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  1. I'm not seeing things that much differently on most of those points DV. But we'll agree to disagree on the benefits or otherwise of said camp. Certainly not against the right type of camp though and I'm pretty sure the players wouldn't be either. The press chooses to overlook this important point however. Where we have differed from most other clubs in the last half century also is the inability to produce/attract champion players and keep them during their prime. Other clubs, with maybe the Bulldogs the exception, have usually attracted/produced a sprinkling of them which can often be the difference during home & away and finals also.
  2. The pre-game warmup is dead

    So when I'm standing in a que for a beer or some chips and I hear one siren, the umpires might be walking on to the ground, there could be 5 minutes to go before the first boince or I could miss the start of the match. Interesting
  3. VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Son of Biffo?
  4. Mental toughness comes in many forms. Again, a camp that impacts the ability of a team to cover ground, in a game where running and covering ground is crucial, surely wouldn't be high on any AFL team's agenda (or any sport that involves a signifant amount of two way running). Plenty of other camps and team building getaways that can do that without the impact on legs. Pretty sure the playing group isn't adverse to tough effort and team work in pre-season training or other pre-season camps/team toughness building (boot style). They just don't like what last year's camp did to their legs pre-season (mostly), is what I heard. Many complained of being just too heavy down low after the camp with not enough running capacity. Venturing more towards a NRL type preferred outcome. Bellamy & Co may well benefit from that style of camp! Horses for courses DV.
  5. I was not saying we should drop our effort / output in anyway during the season or pre-season training DV. I was pointing out the merits of whether that particular camp is the one we should be investing in given the injuries apparently suffered during mostly non-football related drills during its completion last year (according to reports/here say). And it wasn't just the injuries. Many players complained that they felt "leg weary / and heavy in the legs" afterwards, leading in to the start of the season proper after that camp. It wasn't the amount of work they were complaining about it was what the drills did to them leg wise and their inability to cover ground / spread / run both ways etc that had them concerned about going again. So Caro (and anyone else potting the boys for shying away from a hard work ethic etc etc) can go smoke a pipe!
  6. Cld have compensated by throwing it in on a slightly lower angle of ascent plus aiming a tad more to middle than usual. If u watch that throw in that resulted in the ball getting out the back he threw it so high it went out of camera view for a little while. No wonder the breeze took it. Deliberate or otherwise it was a woeful throw in given those conditions and effectively resulted in the Dogs getting their last shot at goal opportunity. Great that they pounced but with a different throw in the ball doesn't get out the back.
  7. My understanding is we suffered a number of injuries pre season from that camp last year that impacted on early season results/form. The players were more than happy to do a camp....just not that one. As long as they're brought up to elite AFL match fitness levels i couldn't give a rats whether they went or not. That's what Misson is being paid a handsome sum for. They failed to run out a number of matches and went missing in quarters last year so the camp didn't work then and it wouldnt have been any better had they done it again this time. I would rather they spend the time working on forward 50 entries, set plays, goal kicking and forward pressure work etc.
  8. Ah I forgot we missed an open goal from 10 meters out in the 3rd.... That also came back to haunt them
  9. One horrible throw in and usual home crowd dubious frees cost them the match. The ump threw it straight in right at the end there instead of towards the centre and gave them about a 20 meter advantage with the wind instead of 5 or so 👎🏼
  10. Our ruck woman can tap but that's about it....fumbling all night
  11. Sorry but in the 5 decades I've been watching It's usually injuries that define our year TGR. They are footballers not soldiers
  12. I'm afraid even winning won't matter unless we make it deep into a finals campaign UH. Along with the Aints we are the AFL's (inc. fans & media) easiest whipping boy.
  13. It's an off week. Just digging the barrel
  14. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    The demons need to inject some demon and stand up to the AFL on this one. Some traditions shld never be tinkered with and this is one of them.
  15. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    A sad attempt SWY. They sound like a bunch of eunuchs compared to the original Fables. "Stuff" is too nice a term for the AFL on this one!