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  1. BAMF

    Farewell Dean Kent

    We got Jordan Lewis and Jeffy Garlett for basically nothing. Still... Its the trade period. It shouldn't be hard for the Saints to get a pick around the 50s to satisfy us.
  2. BAMF

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Really? I didnt get to watch as many neutral games as I normally do this year. Why have the fans turned on him?
  3. BAMF

    The Steven May Thread

    Who told you though? A friend who knows May well? Someone who you remotely know who remotely knows May? Someone who is involved in football at AFL level? A person who knows Judds Grandma? Stuies facebook page? Not asking you to name your source, just for a bit more clarity of where the info is coming from?
  4. Why would we leave the seat empty? So dumb. On the one hand they think we are all Range Rover driving, Cheese loving, Bulla Skiing Toffs, and on the other they think we cant pay for a ticket to Perth and back?
  5. BAMF

    Expansion teams

    Gold Coast Suns Membership base and sponsorship[edit] Year Members Change from previous season Finishing position Average home crowd [31] Profit (Loss) Major Sponsor 2011 14,064 — 17th 19,169 Undisclosed profit[32] HOSTPLUS, Virgin Australia 2012 11,204 2,860 17th 13,645 ($1,401,168)[33] HOSTPLUS, Virgin Australia 2013 12,502 1,298 14th 13,907 $62,533[33] HOSTPLUS, Virgin Australia 2014 13,478 976 12th 16,092 $1,062,082[34] Fiat Automobiles, HOSTPLUS 2015 13,643 165 16th 12,360 ($330,870)[35] Fiat Automobiles, HOSTPLUS 2016 12,854 789 15th 11,561 ($2,941,965) Fiat Automobiles, HOSTPLUS 2017 11,665 1,189 17th 13,663 19,219[36] HOSTPLUS 2018 12,108¹ 443 17th Cover-More, HOSTPLUS
  6. BAMF

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    I dont think so. The contact was there. He just let it happen. He could have braced. You dont know the difference ? Lol. No mention of Burgoyne or Gunston for exaggerating contact on the below the knee frees? What about Selwood grabbing his forehead when viney hit him in the chest?
  7. I like what they are doing up there. Pick up Neale and Wallis and they would worry a lot of teams next year. Their midfield will go from average to strong. Problem is that we would only get a third rounder for Kent. He would be worth so much more if he could stay fit. Do we bite the bullet and take the third? I would rather keep him. I agree. Why are the Cats chasing him? Bizarre in my opinion. This is another weird one. Why top up with players and then trade out one of your more promising players? Surely you would try for another shot at the flag. Completely goes against what they did last year.
  8. just to add more to the half truths/unknown... didnt he play rugby as a youth and only switch to afl in his draft year?
  9. Glad to see im not the only one who thinks Harmes has gone past Petracca. A fully fit Viney would be 3rd behind Gawn/Oliver. No way Jones is in our top 6 players anymore. I will come back and provide a 22 when I have more time.
  10. I would much rather give it to Johnstone.
  11. BAMF

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL Qualifying Final

    How's Dec going Drunken? Is there any talk of another contract?
  12. BAMF

    Go and get Gaff!

    They won't even bother blaming anyone else Clint. They will move on to the next rumour and act like nothing has happened. The public love this stuff so much that they won't care and move on just as quick.
  13. BAMF

    The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Yeah, and if he kicks 5 we will win and he will be amazing. No point getting upset about a hypothetical situation.
  14. BAMF


    Could barely watch. losing that one would have been truly heartbreaking
  15. I dont know if he 'got worked out'. Hunts role and strength has been to run, bounce, break lines maybe bounce again then pump the ball quickly into the forward 50. That play simply hasn't been in Goodwins game plan this year. We aim to move the ball quickly by playing on running your full measure if required and disposing of the ball to an open player. If you take a bounce you have held onto it too long. I wouldn't be surprised if the boys are instructed not to bounce the ball unless 100% needed. The only times I can think of it happening is seeing Hibberd bouncing at full tilt to give himself a modicum more space before releasing from the back line or Melksham bouncing while going forward as their are no options ahead of him. Hunt's strengths don't fit into our game plan at the moment. I think he really struggled not playing his natural game at the start of the year.