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  1. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    If Watts makes us pay, what does it say about his career up to this point? I wish him and Trenners the best, and I hope they have good careers ahead of them. Everyone thinks that Port had a big win in the trade period, and whilst I think they were canny in some of their selections, I don't actually know how close they really are to the premiership. They have some great players, and perhaps boasted their players in the bottom half of their list. But they had a horrible record against almost all the teams they played in the top half of the ladder... they smashed the lower teams, so I can't get a good read on them as a club.
  2. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Think you are missing the followers and put the interchange in the wrong spot.... Assuming Gawn Viney and Oliver??
  3. Coaching Styles Negative v Postitive

    I think that part of this comes down to the fact that if you are at a club for a while, you start off looking at all areas of your game, both the negative and positive. I suspect that over time your positive attributes are known and you work to maintain what probably you are good and gifted at.... but over time coaching staff would be focusing on your improvement in deficiencies and that might become a focus.. Go to a new club and they will be selling things to you, they would be commenting on what they want out of you, what they perceive your strengths are and how you will make their team better. It's that pump up that you need.
  4. Trade rumours

    10 and 16 for Gibbs.... thats effectively the same price we paid for Lever. (albeit our 1st round next year being ~12-17 hopefully) I can't work out what Adelaide are doing in this post season trading period!
  5. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    fair bit of salary to go with that. Meaning they had to move on Trengove, Impey and Ah Chee. Still the 'net' players they bought in exceeds that which has gone out. Although I rated Trengove as a good tall utility.
  6. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    Essendon can still come out pretty well in terms of the players they bring in if they end up with Stringer. Brisbane and Gold Coast might come out ok in terms of players and picks, but they are losing a bit. Think we got the best player to be traded in Lever Port have done well in terms of only giving up pick 31 in terms of their trade position I guess...
  7. Sheesh this is starting to make me look like I don't like Balic, and I've never seen him play!!! Again your comment is not true. Balic may develop a stronger work ethic, he might try harder, he may tackle more than Watts by the end of his career, but trying to compare these players just serves no purpose. Why would someone even want to compare both of these players, different styles, positions, age etc... Balic has played how many games? why would anyone think it worthwhile comparing to Jack Watts except to bash Jack on this board? Using your logic Haydn Crozier will be better than Jake Stringer, why even bother making the comment in the first place? Lets just welcome the player to the list, rather than comparing him to players who aren't on this list anymore!
  8. Normally I quote, but given that it attracts the person that you are quoting back to the thread, I didn't really want to bother!
  9. Huh? read the context of my thread. I wish Balic the best, and us getting him for pick 66 is a good trade for us. But he's going to have to push himself very hard to make the 22, hope he and all our players are putting in every effort to fight to get into the 22, but at this point he has been recruited for midfield depth. My post referred to the stupid 'Will be better than Watts' comment above mine.
  10. .... please stop with the crap! he's a fringe player at the team that was in the bottom 4. Balic is untried, and has been bought into the team for Depth. No need to compare him with Watts, stupid comment to make!
  11. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    FYI they also traded out Brendan Ah Chee to West Coast, not that he was a regular contributor this year for Port. They have strengthened their list no doubt, they have some very good players in Gray, Dixon, Ryder and Wingard. They are a good shot for the top 8 and look likely for the top 4, but its too early to tell. Essendon with Stringer, Saad and Smith have improved their list more than Port IMO. That said, with Lever and Balic in, and Watts out, it's still a net gain for our team, and the list has been improved.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    This is true, but they also went on to make comment as to why they want him to explore their options. That gets out in the media, rumors fly around other clubs and that is why things can sour. The suggestion he didn't prepare well, or hasn't got the most out of his ability etc. There is generally only one way to perceive that.... and if everything is rosy you wouldn't have asked him to explore his options in the first place.
  13. 2017 Player Reviews: # 44 Joel Smith

    From the average supporters perspective, these players are 'playing a sport' sure its at a high level, but it's a sport. So those who aren't as invested in the 'personal' aspect of the players, what they go through etc will never understand what they go through. This time of the year will bring up a lot of crap... just be selective of how deeply you dip your toe into the swill!
  14. 2017 Player Reviews: # 44 Joel Smith

    ... being a little harsh? I actually think poita is presenting a fairly objective perspective on Smith. Smith had a really solid preseason, and a lot of us were excited by what he could bring to the team, the Rnd1 Injury killed his season, and he did qualify the comment by saying it was 'almost a wasted year' of development. Smith didn't come back anywhere near as strong as most would have hoped after the injury (Watts anyone?) but I think Smith will play more VFL than AFL, but still got a lot to offer the club at present I believe. The question of where does he fit into that defence is valid given the inclusion of Lever to the side.
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    Thats the point, If Jack indicates the club, I would be amazed if that trade takes more than 24 hours to facilitate. Sounds like he is hanging onto the prospect of playing for Geelong if at all possible, and given Geelong got pick 19 and the Ablett trade being their priority he won't nominate Port until the last moment.