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  1. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    I feel after the way we finished 2017 that Goodwin has learnt a lot of lessons and has more resolve to live the above. A first year coach/manager naturally needs to grow in the role. eg it would be a huge challenge to balance the need to build player/coach relationships yet still have the difficult conversations (when required) before real rapport exists.
  2. Thanks Demonland. Had to google GHR = Glute-Ham Raise. Here an example of the technique Harrison is aspiring to (with some nice scenery thrown in!)
  3. Mindfulness and the mental game

    From the Dees Podcast Facebook page -Gold!😀
  4. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Fair enough KDA. I am obviously in the pro meditation camp. Game styles, List management, Coaches, players, Luck with injuries, The draw. etc so many variables. The1%'s are the difference. Depending on the individual, mind strengthening tools whatever they may be that assist in keeping focus or to refocus could be the additional 1%er that takes a player to the next step.
  5. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Sure W45. Firstly, I appreciate there are many alternate perspectives/theories. In my experience one way of explaining this could be: 1) You can observe your mind thinking 2) The mind is a tool that when trained it thinks and acts when it asked it to think 3) Most of us let the mind do as it pleases so in some ways are a slave to the mind. This is what the term Monkey Mind relates to 4) The real you is that which observes the mind 5) Meditation can assist to quieten a mind that just goes on incessantly by focusing it on a word(mantra), the breath, the senses Eg If you are a stage coach driver, the horses are the mind. If you don’t hold onto the reins the horses will go where they like. Usually all over the place and namely on well worn tracks that most 7.2Billion humans repeatedly & habitually think(most of it not useful). Every time you use a tool to focus the mind you are grabbing the reins and steering the mind where you need it to go. Many experience a freedom and less unhappiness by focussing the mind in this way. Note most of us think we are the thinking. Once again this is one of many points of view and some posters may articulate it more simply.
  6. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Thanks for articulating this so well DC. It is interesting that surgeons and judges who I have met in the course of my employment display the same calm measured approach as many who meditate frequently. Hence, is the natural ability to maintain focus an essential or innate quality in good leaders/role models? To many of us not gifted with these traits some of the points mentioned so far could assist keeping focus especially in challenging situations.
  7. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Great post Skiut. It is difficult & subjective to measure and hence will probably only be of use to the individual who was interested and might find they would benefit. Much like someone who seeks out counselling/coaching as opposed to a person who is ordered or 'forced to seek counselling. The one who seeks it out generally has taken responsibility for there actions/behaviours and generally is willing to open up and grow. Where as in my experience those who attend who blame the world for there drama seldom change in their demeanour or attitude. The handful of younger teens that I have taught that use an active form of 'sense based in the moment reminders' have concluded they have only found benefit when they make a mistake or fumble. Generally they responded that the present moment reminder assists greatly in reducing their negative self talk/ embarrassment on the field after such moments. Personally the most rewarding aspect is the generally happier & enthusiastic manner that they articulate their last game of footy as opposed to the weight of the world on my shoulders/I'm not good enough attitude when I first met them.
  8. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Wow, I just asked for your contribution. I will take a cue from Danelska and practise acceptance. You obviously are fully committed to science, so am I. I am also open to what our current limited measuring instruments cannot measure,eg Emotional intelligence, intuition etc In my experience if the intelligence is not tuned/trained to look for the potential or to source the new, the basic human instincts of fight or flight by default develop neural pathways based on fear = Neural pathways of looking for the negative, judging, blaming looking for fault. Hence if we both have a mutual intention to seek that which is positive & uplifting, fantastic. Looking forward to your contribution about the variety of ways the playing group/posters can use this topic to strengthen their mental muscles.
  9. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Thanks For your contribution LG. Would love to hear what examples & practical knowledge you have gained from your peer reviewed friends. Feel free to share your experience with mindfulness.
  10. Mindfulness and the mental game

    At the 2017 Grand Final it was interesting to observe that Adelaide was practicing some kind of mediation/mindfulness and so, as we all know now, were many players at Richmond. IMO mediation alone can assist you to be mindful but how you bring that mindfulness into everyday life is the difference. Adelaide may have used it to calm down almost too much (whatever that stare down Haka is supposed to be?) where as Richmond were taught how to ‘connect in the moment’ whilst they were active. I believe many RFC players even practiced meditating in there respective playing groups, ie midfield, backline etc. By being gutsy enough to being open, together, whilst practicing mindfulness exercises they learnt what ‘in the moment reminders’ each individual preferred. In this way when a player made a mistake, reminding that player of his specific mindfulness trigger eg ‘Feel the air on your skin” ,did infinitely more for that individual to reset his mind to the task/game plan etc than the usual encouraging or saying nothing, let alone criticise him.
  11. Mindfulness and the mental game

    After many years of exploring the more traditional esoteric mind calming traditions I have personally have enjoyed & followed Dr Joe Dispenza. His initial book ‘Evolve your Brain’ was the first to introduce the term neuroplasticity(The brains' ability to re-organise itself). Many dry books have been since written by many who have a book knowledge not practical experience of meditation & neuroplasticity. This is why I feel Emma Murphy has had such success at Richmond. (ie Would anyone have thought that Dustin Martin would have ever embraced mindfulness??) Dispenza’s following books ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ and “You are the Placebo’ are also excellent.
  12. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Cool Thanks Mods. In relation to footy here is the article regarding Richmond/ Emma Murphy. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/mindfulness-and-meditation-helped-richmond-break-afl-premiership-drought-20171103-gzed1o.html http://www.richmondfc.com.au/news/2016-03-19/embracing-the-murrays
  13. Mindfulness and the mental game

    I have been actively involved in mindfulness since 1992. I attended SOP (School of Philosophy) for 17yrs up to 2007. Good way to learn the practical skills if you have the time. I left 10 years ago to pursue my own brand named Active Mindfulness. (Very similar to what Emma Murray teaches) The most important initial aspect is to learn to be aware that there is a difference between ‘me’ & ‘my mind’. Like McQueen, feel free to ask any questions PS Mods - Any chance of moving D4Life, McQueen & Lord Ivanhoe posts from this tread to a new Mindfulness thread. This way any Demonlanders who would to learn, ask or post can easily find it? Thanks In anticipation
  14. Mindfulness and the mental game

    It is said that Footy like many sports is a game 'played between the ears'. Those of you here that disparage Mindfulness obviously have no idea what it is. So you build up the body in the gym, build up fitness on the track but you dont need to exercise the mind? The ability to focus, reduce negative self talk, improve self belief and most importantly let go of the past are all positive mental habits that can result from mindfulness. Some of you might call this mental toughness. PS Thanks for the post D4L