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  1. I dont know if he 'got worked out'. Hunts role and strength has been to run, bounce, break lines maybe bounce again then pump the ball quickly into the forward 50. That play simply hasn't been in Goodwins game plan this year. We aim to move the ball quickly by playing on running your full measure if required and disposing of the ball to an open player. If you take a bounce you have held onto it too long. I wouldn't be surprised if the boys are instructed not to bounce the ball unless 100% needed. The only times I can think of it happening is seeing Hibberd bouncing at full tilt to give himself a modicum more space before releasing from the back line or Melksham bouncing while going forward as their are no options ahead of him. Hunt's strengths don't fit into our game plan at the moment. I think he really struggled not playing his natural game at the start of the year.
  2. BAMF

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues - Round 18

    An old article about Jay Lockhart if anyone is interested.
  3. BAMF

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues - Round 18

    Used to be that you could only have 1 third year rookie. Is that still the case? Will be a hard call with Bull Smith and Corey Maynard if its still the same.
  4. BAMF

    Cats to ask for home final

    It shows how unprofessional we are. Someone within the club should have said 'No'.
  5. Many are saying he is 'cooked'. He hasn't played at his best for a number of years and this year looks terrible. I think they have finally admitted he is injured and have stopped playing him.
  6. I don't think that's the rule. You must take 2 first rounders in a four year rolling period. We took 2 in 2015, but none in 16, 17 and have no pick for 18. Which means that unless we trade in a first rounders this year or next, we will breech the rule and be barred from trading future picks. I wonder where the AFL would step in? Before we have infringed or after? We could trade out our 2019 first rounders this year if an amazing deal presented and promise to trade in first rounders next year. If we fail to bring in the picks the penalty would be that we wouldn't be able to trade picks for a number of years. Regardless, it wouldn't put us in a good spot going forward.
  7. Quad I think... it was in the weekly Miso video on the club website but no listed in the official injuries.
  8. BAMF

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    I turned off after watching the third replay of Harry McKay hitting the post and the commentary team telling me how exciting it was.
  9. BAMF

    King: Oliver can be Dee's Dusty

    Remember 2005 where he was on fire for the first three games of the year? Brent Guera targeted him at the start of the round 4, pinned his arms and tackled him heavily into the turf. Damaged his ACL. Had 8 Brownlow votes in those first 3 games.
  10. BAMF

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    His retaliation was worse than the original contact.
  11. BAMF

    Wayne Carey

    I think Tyson would be a great fit for the Blues, but it will be for a second round pick. Not the #1. Carlton currently has these draft picks: 1, 23, 26, 73 Dees currently have: 31, 44, 49 and 85. Hopefully we can pick up that pick 23 or 26 for Tyson. Essendon would be a good fit too... they have pick 27.
  12. BAMF

    Steele Escapes Penalty for Gut Punch

    Actually, the reason why I have such a strong opinion is because I HAVE been punched in guts unanticipated. Well, to be fair, as a 17 year old who could run all day and had pace to burn playing against men in a tough league I was always sort of expecting some attention. Nothing like a punch in the gut to slow a young player down to your speed. I have copped much worse than that hit on Oliver. I completely feel for Oliver. He was coping a hard tag, and while I didn't see any other physical contact, no doubt there was. I am glad the AFL are issuing fines to stomp this out. I feel he goes to ground too easily. The contact is there, but he exaggerates. He has done it a few times. Its not too late for him to stop. I also dislike how Vince does it on regular occurrence. I also have a severe dislike for Rance, Lindsy Thomas, Toby Mclean and Rhys Matherson.
  13. BAMF

    Steele Escapes Penalty for Gut Punch

    Open hand to the stomach. Low impact. Probably would have been looked at if Oliver didn't exaggerate contact. He needs to cut this out of his game. Should have been a fine based on what Oliver copped in JLT.
  14. BAMF

    Changes v St Kilda

    Hogan is All Australian at the halfway mark of the year. You don't drop him. You back him in to respond.
  15. BAMF

    Changes v St Kilda

    You wouldn't think so. Not with Hannan as well, and it would be tough to drop him.