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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    Well said Lucifer and well spoken by Jack. I was never a huge fan on the field other than his classy ball use and some of his work in the last few seasons, but very disappointed with how this was handled in the press. The trade outcome reflected this big time, in Ports favour unfortunately. There was going to be no other outcome after he was dumped on so no one to blame but the FD itself and the players who went public. WATT goes around comes around as they say in the classics. I wish Jack all the best and will never forget his winning run and goal around the southern stand flank to finish off the Pies on QB 2017 and the reaction of the Pies supporters around us afterwards! Priceless and worth every cent of the $200k a year for the next two years! A better bloke you could not wish to meet even if he never quite lived up to his potential on the field. I wish he had and that he could have stayed to (hopefully) play finals in 2018. Thanks mate and good luck.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    I think it was also the overhaul of the FD and its set up though City. Apparently someone convinced Hardwick (maybe himself through a course he attended in the U.S. pre-season i believe) of the benefits of running a tight ship but at the same time passing on some key powers and responsibilities to trusted underlings vs his prior style of wanting to micro manage every aspect himself as much as was possible.
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Quite possibly Gonzo. There are two sides to every coin. Jack certainly didnt finish well, but he wasn't alone there. And others barely got started after a few attempts also but are still on the list (to this point anyway).
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    I would suggest more about the former UB. Next year is our make or break year as far as retention of future stars and that will be more about the team's overall progress and as well as the $$ available to increase offers as you suggest. Some will wander if we do not make finals and perform to or above expectations PLUS offer something very decent to retain (and even that might not cut it for some coming out of contract).
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    He was apparently a naughty boy pre-season Praha, along with a few others, and was singled out to set an example. Possibly the most senior/experienced of the group?
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    He was apparently a naughty boy pre-season Praha, along with a few others, and was singled out to set an example. Possibly the most senior/experienced of the group?
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Goodwin & Co will need to deliver in 2018 Picket as what may go down, at the end of 2018, could send this club into a final nose dive that it may not recover from IF we don't make finals (and get a decent result in them also). I'm assuming (rightly or wrongly) that Goodwin & Co have probably also gotten wind of this and realise that its 2018 or bust (for them/us?) with the Lever trade and JW sacrifice a sign of their ruthless attempt to make the most of next year (an "all - in" play now, given the hole cards they know will probably be dealt at the end of 2018??). Apparently JW wasn't the only player to return from the summer break in a bad way either, but unfortunately was made the sole scapegoat. Easy target (nice guys always finish last sit?)
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    With Goody & Co running his stocks down publicly CBD, this would seem about all they were going to get and the result was potentially worse, with the rumours suggesting we likely had to pay part of his salary to get the trade away. If so Goody and Co. dug their own grave on this one! Regardless of what you think about Watts or how he was treated (fairly or otherwise), if the salary rumours are proven to be true, this will quite comfortably go down as the worst trade in the club's history, subject to Lever's performance during his stint, which we won't have a handle on for a number of years.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Might be some value there. He might even be able to teach Weids how to split the middle from 20 meters out on occasions and kick them from more than 35 meters out. 500k well spent on something the current coaching crew haven't been capable of doing.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Very easily Junior. The only plausible and reasonable argument for running down a player whilst in a draft window with 2 years remaining on his contract would be to send him a huge message, hope that his draft value then drops considerably so that you then say any (post public trashing) deals are just too unacceptable and then attempt to mend any rift and get try to get Jack to improve as you see fit. Anything else was purely suicidal for both Jack and the club in terms of upside surely. Whether it started off as a soft kick and got out of hand with some unfortunate but amateurish comments that weren't planned... UH since when has the public / members / supporters at AFL / VFL (pre AFL) level ever been fully informed and aware of what truly goes on within the four walls of a club or the commission itself? As KB has always said, lying is the second language of the AFL (and I would add many of those who are directly involved with it and who rely on it as their major or sole source of income). ....a few fine examples of it on an 'en masse' scale. - The 'well planned' extraction by the AFL Commision of the imminent bargain basement sale of what was left of the Fitzroy FC to Norf in 1996, instead handing it to Brisbane; and - The Essendrug saga ..... No one saw either of these coming (even Norf officials who believed they were on the cusp of securing many of the FFC contracted players) outside of a few select parties within the AFL & Essendrug (following the "alleged" tip off to Essendrug officials, supposedly by the then head of the AFL). The Essendrug officials (and most of the players involved) then went on to deny anything untoward had happened and apparently had absolutely no knowledge, records or recollection of whatever the substance was that was being injected multiple times into each player in an off site location, and then expected the public to believe that as well. I have absolutely no expectation whatsoever, and never have had, that anyone at the MFC or AFL level will ever tell us the complete and full story on any important internal AFL/Club/player related matter UH.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    And yes there is a contradiction in my last post. Im waiting! 😁
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    I can. We arent that hard nosed and have shown that with the "Get Lever no matter what the cost!" trade. The other clubs will be in no hurry to grab Watts given they know he is so poorly rated by us. I cant see any trade for Watts until the last day or so even if he nominates someone (which he probably wont or cant).
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Our very wet brigade, other than Maynard, arent all that promising from what ive seen King. Whilst i agree we dont need any further dad's army type picks, i would also not want to go with more untried skinny draftees from here unless their body / physique says otherwise and they have speed and can hit targets by foot in a big way. Would rather go for early to mid 20 offerings with same speed/kicking abilities (and or solid overhead marks) who have AFL experience (say 80 plus games), have already proven they have some talent at this level and a body that's also able to handle 23 rounds. No more Gysberts, Mortons etc fcs
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Of course the FD is watching and monitoring every aspect they see fit, as we would hope and assume from a well paid bunch of professionals Dr. However, when you see them keep playing (and giving 2nd / 3rd chances during the season) under performers who have shown only spasmodic "reasonable" form and in some cases average form at Casey eg, Kent, JKH and Weids. And you keep playing so so players that offer no advantage over others that were at least as good or better on the list and telling them so by leaving them to die a slow death in the McGoos (eg, Howe / Dunny overlooked for Omac and Garland) just because they supposedly were the future and apparently "got the message", the evidence is clearly there that some who are treated differently to others REGARDLESS of performance. Not that surprising but still, it happens. Coaches and their crew have favourites and that list can no doubt change, by the month! Evan Watts had to drop himself at one stage last year as he felt he wasn't up to scratch at senior level. Some have earned credits in the seniors, I get that, so will always get a few extra trys due to leniency but this forgiveness for players that have never truly shined (consistently) at senior level and then not truly earned a spot with consistent form in the McGoos but still get a look in at senior level (and some overlooked even if performing better than their favoured counterparts) from time to time, is just another aspect of what makes good clubs become great, vs the rest of the pack. If you can't get over this hurdle as a club I doubt the club will make it and succeed at the highest level or would need to have an amazingly talented list (and manager/coach)that is somehow able to ignore the background noise regardless.