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  1. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Is a draw a good outcome?!
  2. Round 20 - Non MFC Matches

    Hawks loss is good for us. Another one removed from the race. St K winning is good for us IF we can win next week. Achieve that, and the odds will drastically improve for a finals campaign in 2017. Lose and we are cooked.
  3. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Looks like there are 2 spots in the 8 that 5 teams could claim (Saints, Dogs, WC, Dees and Dons - maybe Hawthorn too...if they beat Richmond today....??!!) Bulldogs have giants next week. Essendon have Adelaide. Saints have us. WC then have giants following week. Dogs have port. Then dogs have hawks in last round, saints have Richmond and WC have adelaide. if we win next week we should really be right in it and looking ok. Is there any chance 2 wins will be enough?

    It's because I love the club that I feel so unloved right now. The loss to North hurt so much. But I stupidly thought we may sneak today. How stupid. I feel let down over and over again! The magnitude of where we sit has really hit home. I feel defeated but will be at the game next week hoping and praying I have it wrong. The off season is going to hurt like hell if we don't make finals. No matter what anyone says about improvement and injury, from where we were a fortnight ago, finals were in our hands. They still are, but only just. Win all games and we should make it. Lose one and were cooked. Surprise me Demons. But this time make it on the upside please.
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Just about keeled over due to stress. so bloody happy right now.
  6. Round 13 - Non MFC games

    What's interesting is that we should have three teams from last years 8 not make it this year North, Hawks and Swans..... will we take one of those three places?
  7. Round 22 - Around the Grounds

    Was just looking at the round next week. Is there any circumstance (assuming we win) that the GWS match is of no consequence to them? Am I right in saying that Hawks playing last match will ensure this won't happen.
  8. Around The Grounds - ROUND 21

    We want Geelong to win today don't we? Just to give the best chance of them having locked up a top 4 spot pre our game?
  9. Round 20 - around the grounds

    Watching the dogs v north game and Seeing th Bont made me ask did we have the chance to draft him. Evidently we did if we had not have done the Dom and Salem thing. With benefit of hindsight, what would we do now? What we did? Take Kelly? Take the Bont? For mine, we do what we did. I say this in the hope that Christian gets over his poor run of luck and is that classy player we need, Yze style!

    Surely Pederson has done enough now to hold his spot. He is that Leigh Brown type. Prefer seeing him pinch hit in the ruck instead of Watts. Would love to see Weid play a few more this season. love that AVB, Brayshaw, Trac are all playing together. Max = man crush Viney = same as above we are getting better, but still above the shoulders. Got to keep improving in the mind as much as physically during pre season. Heard Clarko post match. I respect him, but no need to mention that Hawthorn "have dominated sides, including Melbourne for a long time". i think he is trying to deflect attention from the side because they have probably been fortunate to be on top given so many close wins. This loss if analysed will show Hawks not unbeatable. The ladder is a lot closer now too. Regarding the Hawks....watch this space....

    A quick look of the ladder reveals that a win against Port next weekend (not a given!) and a Dogs win v Collingwood would have us two games and % above 10th. Implying that we would be in a battle where basically only 9 teams could make the 8 and we would be one ... Can we dream of a win in Darwin or is that madness?
  12. MFC 2016 Membership - Record Broken. Next stop: 40,000

    Dead right! Been in myself for over 12 years, thought I would bring the rest of the family on during less depressing times!!
  13. MFC 2016 Membership - Record Broken. Next stop: 40,000

    Singed up myself, wife and son yesterday.....one day too early by the sounds..../damn!
  14. Did anyone notice? Bias Channel 7

    PS That score on Chunk was the lowest of any of the captains.