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  1. Thehardtackler

    Rd 23: Opposition Watch vs GWS

    If we could pinch Shiel from them then Norf would be spewing! He would be great in our midfield and I reckon that he would love to play with Gawn, Viney, Oliver and Brayshaw.
  2. Thehardtackler

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Now or never for the push!
  3. Thehardtackler

    Trade HOGAN

    Jesse Hogan is one of the main reasons I want to watch Melbourne FC. He is starting to look more like David Neitz with every passing year. He is untradeable and will help us to a Grand Final soon. This thread is even more nuts than the Neal Bullen one.
  4. Thehardtackler

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Goodwin must go! Hopeless loss!
  5. Thehardtackler

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    If we miss the finals and Goodwin is not sacked then I am cancelling my Membership.
  6. Thehardtackler

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    No, it is Goodwin. Great player. Crap coach. Sydney are stretching us and he has no answers.
  7. Thehardtackler

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    We have the players but what this and the Hawthorn game show is that we don't have a Head Coach who is smart enough to get us a Premiership.
  8. Thehardtackler

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    I also think that many people do not realise that Tyson has the talent and skill of our best Mids, what has hampered him is his confidence. Gaff, Oliver and Brayshaw are amazing because they are confident players. Petracca is another player who needs more confidence to go to the elite level. He is close though.
  9. Thehardtackler

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    Premiership teams are often stacked in the midfield and I believe Tyson can play with all those other players in the same team. Oliver can play forward as can Petracca and Jones will not be at our club forever so we should play Tyson.
  10. Thehardtackler

    Dom Tyson

    Dom Tyson is exactly the type of player we need in our team to win a Premiership. He compliments Viney, Oliver, Jones and Brayshaw because he uses the ball well on the outside but can play hard footy on the inside. I think he is the most underrated player at Melbourne FC and I am sure that Goodwin will want to retain him.
  11. Thehardtackler

    Congratulations Bernie Vince on 100 MFC Games

    Bernie is a good old fashioned scrapper. He is not out of place playing with Andrew Macleod and Byron Pickett. He is an extremely talented player who has had a great career. He may still play a little longer.
  12. Thehardtackler

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    I don't understand you clueless clowns who say Tyson is depth. He plays when the entire squad is fully fit. He was second Bog a couple of weeks ago and is a very consistent player of high quality. His ball usage has become close to elite recently. Goodwin will keep him in the 22 by rejigging the squad at the end of the year. I am over the hate for Tyson. He is going nowhere. Get over yourselves!
  13. Thehardtackler

    Go and get Gaff!

    If we get Gaff it will actually make the Fremantle meeting, next year, interesting!
  14. Thehardtackler

    Red Card Rule

    I love comments like we have played this game for 160 years and it has worked with no red cards, to paraphrase one poster. As someone who moved here 15 years ago from the UK all I see is mindless tinkering with the game every year to no good effect. It is the players that make the game interesting, not the rules or the sanctions. I am not sure that red cards are the answer but I think the tribunal system is totally inconsistent and ineffective. This may provide a better outcome and discourage thuggery on the field.
  15. Thehardtackler

    Go and get Gaff!

    There is no rationale to these tribunal decisions. They are totally inconsistent. There needs to be one set penalty and if it is policed it will stamp out poor behaviour on field.