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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I'm trying to make sense of it. Roos in his time would often try and shield the players from the public. Maybe this is what Goodwin was trying to do in his own way. We rushed our kicks and fumbled the ball so much last night. Maybe the external pressure is getting to the players and contributing. If we could just settle the nerves a bit.
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    It was bad. It had me livid in the third. I was so livid I had to go to big footy game day to see what neautal supporters thought. They also thought we were hard done by in the third. But it's not what cost us the game. Scoring 1 goal 5 in the opening term was terrible. We had complete dominance but couldnt put in on the board due to bombing it in again. Counter attack goals killed us again. Game plan does not suit our players Fans will be happy with how we played apparently....
  3. I hope it's part of a bigger plan that he misses tomorrow but ones straight back in for Sunday
  4. ANZAC game jumper

  5. Backline Setup and Structure

    Spot on LordTravis. But they show a lot more too. Lewis horribly out of position. Our press too high. Soft efforts.Too slow. It's really worth a watch if you can. They focus on us for the first 15 minutes. A big point was that the big problems are structural.
  6. Backline Setup and Structure

    My thoughts are that this is you at your best. Great post. I really want to see the agressive attacking game plan reigned in. We open ourselves right up for a quick moving counter attack and we have been caught time and time again and it's been happening since Goodwin took over. Why do we lose momentum and leak multiple goals? It's the game plan. We lost to Geelong because we bombed it forward. They would switch and kick it quickly to their forwards advantage. It's very similar to how we played under Bailey. Full throttle attack with gaping holes in defence. When it clicked under Bailey we looked like a million bucks, but then we would come up against a good defensive team who knew how to slow our momentum and thrash us the other way. I remember playing against Sydney when Tahdg Kennely let loose with both barrels post match saying that we would never beat the better teams with such a poor defensive attitude. Cam Mooney said the same thing on another occasion and I still hate him a bit for it because I knew he was right. We actually have some great defenders now. The difference is the game plan which leaves us exposed, especially against a quicker smaller forward line. OMac has been good all year without being really good. (You have just been blind Steve) Jetta hasnt been good. Hibberd hasn't been good. Frost has been terrible in my opinion. Lever has been shocking. Lewis. Playing Lewis as a spare defender means the opposition has a spare defender. Lewis isn't a great defender. He was a great midfielder. He does 2 things well. 1. Sits 10-15m off the play and is there for the quick pass backwards which works as an 'out' when we are under the pump, and also means he has time to pick the right option. 2. Sits 10-15m off the play and directs players where to position and pass to. He provides great direction and probably leadership. He is also pretty good at getting body contact on his opponent, but this isn't a real positive as he has to do this every time to match his opponents speed. He is too slow to be playing loose and isn't tall enough to intercept. I would rather have Lever as the spare back and bring Hunt back for the pace out of the backline.
  7. Freo poised to pinch 2

    Hogan is the more interesting case. Does his first year with us count as a years service? The year where he was only allowed to play VFL? The thought of losing both Brayshaw and Hogan after the loss we just had is too much for me. I think i would give up following AFL
  8. Freo poised to pinch 2

    Nope. Not for a long time. 7 years service before you become a restricted free agent. http://www.afl.com.au/afl-hq/the-afl-explained/free-agency
  9. Training week commencing 9 April

    Both Brisbane and North had 2 extra runners running in from the wings at all centre bounces to directly negate our 2 who run off the back of the square. The opposition 2 from the wing arrive slightly before our players, and while they dont necessarily help win the opposition the clearence, it stops our 2 from impacting. We have been figured out. I hope we are looking at something new for awhile. Maybe this was it.
  10. Mate. You are heading into troll territory. We all know what your opinion is, and you are more than entitled to it, but you are just ramming it down our throats now. Maybe hold off bagging the kid out every single time you see his name mentioned.
  11. Round 4 Non MFC games

    His ego killed the GF. For the crows at least. Eddie Betts has done a hammy. We don't play them till round 10
  12. Coburg Lions v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 1

    I could watch Weideman line up and kick all day. Such a great technique. Looks like a number of boys worked hard to get on the end of it in an open goal. Next week should give us a better indication of how some of the boys are tracking.
  13. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    Lapses are a problem. We had large periods all last year and it didn't look good against the Lions lastly week, but can you call the 4 goals vs North a lapse? 17:29. They kick the first from a questionable free kick. Momentum was 50/50 at the time. 14:40. Second goal. They are starting to get a run with repeat inside entries. 12:37. They get the third. They are all over us. Time to get worried. Our kicking efficiency is at about 55% 11:01. They got their forth from a shocking mistake by Frost. Really worrying now. If they keep going like this we will be stuffed. 10:08 Bugg puts through our first. 9:09 Kent kicks our second. I don't give a [censored] about the first goal. They were pushing us pretty hard but we were still giving it back and going ok. After the second, I was starting to get worried. 4 minutes later they have 2 more. Not looking good. Within 2 minutes we have 2 goals on the board. Momentum is 50/50 for the rest of the quarter. So yeah. We couldn't stem the tide for 4 minutes and conseded 2 goals which we instantly got back. Call it a lapse if you want.I won't be. I also won't be getting worried about a 'what if' like what if we lapse against the Hawks. If we do I will be [censored] off. Until then I'm going to enjoy the win.