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  1. Injuries and tom mac playing 40m off jack r cost us. Players were spent in last quarter. Also, viney shadow of former self - and feel like we've got leaders with heart but no footy smarts.
  2. ANB [email protected] for brains. Tom Mac needs to get closer to reiwold or frost needs to go him.
  3. Jones :- Lack of Leadership. When the freo run was on I watched him closely. No voice, no marshalling the troops, no sprays...... after each goal he just trudged back to the centre with his head down. Bernie :- Makes Stupid Decision. Don't think the game has passed him, but he's made and attempted stupid plays all his career. Overall I think the gameplay of manic play on and throw the ball around until hopefully someone is in space is to compensate for our lack of leg speed. Unfortunately, not any options in the twos with real pace.
  4. With Lewis it was good coaching from Bolton. He put an offensive tagger in Curnow (aerobic beast) with the instruction to run Lewis off his feet - I think that made him look slow as he was absolutely spent. I watched him in packs and he's got a great knack at hurting blokes, excellent at positioning team mates with instructions and when hunt blazed at goal from boundary instead of centreing ball Lewis gave him a great spray - all priceless attributes.
  5. Really well run by the club - and the players are great with the kids. Got to say Jack Watts was a stand out as usual - a real natural with kids and goes above and beyond with supporters. Did anyone see Hoges? I didn't and was concerned as he seemed to have a leg injury late in the game against Dogs.
  6. Incredibly good first year considering he wasn't even fit. Hands and work in close already elite - can push forward and create a goal - so, so, so much better than petracca but trac seems to break one tackle and have the commentators drooling
  7. Sub 10min for an AFL footballer (who has to carry plenty of muscle) is elite..... at any club. Also, last year the majority of guys shaved a lot of time off by the end of pre-season as you'd expect.
  8. In photos BenKen trailing Watts - not a great sign for someone who wants to rotate through midfield.
  9. Just saying - I would bloody love Jordan Lewis to come to Dees - he maybe on his last legs but he's still leadership and footy smarts personified - someone you'd always want in the trenches.
  10. 21 for Lewis - jesus, stick to your day job pal
  11. hands, vision, hard and competitive...... In the words of Bruce... delicious!
  12. This would leave Freo with the ability to offer Dee's pick 3 & 7 for Hogan - and they'd have a fwd line set up for the next decade with Hogan & Patton. Would certainly give dees something to think about especially as we could lose him for nothing in 4 years time if free agency compo is removed as spoken about.
  13. I've read a couple of times on twitter tonight that at past players function today it was stated Jesse will be signing a 2 year extension next week - so with Dees for another 3 years at least. Anyone able to confirm? Any past players on this site?
  14. Christ - that got me unnecessarily excited. Obst was one of MFC's / AFL's most underrated players - he was pure class.
  15. We should be all over this - free agent - free hit - we must have plenty in the cap over the next 2 years.....