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  1. Good to see Trac getting involved
  2. We have got this
  3. Oliver Petracca Viney Hibberd Vince Salem
  4. Awesome result and i couldn't be happier. Really disappointed for Hunt with his head knock and hope he pulls up ok during the week.
  5. Played a fantastic game and looking for him to show consistency. Could earn another contract if he excells over the next 8 weeks
  6. NT tourism?
  7. Flying down from Sydney tomorrow to watch my first live game of the season. Pumped!
  8. Great news and I hope to see him back in the team later in the seasoN
  9. Viney - tagged first half
  10. Oliver Vince Gawn Jones Lewis Hogan
  11. Only upside from here. Need as if lift from our mids
  12. Wish I was confident. A lot of unknowns in this game. We will need an even contribution from everyone including the debutants to beat the Saints at their home ground. My wish for this game is for Watts to dominate and our young talent to take the next step.
  13. Really missing the training reports as it would be interesting to hear from the regulars on how Watts is going on the track. IMO Watts is critical if we want to play finals this year.
  14. Yes it is the same deal as last year
  15. Fantastic result.