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  1. That's my only issue with the suspension. IMo I thought when it happened he was in trouble and probably deserved a week for stupidity, but My years of watching footy tell me something similar or even slightly worse later in the year gets reviewed over and over to find how a fine is justified.
  2. You could argue the ball was in dispute in this instance and a contest, not handballed off and out of the contest
  3. First impression seeing it on Saturday was it was undisciplined and something they would look at to set a standard as they always do early in the season. Stupid act and I hope Goody has torn strips off him in private. As was the case with Lewis and Hogan in 2017, theres tough acts and theres going over the top costing your side That's what this was
  4. When the club first started, the only day the players were able to play was on Wednesday.
  5. I do remember him Wise tough call but Flash's ball use when he moved to the backline was a thing of beauty
  6. Neitz would be FF Viney replaces Jones in the middle and Yze goes to the pocket Reckon Flash would be better off HBF than Febes
  7. 87 Prelim, I was young enough to believe in fairytales and we were on such a roll. For the young Deelanders we had even more momentum than last season. Even 32 years later I'm still in disbelief watching that game. Closest we've been in my lifetime to the flag
  8. Yes, plenty on here particularly TGR have slated him from the day he came in. We have got a lot out of him and won a good few games off his experience in 2017 and 18. He has helped greatly with player development and now he's depth which all would have been what was intended when we signed him for 3 years My Round 1 side B. Jetta May Hibberd HB. Hore Frost Salem C. KK Oliver Harmes HF. ANB Tmac Trac F. Spargo Weid Melk/Hannan R. Gawn, Viney Brayshaw I/C. AVB, Fritsch, Jones, Stretch
  9. The Bog is long gone McQueen would be closed around 15 years. The redevelopment of Northbridge with apartments and new late night bars killed it off. Just sits there on Newcastle St vacant now.
  10. Can't beat experience OD It's what they call getting credits in the bank, good move before the season starts
  11. Apologies as I'm technically illiterate, but can a fellow Dlander run me through the process on blocking other users. There's one I need to put on ignore asap
  12. Depth is the big word and improving our flexibility against different opposition. 3 KPDs needed round 1 to free up Maxy so he won't have to play that floating defensive role. Port will have 3 of Dixon, Westhoff, Lycett, Marshall or Ryder playing forward at various times depending on which of those 5 are left out. They will also run hard all day so plenty of players needed to rotate through the middle B. Jetta May Frost HB. Salem Omac Hibberd C. Stretch Viney Fritsch HF. ANB Tmac Petracca F. Melk Weid Hannan R. Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw I/C. AVB, Harmes, Spargo, Lewis/Jones Emg. Pruess, J.Smith, KK
  13. I hate to burst any bubbles but whilst it's not everything he didn't make State u/16s Academy this year. Taj Schofield son of Jarryd the best of the bunch who will head to SA next year and play with Woodville West Torrens
  14. Jones is a great warrior and a club legend but has his limitations. Petracca was only coming of a knee in 2016 and whilst Brayshaw showed promise he was nowhere near the level in 2016 he was this season and in 2017 getting his concussions sorted was a big concern. As I said with my side they are 2 years behind where we are all of Simpson Kruezer and Murphy are gone from my side. Cripps is the best mid in the comp, Kennedy is also a big bodied ball winner who not unlike Trac and Brayshaw just needs to get his body right. They have the spine which is the most difficult part to put together now in drafting Walsh and Stocker they are showing they are putting their midfield together. Put the 3 older players back in that side and consider them for next season not as a top 8 contender but not a side you would want to take lightly
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