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  1. That is worthy of Cam Mooney’s ‘Numerology’ segment on Fox Footys Bounce show.
  2. McQueen

    Losing Jack Viney

    Was he in a full space suit rather than just a moon boot?
  3. McQueen

    Hodge and Christian

    As has been discussed, the only way to get consistency is to apply a total ban on ANY punches. You hit with a clenched fist, no matter the force, you get rubbed out. This 'fines' methodology is puerile from the AFL particularly for players who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'd hate to be Michael Christian trying to make some sense of it. The poor bugger is on a hiding to nowhere. The failure should be clearly placed on Hocking.
  4. McQueen

    I feel for Nathan Jones

    With quite a substantial bump mind you.
  5. McQueen


    What a day! I've been wanting to post my thoughts for a while but yesterday I was too inebriated and this morning I'm hungover and have had to chuck a work sickie. I was fortunate to jag a last minute corporate gig for the WCE so it was on for young and old with free graze and froffs and sensational seating. Pity I was surrounded by the biggest bunch of sooking floggers you've ever come across. I posted in the game day thread that a fast start was the key and I was delighted to see it come to fruition even though the Eagles hit back with a couple of late goals. The stadium was eerily silent after every goal we slotted and it was glorious. Their supporters are feral like you wouldn't believe and I'm sure guys like yourself and others who were there to witness it would agree. They boo at everything that goes against them even when it's an obvious infringement. I actually thought it was one of the better performances from the maggots that I've seen this season except for the howler against VDB that game a goal to Cripps. Anyway, the game was excellent. It was very reassuring to see the Weed get amongst it and based on yesterday's performance I think he'll make it. James Harmes is fast becoming a fave. Just an all round great game to continue his rise from the rookie list. Gawn - just give him the Brownlow. VDB - great to see some mongrel back in the team but I think he'll be in hot water for the elbow on Rioli. We missed his and Hibberd's attack on the footy so badly. Brayshaw continues to look more comfortable and making better decisions. The intensity was awesome to watch live. It's a different feeling at the game and our pressure on the opposition was very pleasing to see and the umps found just the right balance in adjudicating those instances. It was just a superb day. I could go on and on but it'd get to tldr stage. Trust you fully enjoyed the trip and bet you'd like to take some of this Perth weather home with you.
  6. McQueen

    Round 23 Excitement

    I’ve already booked my airfare to Melbourne for the GWS clash.
  7. McQueen

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Shitty day to wear a scarf over here. 25 degrees.
  8. McQueen

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    It’s simple. We silence the crowd with a dominant first quarter. The Eagles supporters will sway the umps if we don’t get a good start. It’s imperative we score heavily in the first quarter. Silence the crowd, we win the game.. must kick straight.
  9. McQueen

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Is it the knowledge (albeit biased) that we most likely are a better team than them?
  10. McQueen

    Watts Dropped from Port

    I want to message my Port supporting mates but I’m figuring I should keep my powder dry until tomorrow arvo.
  11. McQueen

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    You are such a boring contributor to this site. And you wonder why others have a go at you. Just talk footy for a change rather than baiting people like me.
  12. McQueen

    Go and get Gaff!

    All the latest articles are just rumour. If anything, I feel more comfortable with the rumour we’ve apparently eased off the chase. Smokescreen.
  13. McQueen

    If we beat Meth Coast I will ...

    Yeah but I feel it a little more than usual at the moment. We've got some good players back in and the Eagles only just fell over the line against the Power last week without Ryder and Dixon for a large chunk. After beating them last year (albeit at Subi) I reckon the team should be supremely energised to get this win and that being compounded by all the media garbage that we are mentally fragile and can't beat a top 8 side. I can see a six goal margin in our favour.
  14. McQueen

    If we beat Meth Coast I will ...

    I'm feeling more optimistic about this every hour that passes. I really like our chances of causing an upset by a considerable margin.
  15. McQueen

    Go and get Gaff!

    It's the free agent status that makes it logical to chase Gaff. Your points above are all valid but we have an opportunity to add a proven A grade mid with 170+ games to the team who is in their prime. Stuff the waiting and hypotheticals based around our current list... Let's jack our team full of more stars while we can.