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  1. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Wow what a turn around. Hopefully we can close the gap with the wind. Not very confident though
  2. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Great start
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 19

    Only positive yesterday was Oliver. Effort was very weak and our bottom 10 players did not contribute. Injuries and umpires did not help our cause. I am predicting a win next week
  4. Bernie Vince on report

    I really wished we took it to tribunal
  5. Bernie Vince on report

    Melbourne needs to appeal both. Just show footage of all the other hits that were deemed to be OK.

    Loved last night game. Other than Viney and TMac it was an all round team performance. Harmes, Bugg and ANB's gut running is under appreciated on this site. All 3 help provide the manic pressure that we are becoming famous for.
  7. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 14

    Viney - just Wow TMac - 5 goals Gawn - taps to advantage Vince - leadership in the 4 th Tyson - we won the midfield ANB - great gut running
  8. Friday Night Lights

    I am flying down from Sydney for this game. Can't wait!
  9. Changes v Weagles

  10. Changes v Weagles

    Someone mentioned that he was sore. Otherwise he is a best 22 for mine
  11. Changes v Weagles

    We need 22 fit players. I would rest all players with niggles. Out: Jones, Watts, Hibberd and Bugg. In: Gawn, Stretch, Wagner and JKH/Maynard. Gawn to be managed 1st game back in the ruck/forward role. Wagner a direct swap for Hibberd.
  12. GAMEDAY - Round 13

    Watts you beauty!!
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 11

    Oscar is like a deer in headlights
  14. GAME DAY - Round 9

    Good to see Trac getting involved
  15. GAME DAY - Round 9

    We have got this