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  1. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    I've got 'Fetch TV' so no issues my way. Got it super cheap too as I was already an Optus customer with internet & home phone. But I sympathise with those using a streaming service - they should be offering refunds as well as a written apology. But I do have a real issue with VAR ... use it for everything or don't use it. The adjudicating has already reached farcical levels and we're less than a week into the tournament. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the match referee on the ground and I'm all for video replays in any sport as long as it's feasible (you wouldn't bother with AFL on everyday decisions) It's like VAR has its own limits as to how many incidents it wants to take a close look at ... obvious penalties are ignored whilst minor infringements are brought to light. It is all over the place.
  2. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    What we do know now DZ is that the winners of at least 5 or 6 groups will probably be undecided going into the 3rd round of games in the Groups ... Spain, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and a few other countries may well have to win their last game's in their respective groups to progress or win their group's. And if Belgium and/or England & Sweden don't win tonight those teams will be in the same boat. Of course, all the round 3 games are played at the same time within each group so there's no room for any shenanigans or skulduggery 😲
  3. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    A few replays from the weekend (including the French Oaks) ... Ipswich Cup 2150m Group 3 Eye Liner Stakes 1350m Group 3
  4. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    A Bears fan ... well, what can I say other than the 2 biggest encounters in any given season is when my Packers face Chicago. It might be the biggest old school rivalry in the NFL too. Wadda is a Packers fan too so you might need to enlist some outside support! And yeah, we can expect our Aussie horses to be under the odds but I will be looking at the exotics as I normally do ... the pools should be big enough for the trifecta at least. Not so sure on a First4 though. It's a week out but here's the early field, form guide and odds for next Saturday's Diamond Jubilee Stakes 1200m $1Million ... the field will be reduced but they run down the straight over the 6 & 8 Furlongs at Royal Ascot. Click on any horse for it's latest form. But it all starts late Tuesday evening with 3 Group 1's - Ascot Tuesday 19th July - Full Race Card ... I might have a few 'interest' trifectas in the Group 1's as I'm now a bit more familiar with a few of the horses. More so races 1 & 4 on Tuesday. Just hoping the pools are half decent. Top Hats & Tails will abound. The Free-to-air racing channel is covering the 5 day Royal Ascot carnival from 10.30pm ... beginning Tuesday evening.
  5. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    I follow the Socceroos by default Wadda ... just like the Wallabies, the Test Team & ODI International team, all the Olympic teams in various team sports and even the Kangaroos at Rugby League International level. Then there's the Green Bay Packers & Boston Red Sox. Every now and then one of the teams gets up and wins something 😎 And then of course there's any racehorse with even the tiniest/remotest connection to Australia - racing overseas ... go Aussie! (even if it's a horse) So I'm all in with Redkirk Warrior & Merchant Navy over the next month in the UK! Could they go 1-2 next Saturday at Ascot? Trifecta time for me!
  6. Macca

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Robbie would be compelled to play a different 'role' in today's footy whilst Jack could have played as a tall wingman back in the day. Might have gone alright too. Sylvia is another who was better suited to footy in those decades ... just playing on one opponent on a HFF would have seen Sylvia dominate.in my opinion. Pre-season's back in the 70's also involved a barrel or 2 on a pleasant Sunday arvo. Bliss for many. And Hogan playing as a pure full forward would probably see him have multiple 100 goal seasons. Back in the day. A different era and in many ways a different sport.
  7. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    n.b. Australia are playing Denmark next Thursday evening at 10pm (AEST) Podcasts ... BBC World Cup Daily The Guardian World Cup Football Daily Here are the games coming up over the next week ... SBS televised games are in dark italics. SBS are also showing a one hour highlights package from 5.30pm daily. All times AEST ... Sunday, June 17: Costa Rica v Serbia, Samara (10pm) Monday, June 18: Germany v Mexico, Moscow (Luzhniki) (1am) Brazil v Switzerland, Rostov-on-Don (4am) Sweden v South Korea, Nizhni Novgorod (10pm) Tuesday, June 19: Belgium v Panama, Sochi (1am) Tunisia v England, Volgograd (4am) Colombia v Japan, Saransk (10pm) Wednesday, June 20: Poland v Senegal, Moscow (Spartak) (1am) Russia v Egypt, Saint Petersburg (4am) Portugal v Morocco, Moscow (Luzhniki) (10pm) Thursday, June 21: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia, Rostov-on-Don (1am) Iran v Spain, Kazan (4am) Australia v Denmark Samara (10pm) Friday, June 22: France v Peru, Yekaterinburg (1am) Argentina v Croatia, Nizhni Novgorod (4am) Brazil v Costa Rica, Saint Petersburg (10pm)
  8. Macca

