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  1. Gawny's Column in the HUN.

    On a hiding to nothing
  2. I was in country nsw on the weekend and saw the country news. There was a report about a game at Ungarie in honour of the Danihers . Neale was interviewed and sadly seemed to have regressed in his battle with MND. The speech seemed more slurred and the face more contorted. Come May when the push for QB MND freeze takes place dont be surprised by his appearance. I know I was shocked seeing him in Yr 2 after Yr 1 and how he had changed.
  3. Neale Daniher regressing with MND?

    Sadly I have seen it and how the patient deteriorates . The brain is often the one of the last organs to shut down so the patient is fully aware of what’s happening but cant communicate.
  4. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Danger out ? Ablett underdone if at all? Dont take it easy Dees
  5. Trade rumours

    What does WaToday know or is it click bait for freo supporters
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    If JW ends in geelong , we can think of all shockers that ended there, Grigic , Blease , Clark
  7. Colin Sylvia

    watoday chose a stock melb jumper photo , guess he hardly wore a freo jumper for a photo to be taken
  8. Collingwood V Melbourne Round 22. 1976

    Moore and carman both went to melbourne

    If we cant win now , don't deserve to be in 8
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Another no free to hogan
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Shut up richo
  12. GAMEDAY - Round 17

  13. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    A touch of frosr
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Whynot enchroacment by eddie?
  15. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Can not take a trick
  16. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Sloane must go off on stretcher, adelaide fine?
  17. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    The last mak we held was in a german bank
  18. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    F off unps
  19. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    How many kicks into a man tonight ?