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  1. Ok, so I wasn't missing anything. After seeing how that tackle 'ended up' I don't think anyone should be surprised about the suspension. The intent however is based upon the training that these players do. The goal is to immobilise the player and either pin the ball to the player or force the ball to be released. I don't disagree with Brennan's comments that she executed the tackle exactly as she would have been taught at training, however pinning both arms, slinging and not giving the player the chance to protect themselves from impact cost her a spot in the Grand Final. There has been no outrage in the media other than feelings for Brennan missing out on the biggest game of the season. I think everyone knows that tackle, whether in AFL or AFLW, is going to end up costing the player executing it. The men know the risks when they tackle and it turns out wrong,... Brennan and the AFLW know this now too. 1 week in a 7 week comp = missing 14% of the season. 1 week out of 27 weeks is ~4%. That is the inequity between competitions.
  2. Can someone explain to me what the go is regarding the Katie Brennan tackle? More specifically, I thought it was a pretty textbook case of a sling tackle and given it's her second offence of a similar nature, I can't see any reason why anyone would reverse the ruling, although I can totally see why the Bulldogs would be appealing the decision. The issue I have is that a sling tackle in the AFL for men can result in suspension.... but why was Brennan's tackle determined as reckless or something that would only result in a fine in the Mens' comp? I understand that due to the nature of the women's comp that fines are not part of the tribunal process (given it's not fully professional) but Brennan slung the player to the ground and they had their arms pinned. It's unfortunate but it was excessive force as per interpretation of the rules IMO. Did Michael Christian classify it too leniently? or did he classify it appropriately to enable the correct penalty for the AFLW comp? Now it seems like the Dogs and Brennan are claiming discrimination with the Human Rights commission because if her ruling was interpreted for the mens comp she would only have copped a fine, but in this comp she if it was classified using a penalty in the Men's comp, would she have copped an even larger suspension than the 1 to 2 week which would have been a massive suspension in a 7 week comp. Thoughts??

    I guess it depends how much money the AFL gets from the Fed Govt to conform to the WADA code.... if it's a couple of mil... the AFL can just cut back on some of the funding to the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and wear it.... however if the AFL was penalised through other means such as fed gov funding for grounds, sporting complexes and training facilities, perhaps it's a bit of a harsher pill to swallow.

    Presume they are threatening to split from ASADA if ASADA is unable to prevent the FoI request through the courts. Essentially fighting along side them, but saying if it fails, we will part ways so that such a thing can't happen ever again... EDIT: An FoI request can only be made to a Govt agency I believe? or possibly to an organisation that receives public money to fund it's operations. Can't quite remember the details.
  5. Injury List - Season 2018

    .... or we just change up the forward line a bit, We have a few mid sized forwards that are pretty capable, not sure if Hannan, Fritsch, Melk, Harmes, Petracca, ANB, Bugg etc were all going to squeeze into the one forward line in our 22. I still think Pedo is the obvious inclusion for TMac if he doesn't get up for Rnd 1, but I wouldn't be unhappy with a smaller more mobile forward line if it came to that. We have a strong number of goal scoring options in 2018 with our depth.
  6. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Pffft, Adelaide’s defence just weaker cos we got Lever.... don’t read too much into the performance. I’m more disappointed we don’t still have Dom Barry... he did look good.
  7. Hi, Not sure if it has been mentioned anywhere, but the a reshuffle of positions in the AFL sees Trisha Squires as the new CEO of AFL Tasmania. People may not recognise the name immediately, but reading the article makes it pretty clear. I didn't realise she had made a move into Sports Administration, and she will need to get moving very quickly given that the TSL is now down to 7 teams (5 South, 2 North) now that both of the teams on the NW coast have withdrawn from the competition. Burnie will not actually field a team in any men's competition in 2018 due to not having the numbers to make up a team. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-05/new-afl-head-announced-as-trisha-squires/9397550 Anyway, here's hoping that Trish performs well in this role for AFL Tasmania! Wish her the best!
  8. Toby Greene 6y $1m pa deal

    Probably says more about the Adelaide FC than it does about the MFC ? I think we paid around market value to secure a player who wanted to return to Victoria. GWS seem to be paying overs to keep someone from leaving Sydney. But at what cost?
  9. Salem ready to make his mark

    Not sure if this is what POITA means with getting his head right, but last year was probably the most consistent year Salem had with his body, yet he let himself down with a few undisciplined thing (AFL and VFL) and got rubbed out. Given the year we had last year, and how close we got.... sure that can be partly attributed to injuries to some key players... but it's probably also fair to say we had some really costly suspensions of key players (Hogan, Vince, Lewis) but also Salem IMO... and they hurt our momentum at critical times through last year. We missed out on finals by 0.5%
  10. Our Most Marketable Player

    Gawn is the best marketable personality currently we have at the club, (Vince close behind IMO) I think Gawn is a super ruckman, but in terms of pure player skills he's not at Petracca's level. Petracca is the best all round player package i.e skills, personality, confidence, being mates with with Ben Simmons that we have from a marketing perspective at the club, plus it's still early days.

