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  1. Good strong words from Lewis about Clarry being a very strong kid who wouldn't go to ground for no reason. Told all the keyboard warriors to shut up basically.
  2. They barrack for North, clear thinking and intelligence is obviously not their strong point.
  3. Oliver should plead "discrimination against Gingers" to make sure Schofield gets 2 weeks!
  4. Our coaches being measured and composed is so annoying! Bring the Hoges back!!
  5. If it wasn't for Melbourne I would never follow AFL these days. The game has become a platform for whinging abusive cockheads, from players to commentators to the MRP.
  6. People obviously jumping on board to make sure they get finals tickets
  7. Will watch that last goal over and over again for the next decade, or until we win a premiership.
  8. Given Cunnington's track record of being a pathetic sniper, I don't know why anyone would question Oliver. He was hit hard, and our players remonstrated as a result. It was what started a whole host of spot fires in that same game.
  9. Having a go at Oliver is one thing, having a go at our medical staff is another. Questioning the credibility of medical professionals, the same professionals who diagnosed Hogan's cancer early, is disgusting. I don't know if the club will say anything, as sometimes rising above is the best answer, but really this is not OK. To blame a doctor for lying in a medical report is actually grounds for losing your medical license, so that's an abhorrent thing to do to someone who's sole purpose is to look after the welfare of our players.
  10. As long as Jones is ready for finals. If we finally make it and he misses out, that would be an absolute crime against footy!
  11. I've always loved Jonathan Brown. The man loves the Dees. Has nothing but good things to say about us. Positive press about Melbourne is so confusing I don't know what to do with myself?!
  12. I hope the club sends these morons a please explain. I watched it and it was worse than watching us lose to North, such was the injustice of their argument. They agreed with the suspension but thought Oliver staged his reaction. What the fudge?
  13. Then point to the ladder, and the results from our last game, and walk off.
  14. We probably were strong in suggesting that contact was 100% made to Oliver's jaw that needed medical attention to clear Oliver of any serious damage as he was in pain and bleeding. The impact was low, but it was there!
  15. Only fair given Lewis and Hogan both got multiple weeks.