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  1. boydie

    New major sponsor?

    I think if they had to exist they've got it right, there's one sponsor which is quite small on the left side. I actually just noticed this today while watching some streams. But it could worse, the A-League and NRL jerseys are littered in sponsorship so I'm glad the AFL ones aren't as bad.
  2. boydie

    New major sponsor?

    That's the one thing I've noticed about American sports, despite being so heavily commercial they haven't tarnished the uniforms with sponsorship aside from maybe the apparel maker which is pretty much all Nike. It looks cheap with the sponsorship on back but it's the world we live in.
  3. boydie

    Draft Needs Analysis

    You cant carry ruckman on a list these day purely for insurance. With the mid year rookie draft next year we have exactly the right setup, in the event we did lose Gawn and Preuss then we take the best available experienced ruckman from SANFL, VFL, WAFL etc in the mid year draft.
  4. boydie

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    I reckon he or someone similar who's been delisted will be picked up to see how they do for a year. I wouldn't be surprised if we go after Weller, averages almost 4 tackles a game this year which is what Goody wants. If he runs both ways and does the team things then he'll be in the mix.
  5. boydie

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Not quite. He's not qualified to be a free agent based on a service, if Melbourne were to delist him then yes he would become a free agent and go wherever he wants. If Melbourne have offered him a contract which it seems most likely seen as he wasn't delisted, then a trade must be completed for him to move. If no trade can be completed then he can nominate for either the national or pre-season draft where anyone can pick him with their pick.
  6. boydie

    Round 23

    There's also the issue with overlaps for grounds, using the Round 23 fixture from this year there are 2 games scheduled at both the MCG and Etihad. No chance of moving either Richmond or Melbourne to play at some other venue to avoid a clash.
  7. boydie

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    It would be nice if the AFL players retained the same number for VFL it would make identifying players a lot easier. Anything greater than 60 should then be allocated to VFL players.
  8. boydie

    Bye After a Darwin Game?

    I also imagine majority of the 6k in attendance are more likely to be Adelaide supporters rather than Melbourne, a lot of Adelaide fans in the Alice. I'd rather have 2 extra games in Melbourne even if it is at Marvel/Etihad, gives local supporters a chance to attend that doesn't set you back in excess of $500 in airfares.
  9. boydie

    Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    So we played 24 players tonight, obviously we have to reduce that down to 22. Think Frost and Wagner will be first out, then T Mac for Pedersen, Lewis for Maynard, then Harmes is probably in the side for one of Fristch/Bugg or Hannan. Going to assume that Viney will miss round 1 but it's a good problem to have!
  10. There's a few things, but I'll keep it simple, make the finals and be apart of it for longer than one match.
  11. boydie

    Article of Koch's expectation of players

    Warranted if Port we're blown away by West Coast but they weren't. It was a tough game that required extra time to break the lock, unfair and undermining comments to the players and staff. Don't think this will sit to well.
  12. boydie

    The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Just imagine if Dawes was kept on the list over him, would have been an absolute disaster today.
  13. boydie

    The Dud Brother

    Cameron Schwab
  14. boydie

    AFL Round 4 - Non MFC Games (2017)

    Nothing will come of it but just wait until one of our players do the same thing, then the book will be thrown at them and rules will be changed. Sling tackles happened for ages, then Trengove slings Dangerfield and all of sudden we're changing the rules and your copping it.
  15. boydie

    GAME DAY - Round 4, 2017

    Haven't seen him all day but dear god, we need this Viney