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    Training - Monday, 19th November, 2012

    I spent about an hour down at training this morning, and witnessed 30 minutes of light stretching followed by 30 minutes of intense boundary line running over varying distances (usually between 200-400m). Players were paired up and ran in the following order: Nicholson/Bail - Nicholson was machine-like, and clearly the fittest guy running today. Bail was gradually worked over, but not for want of trying. Spewed up post run Magner/Howe - Good contest. Howe shaded Magner early, but Magner kept going at a constant rate and ended up in front. Howe pulled out of the last 3 or 4 runs. No obvious injury Trengove/Jones - Even battle, with JT gradually gaining ascendancy. JT looked sprightly McKenzie/Watts - McKenzie slowly but surely pulled away from Watts. Watts tried hard, and avoided getting overtaken from behind (until a little fella got him on the final run) Burns/Rodan - Burns comfortably. Rodan started struggling about halfway through Strauss/Viney - Even for the first half of the session. During the final part of the session, Viney ended up eclipsing Strauss. Then Rodan. Then Burns. Then Watts. It was a super effort. Davis/Frawley - Davis ended up ahead of Frawley. There were various other groups after this, but I was more focused on the lead groups so didn't pay much attention. From what I did see: Pedo/Gillies - Ran together towards the back end of the group. Spencer - Fittest of the big men Davey - Clearly the worst performer Taggert - Clearly the second worst performer Tapp - In one of the end groups, but was better than that. Encouraged the otehr boys well. Looked for leaner and glided across the ground. Jamar/Dunn/Fitzpatrick - Did a lower volume of running compared to the others. Fitz, with his Forest Gump running style, was the stand-out. Jamar eclipsed Dunn. Grimes/Barry/Blease/Tynan - Did laps with each other. All moved nicely. Barry is whippet-like and easily kept up with Grimes. Tom MacDonald - Worked one-on-one with various coaches completing kicking and ball-gathering drills. Sylvia - Light skill work on the other oval. Gawn/Hogan - Walked laps then disappeared. Clark - Didn't see him today. Last week he appeared to be walking with a slight limp (for what it's worth).
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    Caroline Wilson's descent into gutter journalism

    I'm not a renowned DL poster, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts. Like most, the weight of media hyperbole, anecdotes and mudslinging is having an effect on me. However, rationally, I think tanking is impossible to prove, is against the AFLs interests, and if 'proven', will have further ramifications (other teams, betting, ADs job, legal action). My main concern is that the AFL's actions are often governed by public opinion and PR, as opposed to the facts. If we go down, we go down fighting and will bring others down with us. I have known the vice president, Guy Jalland, on a personal level. Guy is an incredibly shrewd operator with a brilliant legal mind and many connections. Guy is passionate about the Demons. If this issue results in a legal showdown, I am confident that we will be expertly led.
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    Dave Misson/Weekly Training Update

    I never thought Scully was genuinely quick. He was more of a scrambler, moving his legs really quickly. If you watch highlights, you'll never see him burn players like Blease/Rohan do.
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    The Tommy Walsh Thread

    I saw a bit of Walsh play this season down at Sandringham, having worked for the Zebras for a few games. He is massive physical presense, quiet, but intimidating. Didn't lose many one on one contests, and doesnt take a backward step. Would be an intersting trade for us.
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    Leadership Poll

    Jack Watts. Reasons: - Star: I believe he has more star potential than any other player on our list (admittedly, this is yet to be proven). - Charisma: Some have it, others don't - Jack has it. - Size: He is turning into a physical specimen - not that size is a prerequisite for leadership, but it certainly helps. - Media: The camera loves him and he is very well spoken. - Aggression: I think this is an underrated trait in Jack. He doesn't take a backwards step. With size and responsibility, will come more aggression. - Teamplay: While watching him during games, I noticed he is very encouraging and positive towards teammates. I don't think any other player on our list has this combination of leadership traits. Jack Watts for captain.