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  1. Tmac limping obviously in last qtr....
  2. Trac, Omac, Jetta (first 3 quarters), and Frost best. cameron ling worst on - kills me.
  3. A number of swans wouldn't shake his hand..... fair enough I guess.
  4. Bugg set the tone for a crap night..... an embarrassment.
  5. Frost and Omac have been great considering the amount of swans inside 50s.
  6. Cameron Ling is ruining my life....... will Channel 7 please make it stop!!!
  7. Strange selections this week are hurting - White a liability, Wagner suspect at this level and because we didn't select Kent or JHK as a pressure forward we've killed hunts game too.
  8. Blokes walk taller with Lewis by their side.
  9. Yep, just blame Neeld - can't believe someone with such little emotional intelligence ever got past the first interview.
  10. The reality is we will drop games to teams well below us, and beat teams above. No point looking ahead more than the cliche one week at a time....
  11. Lewis is a liability. Can't lift his legs
  12. Crap from Lewis - but this umpiring is shite. Trip on frost massive miss.
  13. Some qtr from clarry so far - got angry at half time. Tyson is too slow to have such bad skill! Not sure we want this to turn into a shoot out....
  14. Don't need any of these positions. I'd rather back Jason Taylor in the draft or only take free agents that cost us nothing.
  15. Farrrkkkkk.......