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  1. Tyson was rusty. He bombed to ball to the top of the square a few times. It was the wrong kick at the time as he had time to find a better option. It was his first game back after injury and he wasn't as bad as people are making out. Watts was also rusty, but he was well done on output and lacked effort at the contest. In hindsight he shouldn't have played but we got away with it. Both will be much better for the run which is what I am getting excited about. Hogan was down on form the last few weeks and has found it again. Max has been well below par but bounced back again this week. (Injury clearly restricted him in the 2nd half) We are nearly back to full strength. This week we got a win over a good team while still having a few players underdone and coming back from Darwin. [censored] enjoy it you peanuts.
  2. I would be really really happy just for a win. We were challenged. When they kicked the first 2 in the last quarter I started to get very worried. A team like the Hawks would know how to slow the play down and make time their enemy, I thought we didn't have the skills or experience to do it. But we did! I cant remember the last time we calmly shut the game down like that. Great work team! So proud of the boys today!
  3. Loved him. But he left. No way you get a mascot named after you if you left.
  4. I feel like this should carry some weight, but I can't remember a time that Barrett was ever correct about these sort of things.
  5. Were you talking to me? I can't work out who you are responding to.
  6. Don't forget that its in Darwin where they have never had to deal with a dislocated shoulder before. They don't even have pillows.
  7. Bernie is sitting on 79 games for the club. I think it was nasher in another thread who said it would be great if he could make it to 100 to get life membership at the club. The game is catching up with him and I doubt he will be playing in 2019. This suspension might make the achievement just out of reach which would be a real shame.
  8. I think it would be similar to the Treloar deal. We pay: 1st round, 4th round, 2018 1st round. We get: Lever, 2nd round pick.
  9. I have no idea what happened, but I am upset about it.
  10. He was running better i guess. He is such a confidence player and this game did zilch to help him get that back.
  11. Did I say that i liked it? I dont. I wont abandon the club if we need to continue the arrangement though. Thats what I was replying to.
  12. Thats you done? Really? We have been utter [censored] for over a decade but you will bail if the club needs to sell some games for cash? We are on the up mate. Enjoy the ride
  13. None of our talls played well. We were clearly out worked as they always had options around the contest and were able to use this to their advantage, especially when we were trying to apply pressure. I expected to lose by about 25 but it was still disappointing.