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  1. Due to the original plantar fascia pain he had and the subsequent surgery to relieve it, it was reported that he was compensating for it with his running style and therefore placed strain on other areas of his foot which brought about this new issue. What it is exactly has still not been reported to my knowledge.
  2. Question: Is “good as gold” his favourite saying?
  3. DRAFT DAY 2017

    Can't recall what his source was but Peter Bell mentioned on ABC Perth this morning that the Eagles would swoop at 13 if still available as he's rated top 3 prospect by them. Guess we'll see.
  4. Corey Maynard

    The sweet irony.
  5. Corey Maynard

    Gawd, we did it for 9 years with Wattsy.
  6. Corey Maynard

    Maynard is a completely different kettle of fish and it would be a good idea for people to realise this and treat it as such . The blokes you've mentioned have had/having careers as professional footballers and subsequently not cut it at AFL level. Maynard has spent all his formative years playing elite level basketball and is now into a second pre-season after playing dominant VFL games and showing some competency in one single AFL game. I think it's quite realistic to have high hopes for him given his back story.
  7. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    Yeah mate. The supporters and the CFC club in general can go and eat a cubic metre worth of d!cks. As a player, I really admire how Docherty goes about his business.
  8. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    About to turn 45 years old. First run back tonight after bilateral hernia surgery after just recovering from shoulder reco. Talked shyte with the boys. The usual hitting of chests. One grabs. Put away a few tins. Batted away mozzies. Home to cooked snags. Love my footy training nights.
  9. Corey Maynard

    He was stiff to get dropped after the GWS game. From memory I think he got 18 touches and a goal on debut which is pretty bloody good. I think as far as blokes 'having it between the ears' in order to succeed go, Maynard seems to be leaving nothing to chance.
  10. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Purchased the Kindle version today. Nearly all of his 'books' reviews measure up as very highly regarded so I'm keen to get stuck into it. I do however have two more episodes on Westworld to consume prior to this which, as a matter of coincidence, may be a rather apt prelude to the book.
  11. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    A lot of overreaction if you ask me. It's bounced in the middle at the commencement of qtr's and after a goal is scored. All the other stoppages ball-ups far outweigh the bounce-downs. I think by the sounds of it Jeff White might've been over-processing it by quite a margin too.
  12. Preseason Training - Week commencing 13/11/17

    Pics up on the club site. Monday November 13th Photo Gallery
  13. Hibbo and Nev Selected For International Rules

    So you’ve made clear your disdain of this concept, SWYL. I’m interested to know your stance on State of Origin - should the concept re-commence?