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  1. A Merry 2017 Christmas to All Demonlanders

    Blessings to all from The Reverend. May we all have a wonderful Christmas and a flagtastic new year. Go Dees!
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Time for all this to stop. He's gone. Some will miss him, some won't. Someone's right, someone's wrong. Only time will tell and even then, who knows what might have been? Nothing will bring him back. Let's move on... GO DEES!
  3. End of year delistings

    Yes I will! Hell no, I won't go. I refuse to be de-listed.
  4. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    For a long time, that was all we had to excuse our p-poor performances! For some, it's hard to break the habit.
  5. A Time to vent about this Club!

    He hates Nick Reiwoldt. Too effen perfect! Using them to prove that the meek should inherit nothing.
  6. A Time to vent about this Club!

    You're a far more sensible man than me beelz. If I'm still feeling negative after next week, I'll get you to flip one over to me. I have asked the big fella, who claims to know all, about what the hell is going on but he just answered with a big crack of thunder and a lightning bolt. I guess he's as piffed off as the rest of us!
  7. A Time to vent about this Club!

    Yeah, my wife said, "Don't throw that away, you'll need it one day!" But I ignored her, didn't I? I wouldn't mind having it back now just in case a miracle happens and I can throw it away again.
  8. A Time to vent about this Club!

    Did anybody see where the lid went?
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    It's hard to get one's head around it OD. MFCSS still lingers and I get very nervous when we're only 17 points ahead. I have to start believing we can beat anybody. It's just so foreign. But, the single malt helps calm the nerves. It's a great time to be a Dees supporter. Go Dees!
  10. Nat Jones

    Sometimes you just have to stop, think, and say, 'Yeah, nah.' When you're wrong it's best to go away quietly and come back when everybody's forgotten your outburst. Go Jonesy.
  11. Critiquing the content not the person

    Speaking of the meek, has anybody heard from Old Dee recently?
  12. Critiquing the content not the person

    Blessed be the meek for they shall inherit all sorts of shite.
  13. AFL ask Hird to present Norm Smith Medal

    57 varieties of stupidity and mind numbing arrogance. It would be enough to make me boycott the GF... even if Dees were playing.
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    This might be the loss we have to have. Still think we can get back into it and make it close.

    Whisky mate! My heart is nearly back to normal. Three or four more and I should be right. I love this club! Go Dees!