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  1. List is thin after the 24th player?
  2. McQueen

    Training - Wednesday, 12th December 2018

    I thought cards post was emphatically clear and a point well made.
  3. McQueen

    AFL lookalikes

    Prompted by the nicknames thread and for an off-season laugh, who can you see similarities in from the listed players? I'll kick it off with Christian Petracca and Hymie from Get Smart.
  4. McQueen

    Play of the Year - 2018

    Not sure what the delay was but you are correct, Viney was distracted and was still able to react quickly enough to Selwood trying to take advantage of that.
  5. McQueen

    Play of the Year - 2018

    EF start of the third or last qtr I think when Viney hip and shoulders Selwood to his [censored] and gives away a free. Selwood then tries to play on and gets caught by Jack with his 57th tackle for the game and wins the ball back.
  6. McQueen

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Joel Smith looks like an absolute weapon with the build he has now. Combined with his athleticism and improved footy IQ, I’m wondering if he could really blossom next year? Just in the small amount of vision I’ve seen, he looks to have the technical aspects of ball control at a whole new level. Would put my mind more at ease with Lever’s recovery and the end of Lewis’s career.
  7. McQueen

    Injury List - Season 2019

    I’m keen to answer this for you but will wait with anticipation for a more precise breakdown.
  8. McQueen

    MFC Mens Home Guernsey Clearance $36 @ NB

    Bought a training cap a month ago at full price. Typical.
  9. McQueen

    Training - Friday, 7th December 2018

    Buying sunscreen at a hotel in Perth? What'd you pay? $50?
  10. McQueen

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    In 2017. 10th in 2018.
  11. Quick turnaround yes but having a knife in there again must present new variables. Fingers crossed.
  12. Can you recall when he was scheduled for the States rehab phase? My only concern is this may affect that schedule.
  13. Must be frustrating for Jake but it’s essentially good news. Must have him pain free for the intense rehab in the States - providing that this surgery has not pushed that date back.
  14. McQueen

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    Tyson looked like a champ when we was shyte. Unfortunately I think Jeffy is suffering a similar set of circumstances.
  15. McQueen

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    How epic is it going to be to have Lever back and alongside May next season? The backline will be next level.
  16. McQueen

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    Got the red V and blue too. I want some.
  17. McQueen

    AFL Draft review: Melbourne

    Something tells me that the author is a 'glass half-full sort of person'.
  18. McQueen


    Not in your video library, BBO? Shocked.
  19. McQueen


    Now you've completely thrown him.
  20. McQueen


    @jumbo returns must be in full meltdown mode.
  21. McQueen

    The Kobe Farmer Thread

    If we were still basket-case level of shyteness circa 2013/14 then I doubt the Wiz would be so effusive of his son coming to the MFC.
  22. McQueen

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Yeah....... time to switch off the lights and sweep the floors in here and farewell the farewell.
  23. McQueen

    2018 Player Reviews: # 36 Jeff Garlett

    Played like a scared cat, skirted around packs with little intent of wanting the ball and didn’t bother to tackle. If he corrects those things it’ll go a long way to him getting games. Another preseason into Chuckie Spargo won’t help his cause.
  24. McQueen

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    Withdrawn? Can’t access.