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  1. Opponent in finals

    Sydney aren't unbeatable...the Hawks and Bombers showed earlier this year that the SCG isn't a fortress. And no way should we use the MCG loss to them as a barometer...we were cooked on the back of three six day breaks and were the most lethargic we've been all year. Sure, we'd go in as big underdogs but I think we'd give them a huge shake.
  2. Brendan McCartney pregame today

    Only during 2007 and 2009 at Geelong....think he might have an idea what he's talking about.
  3. The James Sicily Thread

    I can't believe this has even been raised. Sicily is the number one [censored] in the game, I couldn't stomach him in a Demon guernsey!
  4. Any chance we're "Tapering"

    Which one?
  5. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Why on earth would he have signed on again for three years if he had issues with Goodwin? They would have been working together for the past two years. The journos are making it up - they're good at that, make up about 50 wild rumours, knowing that if one comes true, they're seen as a genius whilst we all conveniently forget the other 49 they got wrong.
  6. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Can understand the decision but I do think that Rocket was very unlucky with injuries over the last couple of years - horrific run last year, not much better this year. Day didn't even get on the park, Lynch hasn't been fully fit, Ablett in and out, May out a few times, Barlow was playing good footy before the leg injury, Rischitelli just back from a long term knee. Made it difficult for him. I know there is talk about John Barker but if Brett Ratten isn't their no.1 target of those that aren't senior coaches at the moment, I'd be really surprised. Did a good job at Carlton and has had a few years under the best coach in the league at Hawthorn. As for Ablett, they should just let him go to Geelong. Watched him closely in the last quarter on the weekend. Skirted around the packs getting the easy ball (he's talented enough to get 30 even when he's in cruise control) and doesn't want to be there. They need to wash their hands of him, whilst still playing a bit of hard ball with Geelong.
  7. Match Review Panel Farce

    Seems that the Milkshake got off? Must be the first time we've had some luck with the MRP all year.

    Spot on. I think our start lulled us into a false sense of security. When they kicked a couple out of their bums and got it back to level, it was almost as if we thought "we've got to keep attacking and get back in front here", instead of locking it down, taking our medicine and understanding that a 2 goal deficit against the wind would be a good result. Just kept playing quick footy instead of slowing it down. Also, re: the tackle count. I'm not surprised that teams have higher numbers against us. Partly it's because we want it to be contested, but most of it is because our game style invites pressure. Opposition coaches would be saying "they love 1 metre handballs out of congestion, but if we put pressure on them, they'll stay in congestion and we'll turn it over". Exactly what GWS did for most of the first half. And that's St Kilda's game plan, so let's hope we can find some spread this week or else the same thing will happen all over again.
  9. Brendan McCartney pregame today

    I agree - our outside run and polish was always likely to catch up with us, and unless we are absolutely smashing teams in contested ball and clearance (e.g. Port in the first half), our defence isn't quite strong enough to hold up. The reason that Richmond are such a good team at the moment is their defence - they can absorb lots of inside 50s (as they did against us in the first half on ANZAC eve), keep it close on the scoreboard and then when they have some momentum can score themselves. We don't seem to be able to hold up when the other team has it on their terms. You mention that Lewis and Jones are good kicks - Lewis' kicking this year has been more inconsistent than I imagined, and Jones' kicking on Saturday, apart from the first pass to Maxy, was absolutely horrendous. Hoping it was because he hasn't kicked on that right leg for about 6 weeks. Harmes just butchers the ball constantly. We are desperate for a quick outside mid with skills, a Brad Hill type gut runner.
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    I never quite understood why TMac was often thrown around on here as possible trade bait - sure, he makes the odd brain fade in defence but he was still our most crucial defender. I have even less understanding now given that he's proven to be a more than capable forward and even a pinch hitter in the ruck. He's untouchable...no way we trade TMac.

    Agree that this is critical. I've got a sneaky feeling that Mumford won't play - they talked about him needing a couple of weeks off after the Richmond game due to his ankle and Dawson Simpson is an emergency. Will be interesting to see just how fit Mumford is if he does play
  12. Another crack at the Tigers Please.

    Let's be honest, if our ruckmen didn't go down against them on ANZAC day, we would have won. We were smashing them in clearances until losing Spencer and Smith helped make Toby Nankervis seem like Polly Farmer. Let's just make it first before we worry about who we play!
  13. Changes for GWS

    Finey is painful, loves the sound of his own voice and I don't know why he even bothers having guests on, he just ends up speaking more than they do! And although I absolutely loved the Ox as a player, he's average on radio, and possibly the worst play by play commentator in the game, and that's saying something.
  14. The Jake Lever Thread

    Shows how good their recruiting has been in recent years, particularly given the draft penalty they got. Have nailed the picks they've had in the teens and twenties (e.g. M Crouch, Lever, Sloane, Talia) and done superbly with the rookie list (Laird, McGovern, Cameron). I'd have a soft spot for the crows if they weren't an Adelaide franchise with moron fans! Waldron would know about brown paper bags I guess. But, I do think that the Pies are our biggest competitors. They have some currency to offer in Scharenberg, who is an SA boy but in and out of the side having come back from two knee recos, and also have some hard nut midfield depth that might appeal to the Crows (e.g. Tom Phillips, Wills etc.) I'd love to have Lever but am a bit worried about what we'd need to give up to get him - would be minimum first rounder (pick 11 at the moment?) and then a decent player (not a VFL type like BenKen).
  15. Changes for GWS

    Deledio might come back for them too this week. Hopper an outside chance after a good game in the NEAFL. Regardless, this is one game that we can't complain too much about outs - Greene and Cameron are big losses for them and for Freo to run them so close means they can't have been brilliant on the weekend (not that I saw the game).