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  1. I’d throw Joel smith in the ruck for center bounces and the odd ball up (he’ll get monstered at boundary throw ins). He can use his leap to full advantage and leave Tmac and Weid forward. He can still be the third tall this way.
  2. Holy shut the door! I’m as dry as a chip right now. Heading to coffee club to load up up on a big brekkie.
  3. Goodness me. So glad im drunk to make sense of that’s Kudos togooglespell check that’ he’ll edmke out.
  4. Yeah because depending who you are and which club you play for you might get awarded a free kick and score a goal.
  5. I'm cracking a beer to deal with this.
  6. I’ve got a mate who does just that. Excellent entertainment.
  7. No. Jones would be backing himself in to play on. If he gets told otherwise by the club....
  8. Mumford got off after being charged with intentional contact. May was careless. It’s seemingly okay to round arm a bloke in the head but not apply a bump. If Hewett was ko’d From that Mumford round arm he’d have got a month. As usual, the outcome is of greater significance in comparison to the viciousness of the intent.
  9. It’s an unfortunate by-product of trying to play the game in our forward half. A congested F50 is always going to cause a greater ratio of high balls. It’s a worry no doubt. There’s only a few players who have the pin point accuracy to hit a leading forward and we all know who they are. The rest just send it long and hope for the best.
  10. What happened to Harmes? i missed it.
  11. Two JLT losses. Season over.
  12. Is Bradke rotating through the ruck or staying forward?
  13. Tried to wear one once and couldn’t hardly breathe or swallow. Didnt help that I was super dusty and dry-as after a big night before on the froths. Btw, Andrew Brayshaw probably thinks they’re overrated as well.
  14. Great news. Love his hardness which has really come along the last couple of years.. I was starting to doubt him there for a bit. Also worth noting that in comparison, Josh Kelly is a sloppy disposer of the pill.
  15. Thank Paul Roos instead. He was the man who asked Taylor to take a closer look at Oliver.
  16. Watched 3 quarters. Stretch is the greatest concern for me. Gets a bit of it but uses it so poorly I just can’t see him becoming a regular seniors player. Also not happy with what I considered too many short chips kicks that were turned over. Looked to be trying to centre the ball most times but there was a lot of it all over the ground and it looked amateur. And the bombs into the F50 still worries me.
  17. What a poor interview from both participants. Bring back the Burgatron.
  18. “A question for our Qld members”
  19. A footballers footballer if ever I’ve seen one. Poetry. ed: Tulip aside.
  20. “A question for our Qld members”
  21. The club goes to train in Maroochydore in the heat and humidity to get used to it. The players are much more conditioned than ever before. The first 4 rounds in Perth are usually played in mid 30’s. They’ll be fine but I recommend to whoever’s going to take extra beers.
  22. Completely shafted by the maggots. Disgraceful umpiring.
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