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  1. A Day at the Races

    Enjoy your break bm ... one of us will alert you on the trifecta race once we decide which race it is. Picking a decent trifecta race is half the battle - my preference is the Group 1 or Group 2 WFA or SW fields but that's just me. Thanks for your ongoing contribution too ... we need all the expertise possible! The format will probably be the same (3 - 5 - 5) and the tipping order may well be the same considering we won first time up. But that may change going forward. It was ... W/2/3 ... Wadda W/2/3 ... Macca W/2/3 ... binman 2/3 ........ Dee Zephyr 2/3 ........ Dee Zephyr
  2. NFL

    The other link didn't work so I'll try again ... Explaining Nick Foles' new contract and what it means for Carson Wentz, the Eagles and Foles himself (and the fans?) So often these articles are written in a way where it's like reading an article out of the Financial Review or BRW. You have to read between the lines to figure out where you sit as a fan of the team or the sport. Personally, I don't really care about the money but unfortunately, that's what a lot of sports are about these days. The money. And it might be a CB or in the OL for the Packers ... Derwin James, Minkah Fitzpatrick & Denzel Ward have been touted for the secondary. Quenton Nelson would be a terrific pick-up as an OG
  3. NFL

    It's all academic now anyway Dappa ... at least for this season at least. Foles would have to be happy with the revamped deal. And a lot of non Eagles fans would be happy to see Foles staying as well - apart from those who might want to see the Eagles weakened. My view is that I am glad he is staying.
  4. NFL

    That's not quite right Dappa ... you and I thought he may get traded before the 2018 season but it looks like he'll at least start the season in the absence of Wentz. We were talking about the possibility of Foles being traded whilst his currency was high etc etc. That is how I remember the conversation. Gorg's opinion was that he'd stay.
  5. NFL

    That's right Dappa ... from memory Gorg made the call that Foles would end up staying. I suppose the whole 'will he/won't he stay could go on for quite some time though ... especially if/when the Eagles make the switch back to Wentz. It's still newsworthy from my point of view. As for the draft, I know that the Packers have a stack of picks outside of the first 3 rounds ... 12 picks in all over the 7 rounds. Whether we use them all is another matter. Our needs are many especially at CB, RB, OL, OG, SS & TE. I'm not up with all the prospective would-be draftees but I never usually am until the last couple of days or so before the draft ... and sometimes just on the day! The other question is whether the Pats trade up for a QB prospect - there's been plenty of talk especially surrounding Josh Rosen. Interesting fact that I heard the other week ... that a 3rd of all NFL players from year to year are undrafted players. Considering there's over 2000 total players in any given year on various rosters that makes about 650+ undrafted players.
  6. A Day at the Races

    I've only heard that we may well find out some time this week (whether the horse races again) The connections obviously can't do both (race on or retire to stud) but one of the owners was talking about another season (Spring & Autumn) and then Royal Ascot. But he said it as if it was an option only ... the other option is to earn up to $40Million in stud fees. Money talks and we've seen what often happens previously. The Everest must be tempting though ... worth about $7.8Million to the winner next Spring. And there's obviously a lot of high stakes Group 1's from 1200m up to a 1600m (it would get the mile you'd reckon) both here and at Sha Tin, Japan & Europe. Here's the other Group 1 from yesterday - The Champagne Stakes ...
  7. A Day at the Races

    I like it ... And DZ for short?
  8. A Day at the Races

    Well, the trifecta collect has got to be worth more than 1 win you'd reckon Wadda ... here they are in separate formations ... Best Bet Strike Rate 44: 20 - 9 - 2 Trifecta Strike Rate 1: 1 - 0 Australian Group and Listed Races
  9. A Day at the Races

    They ran a track record (01:20.33) in yesterday's All Aged Stakes and that might mean that Trapeze Artist's rating could go up a point or 2. If that happened the horse would become the 3rd highest rated horse in the World (according to the Rankings) I hope they don't retire the horse to stud but I'm not holding my breath on that one. Here's a replay of the Group 1 All Aged Stakes ...
  10. A Day at the Races

    Or 'Showtime' ha ha ... the horse ended up landing out first combined trifecta and we may look back in a few years (after cleaning out all the betting agencies!) as a reminder of where it all started. 'Ted' works of course. Nicknames are normally bestowed upon so we'll no doubt come up with something ... yours (Wadda) has just stuck hasn't it? The Zephyr race is a tricky one by the way ... a small field but trying to figure it out is not easy.
  11. A Day at the Races

    The Skip works and if you keep coming through with the goods (Showtime) it will be an apt nickname. I've got the easy bit going 2nd ... First & Third choices are tricky with regards to possibly taking a chance on a winner. I'll have an interest bet with the Zephyr race too ... time to study up. Maybe a First4 so I can include the Dan? 2-4-6-6?
  12. A Day at the Races

    As you and others are no doubt aware Wadda, I like my trifectas so was very happy with the return yesterday. The more the merrier I say and I like the idea of having multiple chances to win. The combined expertise works for me. There's a decent Group 2 sprint race at Doomben next Saturday that I've identified but I'm happy to go with another race if we want to continue the exercise. Sha Tin is my personal target next Sunday with 3 big Group 1 races (1200m, 1600m & 2000m) A number of the World's best horses are running around so that gets my attention. If we go again do we keep the same tipping order after our success yesterday? @Demon77 acting as 'The Skip' to finish off the bet worked. There's a nickname in the making!
  13. A Day at the Races

    And well done with 'Sprightly Lass' @binman Needed a win after so many misses ... Osborne Bulls will give us 2 from 4 if it salutes.
  14. A Day at the Races

    Yep .. a good start D77 The trifecta effectively paid about 3-1 for the full outlay and if Le Romain had have held on it probably would have paid a fair bit more. Full marks to the winner though - Trapeze Artist is some sort of horse. Good pick with 'Showtime' mate ... I can honestly say I wouldn't have included it if it was just me. The team wins first time up.
  15. A Day at the Races

    Seabrook wins for those who have followed the horse ... El Dorado Dreaming was a good thing beaten. Couldn't get a run for a long way in the straight and then flashed home.