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  1. Coburg Lions v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 1

    Tom MacDonald is the other Tall and one of the best contested marks we have Weideman may end up Full forward with Hogan running around like Reiwoldt did
  2. Bringing back the torp!

    You’d have to get a move on with the 30 second rule
  3. Bringing back the torp!

    On a still day the drop kick would travel further than a torp but with the right wind a torp can really fly see Malcolm Blights or Jayden Hunts Bobby Skilton could kick a drop kick fifty to sixty metres either foot and he is only a midget . of course the place kick was longer than either the longest recorded kick was our own Fred Fanning but I'm not sure what sort of kick it was
  4. Changes v North Melbourne

    Everyone's going on about Ben Brown in the North Stkilda game he took 2 good marks and had 11 possessions his first few goals were standing in the goal square receiving a pass from someone else who had done all the work and could have kicked the goal themselves. He got a dogey free right in front for another. He's a good mark if allowed to extend his arms . MacDonald or Frost should be able to limit him to a few. Our player who worries me at the moment is Jetta who is really struggling and makes us look small in the back line if he's injured give him a few weeks off as we need him in good form.
  5. Round 2 Non MFC games

    Are we getting a little ahead of ourselves talking about next week maybe getting over Brisbane away would be a good idea
  6. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Bancroft would have benefited from this considering where he put his sandpaper
  7. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Realistically only Australia seems to take it seriously the ICC gave Smith a one match ban. Other countries will continue to rort . The English doctor pitches to be abrasive replacing the ball more often would reduce this , the spinners would still improve as the pitch wears
  8. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Ball tampering is endemic to test playing nations the pitch manipulation in The UK the lollies, the mint etc etc the best way to stop it is to have a new ball every 40 overs
  9. Changes v Brisbane

    A couple of points on this at the ground Hunt was not just outside 50 he was a good 80 metres out with the wind across in the wrong direction he was never going to kick it . Max was not unlucky to miss the goal he seemed to be thinking too much about the clock and running it down rather than setting up for the shot I think we were too short and too slow in the backline especially early guys like Lewis and Vince are always going to be slow early and the game pace will come back to them later. Jetta is not quick or Lever MacDonald has a bit of pace and can mark but was tied up with Hawkins all day. Wagner is sort of inbetween . While Tom MacDonald is out we need another marking player and some more speed Why is Frost on the list if not to fill this role.Salem was good until he was tunnelled and was hardly sighted after. If he is injured rest him ,but if not ,he is a definite in Harmes again an in between player as is Hannan our forward pressure could have been a lot better maybe Brayshaw for one of them. Tyson should be in Maynard will get better but shouldn't be in before Tyson at this stage
  10. Anyone for cricket?

    Does anyone believe that This is the first ball tampering in world cricket . Years ago reverse swing was not even a thing . The poms were sucking lollies the South Africans mints the poms again with dirt in their pockets. We are just not good at it . sure sack Smith and his NSW mates maybe Put some victorians in the team. the problem is that you can’t catch them all the time. My solution is to have a new ball after 40 overs so that reverse swing is not in play. May bring bowlers back into the game without cheating
  11. Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    We were too short in the backline and constantly out marked can we afford Lewis Vince Jetta and Hunt together down back I walked past Frost on my way into the game he is huge and must be played at sometime. Especially with TMac out so Pedo is not as available down back
  12. My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    Salem was severely limited after being tunneled by Selwood was hardly sighted second half swings and roundabouts.
  13. Poll: Who Impressed Most in JLT 01

    I went with Fritch because the others played to the level that I expected ie Fritch wasn't BOG but he impressed me as I didn’t have any expectations before the game but I now think he's going to be a gun. Time will tell
  14. One of the best parts of this game was not having to watch Jack Watts. I've always wanted him to succeed and loved his skills . I also hope he does well at Port Adelaide. But on the weekend I could just watch the game see all the players playing to their abilities and not have to worry and hope that Jack played a good one. Win or lose it’s going to make this year a little more relaxing
  15. Cotchin out?

    If a top GWS player had wiped out Dusty in the first quarter and Richmond had lost I wonder what The MRP would have done in the face of feral fans fury