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  1. If we can't prevent the opposition from getting a clean clearance from the middle then we are stuffed with OMac down back. He's good when he needs to read the play coming in from general play but out of the middle he is always getting towelled up. With bigger forwards to defend I think we go with tmac and frost up the middle and rotate jack into the ruck with pedo. Have we tried this combination this year? I know we have been using tmac forward but sometimes I think we'd be better off going smaller up forward with low inside 50 entries so we can strengthen our backline.
  2. Shouldn't have delisted Tapscott
  3. Not so good when your medical team's incompetence works against you is it Carlscum?
  4. How is it that the ONLY incident that resulted in a free kick was the ONLY incident not assessed? Coincidentally, if it was assessed then the two punishments for the same player would have resulted in an automatic one match ban. I think that's a thing isn't it? Wasn't that how Melksham got a game?
  5. Hate to say I told you so
  6. Tom McDonald had his jumper pulled in front of goal in the first quarter in a marking contest as he went to chase the ball when it hit the ground and nothing was called. I assumed the umpire was unsighted until the camera panned out and he was right there in front of the contest. Then Brown gets the free against Frost because he hooked his hip in a contest. Then there was Bugg's attempt at chasing the ball after a one-on-one when his opponent fell over. His opponent grabbed his leg (possibly attempting a professional free) to stop him gaining possession and running into an open forward line and nothing was even paid. Another NM player ran in and took it away FMD
  7. This will be the interesting one. You can tell by the footage that Higgins does something to Salem as there's a quick, reflex movement just before Salem's contact. That would suggest it's retaliation. But retaliation to what and, more importantly, will it be aired or accepted? My prediction is that all the stomach and jumper punches will be insufficient force but Salem will get a punishment.
  8. When you rely on sharking another ruckman's hitout and that ruckman can tap it wherever they want, it's quite easy for them to stay a step ahead. Took us a quarter each time.
  9. Sorry everybody. I think this loss was my fault. I laughed out loud at Richmond yesterday. Bad karma.
  10. When was vandenBerg put on the long term injury list?
  11. A former assistant coach in the MFC program told me that TMac likes the idea of scoring chains being started by his possession which is why he sometimes attempts to kick to a harder target than the more obvious and easy target. Seems to thrive on the back patting that comes from a possession that initiates a goal.
  12. I see Jordan Lewis got a great view of it.
  13. I hope not. If Bellchambers pushes forward who will be on him? Frost takes him? So who covers Frost's man? If he pushes back then Watts takes him? So Watts' man runs around all loosey goosey like Rance last week? No thank you.
  14. If teams line up as shown, Lewis and Vince may be done for pace quite easily. Surely Hunt would need to match up on one of those flankers.