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  1. In:. Spencil & Stretch Out:. Milkshake & ANB Milkshake a necessary for Spencil and doesn't really add much in terms of any particular outstanding weapon. This frees T-Mac to go back again which is his natural bent. He still plays (mind set) as defender even when playing as a forward. Running 40 meters to spoil Watts in a one out head to head marking contest at one point in the first when he needed to hang off for the crumb and running "away" from Hunt a number of times as he was breaking lines but stuffed and under pressure coming off HB instead of leading up at him, just two examples. Bringing in Spencil allows Pedders to play as a permanent forward with a little pinch hitting in the ruck only. Knows how to play and lead better than T-Mac at least two fold. ANB is a mile off this level and just has too many brain fade easy "cough up" panick turnovers, no matter where he is playing on the ground. Has already done this multiple times in previous matches also. Would give him the rest of the year to clean this up and reset again for next season unless injuries/form make him impossible to ignore. First 10 minutes of that second quarter in particular cost us dearly yesterday and IMO turned the pendulum and momentum the Pies way during a full on arm wrestle that should have seen us much closer at half time.
  2. Goody went super defensive from the get go with plus 2 down back. Handing the center square clearances / ruck dominance to the Pies. The game is almost always going to be played from your defensive end with this tactic. Unless you have a super back line you are going to bleed goals eventually with this Horribly flawed tactic. If Goody doesnt change this up and bring numbers to the drop in the middle then Roosy may have unfortunately handed the batton to a dud
  3. Collingwood have plus 1 or 2 at every center square bounce. Goody is handing them the match
  4. Melksham on the
  5. So panicky once we get the ball and so many horrer turnovers coming off half back over and over. Goody's plus 2 down back is absolutely killing this teams chances of getting on top at any stage of any match. What a bird brain
  6. So much negativity on Demonland. They use that for the AFL also. Please, let's at least give them some credit for being consistent! P.S. There's a Facebook live?
  7. 1. We have so far failed to play Hogan at CHF in a permanent role. This will turn the tide for us up forward IMO if we ever wake up and do so. 2. We are lacking players who lead up at the ball carrier often enough and recognise the value of playing in front when the heat is on in the middle. Too many of the regular forwards are sitting back either expecting the longer bomb or so used to it they have forgotten the value of playing in front or putting in multiple leads. 3. We lack quality ball users coming inside 50 who can hit up leading targets or kick to their favoured side more often. Stretch is a "must" have for this option alone. Harmes, Hibberd and Watts (when playing outside 50) are quite capable at this point but Stretch is a must addition to improve our lot. 4. Harmes , Bugg and ANB are also slowly starting to bring some forward pressure inside 50 for longer periods of the game to assist Jeffy. So we are getting more repeat shots, albeit under pressure. Thank goodness we have one genuine forward who knows where to run and how to find the goals. Harmes and Hannan also slowly becoming dangerous as smaller/medium goal kickers at the drop.
  8. Ben Ken is just as limited around the sticks PF. Has occasionally shown some decent performance in patches but rarely able to finish off good work in front of goal or play out 4 quarters to a decent standard. Doesn't seem to have the tank and not enough class/finish for a small guy which is what is needed if he is to have an impact and justify a spot. Stretch is a class above these two, although it's hard to fault Bugg's effort and work rate. Just don't put him anywhere forward of the centre square where he might be shooting for goal. Or Alternatively make sure Bernie is floating by him straight after he marks or wins a free! One of the worst set shot kicking actions I can recall.
  9. Sorry guys but any coach who keeps playing Bugg in the forward 50 after his last few weeks (and in preference to Stretch!!), and his continued horrid form in front of the sticks in that first half, is NOT WORTHY of the title.... AFL Coach. We will go nowhere under this spud of a coach. I'm out guys... Enjoy the ensuing vomit pre - match
  10. Watts has done nothing in 2.5 matches now. He is spent
  11. He does a great job of playing a witches hat regardless of position 3Dee so that should suit him to a tee. Just sit in a forward pocket and run around and look as if you mean business 😆
  12. Goody and the whole team are deluded is why. They are mentally the weakest club going around by a country mile and they are the only ones who apparantly can't see it.
  13. Both....the MFC is the best at procuring dumb footballers who continually [censored] up and turn the ball over to the opponent on a platter
  14. Would've needed a 10 year extension
  15. And if you can't coach this mob to a win over this pathetic excuse for a club then an AFL coach you are not. Last chance Goody