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  1. Rob Mac......

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    He’s way too good to lose.
  2. Rob Mac......

    Which of our young stars will end up our best player

    I voted Clarry, but think Max is our most valuable ATM with Tommy Mac right up there too (well he’s nine months younger than Max)
  3. Rob Mac......

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    It’s great to be winning games we’re supposed to win for the first time in how many years?!
  4. Rob Mac......

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 8

    6. Tom McDonald 5. Gawn 4. Jones 3. Oliver 2. Harmes 1. Lewis many others, Lever, Hibberd, Jetta, ANB, (not Weid) Some days Melksham is a fantastic kick, sometimes it’s a bit off.
  5. Rob Mac......

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 7

    6. Oliver 5. Gawn 4. Hibberd 3. Hogan 2. Jones 1. Brayshaw we’re so better with TMac Great to see the defense winning for a change!!
  6. Rob Mac......

    The next 3

    Thanks DeeWiz, I forgot that. The relatively recent MFC Dark Ages when we rarely won two in a row, still have me conditioned to disbelieve we could win four in a row now.
  7. Rob Mac......

    The next 3

    I’m curious, does anyone know when we last won 4 or more games straight?
  8. Rob Mac......

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 6

    6. Gawn 5. Jones 4. Fritsch 3. Hannan 2. Melksham 1. Jetta
  9. Rob Mac......

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Yes, that Dunn and Howe are good. Would like to have them at the Dees ? Dons losing, but no worries, they’ll play themselves back into form next week.
  10. Rob Mac......

    Where to play TMac?

    Tom Forward!! He’s A great shot for goal, while not a great kick from defense. Keep Frost in defense and TMac as relief ruck.
  11. Rob Mac......

    Why does one horrible quarter always happen (and kill us)?

    Thats what I’m talking about Clint. I agree with you Lucifers, except i think it can be predicted or noticed when we’re fading a bit. EG. After our high energy Q1 yesterday i expected us to slow up and we did, but foolishly nothing was done about it until half time when it was too late!!! We need to achnowledge that the pendulum swings in a game and have plans prepared to use that to advantage and mitigate damage when we’re having some poor minutes.
  12. Rob Mac......

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 1

    6- Trac 5- oliver 4- Gawn 3- Jones 2- Vince 1- Hogan
  13. Rob Mac......

    Why does one horrible quarter always happen (and kill us)?

    Hi Lucifers. Yes we normally fade at some stage, if not we’re exhausted and lose the following week. Perhaps it’s unreasonable to expect out attacking game style to be executed hell- for- leather for 100 minutes without fatigue? If so then wouldn’t it work, if within any quarter, coaching or leadership could predict the pendulum swinging or predict or quickly identify fatigue starting and SIGNAL our entire team just to go into possession football for a few minutes; keepings off to frustrate and exhaust the opposition, preventing their run- on while we recharge for our next onslaught? It would stop them killing us in those minutes; keep us in control and be a mandatory part “b” of our overall game plan and strategy. It should happen BEFORE we’re too tired to execute it. A different signal could cue us back to attack mode. Players could expect and look for those signals. Some ways to switch gears during a quarter when we’re under the pump.
  14. Rob Mac......

    GAMEDAY - Round 1

    Fabulous, Petracca so strong, Jones, Peder
  15. Rob Mac......

    How does our Defence stack up?

    Good points Farmer. We’re short a huge dominant key defender. I’m concerned about Hawkins, Ben Brown etc kicking 6 on us. TMacs goal kicking is too good to not have him a KPF. I’ll risk offending people here by saying that Hogan’s a dominant player anywhere on the field, has trouble kicking goals unless pretty close to the sticks, but I’d LOVE to see him take on Hawkins, Brown etc., he might kill them and would learn a lot while doing it.