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  1. I’d love to, but unfortunately haven’t visited Oz since 2016! Anticipating watching our hopefully grand season from LA on the “Watch AFL Live” app. All the best to you.
  2. Yes TMac interviews wonderfully! It’s been shown for years that players play worse after guesting on a tv show, therefor I prefer Lewis remain on AFL360 instead of one of our others.
  3. His readily laughing at himself may indicate less ego hangups. He also seems to be enjoying this opportunity and really into it working hard to do his best. Great combination.
  4. Very happy with the Gawn Pruess combo !! If we do that pretty much all year, we’ll rule
  5. I hope they know how to trace the audio problem?? There’s a tiny bit of sound, almost inaudible, down about 25-30db, probably crosstalk.
  6. Jonest should speak into one of tge other guys mic until they get his to work. Wish soneone would tell them that.
  7. Co captains again. Probably NJ & JV. Not Viney solo, his fitness is still too uncertain and why unnecessarily snub Jonesey? TMac and Gawn are probably ready if need be.
  8. I think basically what happened was Gottleib Daimler invented the petrol engine, his company built the first vehicles in the 1880’s. Benz was a rival nearby. An English company bought the right to use the Daimler name on cars. Daimler died in 1900. After WW1 his corporation and Benz joined forces creating Mercedes Benz and the name of the parent company was and still is Daimler. If that makes any sense.
  9. Their logo and iconic name looks great on the back of our jumpers. I welcome their coming on board.
  10. Great, I didn’t realize reading Demonland would be so educational! Thanks Ethan, I’ll pass your history lesson on to the locals 🙂
  11. Hi folks. In Los Angeles here
  12. OD, I believe you if you say they’re selling poorly in Oz. Have you driven one? My girlfriend traded her Q40 for a new Q50. I drove both a lot and they’re really nice, and selling very well here in Los Angeles
  13. IMO it was no coincidence that for years we almost always lost when Peder was not playing, yet so often won when he was playing! Not a big star but he did things people don’t notice, and he had as good a “team first” attitude as anyone ever, which is contagous so really helps the scoreboard. IMHO Peder should have always been our #1 CHF ahead of that very nice and intelligent chap reputed to have concrete hands. Peder seems to have been underapreciated and underused yet had a lovely attitude throughout so one can easily feel gratitude and many best wishes for his future. Thanks man.
  14. Worth hearing the whole thing. TMac speaks knowledgeably and seems a good fellow. ..better player than Hogan ever was.
  15. IMHO Frosty is greatly underappreciated on DL. After Lever went down our defence went to the toilet until Frosty came in; then suddenly it was much better. His speed and power are serious weapons and he’s seriously improving everything else. I also have him well ahead of Oscar.
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