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  1. Bumping this thread after his game last week. Both coaches gave him the maximum of 5 votes after the Carlton game. I thought he played well through the mid-field in the pre season and probably played his best game for the club at half back last week. With a proper run at a pre season, he seems to have alleviated some of my concerns. At times he showed some good pace, he defended well, and took some nice marks. The mark he took before kicking the goal, he had to sit under a high ball with Casboult closing in. Well done to Christian - I hope he can continue to improve.
  2. Salem got the perfect 10. 8 to Clarry.
  3. Any reports on the best at Casey Demons?
  4. I'm an MCC member and MFC member. I hated that we played a home game at Etihad the last couple of years. We don't have one there this year though! I'd rather play Geelong there, as we do this year than travel down to Kardinia Be a real supporter, get there and help even up the numbers of a big Saints crowd. Especially with the $15 tickets.
  5. Thanks fellas! I got a reserved level 1 ticket for $15. As it will get me into the ground, I will sit on the wing, level 3 where I like to watch. Come on Lander's, for that price catch the train to Southern Cross and support the boys!
  6. Great report Vibes! How did Tim Smith and Hannan look?
  7. Salem in the main group. Must be fine!
  8. Oscar McDonald. Couldnt see this posted anywhere.. Still a lot of upside. Copy the link into a Google search to avoid the paywall.
  9. Thanks Cop. The funny buggers updated the training times in the last couple of hours! I hope to get down - let me know if anyone wants any observations on a particular player?
  10. Can anyone confirm when training is back? I have tomorrow off and was hoping they'd be back.
  11. Young Demon eying permanent spot up forward
  12. I can see in to the past - Jack Viney gets it.
  13. Did Salem make it out on the track Drunkn?
  14. Thank mate. Maybe Oscar didn't pull up. Could be a late change. Would like an extra runner in the side!