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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    I just want to highlight players that were around before the Roos era who were traded/delisted etc and the outcomes of them since leaving the club. 2013 Delisted - Tynan, Sellar, Davis, Gillies, Couch, Magner, Stark, Taggert - None playing 2014 Traded - Mitch Clark - Retired, no impact Delisted - Blease, Strauss, Westrup, Nicholson, Clisby, Georgiou, Tapscott - None Playing 2015 Traded - Jeremy Howe - ok, Toumpas - no impact, Fitzpatrick - no impact Delisted - Bail, Mckenzie, Riley, Michie - None Playing 2016 Traded - Dunn - ok Delisted - Grimes, Jones, Terlich, Dawes, Michie, Newton - None Playing 2017 .... I would argue of every single trade or delisting has been 100% spot on. I see Jeremy Howe being the only one that would be in our best 30 players now. Am I concerned about Watts leaving and it coming back to bite us? Not one little bit. 100% trust in this administration. Could it have been handled better? Probably. In my experience, relationship break ups are hard and there are often things said and done that could be done better. No different here. But, rest assured, this is better for the MFC.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Not many left from 186... If Garland retires...I think it leaves Jones, Tmac and Gawn who were on the list at the time 186 was played...
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    My 2 cents: For those saying this is all "Goodwin", and Roos got the most out of Watts etc. Sure, that may be true, but so what? It's Goodwin's team now. He can shape the list how he sees fit. We don't talk negatively about Roos bringing on board Michie, Riley, Kennedy et al. We just go with it. Roos has been great with culture absolutely. He has only won 1 premiership as a coach. With Goodwin, he's a premiership player x 2, a captain of a footy club and a natural leader. I back him in knowing what it takes to build a premiership list. To Watts. Yes he's loyal, and a great club man. Yes he has skill. These types of individuals definitely have their place in any club and have great benefit. What he simply lacks is his drive or ambition to do what it takes to be the best. In the past, this may have been enough, but with the professionalism of AFL now, it simply is not. I use Trent Cotchin as an example this year. Previously I would have put Cotchin in Watts category. Nice, polite, and skillful. This year he pushed himself to the next level. His desire to get "dirty" and put his body on the line really showed. I'm yet to see this in Watts. There was a post comparing stats earlier about Watts and Lynch. That is quite damning. Something that we don't have stats for, which would essentially find Watts out in my opinion is the number of times his marking contests brought the ball to ground when he didn't mark it. Our game plan is if we can't mark it in the fwd 50, to bring it to ground and trap it in our forward 50. When Watts didn't do this during the year on several occasions, it led to a transition and goal or score down the other end quite often. It releases the pressure both implied and scoreboard and kills momentum. Long story short, it's clear that when we make finals next year, Goodwin simply doesn't feel confident in picking Watts as he's not sure which Watts he would be getting. Thus...he's a liability.
  4. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I think you mean a final decided by two players from opposing teams. One that gave a high tackle in the forward 50, and the other being the player that kicked the goal.
  5. Opponent in finals

    Yeah we're definitely not there. Stating the obvious, but we need to beat the pies. Coming into Sunday twilight game, Ade has a high chance they have top spot sewn up. They'd go in bruise free away from home. WCE with everything to play for and on their home deck, could easily win by 20-40 points. I bloody hope we come to play.
  6. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Did he do enough today? Thought he did some good things. Got exposed on the spread by Boak though. Reckon he's in again next week...then when Bernie comes back...going to be interesting. Hope he puts in a blinder next week to make it tough for selectors.

    Heart still thumping. Nev is a god. As is clarry and tmac. Footy has a funny way of balancing out. We lost a couple of games where injuries really took their toll (Geelong and Richmond). Today it's evened out in my opinion. Entire 2nd half with the blues 2 players down. I'll take it. thought Kent struggled. A few time he just wasn't clean. Boy was Jesse rusty. Smith will be better for the run. He's a great find. Stretch I don't think will make it in the end (hope I'm wrong). Melksham needs to stop whinging when he feels there is a free kick. I saw maybe 2-3 times after a contest he just stopped and didn't chase. Not what we need.

    Ok...so I've had 24 hours to soak it in. And to reflect, read reports, forums, watch replays, highlights. Damn it's great!!!! The thing/thought that keeps playing in my head is the Simon Goodwin presser after the Tigers game. It was along the lines of "good teams find a way to win". Against the Tigers, we were 2 players down early and were leading by 20+ points, but lost. Last night, we were 2 players down (later), down by 17 points. Viney injured. Away from home. No Hogan, Jones, Watts. We found a way to win. This was as impressive a win as any. Simply on a high! THE LID IS OFF!

    Mmm...I think you might need to watch the game again. Watts kicked 1 goal. Should have had 2. He also had 3 goal assists. He also had a clever tap to Harmes that led to a goal. And he crashed the pack to allow Garlett to run on to another goal. That's at least 6 goals he was a part of. If not more. Solid game.
  10. Next Six Weeks

    Hate to say it, but think it's one week at a time. If the last 3 weeks have taught us anything, suspensions and injuries play a huge role. Essendon coming off a short break in wet weather. They might snag an injury in the first quarter. One thing I will say. We need to be very very aware of their small forwards. Tippa and Fantasia are top notch.
  11. Suggestions to fix the MRP

    I'm not sure why it's broken? Conduct was Intentional, medium impact, high contact = 3 matches. It's pretty straight forward if you ask me. Now as has been discussed, the only thing that could be argued is whether impact was low or not. I'd say any contact that causes a broken jaw or concussion is quite substantial and to call it low is pretty tough to argue. Either way, I understand the frustration/annoyance/grievances aired here. If they had decided to strike to the guts, this would have been avoided. Still think it's a low act and there is no need for any of it. But, it's not as if the rules and the criteria hasn't been around for a while.
  12. Suggestions to fix the MRP

    Suggestions to fix the MRP.... ...tell players not to strike opposition players in the face? Sorry to state the bleeding obvious, but if we took our biased opinions out of it, at the end of the day Vince, Hogan, Lewis all went too far. Need to cop the penalty.
  13. Changes for Round 2 v Carlton

    You're making an assumption that Carlton are going to score If things go according to plan, kick ins shouldn't be required much on Sunday.
  14. Bernie Vince - MRP?

    Got what it should have. Silly from Bernie, but that's who he is. Don't want him to change. Take the good with the bad. Off the ball, high and intentional. Don't really care about "impact", as it's not really a good look. I always remembered the Hawks during their reign pushing the boundaries. I think this is one of those cases. Just simply that Bernie went a little too far. Take the medicine, move on.