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  1. Pitchy

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    I don't want to change the team, but... If we lose, it's because Rioli and Ryan carve us up going inside 50. We need more pace across half back to keep up. Salem, Lewis, Jetta are all awesome but they aren't fast. Having Hunt, Joel Smith (or even Garlett in a surprise lock down half back game) come in and close space might be the difference. I would push Bailey "Robbie" Fritsch to the wing and drop Tyson in this scenario.
  2. Pitchy

    Slamming Sam Frost

    Frost instead of Petty against the Saints and we are top 4 right now.
  3. Pitchy

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    Frost - Confident, Strong, Whoops!
  4. Pitchy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    An establishment of Demons supporters?
  5. Pitchy

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Being as sober as possible amid the pain - we tried but we weren't good enough this year. We had a "we're pretty good now, aren't we?" sort of season. Next year we need a "Get out of our way!" season. Never once tossed a team aside this year and it ultimately was that which cost us. No place for old sentiment now, (oh poor Trengove, poor Watts) - it's all purged - with this collective pain. Next year Goodwin needs to make these Dees ruthless winners. And we need to stick by them.
  6. Pitchy


    Liam would kick 5 tomorrow if he was allowed to play.
  7. Pitchy

    My 3 word player analysis V Adelaide

    Oliver - kicked wrong way
  8. Pitchy

    Christian Petracca - Under The Radar

    He is like a combination of: A - Ablett D - Diesel A - Ablett jr M - Matthews He is A.D.A.M., the original man. * * not to put pressure on the kid
  9. Pitchy

    Changes v Sydney Swans

    We need to start picking an MCG team, not Etihad dashers. That means stronger aerially, so Watts and Hogan come in for Bugg and Salem. Pedo CHF, TMac on Buddy, Frost playing smaller/faster (if faster is possible) Hogan and Watts are surprisingly mobile and remember Hogan was doing center bounce midfield work earlier in the year too.
  10. Pitchy

    Changes v Weagles

    How about TMac on the wing? His aerobic capacity can be exploited to it's fullest in this position? Might seem a bit of a shame to have him key defense after blossoming up the ground. And for those worrying we'll have too many talls, Frost is so fast he barely counts as a tall in the conventional sense. In: Gawn Out Jones
  11. Pitchy

    The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    I hope Pedo can settle into a Cam Mooney CHF role after Gawn comes back. Not the best player in the team but the team is much better with him in it. Been very frustrating watching him sit behind Dawes for years and now Weed who needs a couple of development years if we learned anything from the Jack Watts saga. Cam for a mature role-playing CHF please.
  12. Pitchy

    Changes for next week v Geelong

    You'd think that in the absence of a competitive ruck opposition they would have a 'long punch' plan. Could choose a spot on the compass and get width from the contest. Huge advantage if Dangerfield is stuck 15 meters from where the ball lands.
  13. Pitchy

    My 3 word player analysis v St Kilda

    Get the feeling DD wants to use more than three words? Nice punctuation effort, particularly the use of the forward slash and some capitalisation, to try to stay within Joeboys format.
  14. Pitchy

    2 million dollar man, Dawes

    Cloke is struggling to get a game in the firsts, in a lesser team. He is 1000% better than Dawes. Shouldn't surprise anyone that Dawes place is being questioned.
  15. Pitchy

    Changes vs Pies (Queens Birthday)

    I like having someone of Dawes' character quality around the club. But he shouldn't be playing.