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  1. Jaded

    AFLX Revamped

    Very good. Now to remove Tmac on accounts of “the flu”
  2. Jaded

    Jack Watts video

    Wingard is a far better footballer than Watts ever was. Even if she is a bit soft.
  3. Jaded

    AFLX Revamped

    Been out of the country this week. No idea what’s going on, except if any of our players so much as breaks a nail in this clown show, I’ll be furious. TMac’s toe must be doing well...
  4. Jaded

    Jack Watts video

    He would never go to Hawthorn because Clarko doesn’t tolerance soft fools. Which is why he’s won 4 flags and Watts will never win even 1.
  5. Jaded

    Jack Watts video

    It’s a bad look even if there is nothing illegal about it. The worst thing is how incredibly stupid Watts is letting someone film it (assumingly with his knowledge). Bad PR and I’m sure Port are not thrilled.
  6. Jaded

    Complacency is Dees Biggest Hurdle

    Completely agreed. We have a very competitive team, our younger players are desperate to succeed, and guys like Jones surely know their chances of winning premierships are diminishing with each passing year. However this will be the first year in a decade where we will be the hunted, rather than the hunters. Teams will be out to get us, they will put significant time into planning their matches against us. Suddenly we will be one of "the teams to beat". With that comes a lot of pressure, a lot more expectations, and harder matches. If our boys can handle this pressure, then there is nothing to stop us from going all the way (injuries aside!). Last year the pressure was to make finals. We nearly failed under that pressure. However when finals came around, nobody expected much from us and we delivered. This year the expectations will be that we make a Grand Final, if not win one. That is a lot of pressure. We know how hard it is for teams to continuously stay successful. It's going to be a fascinating season I reckon!
  7. Jaded

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    Horrible news for Tom, wonderful news for Hawks haters (me included) On a serious note, nothing worse than catastrophic pre season injuries. Wishing him a speedy recovery. At least they still have Scully 😂
  8. Jaded

    Training - Saturday 12th January, 2019

    Perhaps Melksham’s wife is in labor? I believe she is due very soon. Anyone got any concrete info about Gus? Why the rehab?
  9. Jaded

    Membership packs

    If you’re a local member you need to collect it on game day. You’ll see on the back of the card there’s usually a little S symbol which the staff at the tents will use to mark off once you’ve collected it. I think they’re available for collection for about 5 of the first rounds.
  10. Jaded

    TMacs Toe .... Again?

    If you knew how expensive weddings are, you too wouldn’t invite an entire footy club! The more I try planning mine the more I want to elope. He probably only invited his bestest footy mates or the guys who’s partners are closest to his wife.
  11. Jaded

    Demons 7th ranked forward line

    Speaking of our forwardline, I’m seeing TMac shoe-less on Instagram at Jack Viney’s wedding and someone in the background is yelling “it’s the damn toe”... Do not panic. Or do.
  12. Jaded

    Congratulations Max

  13. Jaded

    Congratulations Max

    Congrats Maxy! Seems you and my partner had the same idea. If you wanna do a joint wedding, I promise we can schedule it outside the footy season.
  14. Jaded

    Happy New Year to all on Demonland

    Happy new year to everyone and happy premiership 2019 to all!
  15. Jaded

    Majak Daw seriously injured

    Mental health issues are so prevalent in young people these days (in people of all ages really). It is one of our biggest epidemics in terms of health and well being in Australia. Why we don't spend more money and time helping and educating people, as a society, is beyond me. There is still a stigma attached to having depression or anxiety, especially amongst men, and until we remove this stigma, people will continue to suffer in silence.