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  1. Changes v Brisbane

    If Bugg comes in I'll spew! Luckily he won't. Does not deserve a senior game this year.
  2. Hahaha Classic!!!

    I really never understood the Melbourne stereotype... oh no, how horrible to be considered educated, well off, and having good taste. I would much rather be toothless, dumb and on the dole.
  3. What to do with Petracca?

    He is tired and he needs a break. However if we rest him this week, are we saying to ourselves that we have this win in the bag? We MUST win the next 2 games to play finals and then we have a week off. Unless he is injured, I think he is good enough to warrant a spot in the 22. Even as a stay at home forward. There isn't anyone in the VFL at full fitness who would give us more than Trac currently is.
  4. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Dream scenario Tigers finish 5th and it's us vs Richmond first up. 100,000 people at the G. Would be rather glorious. Most likely we we will Port or Sydney.
  5. Yep Tiny Ray and that bald Nichols guy who looks like a cross between a murderer and a clown, always screw us. If that turd Ray could bounce a footy Max would not be needing to protect himself from getting kneed in the head, hence no frees.
  6. Changes v Brisbane

    Not a time to rest anyone right now. We are battling for finals and if we take Brisbane lightly we will lose.
  7. Hahaha Classic!!!

    When footy is life but cheese is also life #respect

    The whole members wing gasped in horror. I felt a wave of vomit coming up but when he got himself up again it was such relief. In a way that hit was good for him.

    This is what happens when they drop Salem. Stupid decision.
  10. Max Gawn

    Maybe if that tiny tiny little turd of an umpire could bounce the fucken thing, that would be awesome.
  11. Jokes. I definitely was not a fan of his recruitment or indeed of him as a player. He's winning me over though.
  12. As much as it pains me to say it, he is our match sealer. Very good goal kicking and has been good playing wing and half forward this season.

    Gus was my highlight. Sucking for two quarters was my lowlight. Another game another heart attack. Cheers Melbourne. Season is still alive and that's all that matters.
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Goodwin dropped Salem and replaced him with Wagner who can't tackle and can't kick. Wtf?! And Watts is soft as butter but at least he's ready for AFL. Weids is so far off.
  15. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Typical Melbourne. And we want to make finals. Lol. These players want to drink Bintangs in September. They are not interested in being winners.