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  1. BAMF

    The Ox is Excited

    He should be excited. We all should. We have been through hell and have come out the other side. We have done all the hard work and have held strong when everything was going against us. I am hopelessly emotionaly attached to this club and I for one savoured every moment of 2018. 2019 onwards is going to be a blast. If you haven't renewed your membership yet, or are considering getting your first... Do it now. Our list is the real deal. Get on board and enjoy the ride!
  2. BAMF

    Who’s left?

    You can just imagine the marketing guys, cant you? Marketing Man 1 : 'You know what people like? The grand final. That is the most watched game of the year' Marketing Man 2: 'Yeah, you know what would be better? 3 grand finals!' Marketing Man 1: 'Whoa! that would be so awesome! What do you think Gill?' Gill: 'I dont give a [censored] about the game. Do what you want.' Marketing Man 2: 'You know what sucks? The offseason. Why don't we expand the draft over 2 nights!' Marketing Man 1: 'Yeah! Sick idea bro'
  3. BAMF

    Training - Monday 19 November, 2018

    Mitch got his surname tattoed on his back. Only problem was that he got it done in old english cursive and the artist did an E instead of a C. So Mitch has a tattoo which says 'Elark'
  4. BAMF

    SEN: Best 22 and Draft Needs

    Tigers and West Coast are by far the best 2 off the top of my head in my opinion.
  5. Let's not sugar coat it. He was a steak knives part of the May trade for a reason. I wouldn't be judging his ability based on any games he played this year. The last two seasons have been pretty much written off by concussion concerns. His junoir years and first few years at the Sun's were good and he showed his elite disposal and decision making skills. He would have been very frustrating as a fan as he would show patches of great play and then could go completely missing for large periods of games. He often struggles to get the ball but when he does he can use it extremely well. We will be hoping that he can get his confidence back or he won't get anywhere. He has been in the system for 5 seasons now and will be reaching his prime physically. He had the skills we want and plays in a position we lack depth in. He cost us very little and in my opinion is a great pickup for us. It's similar to the Dean Kent trade for the saints. They knew that they could get him cheap as chips and if he gets a good run with injury, his form and ability will far exceed the price they paid. It will be a bargain. If not.. well they gave up bugger all for him so no big loss. Kade is the same for us. If he puts it all together in a good environment then we could have an excellent player for very little.
  6. BAMF

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Knightmare was the mock recruiter for Collingwood. He didn't match the bid.
  7. BAMF

    Jay Lockhart

    Wasn't that Hutchings who went missing? Did Lockhart go missing too?
  8. BAMF

    Jay Lockhart

    I think a few people in here think that we will pick him up on the rookie list.
  9. BAMF

    Farewell Dean Kent

    We got Jordan Lewis and Jeffy Garlett for basically nothing. Still... Its the trade period. It shouldn't be hard for the Saints to get a pick around the 50s to satisfy us.
  10. BAMF

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Really? I didnt get to watch as many neutral games as I normally do this year. Why have the fans turned on him?
  11. Who told you though? A friend who knows May well? Someone who you remotely know who remotely knows May? Someone who is involved in football at AFL level? A person who knows Judds Grandma? Stuies facebook page? Not asking you to name your source, just for a bit more clarity of where the info is coming from?
  12. Why would we leave the seat empty? So dumb. On the one hand they think we are all Range Rover driving, Cheese loving, Bulla Skiing Toffs, and on the other they think we cant pay for a ticket to Perth and back?
  13. BAMF

    Expansion teams

    Gold Coast Suns Membership base and sponsorship[edit] Year Members Change from previous season Finishing position Average home crowd [31] Profit (Loss) Major Sponsor 2011 14,064 — 17th 19,169 Undisclosed profit[32] HOSTPLUS, Virgin Australia 2012 11,204 2,860 17th 13,645 ($1,401,168)[33] HOSTPLUS, Virgin Australia 2013 12,502 1,298 14th 13,907 $62,533[33] HOSTPLUS, Virgin Australia 2014 13,478 976 12th 16,092 $1,062,082[34] Fiat Automobiles, HOSTPLUS 2015 13,643 165 16th 12,360 ($330,870)[35] Fiat Automobiles, HOSTPLUS 2016 12,854 789 15th 11,561 ($2,941,965) Fiat Automobiles, HOSTPLUS 2017 11,665 1,189 17th 13,663 19,219[36] HOSTPLUS 2018 12,108¹ 443 17th Cover-More, HOSTPLUS
  14. BAMF

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    I dont think so. The contact was there. He just let it happen. He could have braced. You dont know the difference ? Lol. No mention of Burgoyne or Gunston for exaggerating contact on the below the knee frees? What about Selwood grabbing his forehead when viney hit him in the chest?