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  1. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    He said that because he still finds himself defending the deal that got us Tyson and Salem and got them Kelly (I know there were other pieces to the puzzle but that's the key one). Tyson was outstanding in year one for us but I'd call him handy since then rather than outstanding...played a few outstanding games but not in our best 10. Best 22, yes.
  2. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    My thoughts, with the caveat that it was still a practice match! 1/ Loved our versatility up forward and the different tall and small options we have....super efficient going forward in the first half 2/ That efficiency was helped because we smashed them in contested ball and loose ball gets, just seemed to have more numbers. Although our centre bounce work wasn't great early. 3/ You could see halfway through the 2nd that we started to cruise a bit - part of that is the fact that it's a March practice game and they're never going to be full tilt the whole time but part of it is that maturity that is needed. I hope Oliver and Petracca aren't intending to bring their James Harden celebration to Round 1....cos it was about then that the players seemed to get a bit comfortable. 4/ It is inevitable that there are periods of the game where the opposition will win more clearances, contests etc and lift their intensity. Saints did that in the 3rd whilst we dropped slightly - fine, that happens. What worries me is how vulnerable we look when it happens. Good teams are able to stem the bleeding and defend really well so that the damage is lessened. We seem to let the opposition kick 6 or 7 in quick succession and it often costs games. We are great when we're playing to our strengths and when the game is on our terms but when it swings the other way, we just need to be able to change momentum quicker than we do. 5/ Looked like getting overrun at 3/4 time but pleased that we steadied and kicked the first 3 of the last. Good to see us respond and good to know that fitness doesn't seem to be an issue 6/ Defensively, we still seem to have too many fly when the ball is bombed in the air and no crumbers. Just need to get the balance right. Individuals : Loved the class of Fritsch, and he and Hannan showed that they can co-exist in the same team. Hoges was so impressive at winning contests and loose balls on the ground and his mobility was excellent, though he dropped a few that I'd expect him to clunk when the season is up and going. Lever was terrific, and Petracca's vision in the forward half is sublime. Brayshaw really worked into the game well. I really noticed how quiet Jones was....maybe because he is always so prolific and rarely has a bad one but he just seemed a bit off it. Hopefully he's just blowing out some cobwebs having had a couple of pre-season niggles. Gawn really struggled in the first quarter in judging his marks but improved as the game went on.
  3. Ablett may be sidelined for Round 1

    You know what, I'd rather he play - will get another 15,000 bums on seats and I'd rather beat their full strength side. Better test for us and who doesn't want to see Viney, Oliver, Petracca v Danger, Selwood, Ablett?!
  4. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    I suspect you're right Roger. When they asked Ben Matthews about how Balic had settled in, he was hardly glowing in his praise and referenced some of the issues he'd been having at Freo. I think he's in for a long pre-season to build his fitness base and will be entrenched at Casey for the first part of the season. Hopefully he can chip away as I think he's got some talent.
  5. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    Anyone know if training will be on Monday? They haven't updated the website yet and am hoping I might be able to go.
  6. This is a key question for me. I know we have Pedo to help out but we don't have Watts to help as a 2nd ruck anymore......I assume we'd use TMac but am a little surprised we didn't get an experienced ruck to replace Spencer and back up Gawn.
  7. 2018 MFC fixture - 5 wishes

    1. No game at Skilled Stadium. Last year was about the first in 20 that we didn’t have to go down to that hell hole 2. No game in Hobart – though happy to play the Roos twice. I might regret that request #18onthetrot! 3. 6 day breaks kept to the league average, rather than twice the average like it was last year. I think we had 9 six day breaks which was well above the next highest of 6. 4. Opening round blockbuster (happy if it’s the Pies) 5. At least two Friday night games at the G. There are of course a few other “nice to haves” (e.g. less interstate trips) but from both a playing and commercial perspective, the above would be ideal. When does the draw come out?
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    That's true, and you know what, they'll probably get the best out of him....but I just don't think we ever will given the history and more particularly, how comfortable he is at the club. 2016 he was very good but he had to go to another level this year and he only did it in patches - even before his injury. Footy is littered with players who needed a kick up the bum and to go to a second club to fulfil their potential, and it wouldn't surprise me if Jack is one of those. I'm going to miss him but when Goodwin, Jones and Mahoney say the sorts of things that they are, it's clear that they have good reason for letting him go.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Convinced he'll go. Connors on trade radio said "he was getting his head around it" and it sounded like Connors was encouraging him that it will be the best thing for him, even though it's hard for him. If I'm Jack, I'm thinking that a move to Sydney, where it's still a big city with plenty to do, is ideal. Will shake him out of the comfort zone but still have him at a club that is virtually certain to play finals, and in a city that he'll probably enjoy.
  10. Trade rumours

    Stanley is a renowned pea heart who plays a good quarter every six weeks. Thurlow is quick but a poor decision maker and average user - got dropped from their finals team. No way are these adequate swaps for Watts. Set your sights a bit higher!!
  11. Trade rumours

    Dodoro will offer next year's 4th round pick and a packet of used syringes - and then complain that he doesn't understand why the Bummers have a reputation of being "hard to deal with".
  12. Trade rumours

    No interest in trading Neal-Bullen. Was one of our big improvers this year, only in his 3rd year and will get better. Can play forward or mid. I think our original offer for Lever of 10 and 27 is very fair and we should only have to move slightly on this (perhaps 27 moving to early 20s) to get this done.

    Which is great, but we need to turn that into #premiershipclub
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Who says that the recruitment of Lever squeezes out the Macs and Frost?! There's a thing called injuries (unless you're Richmond 2017 and never get one!) , and competition for spots. It's critical to have depth, and TMac has shown he can play either end. Even in your last scenario, we had Hogan, Watts, Gawn, TMac, OMac and the Weid in our team in Round 1 vs the Aints, and it was one of our better matches. We had Joel Smith playing the Lever role, and he was doing it well until he got injured. Adding Lever doesn't squeeze a tallish player out.

    Lever will fit in well with us because he got shafted by the umps, just like we do most weeks! Take a look at a replay of the big mark that Riewoldt took early in the game. Lever's arm is being held by Townsend. Meanwhile, at a critical time halfway through the second, umpire pings Jake for a very slight tug of the jumper after the ball has been spoiled, enabling Townsend to get a free and a goal. Tigers were very good but just like the Doggies in the GF, got an absolute dream run from the umps when it counted. How Betts didn't get a free in the goalsquare just before halftime for holding is beyond me.