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  1. Good point, I wonder if a couple of games in the VFL might see him given a go in the seniors prior to Salem coming back in... As with a lot of positions on the ground at the moment, fitting in the good players seems to be harder than dropping players out the side. Great place for the club to be in !!! Honestly feels like we have 26-30 players pushing a serious claim for the 22
  2. I'm excited to see that Joel smith is back to play in the VFL this week, would love him to get back into some form. Really feel he can bring yet another dimension to our defence!
  3. If you read the whole article, it's a little odd because he is saying we need a player with pace and skill that might be able to come off the HBF to work with Salem and Hunt. Ok, thats a fair point, So,...If you could use Brayshaw as part of a trade for Kelly, the club would jump at it, but I suspect that our 'untouchable' players would be needed to secure that deal with GWS. Johannisen... maybe I guess, but Pittard as a free agent, if we were serious about getting him... just offer the money and keep Brayshaw! A little distasteful when players with injuries get used as tradebait IMO.
  4. Saty, if I am reading that last comment correctly, thats very distasteful and uncalled for on a forum about football. (regardless of the original comment which was a bit petty.) Mods?
  5. Still can't put my finger on why, but ever since hearing Gawn is coming back into the team I've struggled to work out how things would work in the team. Watts, Tmac and Pedo have been great n the ruck/Fwd rotation, but equally OMac and Frost have held up much better in defence than I expected. It's a great problem to have, but I really feel for whoever eventually goes out when Watts and Hogan come back into the team. In terms of our talls, I actually think they are all in good form and none deserve to be dropped at this point, but inevitably Gawn makes the team a lot stronger, as does Hogan, but we can't play them all. I don't actually think I want to see TMac play in defence, at least while Oscar is improving... but can't see a role for him up forward with the other guys in the team, but then again he is one of the club leaders. TMac and Pedo are now fighting for the same spot in the team, and Pedo is more natural as the FWD/Ruck... So unless we come up against a team with three talls in in attack... which other than GWS and WCE (when Kennedy is fit) which have such a set up... Glad I don't have to select the team... just get to provide an opinion
  6. Hibberd has been a great get for the club, I'm satisfied with Melk for the price we have paid too. He hasn't set the world on fire but has been serviceable since coming back into the team. Strikes me as a player that plays his role, but isn't noticeable or a standout with acts of brilliance. So isn't really put out there as a 'best player nomination' too often.
  7. Is BenKen an option? looking at the VFH review of last round he didn't get a write up by Plapp.... Either he was really bad, or didn't play
  8. Trying to be impartial here, in reading your comments to Leoncelli_36, Saty you seemed to take criticsm about players to heart, and quite personally. I have no problem reading what you have to say on things, but equally people are allowed to have opinions of players that they like, dislike, think are spuds, or have hot girlfriends... and they should be able to express these opinions here, this then should be allowed to be debated by posters, and the moderators are required to keep things in check. For what its worth for the thread here and keeping it on topic. I think JKH is in red hot form, but if he comes in this week, it won't be a like for like to replace Jones. Replacing Jones will likely come from within the team.. Salem, Vince, Lewis, Petracca etc. Between those players we might get a good substitute for Jones until he's fit. Watts being out allows Gawn to come in as a more 'like for like' with Pedo still there. That being said, Kent, Stretch, JKH if they want a wing/HFF to come in or Wagner for a HBF replacement would be my guess...
  9. A lot of people confusing end of year delistings, with player trades. Spencil for example, I can't see any way he would be delisted, but I can see him leaving to seek opportunities elsewhere, or being traded.
  10. I agree, we have a lot of good options coming off half back currently at the club and I'm still of the opinion that the player we need off the half back line is just nursing an AC joint. We need to identify a few younger talls that we can groom as ruck forwards. or tall defenders, I think Spencil, for the benefit of his own game is going to need to find another club in order to get a number one ruck gig. Can't see us ever playing him and Gawn in the same team, and his currency is at it's prime for both him and us as a club... Honestly I can't see a lot of holes in our list except for a key back with good footskills, We are turning into a destination club, but I still think the best prospects for elite players exist already on our list. I am no longer fussed that every 'star' is being linked to St Kilda and Richmond... let them screw up their lists by playing over the odds for a player. Regardless of who they might land, they have several other holes in their lists that need attention.
  11. ...... well if his powers were in his hairyness... I hope that he never shaves the backs of his hands!
  12. Holy crap people are going off over nothing... again! He 'Misled' the AFL over his betting account last year, he didn't use it, he let someone else use it. FFS you would think that the AFL are so bloody pristine in the way they do business, with WCE drug scandal, the 'Tanking' and Essendon Drug issues, the AFL has painted themselves in a pathetic light in terms of how they have handled any of this. What Melksham did last year in his suspended year, and how he has played for us in the first 4 weeks have absolutely no correlation. He hasn't been great so far, and TBH there is a good chance he might get dropped for another player, but for all of the Chicken Littles out there pecking away at their keyboards, this is no more likely to cause the sky to fall than Hogan's indiscretion last week. AFL has to fine him a large amount purely due to it being a betting infringement. Nothing more to see here...
  13. Sam Docherty was the fourth...
  14. How is it any different than a concussion test? In fact in some ways it is worse because it's a hell of a lot more obvious, and negligent as you say.... that said it's the same for Richmond and Martin for that matter,
  15. Sorry that's what I was wondering... imagine if Cripps gets taken out with a bump like the one Varcoe hit Dalhaus with in rnd 1. In of itself the hit might not have caused an injury but with the existing fracture it turns into a more serious injury. How can the medical report play any serious role in the MRP decision making process... the MRP should be judging the act,not the consequence of the act if they are to ever be seen to be consistent.