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  1. Goodwin indicated that he thought Sparrow was one of the better players on the ground for our team, it's unlikely he'll be dropped if Lewis stays out (which is likely if he has a hammy issue) May will come straight in for Frost or Hore you would think, and unless Goody wants to provide better support for Max, I can't see too much beyond bringing May into the team.
  2. Last one has to be Goody surely. .... but I'm trying to work out if TMac is holding Goody's leg, or kicking around the corner and actually it's his own leg? leaning to the latter.
  3. Daytime!!! How the heck can you do kick to kick at half time, on the street, pull a hammy and get prime position on the couch as a sympathy ploy if it's dark! Sheesh Gil! Do like the comment above about a post game TV special though...
  4. Might be a little controversial, but I want to see Oliver's Kick to Handball ratio improve slightly this year which hopefully takes his game up another level. He still prefers to handball in preference to kicking... Still think he's one the best I've seen at Melbourne, and was in the top 4-5 midfielders in the comp last year! Which considering his age is incredible
  5. Jacobs is more of a negating midfielder where he is more about blanketing the output of the opposition player. I felt that the games that Harmes played, were significant because not only did he negate the output of the player he was tagging but he more often than not racked up good stats and forced those players to consider his output. By playing this role, Harmes has actually been dragged into the game and into the play and beating his opposition in the process
  6. Used to be an avid LAN session gamer and one day stuffing around with a mate I accidentally clocked him on the head with a Screwdriver, (Red handled, Flat Head,.... the screwdriver, not my friend!) and as a result of him saying 'Ouch....' I took on the moniker of Oucher. .....If I'm being truthful he swore at me, but I couldn't be known as the f**ker! Anyway, after a name reboot here a few years ago, I shortened it to Ouch! for the boards. Avatar is Hot Stuff, old school comic character!
  7. .... he's still putting icing on the gingerbread house. He'll be fine!
  8. Just found an article from back in 2013, it actually states that clubs are not permitted to track or monitor players fitness over the mandated break. Does not state anything about players and clubs not permitted to have contact with each other. Players have to stay or improve their fitness, they can chose to do things by themselves, using running coaches, or other things away from the club to keep it fresh and different, but equally if a player wants to come in and use the staff who are there to help the players, also fine I guess...
  9. I was listening to SEN radio a week or so back, and I think the collective bargaining agreement might mandate a certain amount of time away from the club, but the player being interviewed seemed to indicate that a number of players would head back to the club even only after a few weeks or so away to start doing weights and fitness. It didn't sound like they were not allowed to engage with the training and fitness staff. He went as far as indicating that he went back to the club for that exact reason, he had the physio and others that could help him improve. (I can't recall the player nor the club btw) I suspect that the players that have had surgery over the offseason would still remain in contact with the club, physios and the medical team. I would imagine that it's more that the CBA states that the club is not able to mandate these things. But the doors would remain open for the players if they chose to be there.
  10. CD says we have a good list. I think we know that. Not reading a lot more into it. I'm going to be intrigued as to how the new rule changes apply in 2019, as much as it's significant that you have a good list, I think coaching will play a bigger part in the outcome for 2019. Steve Hocking indicated that he knew of several clubs that had recruited particularly with the rules about playing on from a behind in mind. The ability to play on immediately from a 50 even prior to the meters being marked out, 6-6-6, the hands in the back and having strong players who can defend the space where the ball drops. I think they are small things in isolation, but the game will be quicker, it will be more open and there will be a lot more running.
  11. Do we have any spots remaining on our list? I thought we only had 7 spots, we rookied Wagner prior to the draft and got 6.
  12. Who is the last player we've had on the list that sported a rats tail??
  13. To be fair, Hannan and Garlett might have been identified for their goal output, where Spargo and Vanders would be chosen as they have a higher defensive aspect to their game and locking the ball in the forward line. That said, I agree that I find it hard to picture Garlett being in the best 22, and I agree that OMac is ahead of Frost at this stage as well.
  14. Don’t we have 6 or 7 spots to fill?? Our 3rd or 4th pick will be in the 50s. We won’t be filling our list without one or even two delisted agents I don’t think
  15. Didn't Preuss come out and say (or it might have been JM) that Preuss who was keen to learn the craft underneath both Gawn and Greg Stafford? I think he was told that there would be games where both could be played, but he saw working under Gawn and being his understudy as being a step up from Goldstein at North. I wonder also if Preuss might have been a little frustrated at Nth, and thought he might have been able to secure the number 1 ruck position for 2018, given Goldstein was horrible in 2017.
  16. Agree. There were people at the start of trade week saying if we can get May in, possibly having to give up Hogan, it would be an exceptional result. That isn't about the respective value of each player, just the net result of trade week. I'm probably more concerned that losing a player like Tyson hurts our midfield depth, but understand him wanting an opportunity.
  17. Just to confirm does that mean we now have 7 places to fill on the list?
  18. we got high first round, and a very early 2nd round pick.... So I guess it's a bit of a compromise from 2 first round picks, but thats how it goes.
  19. and it managed to hit page 400 on the dot. Well done folks!
  20. It's these bits and pieces that will determine if the Hogan deal is fair or not however!
  21. has to get within 40 to have a shot though!
  22. Wouldn't say it's extensive history... but he plays a style of game that is high intensity and high impact, but he will play a different game at the dockers than with us I think. Freo will not want him to roam as far from goal, so maybe that changes!
  23. Would be astounded if a player of his quality who only signed on a couple of months ago was kept completely under wraps by the media and both clubs to come out like this at the last minute. Just doesn't happen like that. More likely that we manage to keep pick 6 and Brisbane trading May to us for a 4th rounder!
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