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  1. Mature Age Recruits

    He's actually a beautiful kick and I saw him kick some sensational goals during the season which I'm surprised didn't make the highlights reel. As I've said my knock on him is work ethic, second efforts and a real issue to deal with quality defenders which he's going to get at AFL level. Not sure he can take the next step
  2. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Well said Daisy got my vote not because of gender but because ee are a club AFL, AFLA & VFL. Daisy is a great representative on field and off. Jetta is in the same boat and he is an absolute champion of the club
  3. What about Freo yes they lost a good young player in Weller but to get pick 2 and Matera in return was A+. The draft this year is still going to give you some good players down to around pick 40 what it lacks is the depth in the clear gun players after around pick 6. Freo have 2 picks in the top 5 and also got their prime target in Wilson who will combine well with the Hill brothers
  4. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Tmac Lewis Jetta Hibberd Jones Daisy Viney Clarry Trac Hunt In that order from left to right based on 2017 apologies to Nibbler

    Funny with some of those names you mentioned Chaser. Was talking to a few of my Meth Coast supportingmates over a beer last night and I said to them about there being a core group of good WA boys this year. Not stars but good footballers with strong work ethic which could work out well long term. I think they wont take Naughton with their first rounder their defence isn't really an issue outside of struggling with pace and at ground level which he doesn't really help. They really need a lot of work through their midfield with a long standing lack of pace and now with Priddis and Mitchell gone they are going to need some help on the inside. They also seriously lack depth through the middle. Another long term issue has been a small hard working forward with some nouse I think their 1st pick at 13 and their second at around 20 if one is still available will be used to shore up those issues The three players I think they would target are all Vic boys in Andrew Brayshaw, Jack Higgins and maybe Jayden Stephenson. I believe they will take whichever of those boys is available and I expect they'll all be gone by their second pick From there I believe they will target the WA boys in Oscar Allen - really like this kid and one of our boys from the Northern suburbs hard worker and smart footballer who is capable of building a tank and turning into a big midfielder. Brandon Starcevich - solid hard working good size player who will work his arse off to get the best out of himself can play mid Jake Patmore - another hard worker and big time accumulator. Jake is a standout at colts and good ball user Sam Taylor - cheaper in terms of pick required than Naughton and like Barrass they will play the older citizen (McKenzie) and allow the kid to take time to develop in the WAFL Brayden Ainsworth - country kid who moved to Perth late to get serious and has flourished. Another mid but just something about this kid who knows how to find and use the ball. This kid is a footballer Liam Baker- overlooked last season but been really good at Subiaco this year. May go as a rookie but good smart footballer and unlike Cripps and Hill he can run through the middle
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Maybe Hemingway but it is better to make a decision than sit on your hands

    A no from me at this stage especially with his lack of pressure. Great highlight reel but seen the AFL listed and former AFL defenders work him over to easily on several occasions. Would consider a very late pick or rookie if anything
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    No names, but my information is that you're off the mark here with some who were involved in the decision process. I'll trust my source and the info provided. They involved were fully aware and exposed to it over many years The penny was never going to drop with Jack at MFC. Tough decision needed to ne made and it was
  9. Farewell Colin Garland

    Cheers for your efforts and being a solid servant to the club in some very dark times Garlo!
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    I miss no point I understand how football club runs, the lists get turned over. I don't live in la la land trying to dream up conspiracy theories on why poor Jack is being "kicked out of the club" as some are saying. The fact Jack is still allegedly saying he doesn't know why he's up for trade speaks volumes and confirms to me the club is making the right decision. There is nothing more to it, I've outlined the plain and simple reasons why he is being put up for trade.
  11. Trade rumours

    The family still has business interests in Qld
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Are you serious, you of all people should know it's a ruthless business and tough decisions need to be made. You have been going on for as long as I can remember about Melbourne being soft and excepting mediocrity. Any father will come out and support their child. I wish Jack well but I want a ruthless team who will do whatever it takes to win a flag and leaving no stone unturned. Clarrie knuckling down after his off season incident is a prime example of what's expected. Say what you like Jack didn't come back from the off season as required, that is not up for debate. Many on here are coming up with conspiracy theories on here which is ridiculous. Jack is being traded because of himself, nobody else. He's had numerous chances and it comes down to 1. Has Jack got the best out of himself - no 2. Has Jack left no stone unturned to fulfill his potential - no 3. Has Jack made himself an untouchable - no 4. Does Jack have trade value - yes 5. Does Jack do the non negotiables week in week out - no 6. Is it likely Jack will reach a higher ceiling if he remains at Melbourne - no 7. Will Jack perform well at another club - highly likely but it's irrelevant to us once he leaves
  13. The Brandon Starcevich Thread

    The kid is a competitor and whilst he's not as hard at the contest and as strong on the inside in congestion as Sam PP he has more explosiveness. From a young age he'd stood out for his drive, good physical attributes and desire to get the best out of himself. Lacks real polish but will be one who in a couple of years could be a David Mundy type
  14. Josh Schache

    ^This^ I think further offers will come in this week and no doubt questions have been asked but Lions current asking price is a little high
  15. How does that work, one is a multiple AA whilst the other put one really good season together. It's like comparing Dean Cox to Jamar