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  1. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Game is being played on their terms Need to change it to the way we play if we have any chance
  2. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Missed handballs, slipping, fumbling, no pressure Jones and Viney - 0 tackles
  3. TheCurseisBroken

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Elimination Final

    Yep Viney may not be at his best, but even at 50% he's better value than the bottom 5 of our best 22 You never know, he may produce a ripper comeback game, such is his intensity and desire. But it's a big step up from no match day experience in weeks months straight into a final.
  4. TheCurseisBroken

    Most Quarters Won in 2018

    Another stat from 2018 - time spent in front Rich 69.76% Melb 62.73% WCE 62.31% GWS 61.60% Coll 56.83% Ess 55.86% Geel 55.39% Haw 55.22% Bloody Hawks know the right time to be in front!
  5. TheCurseisBroken

    Most Quarters Won in 2018

    Adelaide 65 Port 58 Richmond 56 GWS 55 Syd and Geel 54 And so on... edit: oh and we won 49 last year (8th)
  6. TheCurseisBroken

    Stats-file 2018

    I see! So basically it's because they won more games yeah
  7. TheCurseisBroken

    Stats-file 2018

    We won the most quarters (61) of any team this year. WC on 59, Rich 56, Coll 55 and Geel 52 Also highest average winning margin of 52.2 (funnily enough Bris is 3rd on 42.6 behind Geel on 46.7) 4th lowest losing margin of 22.6 (Geel No. 1 on 12.9) Can someone explain how we can have a higher ave. winning margin and lower ave. losing margin than Richmond, but they have a superior percentage? I realise it is points for vs. against but how does the ave. margins work in this scenario?
  8. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Round 23

    Forgot to hit 'enter' mono? About 1 qtr late...
  9. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Round 23

    Fritsch one handball! Same stats as Kenty
  10. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Round 23

    I thought they were already... You can't expect a team to hit every one! In saying that, I think we are also playing pretty well. Just a little loose defensively but we'll see how it plays out. Trac needs to hit the sticks when he has the chance rather than trying to lay it off so much
  11. TheCurseisBroken

    The Blowtorch on Jordan Lewis

    Yep Salem was caught in no mans land on several occasions either ball watching or guarding no one in particular... I know he's used for his offensive side but gee some of his defensive efforts are poor (usually due to his positioning as he generally goes in hard when it's his turn) By no means he is the only one, but he's definitely a player that teams will look to exploit
  12. TheCurseisBroken

    Congratulations Bernie Vince on 100 MFC Games

    Love what Bernie has contributed to the club, but I did notice he struggled to contest the high ball with the lack of spring and also a bit slow to defend the players with excellent agility (both never strong suits of his, but I think he's fallen away even more this season). With the added intensity of finals I think he may struggle more, which is a shame given the experience and stability he would provide
  13. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Geelong play Gold Coast in Rd23...in Geelong...186 may be under threat
  14. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Bad decision making and bad skill execution
  15. TheCurseisBroken

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    C'mon Demons, step it up again and hammer it home Based on today JKH, Vanders and Vince to hopefully be replaced by Viney, Melksham and Hibberd respectively