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    We are f*****g Melbourne!

    great thread this i sadly couldnt go to the game today because work wouldnt let me take it off :angry: ...and it was the first victorian game i havent gone to all season... so im cut i wasnt there at all but especially when i final siren went....thats the moment ive been waiting for all season but even before we hadnt won i was still really excited to go watch the boys play i really hope we go out there and give it a real shot next week at QB and hopefully more of our supporters come out and make some noise. GO DEES
  2. *bartram*

    2 things that made the game worse

    i had the commentary on the umpires! haha it was actually very funny. one of them was gay (not that theres anything wrong with that) and it was funny to hear trapper always having chat to the umps!
  3. *bartram*

    Invitation from Matthew Lloyd

    they also sent me a email so i replied to that and asked how essendonfc got my details.. last year when melb played essendon at TD i remember that we werent able to buy tickets at the gate or something so i was forced to use ticketmaster...im assuming thats when they got my details....however i dont recall clicking any boxes as i hate getting those 'promotional emails'
  4. *bartram*

    length of the season

    melbourne have only one home game at the MCG in the last half of the season ....i wana use my reserved seat at the G more i dont like melb having home games at TD....we seem to play bad there
  5. *bartram*

    Invitation from Matthew Lloyd

    they got the our information from ticketmaster.....