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  1. In those days VFL was a bit like world championship wrestling good guys and bad guys and some that were both Mathews was constantly hit because he was a great player but unlike Flower he retaliated and sometimes retaliated first. We had our share big Carl was no angel and our own Rod Grinter Most of the absolute legends of the game had a thug side EJWhitten classic bit of footage available somewhere where he pretends to enquire about the health of a victim and then when the umpire turns away buries his head in the mud RDB hit a few in his time Jack Dyer say no more Lockett Flower and Skilton are exceptions
  2. Top 25 is difficult but top 10 is not so bad Matthews Could play a bit was an angry man but got hit a bit too Carey played in an era where you could get one on one wouldn't be as effective now but still best at his craft Ablett jr better than dad not as spectacular but effective for a longer time Hudson can't believe people ignore him kicked 150 goals in a season in the game where he did his knee against us he looked like kicking 20 Ablett Snr would have been the best if he hadn't wasted so many years Flower incomparable wingman imagine how much of the ball he would have got as a receiver in a good team like Isaac Smith but with the ability to get his own ball as well also a better mark Judd as Ablett jr showed his class in a weak team as well as being a star in a good team Lockett. Maybe playing in Sydney made him look better but still was great as a Stkilda player Goodes as a pure player forgetting the last year or two where he let things get to him Franklin as a Hawthorn player mainly Melbourne players that could have been in top 25 Schwarz if not for injuries Stynes redefined ruck work but not as spectacular as some also played injured too much Davey if not for that hammy at Etihad White if they hadn't changed the rules
  3. If we are going to be a good side these are exactly the sorts of games we will have to win. Time will tell if we are ready yet
  4. Flower was a champion and would have been in any team. When he got a chance at finals he played at the level you expect from a great player in a good team. I remember watching him against Essendon at Waverley at the first bounce Sheedy's thugs hit virtually every Melbourne player except Flower who they realised wouldn't have reacted badly as he was so used to it. He kicked one of the longest goals I've seen from the half forward flank. Matthews was the best player I've seen mean tough in the typical Hawthorn mould he even picked on defenceless goal,posts
  5. Fred Fanning place kick around 100 yards longest measured in a league game as well as the most goals in a game 17 I think hardly ever gets mentioned Melbourne legend
  6. It's possible to get rid of the 7" display on the iPad by enabling zoom on the iPad in settings general accessibility and then three finger tap to bring up the menu and select full screen zoom and then use the slider to decide how much zoom you want remember to three finger tap to cancel the zoom later as your menus can become unusable with zoom on Not much help with casting to TV but easier to watch than 7"
  7. Ron Barassi Tassie Johnson Robbie Flower Stan Alves Max Gawn David Schwarz Aaron Davey Liam Jurrah Jim Stynes Alan Johnson not necessarily the best except for RDB and Robbie but the best to watch
  8. How about a bye after the Darwin game
  9. He's been forced back there by Salems illness he'll be better back in the midfield and forward
  10. I have no problems with Carlton getting 20 just not happy with us getting 1 in the first half and 5 for the game
  11. The umpiring was one of our problems yesterday maybe the least maybe not the margin was only just over three goals
  12. Gawn gets held in every ruck contest while the third man up goes for the hit out in a whole game yesterday I can't remember one free kick to him the tactic is fine but I can't believe they do it perfectly for a whole game
  13. The thing that bugs me was that the two incidents referred to the Mrp and found guilty were not awarded free kicks to us and to rub salt in the Rioli one ended up with a soft free to him and a goal . Let's not even mention the fifty metres
  14. I used to sit and marvel at Tassie Johnson's drops kicks and I've recently thought that instead of having the umpires interpret whether a behind is rushed or not make the full back have to kick a drop kick from any rushed behind it would resurrect a lost art and coaches would be more inclined to keep the ball in play. Long live the taut instep