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Here is what I don't necessarily believe (or believe at all) ... That the AFL had to rubber-stamp the appointment of Pert That PJ wasn't involved in the decision making process That Pert is not the correct appointment That there is some sort of mythical rift between Bartlett & Jackson That our current board can't be trusted in making good sound decisions There are a lot of assumptions being made without any proof-positive evidence to back up those assumptions. All things considered the club is in a sound financial position and our last 5 annual reports back that up. And the current CEO is responsible for the last 5 annual reports (apart from this year) I wish Gary Pert all the best and the good news for him is that we almost certainly are ready for some sustained growth. Winning more games than you lose has always been the key and a good basis to work from. Previously, I've held an almost polar-opposite view to the above.
  9. Macca

    The Game, the Press and the future

    More than 20 years ago Ric Charlsworth made mention whilst being interviewed on radio that if the Germans played Aussie Rules the scoreline would be 5 goals to 3 goals. I always remembered the comment because I thought it could make sense if the sport was played in an ultra defensive manner. Flooding hadn't yet happened but 'stacking the backline' was a sometimes practice especially at lower levels. So the overall basis of the comment was a feasible one. Like many others, I'm in favour of scrapping the interchange or drastically reducing the amount of rotations to about 10 per team per game. The sport doesn't need the overuse of rotations and never did. Interchange has turned into a way of resting players because of fatigue issues but it was never originally introduced because of that reason. Originally, the practice of interchange was introduced because a seemingly injured player had to go off without being able to come back on. So, structure the ruling of the interchange numbers to suit the original reasoning.
  10. Macca

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    I'm of the belief that a coach still has a fair say in the outcome of his own list DZ - even though the recruiting technically falls into the area of others. Even if it's to just give direction to the recruiters & spotters about the type of player that will suit his game plan. One of the mistakes that Carlton has made is taking the GWS failed draft picks ... most clubs tend to stay too long with their own said picks believing that the standout junior form will shine through eventually - of course, a lot of times it doesn't and clubs eventually cut their losses. Bolton has to rubber-stamp recruiting decisions as he would know that the buck stops with himself. One could argue that the most important people within a club are the recruiting people and to me that's a joint effort (coach included) Carlton have bottomed out list wise and they need some fresh ideas. We've had to do it at Melbourne at least 3 times in the recent past and each time it was with new sets of eyes.
  11. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    Apparently it can only be a yellow card (although there was no yellow card given out) because the ball was not heading towards goal. But the infringing player was on his own 5 metres from goal and another player may well have been able to head the ball in or slot the ball in with his foot if the ball wasn't deflected by the players hand. Was the player waving to the crowd? To me it should be a red card ruling because the act is absolutely deliberate and maybe even premeditated. And I'd be arguing just as fiercely if an Aussie had committed the act. Is it any different to what Maradona did? Ok, one is an attacking player and the other is a defender but it's the same act. VAR missed a penalty given away in the Argentina/Iceland game too ... Argentina can count themselves to be very very unlucky despite the sentiment given towards Iceland. Again, I'm not blaming the referee, he doesn't get the benefit of replay and has to make a split-second decision. Mistakes will happen under those circumstances.
  12. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    That was an amazing defensive performance by Iceland ... Argentina threw everything at them but just couldn't find a way through to find a winner. Iceland were super-disciplined and they just refused to yield. Messi was trying to beat 3 or 4 players all game and to his credit, he played one hell of a game (albeit missing a penalty) But Iceland get a vital point and a fully deserved point too. So Spain and now Argentina only get a point from their opening games ... that gives real hope for the other teams in their respective groups
  13. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    Messi could get amongst it here but the Icelanders are plucky. They (Iceland) showed great form in the last Euro's and will be up for the challenge. Hope we get to see the 'Viking Clap' at some stage ... it's their motto and any imitation just doesn't cut it.
  14. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    I'm surprised that the panel back in Oz are not outraged ... you can't just be satisfied with winning the penalty. Anyway, what happens the next time it happens? A player gets sent off? I am not one to ever complain about decisions made by umpires & referees ... they are often in a no-win situation and they don't have an inbuilt replay system inside their heads. But they've brought in VAR and then it's not used properly or not used in a consistent fashion. Why have it? The French were the better team but do they score again if they were down to 10 men?
  15. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    France were the marginally better team anyway but we were far from disgraced. We can get points in our remaining 2 games ... forget the rankings, Peru & Denmark are not that good and are beatable.