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  1. Time to show Oscar some respect!

    As some of us said last year, key defenders take a long time to mature and Oscar has certainly come on quicker than I expected. His calmness has really stood out this year while the rest of our backline has been [censored] their pants and running in circles. A real improver this year, in what I feel has been a disappointing start to the year for many players who seem to have stalled or regressed.
  2. Training 19/4

    Great news re: TMac and Viney. Viney running and kicking in boots is really good news. Hopefully that means he isn’t pulling up sore anymore. Their inclusion in the side cannot come quickly enough. Both structurally and from a leadership perspective. Also good news that Bugg appears to have been dropped. I’m going to have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown one day watching him kick the pill.
  3. Gawn Calls for Leaders to Stand Up

    Should start kicking goals from 20m out directly in front as a leader. Just saying.
  4. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    True Melbourne supporters would know that because we got thrashed last week, weirdly we are more of a chance to play well this week. Besides this game is very special, and the pre-match ceremony alone is worth going for. Lucky I work in Collingwood, because trains will be a nightmare and there's no parking. Uber from work it is. Get there early if you are going. Getting into the ground last year was a drainer.
  5. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Agreed. While I don't want him playing senior footy at the moment, it certainly was not my hope that he is forced out of the team with injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  6. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Some good points in this thread. Particularly about the journey Geelong and Richmond took to win a flag. But I do wonder if anyone here is happy waiting 8 years finding out if this ends in a flag or not. I have no doubt Goodwin will see out his current contract, I just don’t know if he continues beyond that.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Said it more than once too. Exceptional was his word. The mind boggles.
  8. Bugg

    He is a soul crushing football. He literally [censored] every contest he’s involved in. A momentum killer. Goodbye.

    Wrong place to come after a loss if you want no negative comments. Hell, wrong place to come any time if you’re looking for positivity.
  10. Changes v Richmond

    But he can’t fix his kicking. History suggests that last week was a fluke. He is the biggest energy drainer in this team. He is a momentum killer. He is a liability. Not a serious finals team with him. Needs to go. Next.
  11. Changes v Richmond

    I know he’s hardly a world beater but we lack class and I think Stretch has class. He’s a good kick, he is not exceptionally slow and I thought he was starting to come good under Roos. We are playing too many of the same type of mid-sized plodders who give us little. Harmes, Melksham, Bugg... I mean roll them into 1 player and the result is the same. For all his flaws ANB is a hard runner and covers a lot of ground. And he can kick a bloody goal. The other 3 are on a hiding to nothing at the moment. As for Lewis, I’ve beaten that dead horse enough. I’m sick of his shizen and he needs to retire.
  12. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Jones tagged Mitchell effectively. He did his job. That he was tagging was a ridiculous idea by the coaches, but it’s hardly his fault. He followed instructions, one of the few who did. You want to look at poor leadership, look no further than our vice captain.
  13. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    What about Jones on Mitchell? We got smashed in clearances even tho Gawn had 66 hitouts. Our second best midfielder was tagging. We also continue to play too many of the same type of players every week who give us SFA. Yet we have such a healthy list. I watched Goodwin’s post match conference and while I don’t expect much out of these, he genuinely doesn’t inspire me at all. He reckons we’ve been efficient up forward for much of this year (wrong), and that we need to continue to work on our strength and fix our weakenesses which is our defense. And yet the defense was our best attribute less than 2 seasons ago. We brought in a premium defensive player in Lever who we payed handsomely for, yet we are getting defensively worse. A lot of players have stalled or gone backwards in the last 2 seasons and those who have improved have improved due to natural maturity and physical growth. He is not getting the best out of what I think we both agree is a talented list. Yes we have weaknesses, so do all clubs. On paper we are definitely a top 8 team but mentally this club continues to be soft. He gave Lewis a vice captain role, and the guy is a 33 year old plodder playing to boost his pension. He is a shadow of his former self yet he keeps getting games. Is Goodwin scared to drop him? I have a lot of concerns about the game plan, the way we set up, our inefficiency forward and behind the ball, but mostly I’m concerned that Goodwin is not getting the best out of this list. We can ill afford to waste another 3 years on an NQR coach. Let me ask you this, Clarkson is out of contract. Do you chase him, or do you stick with Goodwin?
  14. Be Patient with Lever

    Lacking confidence? Fumbles galore.