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  1. NFL

    Here's a few podcasts with the discussion focusing on the 2 Championship games and the prospects of the Pats & Eagles in the Super Bowl ... Bill Simmons/Cousin Sal - The Hand of Brady with Special Guest Tony Romo (Ep. 317) NFL Live - The NFL Live crew reacts to Championship Sunday and talks the future of Case Keenum and Blake Bortles. Bill Barnwell - Super Bowl LII Set: 1/22/18 ... Bill talks to Mike Reiss about the Patriots' comeback win over the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game and then to Kevin Seifert about a tough loss for the Vikings to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.
  2. NFL

    Let's assume for a minute that the Eagles win and Foles wins the MVP (QB's that excel in a winning SB often win the MVP) There's no way he ends up as a back-up anywhere after that which means he'd have to be out of the Philadelphia organisation soon after (Wentz would take up the starting role instead) Now, I'm not sure the above will happen but it could happen. Ryan Clark posed the question on 'Golic & Wingo' last night. Cast your mind back a month and it's hard to envisage this sort of conversation happening this week (re Foles) But there's no denying that the bloke played a tremendous game against the Vikes - even his long throws were accurate and game-clinching. He looks a completely different player. Anyway, it seems that we have seen a number of stand-in QB's winning a Super Bowl before Gorg - read more here ... 9 teams that won the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback
  3. NFL

    Has a SB winning QB (who has played well) ever ended up at another team the following year?
  4. NFL

    Ha! Well the Eagles will be going back to Wentz no matter what you'd reckon (?)
  5. NFL

    Hey @Dappa Dan What happens to Foles if he plays well in a SB victory?
  6. NFL

    From ESPN.com (the Pats are 5.5 favourites) ... Guide to Super Bowl LII: Predictions, X factors, more for Eagles-Patriots
  7. NFL

    We haven't really seen the best of the Pats yet ... they're often at their very best against the best - in big games. 1 more year of the Jags in the playoffs might have seen them win today ... but there again, the Pats always seem to 'lift' according to needs. One things for sure, if the Eagles do prevail, you will have beaten a great team in the process. I previously made a case for the Eagles winning 1 or 2 playoff games because of the 1 seed and home field advantage but I now believe you can win because of Foles. If he brings today's form you are right in it. The rest of the personnel that you have is more than ample. Gronc could have a big bearing of course ... and Brady, Belichick, their OL, Defense, Amendola, Cooks and a running game that can be great on command. The Eagles will have to bring their very best with no fumbles/interceptions/dropped punts etc. Philadelphia need to play like they've been to the big stage before. In recent times we've seen other teams come from nowhere and rise to the occasion (Ravens, Saints, Packers, Seahawks)
  8. NFL

    Being in the NFC we only get to play the good AFC teams once every 4 years ... have you got the Jags next year? If so you'll also get the Titans, Colts & Texans. Agree on that pass interference call ... upon viewing it a number of times the DE overdid the shepherding/pushing. That fumble should have been allowed to be returned though. Delay of game was unforgivable against a team like the Pats.
  9. NFL

    I've watched the incident a number of times Clint and I believe that when Myles Jack finally gained complete control of the ball he wasn't touched when he was on the ground ... he should have been free to run downfield after getting to his feet but the whistle intervened. A bad call. Another absolutely vital turn of events was the delay of game by the Jags late in the 2nd period - snap the ball a split second earlier and the Jags may have increased their 17-3 lead at the half. Instead of that happening, the Pats get the ball back, Gronc cops a helmet to helmet (15 yard penalty) and then the Pats get a 'Questionable' pass interference call their way and before you know it, it's a 17-10 half time score. It's not only a game of inches but also a game of milliseconds. I was listened to the game on Jacksonville radio and they were going absolutely ballistic. You've got to get the 1 seed in this sport - it's obviously not entirely essential but home field allows for home town decisions. And to get to the 1 seed a team normally needs a top-rate QB. I reckon Bortles did reasonably well, all things considered.
  10. NFL

    The regular season tipping comp winner makes a move ... Leaderboard in the Comp (post-season) 7 - Clintosaurus, Macca 6 - Go the Biff 4 - Dappa Dan 3 - JV7, Gorgoroth 3 points up for grabs for the Super Bowl and up to 4 people can still win (either outright or shared) Podium spots are still open for all participants. My heart never rules my head with the horses but with team tipping comps I'm often the opposite. I don't particularly like tipping and then barracking for teams that I despise!
  11. NFL

    Tough luck today Clint .. a good thing beaten by the sounds of it Good on him! And well done on getting to the SB ... hope you win!
  12. NFL

    Foles must have played some sort of game! Radio only here
  13. NFL

    Ha ha ha! A 15 yard penalty doesn't ever seem to be a big enough deterrent for what can be quite a deliberate, violent act. All things considered. The latest with Brady is that he cut his hand at Wednesday practice. And because it's the Pats it becomes a larger-than-life story. Regardless, the Jags are the kings at sacking the QB so Brady will almost certainly cop some late hits.
  14. NFL

    The Jags may have had it in mind to go at Brady hard anyway ... it's always an option. There might be nothing much wrong with his hand but he'll almost certainly get tested and feel the heat.
  15. NFL

    Brady at the latest press conference with gloves on ... would the Pats go that far to try and fool people? Maybe. My guess it's a thumb injury and it's in some sort of cast/bandaging. And thumb injuries can be nasty & painful. If he needs to take a painkiller then his throws could be off - especially the deep throws. The story isn't going away Gorg.