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  1. Melb-A-Toast

    Lynden Dunn

    Yes. He was always positive even when Melbourne was at its lowest. Wish him well in his recovery. When Simon Goodwin said at the after match press conference "We are far from Dunn (done)" I was waiting for someone to comment - so now it is me! :-)
  2. Melb-A-Toast


    Just another relaxing win.
  3. Melb-A-Toast

    Allen Jakovich on The Front Bar (9/8)

    Yes. Anytime he can have a dig at Collingwood supporters it makes the story more enjoyable
  4. Melb-A-Toast

    Allen Jakovich on The Front Bar (9/8)

    That was fantastic. Love the last story of his view of Glen and he fighting and his mother arbitrating
  5. Melb-A-Toast


    Could be Tightrope
  6. Melb-A-Toast

    Nathan Jones' 250th.

    It would be fantastic if Lewis gets there, as it means that he is contributing well and the team is getting those benefits. It would be rather challenging for him to make it to 100 club games. Nathan Jones record will stand along very nicely with David Neitz, Melbourne and AFL Hall of Famer.
  7. Melb-A-Toast

    The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    Chris Judd just said, "He's so hard that when he does push ups, the Earth moves" Love it!
  8. I believe that Xavier is nephew of Jamie.
  9. Melb-A-Toast

    The Last Time They Met

    Burgoyne has been good against us. Is he a chance to return?
  10. Melb-A-Toast

    Bomb it long!

    I saw that after the first quarter, the attempted torpedo from the middle or wing. This aligns to the chaos ball. The torp can pass the defensive line providing opportities for easy marks or run on goals for the faster forwards. If the kick is not well-connected then it has a randomness that our forwards should be bringing to ground for the front and centre rovers. I don't mind the tactic as long as our players are set up for it. The challenge is that the kicker needs to read the play just as well. On a similar note, the kick to the top of the square is being defended quite well by most teams. Looking at variations, kicking to 25 out could provide run out goals for the defensive team. Chaos ball is probably best option after exhausting short pass, and handball to running receiver.
  11. His Dad is a big demons fan and I recall Mark talking about his sons enjoying watching Melbourne after having their doubts when we were less than good
  12. Melb-A-Toast

    AFLW: Rd 2 Vs Adelaide at Casey

    Watching Carlton/Collingwood and then Melbourne/GWS showed me that Melbourne is superior in moving the ball through the middle of the ground. The challenge is that scoring opportunities are from 30m out, not 50 as for the men's game. This enables poorer disposal teams to stifle any benefit gained by the attacking team by collapsing defence into this critical area. The ability of the forwards to mark under pressure is now a bigger advantage. The other, which Melbourne use is to quickly move the ball from turnover into the danger area before the defensive team is set. This is where better kicking skills are a must, and where supporter frustration is reduced. I remember the collective groans of us Melbourne supporters when the men's team would turn it over after having one bad possession in a potentially successful chain, only to have the opposition take full advantage down to their goal. I haven't seen the Adelaide/Brisbane Bulldogs/Fremantle game, so maybe Brisbane and Bulldogs have shown similar skills. I like the game now, and once there are clean extended chains, this will increase the attractiveness of the game.
  13. Melb-A-Toast

    Jake Lever

    Agree, but that is the defensive plan from my reading of the game. So either they need to change the plan, or continue to get hybrid defenders
  14. Melb-A-Toast

    Jake Lever

    The defence is based on a zone with rotations, which means, at times, smalls play on talls. So, the game plan where monster defender playing on big forward are not in vogue. Versatility is key. Jetta can play on talls and Lever on smalls. Clearly mismatches occur which is where the zone hopefully enables the other defenders to help in the contest, then run the ball out with speed.