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  1. NFL

    We have a new leader ... Leaderboard in the comp 5 - Clintosaurus 4 - Dappa Dan 3 - JV7, Go the Biff 1 - Macca 0 - The usual suspects .
  2. NFL

    Well, I've always said that we all know our own team's very well but for your sake, I hope that you're wrong Your next 4 are ... @ Jets, @ Panthers, vs Dallas then @ Seattle. That's a tough run made all the more tougher if the Jets prevail in that first encounter.
  3. NFL

    I'd rather have expectations and then get disappointed with a playoff loss haha I'm now in 'MFC coached by Neeld mode' ... anyone want that misery back? The Pats are showing us how good they can be in this game ... Belichick is the best coach/manager in world sport. Just like the Pats, the Falcons will get their mojo back at some stage ... Panthers losing today helps and the jury is out on the Saints.
  4. NFL

    At least your whole season isn't over ... from what I saw from the Packers today, we'll be lucky to win 2 more games. Atlanta will still win enough games to be thereabouts. Anyway, McCarthy decides that we're now a team that predominately runs the ball - good luck with all that Mike. The bottom line is that we can't win without Rodgers.
  5. NFL

    Here are the games again along with Bill Simmons' latest column ...
  6. Major League Baseball

    Dodgers through to the WS and we await the result of the Houston/Yankees ALCS for their opponent. The MLB would almost certainly prefer an LA vs NY match-up but Houston is the USA's 4th largest market. Game 6 in the ALCS and it's still scoreless (top of the 5th) ... the Yankees lead the series 3 - 2. Sabathia throws for the Yankees tomorrow if it goes to game 7.
  7. Well I'm banking on Taylor finding at least 2 good/very good footballers in the draft ... the picks where they are holds a different sort of appeal. History tells us that there is talent available in the 20's & 30's in all drafts but the expertise required to find that talent is why we brought Taylor on board. Let's face it, we've maneuvered into picks 29, 31 & 35 in a deliberate way so Taylor may have earmarked some junior talent that he believes may well be available. Lever in is a huge coup and we've freed up salary cap space with the departure of Jack Watts. Trading for Balic with a negligible pick was well worth the punt too. If we end up adding 3 good/very good players to the list it will be a great result. Do that every year and the list eventually becomes a very strong one.
  8. NFL

    Yeah that was a wild finish ... un-timed downs aplenty. KC brought back to the field a bit and the Raiders win an important divisional game ... last score wins it again.
  9. NFL

    Carolina Dallas Denver
  10. Current Television

    Not exactly current TV but I happened upon this excellent podcast series about Seinfeld (the TV series) The guys from 'Post Show Recaps' are A1 and well worth a listen. The perfect companion to a great show. Click here ... Seinfeld: A Podcast About Nothing (all 173 episodes are covered)
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    With trading, you win some, you lose some. The bottom line is that we need to win-out from an overall perspective. And winning out takes time and is always ongoing.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    All the best to Jack and I really do hope he makes a success of himself at his new home. The trade has more than a hint of salary cap relief about it but that's the way it goes. In sports all around the world the trading of players that supporters have an attachment to is quite prevalent. It's just a part of pro-sports and we're going to see more and more of it in the AFL. To get better, a club has to make changes.
  13. NFL

    I would have thought that by now we'd have 15-20 regular contributors on the thread but there's still time. Quite honestly, I really only pushed along the tipping comp as a way of attracting more people here ... it sort of works in a sense but the principle reason I'm here is to discuss all things NFL. I neglected to mention the AFC divisions in that earlier post but it's hard to see the Pats not winning the East even though they haven't hit their straps yet. KC are also favoured to win the West but Denver may push them. With Carr back the Raiders might get on a roll. The South is definitely up for grabs (is Luck back soon?) whilst the North will probably come down to the Steelers or the Ravens. It could be one of those seasons like we've just had with the last 2 years of the AFL ... get hot at the right time and any number of teams can win it.
  14. NFL

    You make some very valid points. I'm coming to terms with it all re the Packers but this upcoming game against the Saints might give us an insight into the short-term future of the team. If McCarthy can somehow eke out a win first up with Hundley as the starter, then I may entertain the thought of at least a 9 win season. Lose it and we then front up to a Detroit team who will really fancy their chances (that game is at Lambeau as well) 1 win (however small) can make a load of difference. Oh, and your thread is up to 200 pages. That's quite an achievement Dappa considering the site is largely devoted to our beloved Demons.
  15. NFL

    The NFC is an absolute crap-shoot now ... there's any number of teams who could win any of the 4 divisions. In the South, there's 2 or 3 teams. In the North there's 2 or 3. In the West there's probably only 2 in contention and in the East, the Eagles are in the box seat but it's not done yet. Dallas will start winning eventually and the Giants can play spoiler. The last time Rodgers did his collarbone the other 3 teams in the North couldn't take advantage and win enough games ... 9 wins might suffice but the Packers are up against it. If Rodgers can get back though ... The Saints are -4.5 favourites at Lambeau in the early odds and they might get on a roll ...and the Panthers are lurking. That division could get really tight. @ New England this week will be tough for the Falcons. Leaderboard in the comp 4 - Dappa Dan 3 - JV7, Clintosaurus 1 - Go the Biff, Macca 0 - The usual suspects A big 2 points on offer this week - it's time to make a move ...