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  1. Agree. Joeboy called him a front runner and thats the perfect description of his game. Sums up his year to date as well.
  2. They had Roughead and Boyd all year who could play in the ruck. We dont have anyone. Our tall forwards play ruck to try and compete and while they are doing a decent job with their lack of height, its nowhere good enough and also completly ruins our forward structure. We get detroyed when we try to bomb it into our forward line because we have no proper key forward. This creates uncertainty for our mids which leads to over using it and being tackled. We have no behemoth waiting down the wing for that quick release out of defence. Instead, we see thiers and have to work something else out. Often we kick it that way anyway and hope we can spoil it over the line.We are forced to play Weiderman when he is clearly no where near ready, Its [censored] our structure completly. .
  3. Fark... Weids just not ready. Oscar the same (hopefully) I doubt Kent would pass a skin fold test. Bugg... we needed better. No key forward. No ruck. Strange year. I still feel like we arent too far off. Umpires. [censored] you. Worst display I nave seen in years. Tarrant knew they wouldnt call anything against them and consistantly pushed his opponent out. Another wasted opportunity. We get exposed when we have a few players off the boil because we are carrying others.
  4. I know this will sound weird. But im proud of the boys. No ruck. No key forward. Umps horribly against us.
  5. Oscar. Ffs way too slow. Back to Casey please. Jesus fing christ. At least [censored] compete
  6. Knew he would miss both of them from his run up
  7. Ffs Tarrant just takes the player every time. He knows the umps wont pay it.
  8. No tall fwd has our fwd line out of sorts. He had no one to kick to.
  9. Oscar.... ffs. Dear Recruiters, Dont draft any more kpp with below average pace.
  10. Higgins gave him a jab to the throat. Not much in it to be honest. Got the boys fired up though!
  11. You still here brendan? Fairweather supporter.
  12. Going to have to beat the umps as well today
  13. Its the lack of speed that concerns me.
  14. Running better already
  15. Quarter time. Thank god. 43 kangas 17 Demons