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  1. NFL

    AP to the Saints ... low salary as well (3.5 mil per year for 2 years) He might give them 1 good year, maybe 2. At 33, he's nearing the end but because he's been great previously, he might have a bit left. A new team could be just the tonic. Beast-mode should end up at the Raiders and the same scenario applies - however, Lynch is only 31. Again, 3.5mil per year is not a lot of money by NFL standards.
  2. NHL

    Well I'm just a terrible tipster ... all the info in the world won't change that! St Louis v Nashville Anaheim v Edmonton Washington v Pittsburgh Ottawa v New York Rangers
  3. Le Pen disassociates herself (somewhat) from the National Front party but will that make much difference to the result? As it stands, Le Pen is miles behind Macron and there's too much ground to make up ... 37% to 63% is way too big a gap. But who am I to judge? ha ha French election: Le Pen says, 'I am not the candidate of the National Front'
  4. We may be reaching a tipping point ... there was a reason why teams used to play 3 ruckman back in the days before we had interchange. And the lone ruckmen these days quite often don't go the bench anyway. Also, big blokes who lug around 100 -110kgs are not really built to run 10-12 kilometres every week. We're asking too much and that's not a hindsight observation on my part either.
  5. I think I get the picture ... worse?
  6. I reckon there would be a few who would baulk at it if asked (rucking) ... and they probably do get asked. Was it Frost that seemed a bit circumspect about it and mumbled something about the physical demands? I watch the rucking fairly closely these days because I'm fascinated as to where the game is heading with regards to clearances, clean clearances and the set plays that can result from those scenarios. It won't be long before the players will need to memorise a 'play-book' like they need to in the NFL. I wouldn't be surprised if it's already happening (at least to a small degree) We're at the infancy stages of the professionalism of the sport. Taps to advantage will become more valuable much like a tip-off in basketball often allows the recipient of the tip-off to get a chance at a basket.
  7. It's a good point you make about 'unwilling' ... it's not the easiest task on the footy field and the role of the ruckman is probably more physically demanding than it's ever been (what with the more running involved and the increase in stoppages) It's just a pity that the sport and the way it's played now demands that playing a 2nd ruckman is a bit of luxury and stops a team from playing a 13th or 14th midfielder. But do we really need that many midfielders? And just 1 ruckman?
  8. Here's a One-Series-Wonder from the past called 'Nowhere Man' (IMDb link) All the episodes from this one and only series (released in 1995) have been uploaded onto youtube so if you like your drama/mysteries with a real twist, you may like this. The show is very much in the mode of 'The Prisoner' You can watch 'Nowhere Man' here
  9. Pazuzu ... yep. A frightening sight back in the day. That forward line I posted up is dependent on some other player taking the main rucking duties. Reading between the lines I'm not sure that we'll play King next week but with Spencer being out for 6 weeks or so, Mitch may get a run sooner rather than later. Playing makeshift back-up ruckmen for 2 months just doesn't make a lot of sense - that's why I'd rather see us bite the bullet straight off. Get a game under his belt and run from there. I know he's raw but any player has to play their first game at some stage. And Essendon is a team where the 'fit' might work better than against other teams. I wouldn't like to see him debut against the Crows or North ... that really would be a baptism of fire. Again, it's just a suggestion.
  10. The fixture doesn't generally represent a problem for either team though ... a 5 day break for the Pies & Dons against other teams only happens when the fixture falls on a Tuesday. And we've helped alleviate that problem by playing the night before and thus being likely opponents for the following Sunday ... as it is this year where we play Essendon next Sunday. Collingwood have drawn the short straw by playing Geelong (the Cats will be coming off a 7 day break) However, the AFL could have fixtured the Pies against the Tigers next Sunday (or next Monday night so the MCG can be utilised for both games)
  11. Oh yeah ... I'm more than confident that the fixture will stay - it's the fixturing around the date which needs to be nailed down. And if we can turn that other fixture into an annual event with that other fixture also being a top money-spinner, it's a win-win. I can't see why it can't be Essendon predominately too. We don't need it to be Collingwood as we've already got that home fixture secured. PJ has probably got some open dialogue happening with the Dons.
  12. Historically the Pies & Dons have led off the round when they're drawn to play on a Wednesday ANZAC fixture Pennant. So that means that both teams have played on the prior Saturday (2012 & 2007) or the Friday (2001) We'd end up playing on a 5 day break against a team with at least a 7 day break (if the game was on a Sunday) ... A Monday night game can work better though (if we could swing it)
  13. Next year (2018) ANZAC eve falls on a Tuesday so we'd then only have a 5 day break for a Sunday fixture played in the next round ... that's tricky because the Pies & Dons may not be available to play (when the Pies & Dons play on a Wednesday ANZAC fixture, both teams usually play on the prior Saturday) In 2019 our game would fall on a Wednesday so both the Demons & Tigers would almost certainly play other opponents on the prior Saturday (as the Pies & Dons do) In 2020 we have a leap year so our game against the Tigers would be played on a Friday (again, stand alone) Maybe a solution for 2018 would be for us to play on the following Monday night ... we could do another deal with another club (with the AFL's blessing) and end up with possible back-to back blockbusters. The Blues, Hawks or Cats might be accommodating. As it stands, we're possibly going to be playing against Essendon the round after or perhaps in the round prior to our ANZAC fixture so we should be endeavouring to make that game into a permanent fixture (with alternate H & A status) A default blockbuster per se. We need as many of these big money spinners as possible ... that's a big cheque for the Tigers last night (and it's our turn next season)
  14. The other issue that needs to be addressed is our forward line ... our opponents are flooding back but we're giving them the time to flood back. We need to be far more direct with our inside 50 forays but that line of thinking needs to be backed up with the right personnel and structure. HF Kent Hogan Watts F Garlett Petracca Pedersen The above forward line needs to have an element of rotation & adaptability for roles & match-ups. Watts & Hogan can spend some time in the midfield (not rucking) whilst Petracca can play as a high-half forward on occasions (if fit) as well as playing out of the goal square. Watts can play a similar role. Pedersen can also (at times) play out of the goal square and he could also be used as a decoy ... apart from being the 2nd ruck. Bugg could play in Kent's position but the AFL is not the VFL. Meanwhile, we'd have a kid in the ruck trying his absolute best. It's not ideal but it might just have to do.
  15. Pedersen has gone from being the chief whipping-boy to the saviour yet his actual output is still negligible. Goodwin will pick him now but previously, he's not done that. He is not a ruckman in the sense that he's below average at the art of rucking. The stats and our eyes bear that out. Here's how I see things playing out if we use Pedersen & Watts in tandem in the ruck ... Leuenberger gets 60 tap-outs with at least 20 of those taps to advantage Pedersen & Watts get about 20 taps between them with very few to advantage The Bombers win the clearances especially so in the 2nd half They win the game. So King is coming off an ACL - big deal. Gawn did 2 of those as a youngster. Mitch is back playing footy in a position that is very physical ... and he got 26 tap-outs on the weekend. I'd admit that he's not be the ideal choice but what alternatives do we have? (see above) And if someone wants to paint a better picture, go right ahead.