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  1. The Soccer thread

    Champions League Round of 16 draw FC Basel v Manchester City Juventus v Tottenham Hotspur FC Porto v Liverpool Sevilla v Manchester United Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain FC Shakhtar Donetsk v AS Roma Chelsea v Barcelona Bayern Munich v Besiktas
  2. NFL

    Foles wouldn't be expected to improve that much on what we've seen historically but he's now stepping into a role where the overall team has improved immeasurably and your running game is often very good. And your D is good too. Previously Foles was asked to hit WR targets a ways down the field but if your coach is smart, Foles should be asked to hit targets over shorter distances. The best coach in the business (Belichick) does it with Brady constantly yet Brady is a star - play the percentages. Reid does it with Andy Smith to good effect as well. Foles is not accurate past 15 yards but he doesn't necessarily have to be if he's asked to play a role that best suits his skill set. With Foles playing a low risk role complimented by the other facets of the Eagles game, you can still prove hard to beat. Especially at home. However, it's crucial that you hang on to the no.1 seed. Houston & Green Bay fell away after losing their QB's but the reliance on those QB's was way too high. The key is your running game - it has to be A grade (or at least B+)
  3. NFL

    You've got a more than decent all-round game but Wentz really is something special ... it's just as well you made that play for Ajayi. I reckon you can hang on to the 1 seed and that will give you 2 home playoff games. At least Foles is a veteran and not a rookie. They won't be asking him to do what Wentz can do but your running game is quite good anyway. Short cut-out passes might be the order of the day. But as you said Dappa, it's been a horrible season for injuries.
  4. NFL

    That's rotten luck for Wentz & Eagles fans ... he would have had thoughts of leading Philadelphia in the SB this season. It's just the worst type of injury too (if it is the ACL) On his way to the MVP as well - I just hope he makes a full recovery.
  5. Movies/DVD's

    I'll PM you @Earl Hood .. saves doing the back & forth here It's a case of cross wires
  6. Movies/DVD's

    Earl, I'd answer your question but that might be entering the spoiler zone
  7. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Great memories of a great horse D77 ... around that time a few of us ventured to Moonee Valley to see a couple of champs in action.
  8. Movies/DVD's

    Yes hardtack, what I especially liked was how the story was depicted ... Nolan could have taken the film in a few different directions but decided to take a path which was most pleasing. Others may disagree of course as these epics are often taken down a different path. As you said, quite exhausting but it's a film deserving of a number of repeat viewings. The big name stars played their parts in an often understated way although I thought Mark Rylance was quite superb.
  9. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    4 Group 1's at Hong Kong tomorrow (ranging from 1200m through to 2400m) ... the event is on the free-to-air racing station as well as racing.com. Doubt I'll have a bet (maybe one ) but there's a number of the world's best jockeys involved (as well as the top-notch horses) The Prizemoney is through the roof even after the conversion to AUD. By my calculations 2 x $3million races and 2 x $4million races.
  10. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    The good bit about the feature races is that they're on late in the day ... so there's all Friday evening & most of Saturday to square things up. Some I know like to bet all day (when they do bet) and then others are like me, they're just interested in the big races. I had a small first 4 on the Zephyr race too - no good but again, no harm done. Oddly enough, I nearly got it as I had Amadeus to win as well as our adopted horse. But you've got to get all 4 in correct order to win 2k was a decent dividend when considering that 3 of the 4 were fancied runners and Amadeus came right in too.
  11. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    It's not really an organised thing Wadda ... we just text around about a particular race. The input varies. I usually kick things off and then wait for feedback. By the end of it, there's about 4 -8 horses that get mentioned. The first 4 is my target but some just like trifecta's or even just the quinella/exacta. It's way easier online - for instance, I put Tom Melbourne & Perfect Jewel in my multiples because you & D77 liked the horses. I had them in beforehand but the input acted as reinforcement. I don't profess to know a great deal other than often fancying 1 or 2 horses based on form.
  12. NFL

    That's right, you're out of metro. So the free-to-air channels are different in the country yeah? Redzone is great but there's nothing like watching a big game from go to whoa.
  13. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Your thoughts & D77's too (and anyone else for that matter) ... it all helps when trying to put a multiple together. I do it with mates during the Spring & Autumn carnivals (usually via text) A few of us (sometimes 4 or 5 of us) pick out a horse or 2 in one of the feature races and then we can bundle them up individually if we so wish. That way you bet with each other rather than against one another. The field & barriers for the feature races are usually out by Wed or Thurs so you can get an early heads up ... I'll post up a link to the AJ Scahill Stakes midweek if I'm online.
  14. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    I settled on 3 horses in the field that I thought could win so that ruled out any win & place outlays. It's Somewhat & Great Shot were the other two I liked. You're right though Wadda, same as you were right with your call with regards the Sandown Guineas. A number of the fancied horses looked tired. But I don't give up easy ... I'm already looking ahead to next week at Ascot! The AJ Scahill Stakes is another WFA race over 1400 where a few horses from the Winterbottom Stakes could well be running. Might be another roughies race. The following week there's another WFA race (The CB Cox Stakes - 2100m) finishing up with the Perth Cup (2400m) on New Years day. And then we go to the Gold Coast for the Magic Millions!
  15. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Missed the tri & first 4 though - typical! To be fair, I didn't have the 2nd or 3rd in either multiple. Good dividends though. It's last run was the pointer, all the same. More than doubled it's prizemoney in one run. A perfectly timed run from the back ... I felt that it was going to win before the turn. But not to worry, I bet small to win big so I'm going to miss a fair bit along the road to the big payout. Pounamu is a 6 year old so the horse is worth following. It's got a really good finish.