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  1. Article of Koch's expectation of players

    Warranted if Port we're blown away by West Coast but they weren't. It was a tough game that required extra time to break the lock, unfair and undermining comments to the players and staff. Don't think this will sit to well.
  2. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Just imagine if Dawes was kept on the list over him, would have been an absolute disaster today.
  3. The Dud Brother

    Cameron Schwab
  4. AFL Round 4 - Non MFC Games (2017)

    Nothing will come of it but just wait until one of our players do the same thing, then the book will be thrown at them and rules will be changed. Sling tackles happened for ages, then Trengove slings Dangerfield and all of sudden we're changing the rules and your copping it.
  5. GAME DAY - Round 4, 2017

    Haven't seen him all day but dear god, we need this Viney
  6. GAME DAY - Round 4, 2017

    Weid draws the free, big kick.
  7. GAME DAY - Round 4, 2017

  8. GAME DAY - Round 4, 2017

    2 key backs on Mundy and he still goals...
  9. GAME DAY - Round 4, 2017

    Got to clever on that second shot Watts.

    Harsh on Smith, ideally when someone debuts they should get 2 games in a row especially after a quiet first one which can be attributed to nerves. Weideman is obviously talented but with the VFL starting this weekend for Casey I think he could use a run there with Pedo providing a bigger body option with absence of Hogan.
  11. Kreuzer free agent

    Where are you getting this from? Looking at his profile he's played 143 games for 75 goals so more 0.5 goals per game.

    Round 1 does start this weekend, however, round 1 is split. The only match this weekend in Port Melb v Northern Blues, the rest of the games are next weekend. I don't know who thought that would be a good idea.
  13. Changes for next week v Geelong

    Out: Hogan (if susp), Lewis (if susp), Brayshaw In: Vince, Kent (Hogan), Bugg (Lewis) I'm normally one that's happy to have Pedo back in the side, but Plapp has come out and stated that Bugg could do no more to warrant selection this week. Might be worth going smaller and trying to run Geelong of their feet at Etihad.
  14. AFL Round 2 - Non MFC Games (2017)

    That took me a lot longer to get than it should have.