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  1. Born to Run

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Keep looking at the ladder and worried about how we win three of the run home (if 13 wins required to get in)..... geelong next week huge.... WC, Swans, GWS, Adelaide, Geelong all hard games (not sure anyone could be confident in any of those results going our way. Suns game would hopefully be ok. So which two games can we wil of the ones above?
  2. Born to Run

    Round 16 Non - MFC Games

    I know we have been playing badly. But do we want West Coast and Collingwood to win (hurting chances of top 4 - I know dreaming) or do we want The other results to bolster our chances of top 8?
  3. Born to Run

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    In round 19 we play the crows....
  4. Born to Run

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Assuming we can win next three, my view of it is that we are a chance to lose the last three games of the year and Geelong down there.....so need to win two of the remaining games.....just to get to 13 Absolute must to win the next three.....
  5. Born to Run


    Painful. Just painful. best for Melbourne tonight was Daisy....
  6. Born to Run

    Trade rumours

    I won't be surprised if Hogan leaves. Why would I be? I am a melbourne member and am used to these sorts of things. I will however be extremely sad. I am excited by the likes of him, trac, Brayshaw, Viney and others forming the nucleus of a side for a long time. my odds of him leaving, 65%.... (hope I am wrong).
  7. Born to Run

    The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    Just feel like we were not far off it. We had injuries, and we dropped some early games which are hard to justify. If not for those two things we would have been in it dor top 4 position and maybe a chance to build momentum to a decent run in finals.
  8. Born to Run

    Trade rumours

    I reckon Hogan is definitely NOT a sure thing to stay. if he left, what we got in return would need to be evaluated before i could go crazy. i won't be shocked if it does happen.
  9. Born to Run

    2017 Post Mortem

    Just so very Melbourne..... shattered. Not sure when I will or come close to letting the frustration go....
  10. Born to Run

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Port to overtake swans on %? if Tigers win well, They could overtake giants on %? swans finish 6th....port finish 5th....if we make it play them in Adelaide?
  11. Born to Run

    Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    I hate reading predictions of easy wins on this site. Can't remember a game I have been to where I felt assured that we would take care of business, too many times I have been let down. Without dissecting the game in detail, I do wish we had a player like Travis Boak or Callum Ward. Leaders, hard, ruthless. Jones and Viney are great, but we need more. Feel flat tonight. Hoping we make finals but expecting we won't (just my fear)
  12. Born to Run

    Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Is a draw a good outcome?!
  13. Born to Run

    Round 20 - Non MFC Matches

    Hawks loss is good for us. Another one removed from the race. St K winning is good for us IF we can win next week. Achieve that, and the odds will drastically improve for a finals campaign in 2017. Lose and we are cooked.
  14. Born to Run

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Looks like there are 2 spots in the 8 that 5 teams could claim (Saints, Dogs, WC, Dees and Dons - maybe Hawthorn too...if they beat Richmond today....??!!) Bulldogs have giants next week. Essendon have Adelaide. Saints have us. WC then have giants following week. Dogs have port. Then dogs have hawks in last round, saints have Richmond and WC have adelaide. if we win next week we should really be right in it and looking ok. Is there any chance 2 wins will be enough?