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  1. that has a nice Ring to it.
  2. The demonic peace? Or is that referencing the books about a demon hunting soccer mom (sic)?
  3. Melbourne are working towards getting their DNA right 🙂
  4. No I haven't as yet. Though it is interesting that both groups had my number and knew of my prior purchase. And I also thought the past players raffle was not of interest.
  5. I have now received two different calls from past players association Melbourne Football Club regarding their respective raffles. Being a regular purchaser of MFC raffle I was under the view that the raffle had changed until I got the call from MFC. However now I suggest caution until there is validation of each's credentials.
  6. I've been going through the games, which bring back memories. Also they show how I've forgotten players, as well as appreciate players that I didn't rate as highly way back then. Beveridge, Dyson, Clark for example.
  7. it's the same design that Liverpool have this season.
  8. There seems to be for some posters an OCD for OCDD. Let the club leadership sort it out and we should move on.
  9. Hogan is a competitive beast according to his teammates. So he is a must for us to keep. His body language is sometimes a reflection of his competitiveness. Lots of other things to work on, but he is integral to ensuring future success
  10. I have been following most of the papers, and on the whole, there are a mix of quality journalism. However there are three things that baffle me. How can editors & journalists allow/enable bad English (just an anecdotal assessment but News seems to be the biggest culprit). This includes bad spelling and of course grammar How can the Herald sun's latest information about Melbourne include (Click on the Melbourne icon) that we are 17th, with one win, and seven losses. Last year I saw articles about Dean Bailey (as coach). How can The Age (continue to employ Caroline Wilson, sorry I digress) have all the teams in the drop down list in alphabetic order... except Melbourne which is below North Melbourne! Even Kangaroos should be after Demons - the last time I checked the Alphabet.
  11. Dee-Voted, what's the code for Barassi league? I hope my spot is still available...
  12. Happy to be signed in at the bottom of Barassi league. I am hopeful of a better season just like Melbourne this year
  13. Terlich suffers injury at training probably read the mfc site ...
  14. Mark Mark Neeld's needs and then compare them with his gets. Depth in marking forwards; small defensive forwards; depth, skill and speed in midfield; ability to spread; elite delivery from half back line. All looks good to me
  15. To coin a radio parlance term: long time reader, second time poster (maybe third) I am a tragic/optimistic supporter. Every year we witness the comings and goings of players, sometimes coaches, sometimes administrators which drives posters to make an assessment of such a transition, of which I sympathise and empathise somewhat. I have generally been disappointed to lose players/coaches and hopeful that the new players/coaches will make a significant impact in the next few years, preferably immediately. There are a few exceptions, of course. This year is significanlty different! I am not certain whether Mark Neeld is the 10 year successful coach that we clearly need, and there always seems to be a better coach/player/administrator somewherer else. Mark Neeld and his team This trading period has seen a cleanout - those who don't want to play for us (Rivers), and those who we don't want or are ambivalent towards (all the rest, seemingly). This has to be a good situation for the future, even if the short term doesn't produce the results I am hoping for. Kudos must go to Mark Neeld and coaching staff, for attempting to change the culture of mediocrity. How is this going to turn out? I certainly do not profess to know. I do however know that the status quo within the playing group had to be disrupted. Considering that the biggest externally viewable difference that occurred this year was the introduction of Mitch Clark, with his singular focus to make Melbourne successful, this is a supporter that the change has to come from without, so that they can inlfuence within. Good luck to the former Melbourne players. Welcome to the new, and may you be the foundation of the reinvigorated Demons