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  1. There's a fair bit of talent on show ... dogs just swarm at the contest and are relentless. GWS like to get the ball out and move the ball on their terms and against most other teams, it works. Where we sit against these 2 teams is important. We've got the effort, energy, application, attack on the ball & endeavour. The difference is the poise & finishing skills. I'd expect these 2 teams to get to the penultimate week of the season (along with the Crows & one other)
  2. The 2.508 billion TV rights could never be shunted away - it was like a beacon in terms of what the players could go after. The money that has come into the game is astonishing ... not by world standards but the growth has been huge. It was only about 20 years ago that a lot of the players had jobs outside of football. The game is in great shape in terms of the financial returns ... the game itself needs more fine-tuning (IMO) but those discussions have been seen here previously.
  3. It's full of lefties they tell me .. prone to exaggeration & political correctness But I digress .. In the end, it was all shadow-boxing and the players were never going to strike. The AFL could always afford to splash some more coin about and the players knew it.
  4. Who told you? Some bloke in a pub? It's all fake news anyway Wyl .. and no one loses here anyway. There's a whole bunch of people associated with the sport making a nice dollar. And good luck to 'em I say. We said it earlier in the thread ... they all walk away happy.
  5. Things like the TV money, membership, sponsorship etc but not sure about poker machine revenue and the like. That's what they'd mean ... the figure was about 22% so I highly doubt it would jump up all the way to 28%. Not when they were only pushing for about 25% anyway. AFL, players believe resolution to pay dispute in sight
  6. Worsfold might have thought of strengthening his advantage in the ruck but he's decided to rest Leuenberger & bring in Bellchambers ... interesting move. Bellchambers is not one of the premier ruckman obviously but nevertheless, we can't afford to let him get super high numbers in terms of tap-outs. When he has been the main-man his hit-out totals have hovered between low to high 20's. You'd take that number right now (mid 20's) and if we can limit the damage, we can no doubt win. The combo we come up with to do the rucking and how we use that combo is anyone's guess. I reckon it's less of an advantage for them with Leuenberger not playing.
  7. *28% of the revenues that the players directly contribute to. What that converts to in terms of the percentage of the total revenue is unknown at this stage. I'd say it would be less than 25% though. Somewhere between 22% - 25% probably. In dollar terms the 6 year wages deal would be worth more than 1.5 billion (the 6 year broadcast rights amounts to 2.508 billion) There's not too many losers whichever way it's spun.
  8. NFL

    AP to the Saints ... low salary as well (3.5 mil per year for 2 years) He might give them 1 good year, maybe 2. At 33, he's nearing the end but because he's been great previously, he might have a bit left. A new team could be just the tonic. Beast-mode should end up at the Raiders and the same scenario applies - however, Lynch is only 31. Again, 3.5mil per year is not a lot of money by NFL standards.
  9. NHL

    Well I'm just a terrible tipster ... all the info in the world won't change that! St Louis v Nashville Anaheim v Edmonton Washington v Pittsburgh Ottawa v New York Rangers
  10. Le Pen disassociates herself (somewhat) from the National Front party but will that make much difference to the result? As it stands, Le Pen is miles behind Macron and there's too much ground to make up ... 37% to 63% is way too big a gap. But who am I to judge? ha ha French election: Le Pen says, 'I am not the candidate of the National Front'
  11. We may be reaching a tipping point ... there was a reason why teams used to play 3 ruckman back in the days before we had interchange. And the lone ruckmen these days quite often don't go the bench anyway. Also, big blokes who lug around 100 -110kgs are not really built to run 10-12 kilometres every week. We're asking too much and that's not a hindsight observation on my part either.
  12. I think I get the picture ... worse?
  13. I reckon there would be a few who would baulk at it if asked (rucking) ... and they probably do get asked. Was it Frost that seemed a bit circumspect about it and mumbled something about the physical demands? I watch the rucking fairly closely these days because I'm fascinated as to where the game is heading with regards to clearances, clean clearances and the set plays that can result from those scenarios. It won't be long before the players will need to memorise a 'play-book' like they need to in the NFL. I wouldn't be surprised if it's already happening (at least to a small degree) We're at the infancy stages of the professionalism of the sport. Taps to advantage will become more valuable much like a tip-off in basketball often allows the recipient of the tip-off to get a chance at a basket.
  14. It's a good point you make about 'unwilling' ... it's not the easiest task on the footy field and the role of the ruckman is probably more physically demanding than it's ever been (what with the more running involved and the increase in stoppages) It's just a pity that the sport and the way it's played now demands that playing a 2nd ruckman is a bit of luxury and stops a team from playing a 13th or 14th midfielder. But do we really need that many midfielders? And just 1 ruckman?
  15. Here's a One-Series-Wonder from the past called 'Nowhere Man' (IMDb link) All the episodes from this one and only series (released in 1995) have been uploaded onto youtube so if you like your drama/mysteries with a real twist, you may like this. The show is very much in the mode of 'The Prisoner' You can watch 'Nowhere Man' here