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  1. Macca


    Yeah, you're right Gorg ... classic finish though. Chargers are the real-deal and they don't have any sort of home-field advantage. Opposition fans often outnumber the locals when the Chargers play at home. They are the team to watch and might snag the 1 seed if the Chiefs lose at Seattle next week and the Chargers win-out.
  2. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Yep ... when in doubt form-wise at this time of the year, trust the ratings. Aloisia falls into that category along with 'Most Important' in the 'Lough Neagh Stakes' at Doomben However, Most Important is racing well and has a very good rating ... it's probably the only true WFA horse in the race and at 10-1, is over the odds you'd reckon DZ.
  3. Macca


    Just finished watching today's game. That was a great win by the Chargers and I felt sure they weren't going to get the 2 point conversion but they got it. Winning in style. KC are probably scratching their heads saying - "What just happened?" Managed to watch the game in its entirety without knowing the result and that was great viewing. 29-28 is my kind of scoreline. Rivers outpoints Mahomes - the old boy beats the kid. And a big win for Thursday Night Football of which I am a fan. One for the ages.
  4. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Yeah it's a good race the Villiers Stakes tomorrow DZ ... was looking for a value runner to include in a Box-Exacta so 'Aloisia' it is then! The horse hasn't been far away running against some very good company in Group 1 & Group 2 races so it has decent claims. 'Goodfella' is a particular favourite so it goes in. If the favourite 'Sky Boy' is run out of a place in the Villiers then the exotic dividends will pay extra well. That's what I bank on although I will still include Sky Boy. Have followed a similar path in the singular feature races at both Doomben & Ascot as well as the 1100m Sprint at Flemington where your choice 'Invincible Al' is running. Those are my 4 standout plays tomorrow.
  5. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Weekend Specials EPL Monday 12.30am Southampton vs Arsenal Win & +2.5 Goals Match Score $2.70 EPL Mpnday 3.00am Liverpool Win & +2.5 Goals Match Score $2.25 vs Manchester United
  6. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Best Bet Randwick Race 7 No.11 Goodfella (Place Only) $3.70
  7. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Found 4 decent betting races for the weekend in 4 different States ... one sprint race with the other 3 races ranging from 1350m up to a mile. Some good types in all 4 races. Randwick - Villiers Stakes 1600m Group 2 Ascot - AJ Scahill Stakes 1400m Group 3 Doomben Lough Neagh Stakes 1350m LR Flemington Open Hcp 1100m
  8. Macca


    Leaderboard in the Comp 6 - JV7, Dr. Gonzo, DeeSpencer 5 - layzie, Dappa Dan 4 - Go the Biff, Clintosaurus, Dee Zephyr 3 - titan_uranus, Gorgoroth, Macca 2 - Demon Dave
  9. Macca


    No change to the leaderboard after yet another barren week for tipsters ... a few standouts this week however and we're all playing for a vital 2 points. Week 16 - 1 point & Week 17 - 3 points. The Saturday night games are back as well - ideal Sunday viewing. Will a few punt on Houston and get 1 of the 3 tips up early? Seattle & the Saints are favoured road teams as are the Pats @ Pittsburgh. Good luck! Guess the Lines with Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 453) Leaderboard in the Comp 6 - JV7, Dr. Gonzo, DeeSpencer 5 - layzie, Dappa Dan 4 - Go the Biff, Clintosaurus, Dee Zephyr 3 - titan_uranus, Gorgoroth, Macca 2 - Demon Dave
  10. Macca


    It is now looking very likely that there is just the 1 Wild-card spot up for grabs in the NFC ... 8 & 8 might be enough to get it done and any of the teams from the Vikes down to the Lions can get to that W/L ratio or perhaps better. I reckon Seattle are safe now and Dallas would have to implode to now not win the NFC East. Minnesota are the most likely but they could lose 2 of their last 3 ... vs a confident Miami, @ Detroit, vs Chicago. But all the other teams in contention are faced with similar scenarios and none of the candidates are playing all that well either. After such a horrid season it's hard to believe that GB could sneak in. Final 3 games for the Packers - @ Chicago, @ Jets, vs Lions. Panthers have got the Saints twice and the Eagles have to play the Rams away & Houston. But 1 team has to qualify and we all know that Wild-card teams can get hot from time to time. The team that does qualify will almost certainly be up against the Bears or Cowboys in week 1 of the playoffs.
  11. Macca


    And maybe things aren't as cut & dried in the NFC either ... Rams held to just 6 points and not only was Goff brought back to Earth, the Bears looked terrific in the process. Has the great D returned to Chicago? Looked like a statement game to me. However, the Rams have an easier run in than the Saints so they still could get to the 1 seed. Saints have to play Carolina twice and Pittsburgh (H) so they could drop 1 of those 3. The Rams final 3 games are vs Eagles, @ Arizona, vs 49ers and none of those 3 teams possess the D that the Bears offered up today.
  12. Macca


    Steelers are now in real danger of missing the playoffs completely - final 3 games ... vs Pats, @ Saints, vs Cinci. Baltimore are looming large and even the Browns are a chance in the AFC North And the Pats almost certainly won't get to the 1 seed and may need to have to make-do with the 3 seed especially if they lose to Pittsburgh next week. They are at home to the Bills & Jets in their last 2 games so they still should win the AFC East. New England may be faced with having to win on the road twice during the playoffs if they drop 1 of their 3 remaining games and if Houston win out for the remainder of their regular season games - the Texans are @ Jets, @ Eagles and then vs Jacksonville. The Pats do have the tie-break advantage over Houston having beaten the Texans earlier in the season.
  13. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Some great racing at Sha Tin today with Beauty Generation, Exaltant & Mr Stunning all winning in fine style - read more here Australian Group & Listed Races Best Bet Strike Rate 67: 23 - 8 - 10 Replay - Kingston Town Classic
  14. Macca


    My tips ... Saints, Steelers, Rams Paging @Dr. Gonzo @titan_uranus @Gorgoroth @Dee Zephyr @DeeSpencer Leaderboard in the Comp 6 - JV7, Dr. Gonzo, DeeSpencer 5 - layzie, Dappa Dan 4 - Go the Biff, Clintosaurus, Dee Zephyr 3 - titan_uranus, Gorgoroth, Macca 2 - Demon Dave
  15. Macca

    A Day at the Races

    Congratulations DZ ... 4 tackers! You're a marvel ... actually, your wife is the marvel. Great news and all the best mate. 4 little Demons running around - there's hope for the club yet!