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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Goody can’t coach. We need to throw the kitchen sink at Clarkson

    Surely the board must be considering looking for a new coach. This is crap coaching

    This is killing me. Where is our composure?

    This is not looking good. Umps killing us with soft frees
  5. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    This makes me feel very uncomfortable. Players should not be dictating what they will and won't do. Where's the leadership team and when are we going to get rid of this soft underbelly?
  6. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    This is my concern from observing his actions over the year. Clearly you feel he has motivated the team over the year so could you help me understand the following: 1. Our poor first quarters where half the team doesn’t show up 2. Our performance against the bottom 4 teams To me this is a motivation / mindset issue that he has not addressed.
  7. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    Did you watch our Round 23 match?
  8. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    Overall I am happy with Lever although we should have kept our resolve for a 1st and 2nd rounder. Watts trade was a terrible decision and terrible outcome for the club. A rookie decision by a rookie coach. Watts value to our club is more than his onfield performance. He brought loyalty and the kids loved him. What worries me is that Goodwin is not a motivator of men and couldn’t get the best out of Watts. I don’t buy the salary cap relief excuse given we are paying some of his salary for the next 2 years. Balic doesn’t excite me but hopefully I will eat humble pie on this one. What we needed in this trade period was a couple of outside mids with pace and kicking skills. I stand by my assessment in was a terrible trade week.
  9. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    Terrible trade week for us. I am still filthy at the Watts trade for a packet of chips.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Daylight robbery. What a crap outcome
  11. Trade rumours

    If Hogan goes it should start with 2017 1st round and Neale. Balic and Tavener are steak knives in this deal.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    I am extremely disappointed and angry about this decision. My 5 year old son has the number 4 on the back of his jumper as would a lot of kids of his age bracket. My concern is that is a rookie mistake by a rookie coach which will destroy the culture that Roos established. For those happy about this move I wonder how you will feel when Watts makes the difference at a Geelong or a Sydney that gets them to a GF. Watts is entering his best years and will stand up in finals. He was much better than some of our bulls in the final round. I love this club and I hope that sanity prevails.
  13. 2017 Post Mortem

    100% agree. There were lots of baffling selections or non-selections throughout the year.
  14. 2017 Post Mortem

    AFL is the ultimate high performance environment and we have shown improvement on last year so Goodwin gets a pass from me. However I expect that some individuals in the football department are made accountable for our finish and lack of ability to get up for 1st quarters. Something is still seriously wrong with our DNA. Goodwin and the match committee needs to review their team selection as some of their selections this year have been baffling. He clearly likes making an example of Watts yet allows other senior players have a free pass. Finally we need a kicking coach and recruit some players that can execute this basic requirement. Absolutely livid at our coaches and players performance at he end of the season.
  15. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Well I'm gutted