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  1. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    I'm a lot more confident about this week than I was against the Saints. Brisbane are playing well, but other than the 8 point win against the bombers in round 15, they have not done a lot, and they are 18th on the ladder for a reason. They do have some good talent on their list and Beams is playing well, but it Goodwin has the boys focused on this week there should not be too much concern getting over the top of them, they've played only once @ the MCG this year and were pretty easily beaten by the Pies... It's in their interest to play kids, throw the team around and conjure up 'honorable' losses and with another dip at the draft they should be primed to go in 2018.
  2. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Do you legitimately think that Richmond will drop their last two against the Saints and Dockers? That looks like you are attempting to do one of two things... 1) Manufacture a huge MCG clash between Tigers and Dees in week one of the finals... if thats the case Kudos for trying! 2) Attempting as hard as you can to try and push the Tigers down to 9th place... in which case even more Kudos!!
  3. Any chance we're "Tapering"

    Can't see the crows being that concerned about us that they would drop a game against the bombers just to prevent us, as a misfiring team, from making the eight. Swans, Giants, Dogs, Richmond would be more of a concern at this point of the season.
  4. A Time to vent about this Club!

    We got smashed by a team, most thought would be the clear favourite for the flag this year in a 15 minute patch that the commentators were stating was almost an unstoppable patch of football. We went in as underdogs and didn't end up winning. The game against Nth hurt us no doubt, but knowing the ground fairly well, the weather and the conditions of that ground are a massive factor, and Nth know the conditions better than us, should we have won? probably, but it was always a danger game for us, and seeing how they played against the Pies this week makes it all the more painful
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    I'm just chuffed to have you respond to my post ET haha!
  6. The Jake Lever Thread

    Was purely putting out there as a hypothetical, I think Tom is a better player (due to age and experience now) than perhaps Lever is currently, but Lever has the upside in the long run. I guess it depends on whether our window is still 1-2 years away and Adelaide is firmly there now.... However if we managed for instance to effect a trade... lets say TMac for Lever, with some loose change exchanging hands. Allowing us to keep a first round pick to target someone else... knowing that Adelaide is potentially more open to the idea with Lever and possibly McGovern leaving... the currency for a swingman like TMac is more desirable, and we might get better value in the trade. I was being mischievous and I am tired of seeing posts where we are trying to 'lure' a quality player away from other clubs for what amounts to peanuts. We will have to give up something good to get Lever. Look at the Hibberd trade, how many people screamed about giving up what was it a second round pick? We clearly won out on that trade!
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    Thanks for the clarification on the 1st rounders, I know I will get shot down for such a thought, given how he has performed this year, but is Tom McDonald an untouchable in our team?
  8. The Jake Lever Thread

    If the talk is that the difference in salaries between what Vic clubs would offer and what the crows have on the table is around $300k, then it stands to reason that the offers in front of Lever are around $800k - $900k which would make him one of our highest paid players on our list. Just a couple of thoughts,.... doesn't the MFC have to use a first round pick this year? We might have to work with some of the currency that we have on our list, which possibly at the moment would be players like ANB, Kent, JKH, Stretch, Frost, Spencer and possibly Trengove. I have no idea what Adelaide needs, apart from a mid that can help chop out and help Sloane some more. If they lose McGovern and Lever, they would want a tall also... Given that it is reported to be a deep and even draft, a player that can slot into their side immediately, a pick upgrade or two and a 1st rounder of some form should be enough...
  9. Brownlow Night

    Where's Tom Mitchell in the betting odds? racked up a lot of stats, albeit in a team that has lost a lot of games.
  10. Glaring weakness in defence

    Just confirming this is referring to players in the backline? because in terms of top draft picks, and players who should be 'elite' I find it hard to swallow that we don't have enough elite players...?
  11. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    As someone who lives in Hobart, I don't think that there are many people that would be changing allegiances. I would imagine that there is adoption of the club at the grass roots level, i.e AusKick Clinics etc, but it would be new memberships, or people buying multiple memberships just to get in and watch AFL standard football. Tassie is an AFL state, and most people who follow the game have made up their minds. Similar for the Hawks in Launceston.
  12. Gus Brayshaw

    Nathan Burke I suspect you are referring to. I can't see a negative, and perhaps it might be more of a 'mental reminder' to him of remembering not to lead with the head, but agreed, I can't think of a negative other than how it looks
  13. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    I am really looking forward to seeing Trenners back, he was a genuine talent when recruited, tough, good footy smarts. I confess that when I saw he miss out on selection after losing Jones and Viney to injury, I didn't think I'd see him playing again for the Red and Blue. So yeah it's a bit surprising seeing him come back in this week. It's a big game for the club, and it's a very strong team we have out there, albeit a little down on form.... So it's not like he is filling in for injured players, Goodwin has put him in based on form and i'll be very interested to see the role he has been selected to play.
  14. Training -  Thursday 20th July, 2017

    I reckon Smith stays in and they play him against one of the talls like Westhoff, Garlett out due to personal reasons.