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  1. Rob Mac......

    Has OMAC surpassed his brother? (The Age)

    IMO he’s improved this year, but TMac is great now and is well ahead.
  2. Rob Mac......

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Starts at 2.50am here (Los Angeles). Just replayed our last two games. Max and our midfield are FLYING now like never before!! If this balance continues we should win. But oh no, I have a fear: If instead of hitting out to Clarrie, Harmes, Gus etc., if instead of that Max starts hitting out to a young man who hasn’t played for ages, who we love for his spirit, energy, effort, aggression, but he must be rusty, if our midfield setups start revolving more around JV today than Clarrie etc., then unfortunately I predict we’ll lose. If Jack V and everyone respect and maintain the great midfield thats developed since his injury, then IMHO we might win some more games!
  3. Rob Mac......

    Favourite Current Dee

    I can’t separate Clarries skills, TMacs hard work making him so great, and big Maxy! so happy to see Harmes, Gus and Frosty taking off lately.
  4. Rob Mac......

    Slamming Sam Frost

    TMac raved about Frosty years ago and I always believed he’d arrive. He’s done proud to appear to be our best KPD now.
  5. Rob Mac......

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 23

    6. Gawn 5. Harmes 4. Frost 3. Oliver 2. Brayshaw 1. Hibberd Petracca Jones Salem VandenBerg TMac Melk
  6. Rob Mac......

    Changes v GWS Giants

    It’s a perfect opportunity to give Bugg a last chance this week, in for Spargo who's cooked now. Bugg runs great, excellent endurance, strong who'll run, tag, compete, stick tackles and harass all day long. Yes we’ve focused on Bugg hate over his set shot kicking which has improved at least a bit, but his good qualities are so good, we forget that his 7 week suspension made us immediately weaker back then. I suspect they’ve wrongly stamped Buggs papers just as they wrongly stamped Lynden Dunn and Stef Martins. We’d be silly not to try him with little to loose now, and plenty to gain because Spargo’s cooked while Tommy B is strong and fast all day long. He could take any of their midfielders out of the game and, like with Frost, people will wonder why we didn't try him earlier.
  7. Rob Mac......

    SEN's Finals Predictions

    This is HEINOUS ! Three of them have us as runner up in the GF ! After that kind of [censored] publicity we always fail miserably.
  8. Rob Mac......

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    Hogan out, if he needs it. In Pedo or AVB (Not Weed) JKH out. In Bugg, Hannan
  9. Rob Mac......

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 19

    6. Oliver 5. TMac 4 Gawn 3 Gus 2 ANB 1 Frost -Trac Fritsch Melk Lewis
  10. Rob Mac......

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Exactly Lucifer’s. It’s 4.47am here, i should be sleeping, but that was just too good! Must stay up for the last quarter. Please keep it together this week Dees!
  11. Rob Mac......

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Lovely pic DV8, hahah. CJade- Yes a hand is far less career threatening than a foot, but its still an important appendage, won’t have healed properly and surely the trauma of a match so soon risks ongoing problems.
  12. Rob Mac......

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Did I read correctly that Harmes broke a bone in his hand last weekend, has had a plate inserted and is expected to play this weekend, just a few days after the operation?? I’m cringing with concern, like when Viney came back early.
  13. Rob Mac......

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 18

    6 Tracc 5 Clarrie 4 Harmes 3 Brayshaw 2 TMac 1 Frost Fritsch Gawn Jones Melk all good
  14. Rob Mac......

    Should O.Mac and JKH Play A Game For The Dees Again?

    JKH should be out. Oscar has much improved this year, still not great, but well worth keeping Good to have Frosts speed and power the past two weeks.
  15. Rob Mac......

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Way into Q1 and Watch AFL hasn’t started working yet. !