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  1. BAMF

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    I'm not as concerned about goal kicking. It's the forward 50 entries that bothered me last year. If the coaches can drill into them the difference between 'kicking quickly to advantage' and 'bombing it in' we will be cherry ripe. Thanks for the report Saty.
  2. BAMF

    Poll: The Zurich Logo

    Personally, I voted no as there wasn't a don't care option. I understand that a sponsor will fill that spot and as long as we get money into the club then I don't really care what is in that spot. The fact that it's a dark blue is a bonus imo. Let's get rid of the AFL logo on the other side. Everyone who cares knows it's an AFL jumper.
  3. BAMF

    Poll: The Zurich Logo

    Oh yes! Love this one. I would also approve of an opposite to this for a clash jumper. Red with a dark blue V. In saying that, our current clash jumpers are the best we have ever had.
  4. BAMF

    High Flying Shaun Smith

    Pretty sure I heard Gary Lyon speak about that photo once. For some reason there was hardly any media there that day and that was the only photo that captured it
  5. BAMF

    Pre-season Update from Viney

    Have you got a link for this info? I have done the fasting thing on and off now for awhile. I only eat dinner most days and the results are great. I thought the cellular repair was only proven in mice and rats?
  6. BAMF

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    You posted his height and weight only a few posts ago. The exact things you need to work out BMI. The fact you dont know this combined with raising BMI in a conversation about elite athletes shows that you really dont have any idea what you are talkkng about.
  7. BAMF

    Meet Braydon Preuss

    jesus... do our players really need to talk to Dal Santo? If anyone was going to have a shitty nickname it would be Dal Santo himself.... Pinky maybe?
  8. BAMF

    Demons 7th ranked forward line

    Alistair Lynch
  9. BAMF

    Tim Smith v Cam Pedersen

    Both were at a similar skill level. If we had kept Pedo we will still have the same problem if TMac or Weid is unavailable. But yes. It would be great to have a good third option.
  10. BAMF

    Every day not Sunday?

    Friday night wins are the best! I get to spend the whole weekend thinking and talking about how good we are. If we lose on Friday night then I take all of Saturday to remain [censored] off but am over it enough on Sunday to enjoy the last of my weekend. Losing on a Sunday with work incoming on the Monday is a real downer and I dont know how my family put up with me to be honest.
  11. BAMF

    AFLX Revamped

    When will they stop tinkering with the classic aspects of our game? For the love of god! Just throw that one year tradition out the window.
  12. BAMF

    The Jack Harmes Thread

    Welcome Jack!
  13. Was just watching the Suns draft night trade on the AFL website. http://www.afl.com.au/video/2018-12-12/draft-night-drama-suns-play-highstakes-game-to-get-their-man At around the 3 min mark they start discussing trading up to get Jez Mclennan and when Stuart Dew asks who will be left if at their next picks (26 & 31) if they dont trade up. Craig Cameron mentions Sparrows name but I they clearly dont rate him as high as Mclennan. They also thought we would take Valente if we had the chance.
  14. BAMF

    MFC Mature Age Players, Best of 2018 and beyond.

    Nice off season topic. 1) I would have to say that vandenBerg has had the best career to date. He really came into the team from day 1 and showed some great form for awhile. He was up and down at times which I think was part of his injuries. Despite being out for nearly 2 whole years he would hard to go past for best career so far. 35 games to his name certainly helps his case as well as coming back into the team and showing good form again at the end of the year which is fresh in my mind. I had written him off for the year and at best thought we would delist and rookie him in the hopes of him coming good. There are only 2 other possible selections here. Bailey Fritsch nudges out Hannan for second place by a bees [censored]. Hannan is a bit inconsistent for me. 2) Bailey Fritsch. Still young and has lots of improvement left in him. A bit like an opening batsman, Fritsch has time to get settled at the crease and develop into something good. I cant see vandenBerg's bash and crash sledge hammer style giving him a long career. He is more your 20/20 type player.
  15. BAMF

    The Ox is Excited

    He should be excited. We all should. We have been through hell and have come out the other side. We have done all the hard work and have held strong when everything was going against us. I am hopelessly emotionaly attached to this club and I for one savoured every moment of 2018. 2019 onwards is going to be a blast. If you haven't renewed your membership yet, or are considering getting your first... Do it now. Our list is the real deal. Get on board and enjoy the ride!