    And it would be fair to say that the supporters of the clubs last night watched their teams for the same sorts of reasons, but in the end, I don't think any of them would like the format any more than we will. This format is pretty much a training drill for the players selected, and the intensity would be reflected in that. I'm amused at the notion that coaches were even required to be present. It would be better just to have the fitness staff monitoring GPS numbers and bring players on and off according to loads.

    I lasted the first half of the Freo v Geelong game, turned over to something else, and didn't go back. Goal posts were useless for a 'twilight' match, and tbh auskick games at half time were more enthralling than most of what I saw, and that damn announcer at the game in the background of the game coverage (which was horrible with BT) sounded like a sideshow alley person on a megaphone. Could not care if I saw it ever again,...
  13. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    It sounds like he has been training with the forwards, so I can't see him taking CHB. That said, I don't think TMac, Hogan and Pedo/Weidemann/T Smith makes us too big up forward. I think having 2 genuine forwards and alternating a ruck/fwd is ok. If he's in the best 22 and the match up works then we should play those players.
  14. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    I haven't seen both of the interviews, but didn't think that the one with Lily Mithen was cringeworthy by any stretch,.... However the presumption that a woman is needed to interview the AFLW players is something that is cringeworthy. Gender has no bearing on anything associated with the game other than the players on the field. Coaching staff, media, fitness staff for BOTH comps should be based on merit!
  15. Are we ready for 580 Brownlow votes?

    Not sure why, but I don't know if these three will line up in the middle together that much... I get a feeling that Danger and Ablett will alternative between midfield and forward (still pretty devastating if they do) Also felt that the game was catching up a little with Selwood a little last year. He'll still be influential, but it's kinda similar feeling I have with Nathan Jones. Finally it's not what they have in the midfield it's what they have around them.... thats where the list sharply drops away.
  16. New CEO for AFL Tasmania

    It’s surprising, I’ve followed tassie football for probably 30 years.... Burnie has been a powerful club, it was reported I think that they only had 15 or so players return after Xmas...it’s crazy! where as a club like Lauderdale, the second club on the Eastern shore of Hobart who I follow have strong numbers right thru men, woman’s and junior players. Clarence are similar. The economy up on the NW coast hasn’t been great for many years... but I’m astounded at both of the clubs pulling out of the comp. There used to be pretty strong clubs in the NTFL with Ulverstone, Devonport, Burnie, Etc... Sad really
  17. New CEO for AFL Tasmania

    I have no doubt a team can be viable in Hobart, especially if the AFL is propping up teams like the GC to the tune of 25mil! You tell me if the image of the AFL is better served by a team playing at Bellerive with a full crowd who is fully engaged (and know the rules), or by GWS playing finals in front of an empty stadium, or the GC playing in front of similar numbers.
  18. Time to ditch the Runner

    .... and AFL clubs has 90 interchanges a game in which players have time to receive instruction and grab a drink as well as quarter time and half time breaks. Plus as suggested there is no reason as to why a player couldn't get a drink from a trainer on the boundary line outside the field of play. I have no idea why we have to have these guys on the field.
  19. Time to ditch the Runner

    Trying to enforce a 45 second 'policy' just means someone having to police something more than is necessary, getting rid of them from the field clears up space on the ground, gets support staff off the ground that really in this day and age have no real purpose. Runners and trainers are not essential to our game, and detract from the spectacle. Take them away and limit any communication to the interchange. Makes club leaders and those in a leadership group more accountable for the onfield part of their role too!
  20. Time to ditch the Runner

    if you want to send a message out to the players, use one of the players coming off the bench, or drag that player to the bench... a runner does not need to be used to go out there. Thing is,... they get rid of a runner, and the trainer with the water bottles will just relay the same message anyway maybe
  21. Time to ditch the Runner

    Get rid of them, the players go on and off the ground so often that coaches can communicate to players easily enough using the interchange. After watching a player like Hodge directing and coaching last year from the backline tells me that the players know what and how to structure up without the need for fluoro 'ex-players' getting involved!
  22. The issue is exactly as you point out tho.... in a 'non-defined' wage structure there is inequality, of course it doesn't exist in a defined-wage structure!!! professional sports I realise is defined through sponsorship dollars amounts etc...
  23. Not to mention most CEO's who salaries tend to be declared and therefore it's pretty simple to determine gender pay, let alone % of CEO's who are female. Gender pay equality will exist in those jobs where the pay rates are determined through an award structure, but we digress here
  24. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Absolutely it's his fault that the pack wasn't 'packed' correctly. His penalty was a brick to the head and a concussion. I don't think anyone would deny that he didn't pack the pack correctly. Still the club put him in that position, the camp, the conditions, the mental and physical stress. It's still a workplace injury that they are responsible for.
  25. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    and I saw someone comment earlier that it wasn't Goodwin's fault that Salem didn't pack his pack correctly.... I'm sorry if they were sleep deprived, being screamed at and going out on a hike with bricks in their packs.... the responsibility of running the camp lies with the the club. I see that as a workplace injury.