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  1. Chris24

    Trade Radio Discussion

    Brett Anderson tossing up a hypothetical 7 + Bugg for 10, 43, 50
  2. Chris24


    Brett Anderson tossing up a hypothetical 7 (when they get it for Trelor) + Bugg for 10, 43, 50
  3. Chris24

    Jarryd Lyons

    Friend from work who knows Jarryd has told me that melbourne has met with him
  4. Chris24


    https://twitter.com/stevo7afl/status/508864676235468800 Isn't the bloke in the background of the pic (guy in red top) part of melbournes fitness staff? Alex Sakadjian? (just looked him up on twitter and he's part of the rehab staff) Surely he wouldn't be still helping Mitch if he was talking about going somewhere else
  5. bit harsh, that pic is right after gysberts had his jaw broken.
  6. Chris24

    Liam "Two-to-Four" Jurrah

    I'll say what I've said in other threads watched thursdays training last week. He was running lap after lap in the rehab group. Ankle looked fine from where I was watching. So on the injury side he looked fine, may be fitness keeping him out? Or they are just making sure they don't bring him back too early.
  7. Chris24

    Injury List - Round 15

    LJ was was running fine last week at training (thurs) was doing lap after lap in the rehab group.
  8. Chris24

    Tom McDonald

    Regard Went to training last Thursday and he was running without any trouble from where I was watching. He ran quite a few laps as well, may be fitness related?
  9. Chris24

    The forgotten one....

    He'll be fine! As J-Riv said above (I watched a bit of training yesterday as well) he looked happy and was running really well. I feel that it's more of a fitness issue than his ankle keeping him out of the side. Could see that he's really wanting back in on the action, watching with intent at all the drills being performed by the rest of the playing group. I must say there are of drama queen Melbourne supporters lately fearing the worst for him ( I was one but watching him train yesterday changed that worry). Oh and Geddy Lee, he is a game changer. Anyone that can kick 4 to 5 goals in match is. Let's just hope he gets over theses charges and back to making oppositions worrying about how they are going to stop him and Clark firing up forward
  10. Chris24

    Injury List - Round 14

    What's happening with LJ? Haven't heard anything for weeks.. No mention of his progress in the Dave Misson updates. Anyone heard anything? Could use his goal kicking now Clark is out.
  11. Chris24

    Northern Blues v Casey Scorpions

    No Stef Martin hmm, interesting.
  12. Chris24

    Potential Shopping List

    What's Sidebottom's contract status? Always felt he could be pendlebury like. From the list would look at Ricky Dyson (Great left foot kick, don't have any ATM)
  13. Chris24

    Okay....where does the improvement come from?

    We really need some players with penetrating kicks.. Ala hawthorn. Too many times the ball fell short when kicking to Clark.
  14. It's so sad having to watch people you know and love have to go through and battle such a disgusting and unbiased disease like cancer. And it seems that it always happens to the people who deserve it the least. I.e Sean Wight, Jimmy and my mother at 48, who unfortunately succumbed to Brain cancer just over a month ago. I can't even grasp how strong someone must be to have to go through something like this both physically, mentally and their emotional mindset. Having met Jim whilst my mum was receiving treatment, He was very kind, taking time to chat with us about many subjects and it was quite inspirational, giving us hope that both he and my mum are both going to survive this. My mum couldn't after putting up one hell of a fight, but you must Jim. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  15. 1. Leigh Brown 2. Alan Didak 3. Michael Osborne 4. Brendon Goddard Had to add a forth