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  1. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    I’m not a watts hater. I really loved jack when he was with us. I watched the first port game for the year last night. If he played that game in our jumper, I would be livid. He didn’t come to the ball to take a mark. Turnover. He had no urgency running away from a pack. Tackled, turnover. There was no intensity. Taking it with a grain of salt. It’s the only game I’ve seen him play this year. But regardless, that was one he will want to forget.
  2. Stats-file 2018

    The key stat I look at really is: quarters won. We're sitting equal first with 9 wins and 3 losses. One lose per game. As has been said a lot on this site, we go "missing" for a quarter. While I do agree that we have gone missing, I also feel it's unrealistic for us to win every quarter. What we need to do is "limit" that damage in the quarter/s we lose. Against Saints in pre season, we let through 8 goals from memory. Against Geelong in rd 1, 2nd quarter, we let through 7 goals. Turned out to be too much. Against Brisbane, rd 2, we limited the damage of 4 goals to 1 in that 3rd quarter. Against North, rd 3, 1st quarter, we let through 5 goals. Common sense I know, but in the quarters we lose, if we limit it to around a 2-3 goal difference, I'll predict we'll win more than we lose this year.
  3. Lessons of a 26-year-old rookie

    Not sure if this was posted anywhere. Couldn't see it. Bull is a friend's brother. A great honest article. https://www.playersvoice.com.au/tim-smith-lessons-of-26-year-old-rookie
  4. Robbo (Mark) doesn't think we'll make finals

    It's just clickbait. Sensationalise some headline to hope more people click it. Last year on SEN he basically said the Dees were a shoe in to make finals this year.
  5. The Elephant in the Room

    Not sure it was an elephant.... Maybe an ant....but sure.
  6. Let me use 2 examples: I once stole a picnic bar from a milk bar when I was 12. The store owner saw me and ran after me until she gave up. A crime was committed, but no charge no report. It still happened. This sums up the #metoo movement. It happens, but people don't speak up enough and just accept it. Second scenario. in that same scenario, the Milk bar owner calls the cops to make a statement. The cops tell her, there isn't much we can do. There's no footage, it's your word against his. This sums up the Bali incident. now let's replace me stealing a picnic bar with groping, sexually assaulting and a bunch of other vulgar terms. Let's assume there was no media. No one would hear about it. No "facts". Sooooo let's defend the "alleged" perpetrator. We're never going to find out the "facts". I know there can be false claims. I know I'm sounding self righteous right now. I'm doing so because I can easily count over 10 of my friends who have been groped, raped, drugged who haven't spoken up about it due to being horrified at the responses of "your skirt was really short" or "you shouldn't have drunk that much" or "why didn't you push him away". Or..."you had a lot to drink, are you sure that your memory is right? Make sure you get the FACTs right." This is the last I'll post on this topic. I just feel people need to think about the likelihoods. This girl may have come forward in private about seeing what can be done about an incident overseas to hang some player out to dry and made it all up. She also could have been sexually assaulted. Which do you think is the more likely?
  7. Lol. Oh dear. because the lives of women have never been ruined by men have they? Or gone unnoticed or uncharged. I think the pay gap between genders is a simple example of women's lives STILL being ruined by men.
  8. That is correct. Just ponder this question... under what circumstances would you or any person for that matter go and make a report of such things? To put your own name out there under such circumstances requires courage. There is nothing good that comes for the girl to report this and have the media attention. None whatsoever. That is why I take her word immediately and place more weight on it than presuming the innocence of a footy player. again, personal opinion only. And everyone is entitled to their view.
  9. While I can understand your view. The only fact I need to know is a girl has come forward that she believes she has been sexually assaulted. You don't need to have sympathy, although maybe try some empathy. What would she be feeling? What would she be going through. I'm not saying any player is guilty or not guilty. Just that this person feels she has been violated. That is fact.
  10. Let's just hope the person making the allegations is ok. Can't imagine the pain or trauma someone goes through when something like this occurs. Whether guilty or innocent, they felt the need to come forward. Hope the club and Afl ensure her wellbeing is the number 1 priority. everyhing else is second
  11. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    I dunno. I loved the Ox on SEN. But at the same time, its a contract. The contract expired. Putting the human side into it, if they knew they were going to get rid of them, surely give them time to farewell their loyal listeners properly.
  12. MFC Advent Calendar

    Where's the chocolate?
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    I just want to highlight players that were around before the Roos era who were traded/delisted etc and the outcomes of them since leaving the club. 2013 Delisted - Tynan, Sellar, Davis, Gillies, Couch, Magner, Stark, Taggert - None playing 2014 Traded - Mitch Clark - Retired, no impact Delisted - Blease, Strauss, Westrup, Nicholson, Clisby, Georgiou, Tapscott - None Playing 2015 Traded - Jeremy Howe - ok, Toumpas - no impact, Fitzpatrick - no impact Delisted - Bail, Mckenzie, Riley, Michie - None Playing 2016 Traded - Dunn - ok Delisted - Grimes, Jones, Terlich, Dawes, Michie, Newton - None Playing 2017 .... I would argue of every single trade or delisting has been 100% spot on. I see Jeremy Howe being the only one that would be in our best 30 players now. Am I concerned about Watts leaving and it coming back to bite us? Not one little bit. 100% trust in this administration. Could it have been handled better? Probably. In my experience, relationship break ups are hard and there are often things said and done that could be done better. No different here. But, rest assured, this is better for the MFC.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Not many left from 186... If Garland retires...I think it leaves Jones, Tmac and Gawn who were on the list at the time 186 was played...