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  1. He showed enough in 2016 to keep in my opinion. The problem was that 2016 was suppose to be his building block for a break out season in 2017. No way would I offload him nothing. He is contracted for next year, i'm backing him in.
  2. Jesus. Why on earth would we do that? I know Dean hasn't had a great year, but surely you would rather give him a shot of rebounding next year compared to selling him off at a completely discounted rate. Do you think the club has give up on him?
  3. Kelly as he is just the type of player we need. But Shiel is my fave.
  4. The Adam Saad Thread

    Big yes from me depending on trade price.
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    Agreed. If we drafted a player who is as good as Lever is with Pick 10 this year or next years first rounder then we would be over the moon. Its more than likely that one pick would be a bust. Lever is worth 2 first rounders with a second rounder back to us, or our first and second round pick with nothing in return. I have already posted earlier in this thread the history of pick 10. To be safe, lets imagine that we finish 7th next year (I'm predicting higher) and get pick 12 as a result. Below is a list of players drafted at pick 10 one year, pick 12 the next. As you will notice, its highly unlikely you will get a good player with both. Think I have cherry picked? Try it with pick 13, 14 or 15, the results are nearly the same. Jordan McMahon (WB), Brent Reilly (Ade) Sam Power (WB), Jay Schulz (Rich) Jason Laycock (Ess), Ryan Murphy (Fre) Ryley Dunn (Fre), Danny Meyer (Rich) Chris Egan (Col), Nathan Jones (Mel) Marcus Drum (Fre), James Frawley (Mel) Nathan Brown (Col), Cyril Rioli (Haw) Patrick Dangerfield (Ade), Lewis Johnston (Syd) Phil Davis (Ade), Kane Lucas (Car) Jake Melksham (Ess), Lucas Cook (Mel) Daniel Gorringe (GC), Sam Docherty (Bris) Toby Greene (GWS), Kristian Jaksch (GWS) Joe Daniher (Ess F/S), Ben Lennon (Rich) Nathan Freeman (Col), Corey Ellis (Rich) Nakia Cockatoo (Gee), Charlie Curnow (Car) Harry McKay (Car), Jy Simpkin (NM) Jack Bowes (GC), Thomas Gorter (WC)
  6. Trade rumours

    I dont think there is much talk about Rockliff as while he is a great player and we could always use a great player.... he isnt an outside mid/Fwd-Ruck or tall defender. I would absolutely love it if we got him and had the luxury of playing him inside mid or forward, but he isnt a pressing need and wouldn't be cheap. I was hoping we were going to trade him in last year.
  7. Trade rumours

    Nice response. To be honest, I respect you posts. I don't always agree with your opinion, but respect your point of view and always read what you have to say as you usually clearly articulate what your thoughts are in great detail. I have come to this site for roughly an hour and a half each day since 2003 but do not post much as I really cannot be bothered to go into as much detail as you do. Your comparison of Weid to Josh Kennedy is fair. Both showed next to nothing in there second season. Tex walker also showed only a little more in his second season. There is no promise that Sam will have the same development as these two. Most of the better full forwards were showing a lot more promise at the same age. Sam is slightly slow which worries me. I haven't seen him at VFL level. So cant comment too much there, however from following Demonland, I think its fair to say that he hasn't had a good year compared to his promising his first. I think everyone was excited after his Box Hill game which was the clear highlight. He could develop into a good player or he might not. There are a truckload of players who fail to develop or deliver on their young talent. I would be open to trading him if he requests it and if we get equal value to what we paid for him. I disagree with you in relation to TMac. Played forward for large parts of roughly 12 games for 23 goals, swung back or to the ruck in many. Sure, there were times where I was frustrated from a lack of impact, but he showed a lot of impressive signs for a guy who had been thrown into a position he had little training in and a very surprising accuracy for goal. You will be disappointed if you think he will only play defense next year. He has shown enough to be continued in attack and fill in ruck. I do agree that Weideman wont be traded because TMac plays forward. As mentioned above, I would be happy to trade him if the price is right. But we would need to draft another young tall. Hell, I think we need another one already, so if Weid goes that would be two young tall forwards we would need to draft or trade in.
  8. Trade rumours

    Zero difference. Zero issues. Edit: p.s. I don't necessarily disagree with your opinion of Weideman. Just pointing how hypocritical your post was.
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    They changed the rules recently didn't they? If we were only paying 97.5% this year we can pay 102.5% next year. Something like that anyway. But yes. I concur. I hope we have been front loading the crap out of our contracts.
  10. Trade rumours

    Better get a bucket ready
  11. Goodwin: Cats Must Play Menzel

    Menzel is an unrestricted free agent.
  12. Goodwin: Cats Must Play Menzel

    Good one Bluey.
  13. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Are the tigers that quick? Or are the cats just that slow?