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  1. Canplay

    Nathan Jones' 250th.

    Bloody star - the boys have to get over the line for Chunk in this one.
  2. Canplay

    Changes vs Bulldogs

    I would give Lewis a week off, so fresh for queens bday. Travel and 6 day break on old legs. I’d bring in Hunt for leg speed.
  3. Canplay

    Trac's Goal Assist

    Spargo's kick is a beauty - to just keep the ball moving quickly - kept it simply by putting it out into space for Trac's advantage - the kid makes good decisions.
  4. Canplay

    Lyon Questions Viney Selection

    Agree with Garry..... for once. 9 months out of game, not sure why you'd rush him back - build games time and confidence in 2's
  5. Canplay

    Peter Jackson stepping down

    Amazing Job - well done Peter. Successor needs to come out of a football environment - all recent CEO failures are from outside the industry.
  6. Canplay

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    In short, a lot of positives out of today, but in the game review it shouldn’t be missed that the last quarter was incredibly poor
  7. In the English Premier League they don't even allow a Ref to oversee a game if they live in or were born in the home city - just take any perceived bias out of the conversation - seems AFL should do the same with Leigh
  8. Canplay

    Changes v Richmond

    In : Tyson, Hunt, Hannan, Out : Lewis, Harmes, Melkshem,
  9. Canplay

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    20% of the season already gone and not one player (other than perhaps Trac and OMac) has improved. Defensively awful and forward line inefficient and dysfunctional..... However, the test will be whether he can learn and improve.
  10. Canplay


    We’ve got a coaching issue folks...
  11. Canplay

    Left behind again - ground upgrades

    Happy for MCG and Docklands funding - but the rest of the money for old suburban grounds is just pork barreling.
  12. Canplay

    Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    First 4 quarter performance and we win by 45 points
  13. Canplay

    Changes v Brisbane

    Out : Maynard & Hannan In : Tyson & Brayshaw
  14. Just feels a very dated story with no new insight - not sure why it needs re-hashing at this time
  15. Canplay

    What the Fritsch

    Reminds me of a young Cameron Bruce