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  1. Queanbeyan Demon

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    my understand is that it is not an improbable scenario as of yesterday.
  2. Queanbeyan Demon

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    there's some information flying around.
  3. Queanbeyan Demon

    Melbourne will beat WC (The Roar)

    Spot on RD. JK is a gun (a completely overused word but justified in this case IMHO) and Meth Coke have probably finished top two and not outside the eight due to him. He's under-appreciated on the East Coast IMHO. All this is a long way of saying that if they get it in the middle and can move it quickly in the JK direction - we've got real problems. I love Frosty and Oscar, but they are no match for Kennedy. Therefore we need to cut it off at the source. Brayshaw needs to have a big day IMHO. He just might be the key. If he gets it 30 times inside the square, we win. He's the closest we have to a 'kill you' player (that is a guy who every time he gets it he kills you - aka Martin, Cyril, Pendles, Nathan Buckley and Voss). Please Angus . . . play the game of your life Son. FWIW . . . Robbie Flower was probably our last 'kill you' player.
  4. Queanbeyan Demon

    Our supporter stereotype

    This. All I can say is that I'm relieved The Country Party changed their name to The Nationals.
  5. Queanbeyan Demon

    Theme song - updated second verse

    Oh the team played fine, thanks to Trackor not Wines, and Neville, he fixed up Le Cras, Paul Roos knew and Goody knew too that Selwood - he should wear a bra . . .
  6. Queanbeyan Demon

    One eyed docker looking to borrow a Melbourne guernsey

    Buy some merch Dood! We need the funds. And you'll get Jesse soon enough. Stop softening us up!
  7. Queanbeyan Demon

    I owe it all to Demonland

    Scary putting a face to the name after all these years. OMG.
  8. Queanbeyan Demon

    What if?

    i would like to win 6 over the next ten years please.
  9. Queanbeyan Demon

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    King is right . . . although some of the logic is slightly skewiff. we'd need to improve significantly on last night to knock over Meth Coke. Not impossible, mind you.
  10. Queanbeyan Demon

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    this. Stats are like investing in the markets, when you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results!
  11. Queanbeyan Demon

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Demonland . . . what can I say?
  12. Queanbeyan Demon

    Eddie shows love for Dees

    Who's Eddie?
  13. Queanbeyan Demon

    Meanwhile . . . down at Glenferrie Road . . . .

    Players like Breust and Smith are never going to look good when we have our backs against the wall. Should have let that embarassing club rot. The amount of shame and embarassment they have brought on our game far exceeds the good. Don't worry hawks fans. Picture Petracca's [censored] face taunting Sicily. That same face will be in tears Saturday week after Kennedy and Darling have finished with his team. I'd keep Mirra and get rid of Frawley, an absolute f&$king spud. Can we trade for spargo looks a good player. Impey is actually pretty ordinary. Years of tanking finally paying off. How many times is clayton oliver going to throw it? Melbourne wasn't good on the night! umpires were magnificent tonight. Any chance we can give Frawley back to the D's? Richmond made us look worse than we really are. Geelong made Melbourne look better than they really are. Poor max gawn is a bloody hideous looking individual. Lots of Melbourne booing, has tomorrow’s snow report come out or something? Senior players gone missing for the second straight week. Oliver is the biggest cat in the AFL... tries to act like a tough campaigner but isn't. Do. Not. Ever. Kick. The. Ball. To. James. Frawley. Melbourne's pressure in our forward line was excellent. This posession gamestyle we play will not bring any more success.