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  1. Mmm...I think you might need to watch the game again. Watts kicked 1 goal. Should have had 2. He also had 3 goal assists. He also had a clever tap to Harmes that led to a goal. And he crashed the pack to allow Garlett to run on to another goal. That's at least 6 goals he was a part of. If not more. Solid game.
  2. Hate to say it, but think it's one week at a time. If the last 3 weeks have taught us anything, suspensions and injuries play a huge role. Essendon coming off a short break in wet weather. They might snag an injury in the first quarter. One thing I will say. We need to be very very aware of their small forwards. Tippa and Fantasia are top notch.
  3. I'm not sure why it's broken? Conduct was Intentional, medium impact, high contact = 3 matches. It's pretty straight forward if you ask me. Now as has been discussed, the only thing that could be argued is whether impact was low or not. I'd say any contact that causes a broken jaw or concussion is quite substantial and to call it low is pretty tough to argue. Either way, I understand the frustration/annoyance/grievances aired here. If they had decided to strike to the guts, this would have been avoided. Still think it's a low act and there is no need for any of it. But, it's not as if the rules and the criteria hasn't been around for a while.
  4. Suggestions to fix the MRP.... ...tell players not to strike opposition players in the face? Sorry to state the bleeding obvious, but if we took our biased opinions out of it, at the end of the day Vince, Hogan, Lewis all went too far. Need to cop the penalty.
  5. You're making an assumption that Carlton are going to score If things go according to plan, kick ins shouldn't be required much on Sunday.
  6. Got what it should have. Silly from Bernie, but that's who he is. Don't want him to change. Take the good with the bad. Off the ball, high and intentional. Don't really care about "impact", as it's not really a good look. I always remembered the Hawks during their reign pushing the boundaries. I think this is one of those cases. Just simply that Bernie went a little too far. Take the medicine, move on.
  7. Thought it was a good hit out. WC are a good side and on their home deck. Their midfield of SMitchell, Priddis, Shuey, Sheed, Gaff, Masten, Yeo is up there as being one of the best in the league. Not many midfields boast 2 brownlow medalists. I expect them to be top 4. We had many chances to win this game. But WC also had many chances to put us to the sword. My thoughts which more or less resembles most people on here.Turnovers leading to direct shots on goals is what will undo us in majority of our losses this year. WC's ability to slingshot and do the 45 degree angle kick to open up the ground was exceptional. Their skills to execute this was of a high standard last night. Oliver is a beauty. Nuff said. Skills/entries into our fwd half were questionable. If those hit targets and become shots on goal, we probably would have won. Think this has been a great pre season for us. An underdone Doggies first up was good to get the cobwebs out. A walk in the park against a lower side in Carlton. A tougher game against a top 4 side (IMO) on their home ground in hot conditions. Results reflect where we're at as a club. Personally think we'll get done against Saints Rd 1, but I don't think that's the end of the world. Reckon we'll give them a run for their money though.
  8. Somewhere between 0 and 22 wins. btw 1-18 on the ladder. Someone had to do it surely?
  9. Wow. Isn't this great to see. We'd want to lock away Salem and Stretch quick smart. Aside from that, you'd assume Bernie will be a year by year prospect that will get assessed at the latter end of the year. The rest are "depth". Would love to see Trengove become a required signature. Hope he gets the chance to prove it this year.
  10. While I agree with your post, I also think it acts a driver. "Hey, we're not sure if you'll make it, lets see your drive and prove us wrong".
  11.'s a donkey?
  12. Nah Pies need their picks for their 2 father sons they want to pick up...
  13. I'd say this is Mahoney doing negotiations really well. Bris probably said to Melb, up your offer cause we have other clubs interested. Mahoney, merely saying, "meh, he's a nice to have, you can keep that toxic captain if you really have other buyers". Leaks something publicly to state we're not interested which is semi true/semi false. Your move Brisbane as to how desperate you are to offload the biggest problem to your culture re build. Come back to us if you want to talk. Melbourne great if we get him cheap, but we're also non plussed if we don't get him. Just my take....or...we may have never been interested at all.
  14. Neither will sarcasm
  15. Just because I needed to point out how silly these stats are: 2015: With Pedersen - 1 win 7 losses 14% Without Pedersen - 6 wins 15 losses 40% There are just too many variables that impact a game. Which ground, the temperature, the weather, the OPPOSITION, the # of days break, travel factor, injuries players bring in to games, injuries during the game, umpiring decisions. I like the thought process, I just think it's a little too simplistic.