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  1. NT tourism?
  2. Flying down from Sydney tomorrow to watch my first live game of the season. Pumped!
  3. Great news and I hope to see him back in the team later in the seasoN
  4. Viney - tagged first half
  5. Oliver Vince Gawn Jones Lewis Hogan
  6. Only upside from here. Need as if lift from our mids
  7. Wish I was confident. A lot of unknowns in this game. We will need an even contribution from everyone including the debutants to beat the Saints at their home ground. My wish for this game is for Watts to dominate and our young talent to take the next step.
  8. Really missing the training reports as it would be interesting to hear from the regulars on how Watts is going on the track. IMO Watts is critical if we want to play finals this year.
  9. Yes it is the same deal as last year
  10. Fantastic result.
  11. Hunt to finish top 5 in B&F Watts to poll most Brownlow votes Tim Smith to play the most games of our rookie listed players Hannan to play 10 games Trengove to be best 22 and play in a final
  12. Last year we got some fantastic reports from the Queensland posters. Looking forward to the different insights
  13. I would be livid if Hunt went for Lewis. We need more speed in the team not less.
  14. Love the line in the release 'that he wants to play the rest of his career with Melbourne' Just need Hogan to follow and it will be an amazing start to the off-season
  15. It would be a risk to trade this year. I would prefer to see how he performs in 2017 with his leg and then offer him a contract next year as a free agent. if we retain Hogan and get Fyfe we will be top 4 in 2018