy in every State & Territory and now they are looking at expanding their horizons. First tried in the 60's with the Galahs and then at various times in Canada, the UK and elsewhere. That didn't work so they've embarked on a totally new concept. Those opposed can please themselves.
  2. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    Given time, AFLX will find its target audience and could well be a going concern. I may be wrong but I've already come across a number of people that like the concept (no wrinklies) So prepare yourself Wyl ... your worst nightmare may come to fruition.
  3. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    The hybrid version would be better for me if it were 9 a side ... more tackling would result. And therefore more injuries. So it will stay as 7 a side. But it is not about me nor should it be about me ... or you for that matter. We are not the target audience. And that is what I am trying to point out ... once you realise what the concept is all about, you'll understand it all.
  4. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    Some people = Hundreds of Millions and counting. That is a lot of 'Some People'. As for the money earned, good luck to anyone who can earn vast sums I say. Sport is also all about entertainment these days so if a decent audience is gained, the money is sure to flow. In fact, sport has changed to such a vast degree that I now choose to embrace 'New Sport' with all the add-ons because to not do so is pointless. Who wants to live in the past? With AFLX, we may look back and ask why someone didn't think of the concept decades earlier as many do with t20. Or it may fail. It's worth a go even if people like you and I don't care for it. The potential audience could well exclude a number of certain demographics and still have a vast audience. They aren't necessarily aiming at the over 45's but that demographic and the oldies could well jump on later as has what has happened with t20. Footy is all about the winning & losing so AFLX probably needs to have that factor ... by contrast, t20 flourishes as pure entertainment (4's & 6's being the mainstays) I thought t20 might have needed rivalries, tribalism et al but it doesn't seem like it needs those aspects as a primary driver of the sport. It is immensely popular so acts as a good pointer to the future of sport. Especially here in Australia. Entertainment comes in many forms these days and because you work in that environment Wyl, you should have no need to be convinced about what can work. Where as many see t20 as a threat to Test cricket (I don't), there should be no such concern with AFLX vs AFL. It's just a different version with a potential new audience. And injuries can happen at training and often do. AFLX was virtually tackle-free last year so the risk of injury is low anyway. Simulated match practice has the same sort of injury risk.
  5. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    I never called AFLX a 'New Brilliant Marketing Option' ... and I neither personally support the new concept nor do I condemn it either. If the AFL wants to expand their interests, that is entirely up to them. It might work, it may not. But if it does work, the sky is the limit. You've convinced yourself that it will fail based on your intense dislike of the concept - which is the wrong way to view things. Get with the times and get with the program Wyl - you are getting left behind. Embrace the new and broaden your horizons.
  6. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    AFLX is way different to State of Origin - chalk & cheese. The public had lost interest in State of Origin once the competition became National. The injury factor came to the fore once the interest started to wane. If hundreds of millions of $$$'s are generated from overseas interest in AFLX then having players injured will just become part of the new version of the sport. Now, that interest may not ever eventuate but that is why the idea is being put forth in my opinion. It will either work or it won't work - nothing ventured, nothing gained. And the one thing I will always give credit to the AFL is their marketing of the sport ... in terms of general interest, crowds, stadiums, TV viewers, Media rights and all the rest of it, they are brilliant. I believe as custodians of the way the sport is played that they leave a lot to be desired but as marketers of the sport, they are king when considering the sport is indigenous to Australia. So, they'll market AFLX, that is a given. And they may well market the hybrid version very well - they are extremely cashed-up so they'll give it a good go. Same as they'll keep throwing 10's of Millions at GWS & GCS until those 2 markets prosper. It's grow or perish these days. Let's just see how it all plays out ... 5 years hence we might all have different opinions.
  7. Macca

    Anyone for cricket?

    The consensus is 50/50 on the decision though Jack and it can often go the other way so you take the good with the bad. There is likely to be another decision that squares the ledger and that might happen sooner rather than later. The rub of the green works both ways. That type of decision is given out if the 3rd umpire believes that the player has his fingers under the ball even if the players fingers are on the ground or adjacent to the ground. That is the ruling as I understand it. So, what might look like a poor decision is actually a good decision by the letter of the law. Grey area though, all the same. I'm happy with the decision and I'd hold the same opinion if it was one of the Australian batsman. The ruling could be altered but it's been that way for years now.
  8. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Our 4 collated picks adds up to a handy 27-1 (boosted) which is quite reasonable considering all 4 potential winning teams are strongly favoured. Good luck. EPL Monday 12.30am Southampton vs Arsenal Win & +2.5 Goals Match Score $2.70 EPL Mpnday 3.00am Liverpool Win & +2.5 Goals Match Score $2.25 vs Manchester United Italian Serie A Monday at 04:00 Cagliari v Napoli Napoli Win/Over 2.5 goals $2.10 Monday at 06:30 AS Roma v Genoa Roma Win/Over 2.5 goals $2.00
  9. Macca


