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  1. Never in doubt! When we got to 30 points down, I went out and put a rack of lamb in the weber. Came back in a little while later and we were in front. Was I surprised? Nah... staggered more like it. Those who are negative about this win need to think back to not so long ago when a 30 point deficit would have turned into a 90 point debacle. Those days seem to be behind us. Praise the Lord! GO DEES!
  2. Turn it back on quick!
  3. I've had enough of consistency. We've been consistent for the past ten years and look where that got us. let's do it differently from here and be totally unpredictable. GODEES!
  4. Ya gotta love that smoky, peaty goodness!
  5. Whole team = Great Team Effort.
  6. We're out on our feet but what an effort.
  7. Petracca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. It's agrand old flag!
  9. I'm comfortable!
  10. Go away and cook some meth..
  11. Thank God for the Ardmore single malt.
  12. Best quarter of the season!
  13. Is anybody else seeing frees not paid???
  14. Crows playing with an extra three men...
  15. How about we wait awhile.