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  1. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Winx ran 01:20.88 for the 1400m yesterday which is .30 off the track record. And she wasn't extended by any means. The horse is so quick I reckon she could break 01.20.00 for the 7 furlongs. But that could really only happen if she needs to be extended Her final (?) 3 races will be over 1600m (Chipping Norton), 1500m (George Ryder) and then the QEII Stakes over 2000m. And there is no horse in Australia that can get near her in those 3 races. After yesterday I honestly believe that Winx could go on and win a 5th Cox Plate. But the chances of the connections racing her on after this Autumn are slim. But you never know.
  2. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Ran 2nd ... had every chance as it got a good run. Worth following up on though as the winner was just a bit too good. It wins an easier race though as the race it was in yesterday was a Listed race.
  3. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    Well thanks to the heads-up from @Grapeviney we can at least listen to the F.A Cup action via TalkSport. Go here to listen in. And if that link is blocked when the games are on then we'll just have to howl at the moon! 🙄
  4. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Well, JJ hosted today from Morphettville which meant some other dude (not Adam McGrath) was giving out the tips. But of course we want JJ's tips so it was annoying! Other times he's just not there at all. Could be that he's on Demonland reading the training threads - who knows? Interestingly, Gator hasn't been on the 'Get On' Thursday night show at all this year (so far) ... but at least his tips are available on Racing.com (Wednesdays) In all seriousness, I do rely on JJ's tips for exotics & straight-outs so I'll have to find a fall-back plan B Wadda.
  5. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Sha Tin tomorrow - there are 3 feature races that have 3 hot favourites but if you're playing the exotics, all 3 can be beaten when considering the class in the races. As for the 3 favourites, Beauty Generation & Dark Dream are former Australasian horses whilst Exultant hails from Ireland. For a bit of value - 'Fifty Fifty' could run a bold race in the Silver Jubilee, 'Simply Brilliant' likewise in the Gold Cup and 'Ho Ho Khan' cannot be ruled out in the Classic Cup. Good quality racing, all the same. And good luck if you're having a go. All are Group 1 affairs ... Race 6 Queens Silver Jubilee Cup Race 7 Hong Kong Gold Cup Race 9 Hong Kong Classic Cup
  6. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    I thought Osborne Bulls was going to get up but 'In Her Time' just lasted. Unlucky but the winner too good. I included Osborne Bulls in an exacta so got the collect. A good form line for the Newmarket too. Seeing that we included Winx in the multi our strike rate for the day ended up as 4: 2 - 1 - 0
  7. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Thanks for the lazy 20 Laddies ... Winx supreme. Didn't have much to beat but she's just too good anyway. We really are privileged to witness such greatness. Happy Clapper 2nd again but for the connections, 2nd prizemoney is probably just fine. 5 times now I believe that Happy Clapper has run 2nd to Winx. A 3rd & a couple of 5ths as well? The horse must be tired of seeing Winx fly past!
  8. Macca


    Congrats 4KW and welcome to the thread ... look forward to your contributions going forward. The fella's here just love the Patriots winning all the time too 🙄😁 ... so give 'em heaps! Winners are grinners.
  9. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    1 wins and 1 doesn't run a drum. I will take that as 1 from 2 for win bets ends up being profitable. Multi extinguished but only a small outlay so no bother. Well done Deeza ... you are in hot form!
  10. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    No mate ... his best bet is highlighted on the 'Get on' show on Thursday nights (racing channel) So that's it unfortunately. Gator's tips are up on Racing.com (under the best bets banner) Offers up a lot of value this week too.
  11. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Yeah Wadda, I base my betting strategy around the chat here, my own thought's, Gator's tips & JJ's tips so I've had to readjust. And in the end I boxed a few behind Winx for a bit of value (in a F4) Searched out JJ's best bet - Morphettville Race 7 No.7 Excessabeel ($5.20)
  12. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Gator's top pick too Wadda ... I'm on. JJ's tips aren't up ... and if they aren't up by this time they usually don't appear.
  13. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Monday Special Italy (Serie A) 6.30am $2.20 Napoli Win & +2.5 Goals Match Score vs Torino
  14. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    Putting aside the like or dislike of AFLX for a moment and the whole marvel super-hero stuff, it's possibly better to view what we will see as a spectacle. Just my take - not gospel. 16 players on the rectangular field as opposed to 22 in Soccer & NFL, 26 for League & 30 for Union Open footy with little or no congestion and very little tackling and because of that, the injury factor is reduced. However, Docklands has a history of throwing up non-contact injuries so there is likely to be an injury or 2 (hopefully not a bad one) No tribalism, rivalries, fantasy sports or gambling aspect. No club theme songs but they've probably organised some stuff to liven up the crowd pre-match Keepings off will be at a premium so we should see lots of players running with the ball taking a bounce or 2. The players will be able to exhibit their skills without the need to get rid of the ball in a split-second. Kicking to position with players running to receive/mark could take precedence over 15 metre hit-up passes that we often see in the AFL. But we could see both in equal measure. How the crowd reacts to goals will be interesting - last year there were uncomfortable moments of silence so they might pipe in some crowd noise. Nothing is sacred. The super-goal will almost certainly get the most reaction especially when that super-goal is worth double points. But what that reaction will be is anyone's guess. The crowd figures could be artificially boosted but the actual crowd could be boosted by some freeby's anyway. They won't want an empty stadium The TV numbers is the biggie - there isn't a lot of sport going on next weekend and footy-starved fans may well just tune in for a look-see. And there are 10's of thousands of footy-starved fans. If it rates well, we'll get more AFLX. I'm going to watch it if I get a chance but only to see whether it offers anything.
  15. Macca

    AFLX Revamped

    But you also said this a couple of pages back You're entitled to your opinion by the way and I am not saying you are wrong either I just have a different opinion. We probably agree on what it is (AFLX) but I am not in the least bit concerned where as others (not necessarily you) are carrying on as if AFLX is an assault on their senses. I just don't inderstand the angst