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  1. TheCurseisBroken

    The Co-Captaincy?

    Surely if Jones may have trouble making it on the park each week for 4 quarters then co-captain with Viney makes sense. Only if he personally wants to step down then I would consider it Gawn VC for when both captains are unavailable, he steps up.
  2. TheCurseisBroken

    Injury List - Season 2019

    Right, so footy then? 😂 Let's hope these players on modified programs can step it up post-Christmas. I'm not worried so much now as it is quite usual for players to be eased back into pre-season before Christmas with mostly running drills, but I'd be concerned if the rehab group doesn't shrink significantly by then. Let's see! Thanks for the reports btw
  3. Sounds like exactly what some Richmond fans that I know did...
  4. TheCurseisBroken

    Tom McKenzie

    Someone mentioned him in another thread and I checked out his highlights on youtube. Made a good impression with his skills, composure and just seems like a solid footballer. A bit difficult to see the running ability and pace from the video but I'll take spirit of norm smith at his word Tom McKenzie | 2018 NAB U18 Championships | Vic Metro v Vic Country
  5. TheCurseisBroken

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    Why always so defensive in this way? Maybe he doesn't have the opportunity to ask? A non-condescending way to reply would be to say that you chatted to Jennings and got the impression that clubs want to investigate every new 'approach' as professional sport changes daily...
  6. TheCurseisBroken

    2019 Fixture

    Don't mind the draw. The key things that stood out to me on first view: - 6 day break from WCE game Sunday in Alice Springs with travel back to VIC to play the Saints. Why can't we play on the Saturday?? I guess it requires another game to shift to Sunday, perhaps Carlton v Suns - Very short break before the Anzac Eve game, although given Richmond also have the same issue I guess can't complain - Glad to have two away games vs Gold Coast and Brisbane, as they are very winnable and useless financially if we played at the MCG But to me most of the 'issues' stem from selling the NT games. Then of course we have some pretty tough double ups and have less games against the bottom sides, but that is to be expected!
  7. TheCurseisBroken

    Daniel Menzel

    I'm actually keen now he's delisted, at least thow up a 1 year, possible 2 year with performance clause. We need to replace the goals that Hogan kicked. Menzel averaged 2.1 per game last year and Jesse 2.4. Neade averaged 0.5 Yes he has a poor defensive game, but he offers plenty of upside Maybe by having him on the list it may give Garlett a shove up the backside...?? Also gives Spargo/T. Smith more competition for his spot, which is always a good thing At the least if we have him on low money he will be valuable to Casey and useful depth Lastly, realistically, who else is there?? We have draft picks so can take a forward perhaps but they're not likely to contribute in any way for a few years, in which time Menzel will be gone anyway
  8. TheCurseisBroken

    24 hours to go - closest to the pin

    Neale to Brisbane for pick 5 Hogan to Freo for pick 5 and 23 Pick 5 and 36 to GCS for May and pick 19 Pick 46 to GCS for KK We get May, KK and picks 19 and 23 - along with picks 54, 62 and 65 (which may be used in other trades or upgrades) We give Hogan, pick 36 and pick 46
  9. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Game is being played on their terms Need to change it to the way we play if we have any chance
  10. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Missed handballs, slipping, fumbling, no pressure Jones and Viney - 0 tackles
  11. TheCurseisBroken

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Elimination Final

    Yep Viney may not be at his best, but even at 50% he's better value than the bottom 5 of our best 22 You never know, he may produce a ripper comeback game, such is his intensity and desire. But it's a big step up from no match day experience in weeks months straight into a final.
  12. TheCurseisBroken

    Most Quarters Won in 2018

    Another stat from 2018 - time spent in front Rich 69.76% Melb 62.73% WCE 62.31% GWS 61.60% Coll 56.83% Ess 55.86% Geel 55.39% Haw 55.22% Bloody Hawks know the right time to be in front!
  13. TheCurseisBroken

    Most Quarters Won in 2018

    Adelaide 65 Port 58 Richmond 56 GWS 55 Syd and Geel 54 And so on... edit: oh and we won 49 last year (8th)
  14. TheCurseisBroken

    Stats-file 2018

    I see! So basically it's because they won more games yeah
  15. TheCurseisBroken

    Stats-file 2018

    We won the most quarters (61) of any team this year. WC on 59, Rich 56, Coll 55 and Geel 52 Also highest average winning margin of 52.2 (funnily enough Bris is 3rd on 42.6 behind Geel on 46.7) 4th lowest losing margin of 22.6 (Geel No. 1 on 12.9) Can someone explain how we can have a higher ave. winning margin and lower ave. losing margin than Richmond, but they have a superior percentage? I realise it is points for vs. against but how does the ave. margins work in this scenario?