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  1. Where to play TMac?

    TMac at CHF, when form demands Weid to FF. Hogan is proving to be a valuable loose man floating across the forward half of the ground. Lever and OMac the talls in our defence. Add Max into the ruck and thats our talls covered.
  2. Max Gawn's New Goal Kicking Technique

    ... it is why some people lose at forums though Nasher!
  3. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    I haven't tipped the Dees, but it will not surprise me to see us win, Melbourne probably has a better 'recent' record over Richmond than any other club in the league. If not for injuries last year I think we should have beaten them last year as well. The difference I see however is that they are playing a much more mobile and smaller forward line now, and if we push up as high in defense as we have been in the first few weeks, they will kill us out the back. Plus several of the players in our defense is a little out of form... TMac's absence is still a big hole in our 22, and we need to bring a tall forward in. Tipping a crowd of maybe 72k!

    Except it's actually not all that much in light of the new agreement that was sorted late last year. It's a big contract but not inappropriate. Lever is adjusting to a game plan structure that is slightly different to what he had at Adelaide, it takes some time. I'm filthy over what happened on the weekend, and love a good conspiracy theory, but I think we sucked on the day, we were outplayed by a team that wanted it more and we'll have to move on quickly from this experience. Two weeks ago everyone was going hard at the dogs and pies, last week it was the bombers, this week it'll be Adelaide and the Dees will be in the gun. These clubs each to varying degrees have turned it around, we just have to prove we can do that this week with Richmond.
  5. Changes v Richmond

    Still stunned, I only got to watch the first quarter and we looked like we were all over them, Hogan was everywhere and Kent and Brayshaw looked strong too. To come back and see one goal kicked for the remainder of the ground left me gobsmacked! Anyway I don't have any real concrete thoughts about who should come in, but a couple of my thoughts... We need a tall forward target, especially if we are letting Hogan roam the ground more. Until TMac is back, we need to play another tall in Pedo or Weid. I think we need to send a message to a couple of the senior players (Lewis... Melk... ) and possibly put them back into the VFL for a couple of weeks.... and given that the closer we get to having Viney play we will need to make this call anyway... if Jones moves out of the midfield to the HBF, we can't have him, Vince and Lewis all playing down there. Melk, ANB, Bugg and Harmes... all too similar at the moment, Kent has some toe, and Fritsch has a leap and would be a hard match up, but I think one these guys has to give way for one of the talls. The balance of the side.... or the structure looks right without TMac...
  6. Be Patient with Lever

    I'm not concerned just yet. Lever, and our other backs just need time to gel and work as a unit. You hear each and every team refer to their defense as a team within a team and it takes time to get to know each other, build trust etc. Look at Geelong, they are struggling in 2018 without Lonergan and Mackie. Richmond have a solid defensive unit, but it's taken them a couple of years to get it right with Grimes, Astbury, Rance and co. Our backs are still learning this, OMac is really only starting his second season as a 'regular'. Frost is still learning the caper, and whilst Jetta, Hibberd and co are experienced they just need time together. Lever isn't any different. It's probably one of the reasons why I think we are still learning the caper in 2018. I expect us to make finals, but I still think that it will be another year before we are a contender for the premiership (although I don't mind if the 2018 team proves me wrong!!)
  7. Who Makes Way For Viney And Tommy

    I would imagine he fits into the backline and Frost would miss!
  8. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Totally agree.... I'm more generally referring to our midfield pitted against theirs. When Petracca is in there, I hope he can work them over pretty hard, but agree he won't run the whole day out! We will run a lot of players through there and these players will need to run, spread, and get physical making it hard for them from the opening bounce!
  9. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Has any team actually put a tag into Mitchell? Collingwood and Geelong certainly didn't. Surprising given the talk after round 1 He's a great player and he is a good chance to get a lot of touches true. But of the three teams that the Hawks have played I think McEvoy has been dominant as ruck. It will be interesting with Gawn in the form that he is in and how he taps to advantage how much that impacts Mitchell at stoppages. I wonder if we tag or get a player to run with him... I'm excited to see Oliver, Salem and Petracca line up against Mitchell & O'Meara. But the rucks will be probably even more telling in the outcome for the midfield!
  10. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    I don't think any of us as supporters think we are playing @ our best, yet we were a stray kick away from a 3-0 start to the year. We have some key players to return in Viney and TMac, we have a full list to chose from, and a very large playing contingent @ Casey. I'm bullish about the season, I think the Hawks this week should be a great test.
  11. Be Patient with Lever

    I rewatched the game last night. I thought Lever was prominant, but his disposal by foot wasn't great. But he was well and truly in the game. Biggest thing on the reply I noted was not Hogan or Gawn ... they had great games. But Salem and Jones were fantastic in and around the ball, Salem in particular was hard at the ball and good with his disposal. Which was great given we don't have Viney, and Oliver was tagged by Jacobs
  12. Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    have to agree with JnrMac. Frost isn't there as an extra man in defence, he's there as an extra tall IN our defence (even though listed as CHF on the team sheet) It means that Lever can play third tall which should be good for his confidence. But I can't see Frost used as a 7th player behind the ball, that would be Lever playing as intercept player, or someone like Lewis depending on why they are playing a spare defender.
  13. Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    What I find a bit confusing about the selections is Goody's comments. Coach Simon Goodwin said Frost and Kent’s recent efforts for Casey couldn’t be ignored. “They’ve been in unbelievable form at VFL level and they’ve been knocking down the door for a few weeks now,” I didn't think the VFL had even started, and that all we've done is play some practise matches haven't we? I thought our first actual match is this weekend against Coburg?? Didn't think we'd have any changes, and honestly am not fussed with who is in and out, but the comments to justify the inclusions .... just sounds like a guy spouting 'footy cliches'
  14. Kent looked pretty solid up until that match where he badly did a hammy (I think?) that particular game he was smashing it too. I don't think he's been right since then. Haven't written him off, but we've had Harmes, Hannan, Fritz and a few others leapfrog him in the last year or so. I'd prefer him to be smashing the door down with several strong games in the VFL....
  15. Changes v North Melbourne

    Unless there is an injury between now and Saturday, I'll take a punt and say no change. Don't think our players down at Casey have had enough match time to make a call. I would like to see a game or two more of good form. Outside chance of someone like Brayshaw maybe for Hunt. But a pretty solid away win with no apparent injuries and I think the MC will back the same 22 in against Nth at the MCG. Gut feel is that Nth will try and isolate Brown in the forward 50 and Omac to take that role, Lever can intercept with the assistance of our mid/small defenders as part of the zone. Don't see an obvious match up for Frost. Maybe Waite if they push him forward, but he roamed HF and delivered into Brown on the weekend and that worked pretty well in the second half. Nth could pull some surprises and go with two rucks against Gawn, maybe bring in Mason Wood.... but they won by 52 points, I can't see too many changes for their side either. .... I'd love for them to try bringing Daw into their defence this week!!!