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  1. Rusty Nails

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Way too young. Very sad news to wake to. Family/friends will be devastated. R.I.P. Col & ty for some fine memories in the red & blue mate
  2. Rusty Nails

    2018 Player Reviews: # 20 Corey Maynard

    Potentially a great in and under mid field ball winner & pressure player (when we dont have the ball...tackling etc). Jury out on the disposal side at this point. If he improves on that in a big way this year he just might get himself a regular place with some luck. Serious upside in the offing if he does.
  3. Rusty Nails

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Regardless he was worth 2 first rounds. Especially from a club that's had zero success since inception. Poorly handled.
  4. Rusty Nails

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He has all summer to be close to his family and can still transit. No need for cotton wool and so much sugar coating Yes family comes first but options and adjustments can be made in the short term to accommodate and fit in. Including one hour travel time by flight later if needed. It's only as hard as ppl want it to be. Where there's a will there's a way
  5. Rusty Nails

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Barely fired a shot all year (even when he had a chance and knew we were a firm likelihood at finals) and seemed almost satisfied to avoid stepping up. Instead satisfied to play out the remainder of season in the McGoos and allow others playing a similar role (Hannan & Spargo) to get a guernsey. Had a few chances this year and not getting any younger / faster. If we happily trade the likes of Vanders without a fight and instead hang on to the likes of Jeffy we have failed badly this draft.
  6. Rusty Nails

    Thanks Cameron Pedersen

    Thank you for a very good stint at the MFC and the big league Cam. Gave your all and rarely let the club and your team mates down. All class and made the most of your talents. Wishing you a great future post AFL and congrats on receiving your masters at tonight's graduation ceremony in Geelong...
  7. You had no doubt already formed an opinion Clint. Each to their own.
  8. I didn't watch the Prelim and not sure if i can. But up till then Lewis was our best defender for the year. Unless you can find someone better to push him out or he drops off a cliff then he remains. That experience out on the field is invaluable to a young playing group and one more season (or even half if his body gives up) is worth every penny. He deserved more credit this year and should have finished top 5/6 in the Bluey. He also taught some in this club that you don't lie down and just take a beating when a club looks to bully you (any club!!). I know cheap shots aren't great but the occasional socially unfriendly act doesn't hurt. This club lacked back bone in general outside of Chunk prior to the likes of Pedders, Bugg, Viney, Clarry, Kent, Vanders and Vince coming along. This was further bolstered by the arrival of Lewis. We finally put a group of tough nutz together that wouldn't lie down and take other clubs [censored] on us without a fight. There's an old saying, you don't know what you got till it's gone. Lewis has been a ripper acquisition and yes does have his faults without ball in hand and gets caught out on the sling shot (or any sling shot) but i'll take that in the short term until he says (or the club says) time's up or we have a few in the wings that he's holding back. At this stage where are they?
  9. Rusty Nails

    Internal options for a speedy winger

    Fritschkreig. Genuine marking / intercept ability, cat like skills and ability to evade. Beautiful reader of the ball even at this early stage. Best kicking efficiency of any player not playing as a genuine defender... running at 75%. The AFL average i believe is around 68%? (approx). Elite by foot and a fabulous option for that most important kick coming inside 50. Next best by foot that plays a bit of time through mid field is Salem @ 71.3% efficiency. Hannan has a bit of pace but well below average by foot running @ 60.7% for the season. Would need to make a huge improvement in this area to have a genuine impact off the wing. Stretch... FWIW in the 2 matches he did play he averaged 68% kicking efficiency. A much better indicator is the career stat (38 games) where he averages the same. Not bad at all and career disposal efficiency is right up there @ 79% (about 6% above AFL average) so he must be elite by hand. Worth considering but probably not the greatest mark / intercept player which you would think is needed to be effective off a wing.
  10. Rusty Nails

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Money can be a strong influence Smokey. There's always a 1 hour flight option to Sydney and the return back also. Businessmen are doing this sometimes 3 or 4 times a week. Overseas also on occasions. Fly ins Fly outs to OS locations for key mining operatives on an every other week basis in some cases etc etc.
  11. Rusty Nails

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    At the right price / deal he might reconsider but yes I get the non negotiable family aspect Smokey
  12. Rusty Nails

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Sounds like he stood up ok. Haven't seen that match. Exactly the player type we need in our forward line. Heavy hitter who will stand up and doesnt take any BS from the opp. There were a couple of games where we got bullied up forward (even with Hogan in) and guys like Stratton were running around smashing into our forward players waiting for ball to be bounced (even putting some to ground like Fritsch & ANB? Swans at G also?) and no one stood up to them and flew the flag. We were well beaten in both matches, especially the Hawks game. Cant afford to lose Vanders if not replacing him and/or Hogan with a heavy hitting nasty bastard up forward who can play.
  13. Rusty Nails

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    I agree on terms of being harder to perform over longer periods. But I would argue 7 games is still a fairly good indicator. From what I saw (havent seen the Eagles match) he definitely warranted a place in our 22 (on current list attributes). Plenty of other fringe players we could trade who dont have the additional physical impact that Vanders brings to the big stage. Need him for at least one more season during premiership window
  14. Rusty Nails

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    It's not that sophisticated 55. Just weighted composite averages to attempt to offer a very rough comparative guide over a meaningful number of matches / data in order to attempt to see trends in form arising. The only complexity was a little reverse engineering in the first 3 to 4 rounds to attempt to find a rough similarity in the outcomes/rankings vs what was actually occurring performance wise on the park. Not so much for super accuracy as that was/is never going to happen with pure data (calculations not equaling objectivity as you say) vs real live observation of game day performance under any circumstances, but merely to avoid wild anomalies occurring. Most of that is of course subjective though so i have no doubt there would be wild swings in the rankings if someone else attempted their own weighted averages. 10 people might probably arrive at 10 wildly different results! Having said all that, the eyes are always the best judge but only provided you have the time to scan over the replays and rewind / rewind / review each player's involvement to see the minute detail that can sometimes be missed in the heat and /or the fast paced madness/congestion of a match from start to finish IMO. Stats can sometimes highlight a player you may not have felt contributed that much on the day but you then go back through the game, look for the areas of play you might not have seen initially (especially live) and say (in some cases...not all obviously) "hey he actually did do some bloody good work in close or on the outside. He pressured / ran down a few opponents that i overlooked in that first half that contributed towards saving a goal or two or helped a few players score up the other end! Hec, I missed much of that in the match for some reason (possibly too many sherbets!)". Of course the reverse might be said and the stats indicate a shocker. When you look back through replay you realise it bloody was (what was i thinking!!??... Fan Fav bias maybe!??). Or maybe it wasn't and the player just played a stopping role very effectively and was never meant to rack up serious ball use stats etc. He performed his role admirably and the lack of stats are exactly that way for a bloody good reason! In the end i see such rankings as purely a very rough amateurish personal guide only. To be used with severe caution at all times! The eyes are a much better judge, but IMHO only when looking at a player objectively and provided you have the time and wherewithal to carry out a full game day review of each and every player. But that is also flawed as we generally do not get the behind the goal vision from both ends like the coaches do in order to see the entire play. And who would have the luxury of this time every week anyway? Exactly why most (all?) teams have game day analysts who no doubt get paid bloody good coin and do it very well i'm sure.