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  1. 2017 Contracts

    Viney is at 88 games played and hunt is at 41...
  2. Zak Jones

    thought I heard the third player was tippett to the dogs, (freeing up salary cap space for sydney)??
  3. Zak Jones

    Just reported RUMOR on SEN linking Zak Jones to Melbourne in a convoluted deal involving dusty martin to the swans and I think they said tippet to the dogs and Zak Jones to Melbourne. so the question is... Do we want him? does he fill a need. it would be nice though to see him playing with his bro... does anyone know if he has pace, as I am in the camp that believes we need a pacy outside mid as our main priority. what is his disposal like?
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    that is just the ineptitude of the afl website. you will notice any time any player goes to the interchange it is "due to injury"
  5. 2017 Contracts

    Updated contracts...
  6. 2017 Demonland Banner

    Definitely one of the major omissions on the banner our young Nev! Oliver has probably earned a spot too I would think

    where did we put that lid?

    Inferior jetta.... love it!
  9. Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL

    is tim smith injured? and if so any idea how serious it is?
  10. Daisy Pearce

    She is doing a charity event tomorrow as well, fantastic lady... and she will be receiving a special surprise gift which i hope she will love. For the life of me i can't rember what it is, something to do with auskick?. As for her commentary work... i suggest she is probably the best Boundary rider we have heard, although there is not great deal of competition Samantha Lane is not bad and who else is memorable?.?. Dipper, who whilst was fun was pretty [censored] aweful when you look back on him.
  11. Forward set-up, with and without Jesse

    Absolutely hogan straightens us up when we are on and accurate we are going to be only more dangerous with hogan there wherever he plays
  12. Forward set-up, with and without Jesse

    I alwas enjoy seeing hogan midfield for me CHF is his spot floating mid amd even back weid soon to be our leading FF and roatatonf t.mac forward seems like a revolution With watts and pedo there as the other talls kent garlett as the forward rovers we are on track for lots of damage It will not be long before we completely destroy a team

    Can't decide who i like more at the moment Oliver or Hunt
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 6

    Hope you are not disappointed...