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  1. I am flying down from Sydney for this game. Can't wait!
  2. Someone mentioned that he was sore. Otherwise he is a best 22 for mine
  3. We need 22 fit players. I would rest all players with niggles. Out: Jones, Watts, Hibberd and Bugg. In: Gawn, Stretch, Wagner and JKH/Maynard. Gawn to be managed 1st game back in the ruck/forward role. Wagner a direct swap for Hibberd.
  4. Watts you beauty!!
  5. Oscar is like a deer in headlights
  6. Good to see Trac getting involved
  7. We have got this
  8. Oliver Petracca Viney Hibberd Vince Salem
  9. Awesome result and i couldn't be happier. Really disappointed for Hunt with his head knock and hope he pulls up ok during the week.
  10. Played a fantastic game and looking for him to show consistency. Could earn another contract if he excells over the next 8 weeks
  11. NT tourism?
  12. Flying down from Sydney tomorrow to watch my first live game of the season. Pumped!
  13. Great news and I hope to see him back in the team later in the seasoN
  14. Viney - tagged first half