    The Browns aren't all that far away from a playoff berth Gorg ... they finish off with vs Cinci & then at Baltimore and could win both the way they're playing. Steelers are at home to the Pats tomorrow then at Saints and then home to Cinci. Steelers hold the tie-break advantage over Cleveland so a wild-card berth is probably the best outcome for the Browns.
  10. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    Again, it comes down to what people like and what they don't like Wyl ... and there isn't or can't be any legislation on what people prefer to watch. Aussies love t20 as well but our 25 Million population doesn't match India's 1.3Billion. Weight of numbers with the same levels of interest. Certain circumstances can create opportunity and high interest. That's life. There are a whole host of entertainment forms that I don't care for that are hugely successful - UFC, WWE, t20 and many forms of TV entertainment. But my vote amounts to zero and I've always known that. And whether you like it or not we live in a money-driven sporting world and it's been that way for quite some time. Adapt or die. A lot of new ideas come from outside the square thinking and this hybrid version of footy certainly falls into that category. The important bit is that the players are still playing the same version of footy in both forms (kicking, marking, handballing, tackling etc etc) And you've got to wonder why a 3 hour version of cricket wasn't brought forth in the 19 century instead of the 21st century ... came about 100 years late in terms of a much larger interest in the sport.
  11. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    Well, if an overseas market is created and decent money generated, get ready for change Wyl. It isn't going to happen in a hurry but you never know. It is unchartered territory but there may well be a big market somewhere. Let's face it, the world has had a chance to embrace AFL and there is clearly no interest. But a hybrid version played on a rectangular surface in huge stadiums that already exist is worth a punt. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Meanwhile, the AFL goes from strength to strength here in Oz. t20 cricket was invented in England but India took to the version of the sport immediately ... as a result, a huge market was created and then followed the big big money. Took 5 years. Dhoni's annual salary went from a few million to $30Million virtually overnight. I wouldn't rule anything out including certain Countries taking an instant liking to the hybrid version of footy. Thinking about it, there are a stack of sports that have hybrid versions of themselves that exist side-by-side with the original versions. Rugby 7's, League 7's, t20 cricket, keirin cycling in Japan, Arena Football (NFL) the 2 hour Diamond events in Athletics and numerous other varieties. Soccer hasn't really got another version but it is far and away the biggest sport in the World so where's the need?
  12. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    If AFLX takes off, it takes off. I don't believe it will here in OZ but it might. More importantly, the hybrid version could gain an overseas audience long term. And that is what the AFL is aiming at by the looks of it. A new audience that may not have any idea that AFL even exists. We may think AFLX is 'Mickey-Mouse' but an overseas audience may not know any better. The game could only really be played on rectangular stadiums overseas so the hybrid version has to be adapted that way ... so, if that's the aim, where's the harm? Why the grief? What are you worried about? The sky isn't about to fall.
  13. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    No, not at all. Hey, why are we even arguing the point? As I said, you and I don't matter - the masses matter and that's all that does matter. AFLX will be put out there and it may or may not gain a large audience. I made the bold prediction over a decade ago that t20 will eventually rule and that has happened already ... progress is progress and you can't legislate of what people can 'like' or not like. Wishing it all away is the sort of thinking reserved for dinosaurs. And that ain't me. What are you going to say if AFLX does gain a large audience? Stick to your guns? By the way, I don't care for AFLX but again, who cares?
  14. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    You need to start thinking past your own point of view Wyl ... there will be numerous people who will enjoy watching AFLX and it's those people who matter, not you. Nor does my opinion matter either. I have already stated that I don't care for AFLX nor am I inclined to watch it. In fact, you and I don't matter a toss and nor does that even matter. Progress will happen so you need to start thinking from the minds of others as a first port of call. As previously stated, a number of millennials will take to AFLX and that's fine by me. Many of the same people who swore that they'd never watch t20 are now watching it in their droves. Once again, if you don't watch t20 who cares? The large audience is already there and that's all that matters. Not unexpected from my point of view either.
  15. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    BRFE answered your question well in the post above I just don't see the harm Wyl ... we are never going to be able to sell the large oval version and the rectangular version still sees the players displaying the same skills without the congestion. I tuned in last year to see congestion-free footy but the version didn't appeal to me. But it may appeal to hundreds of thousands of others. People in their millions attend large stadiums to watch people play video games so AFLX can work if that is the barometer