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  1. ...... well if his powers were in his hairyness... I hope that he never shaves the backs of his hands!
  2. Holy crap people are going off over nothing... again! He 'Misled' the AFL over his betting account last year, he didn't use it, he let someone else use it. FFS you would think that the AFL are so bloody pristine in the way they do business, with WCE drug scandal, the 'Tanking' and Essendon Drug issues, the AFL has painted themselves in a pathetic light in terms of how they have handled any of this. What Melksham did last year in his suspended year, and how he has played for us in the first 4 weeks have absolutely no correlation. He hasn't been great so far, and TBH there is a good chance he might get dropped for another player, but for all of the Chicken Littles out there pecking away at their keyboards, this is no more likely to cause the sky to fall than Hogan's indiscretion last week. AFL has to fine him a large amount purely due to it being a betting infringement. Nothing more to see here...
  3. Sam Docherty was the fourth...
  4. How is it any different than a concussion test? In fact in some ways it is worse because it's a hell of a lot more obvious, and negligent as you say.... that said it's the same for Richmond and Martin for that matter,
  5. Sorry that's what I was wondering... imagine if Cripps gets taken out with a bump like the one Varcoe hit Dalhaus with in rnd 1. In of itself the hit might not have caused an injury but with the existing fracture it turns into a more serious injury. How can the medical report play any serious role in the MRP decision making process... the MRP should be judging the act,not the consequence of the act if they are to ever be seen to be consistent.
  6. I'd like to see what the MRP does if Cripps plays and someone does more dmg to the hairline fracture in his jaw... can't exactly use the medical report again can they?
  7. people also need to remember that the medical outcome plays a part too. Vince got 'Wright?' who actually had to go off for a concussion test. I think Varcoe hit Dalhaus hard enough off the line with a bump that constituted a week. Hogan and Lewis whilst stupid in their actions (as in not in play) saw both players bounce up pretty quickly. Cripps stayed down longer more for Viney's push than Lewis's action 1 week at most for both...
  8. Not expecting to win, but confident that we are a significantly different team that shouldn't be scarred by hoodoos any more. Certainly I won't be surprised if we beat the Saints, and whilst I don't like the cliche' of it being an 8pt game, it's could be a pretty significant one to win or lose first up.
  9. I actually like the way both the Saints and the Dees have gone about turning around the fortunes of their respective clubs, and lists. Not confident going into Round 1, but I would nominate the Saints and Dees to be the two clubs outside of the eight would most likely push up into the eight in 2017. I hate using the word, but I think we have a greater ceiling and potential to push for the flag, but potential means nothing without the hard work and team cohesiveness. Again I would not be suprised if the Dees got a top 4 stop if they have a great year, but I can't see the Saints pushing higher than 5th....
  10. Interested to see if you hold the same argument for why Jetta wasn't included? If it was supposed to be the best 22 or 24 from our fit players, why was he excluded from both the team and the subsequent scrutiny?
  11. Good point, and if this is just a reminder and a refocusing attempt on Watts by the coaches, or even if it is about not meeting a KPI it should remain under the category of player management,? The subsequent noise has almost made it into a player welfare issue!
  12. I also think you are reading too much into what I think was a pretty poor interview from Tom Mac, and I think got caught out by the journalists. Again I have no idea whether there is truth to the story, but I think the words got ahead of him, and he spent most of the interview trying to backpedal on what he knew was about to be misinterpretted. Don't think he expected any questions regarding Watts!
  13. I will add another thing, and I suspect others feel similarly. Regardless of whether it's smoke or fire, most of us are not happy to see negative press so soon with Watts after what was an excellent season in '16. If there is substance to the rumour then people will direct this frustration at Jack, if it's nothing but a media beat up, we will likely be pi$$ed at the media and those spreading it about the impact that this potentially could have on Watt's season or the positive wave / momentum the club has coming into the 2017 season. I am also a little concerned that if Goodwin is trying to use a rocket to put under a senior player that they could have found a better target... IDK
  14. I've just listened to that interview with Tom Mac, Whilst he speaks well, he got blindsided by the Watts questions and struggled to get his way out of the line of fire. I suspect even *IF* anything is there about Watts, then it's minor and is being blown up.. It would be good to have Goody or Macca talk to the media soon and explain it...
  15. I'm not saying the hit was good or justifying the penalty, but Downie pinged the the hamstring just prior to the point of contact, and got herself into an awkward position when the hit came, I thought she was reaching for the hammy at the time or impact, quite possibly making her more vulnerable as a result.