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  1. If we've learnt anything this year, is that we can win or lose every game. There is really no telling what is going to happen from week to week with this team. We "should" win, but we should also have won against Hawthorn, Freo or North.
  2. With this sort of response, I don't think I shall bother talking to you anymore. Thanks for playing.
  3. Acting? I sit near the bench and he came off very distressed and was spewing on the sidelines. Unless he's a baulimic that's some seriously good acting!
  4. In a perfect world, Gawn is back and Pedo takes Weiderman's role as a 2nd/3rd forward with Watts and obviously Hogan.
  5. His primary role is to apply forward pressure, and he doesn't do that at all. He is fast, but doesn't use his pace. He is big, but doesn't use his strength. Couple that with suspect ball use and goal kicking, and I have no idea why he got a game again when he did nothing of note in the VFL, while Kennedy, ANB and even Trenners are playing for Casey. Trenners is slow, no doubt about it, but you give him a defensive forward role, and I bet he'll do better than Kent, and he can take a good mark and he can kick! Not to mention ANB, who can also go into the middle. Kent doesn't give us that flexibility at all.
  6. Sometimes it's not about doing something to change an outcome, it's about doing something to show that you won't lie down and take the injustice. When something isn't right and you say nothing, are you any less guilty?
  7. Because we are nice guys, and you know what they say about nice guys... We have been North's b!tches for 11 years. Why do we just keep rolling over and letting the AFL walk all over us? We ALWAYS get the raw end of every match review decision, while other players walk free for punching players in the face/stomach/behind play.
  8. Agreed! Why would we say it was low impact? I sit near the bench and Vince was VERY distressed. The impact was no lower than both the suspensions we received for the Carlton game, where both players kept playing and played the following week.
  9. It's very very hard to keep supporting this sport. The AFL and MRP are an absolute disgrace!
  10. No it doesn't. We lost because we played poorly, and the club already acknowledged it. But if we don't make a song and dance about our players being physically targeted outside the apparent rules of the game, and us getting the rough end of some absolutely puzzling decisions, we will continue to get shat on every single game by the umps, because we are a small voiceless club. Enough is enough. Games are becoming unwatchable, and the MRP are partly to blame. Hogan got done for 2 weeks for punching a player, and so he should have. Yet here is Cotchin doing the same thing and not so much of a fine. Disgusting pathetic double standards, that allows outright thuggery which in the real world would result in a criminal conviction.
  11. It's not Oscar. I can't understand why supporters have such tunnel vision that they think all our woes begin and end with 1 player. Oscar did OK under the circumstances against a much much bigger and more experienced opponent. The problem is our defensive structures. I don't like our zone defence, we are too easy to score against from a single turnover, and it kills us. We won ONE game at the G this year, that's deplorable. We can't switch fast enough on big grounds, and we've gone from being a defensively sound team, to being incredibly easy to score against on the counter attack. It's very disappointing and very worrying. Goodwin needs to fix this and fast. If we can't win games at the G, we can't ever play or win finals. Simple.
  12. I'm a big Watts fan and supporter, but he was woeful yesterday. Did not attack contests, and went half arsed into tackles and chases. Maybe his body is tiring from so much ruck work, but really it's no excuse. He has played almost 150 games, and is one of the most experienced players in our side. He should do better. Having said that, he was not alone. Lots of very disappointing performances last night!
  13. He got punched in the stomach and went off vomiting. In the outside world that's assault. No matter which way you look at it, it's a free kick and a suspension.
  14. Pure cheat. No doubt about it. The saddest thing is, we never get these calls going our way. We outnumber North fans, and it's our home ground, and week in week out we lose the 50/50 calls. Today we weren't paid a dozen very obvious ones and got done for some of the most pathetic garbage I've witnessed. Sickening to watch and I bet we won't say a word. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, Scott would be going off! I hope we give the AFL a severe medical report to ensure Zeibel and Higgins both get weeks! Couple of weak dogs!
  15. Kent looks like Tarazan plays like Jane. Soft as butter. Bugg is a joke. Watts put in a half arsed performance. Trac and Oliver well shut down. OMac and Weids have a lot of potential but until they put on 15kgs each they won't be competitors. Very very very disappointing. The one game I wanted to win this year just showed us for the mentally weak team that we are.